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Iran Jails American Hikers For 'Spying'
Skynews ^ | 08/20/11 | skynews

Posted on 08/20/2011 6:35:28 AM PDT by winoneforthegipper

Two American hikers who were detained in Iran have been sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of "illegal entry" and "espionage," the state TV website says.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: American Dream 246

That is exactly who I am, too, a not-born-here American. And I don’t mind sanctimoniously declaring here that my heart was a damn sight more American than that of John Kerry, Jane Fonda, John Murtha, Dick Durbin, Pat Leahy, Jim Moran and others way before I took the oath of citizenship. All along this thread, you have been speaking my opinions. I thank you.

101 posted on 08/20/2011 1:13:58 PM PDT by definitelynotaliberal (Palin Power 2012)
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To: americanophile

Know how I avoid being kidnapped/ransomed/murdered by an insane regime? I stay the hell home. I don’t know anywhere near the borders of crazy countries.
As my old Gaffer said “Don’t go looking for trouble, and trouble won’t find you.”

102 posted on 08/20/2011 1:19:39 PM PDT by christx30
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To: americanophile

Agree 100%. This is an outrage and should not be tolerated by the U.S.

103 posted on 08/20/2011 1:26:13 PM PDT by cblue55 (It's either America, or Obama. It cannot be both!)
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To: christx30

There’s some wisdom in that, but on the other hand, Americans should not fear to travel abroad because of their nationality; we didn’t put up with it when the Barbary pirates seized our ships and people, or the British impressed our citizens, etc., and we shouldn’t put up with it now. These are bogus, political charges, and EVERYONE knows it.

104 posted on 08/20/2011 1:30:28 PM PDT by americanophile ("this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotting corpse which poisons our lives" - Ataturk)
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To: winoneforthegipper

So, when is Obama gonna go in with the Navy Seals and get them out? Oh wait, forgot, he got them killed recently! Once again, Iran holds Americans hostage and our government lets them get away with it. Our nation has become spineless once again, just like under Carter.

105 posted on 08/20/2011 1:46:18 PM PDT by ducttape45
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To: americanophile

Several points:

1. Iranian regime is despotic & deserves sever punishment for its terrorist activities. Who’s gonna do that?
2. Iraq has a non-hostile gov’t. Well done to all those who participated, and spent zillions of $$ & thousands of lives to liberate Iraq.
3. Iraq, as a country, is still not safe. Even American soldiers have been killed there in recent yrs. Many Iraqis choose to flee Iraq to western countries, illegally too, and even now. Why?
4. Iraqi Kurdistan may be the most officially pro American region in Iraq. But, is under Iranian influence & attack.
5. American passport is not a guarantee to freedom in many places in the ME, North Africa, or South East Asia. In fact it can be a hazard. A Woody Allen movie long ago where he was said something like “you can’t arrest me, I’m an American citizen”, no longer applies.
6. American or non-Iraqi nationals should not be encouraged to, nor go visiting or hiking in Iraq or bordering towns between Iran & Iraq, unless it is absolutely required.
7. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
8. The above is no joke. It is deadly serious.

106 posted on 08/20/2011 1:48:44 PM PDT by odds
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To: winoneforthegipper

Just what we need, a remake of the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

107 posted on 08/20/2011 1:51:51 PM PDT by jmcenanly ( "We pay a person the compliment of acknowledging his superiority whenever we lie to him." -Samuel)
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To: nuconvert

Since this is FR, Liberals are increasingly viewed as traitors and tyrants that our nation is better off without. Many feel Conservatives owe less loyalty to American Liberals than we owe to foreign soldiers, even the soldiers of our enemies. At least the soldiers have honor and loyalty. I can’t say I can argue against that credibly.

To expend national energy saving a traitor to our nation who is just an oppressive tyrant in waiting, does seem counter productive to protecting freedom for the remaining good freedom loving Americans.

That said, the whole Berkeley Peace Studies thing could have theoretically been some type of planned CIA deep cover for them, and they could actually be patriots. So I am not ready to write them off. Seems kind of odd, even for a Lib moron to be in that particular place by accident.

This is where our partisanship is going. Libs expect to be allowed ever more forceful infringments on everyone else’s Liberty, and Conservatives are getting to the point we will no longer afford loyalty on the mere sharing of a geographic birthplace.

It’s probably the first step in what often becomes a much more violent phase of human history, but I doubt, whatever the future, that it’s something any of us can actually control - unless Libs want to accept the concept of individual liberty, reject government control and oppression of all individual citizens, and let Conservatives live their lives free from some government busibody’s unilateral decrees.

If we do ever enter that phase, Libs will bear the blame. All that had to happen to prevent it would be the Libs leaving everyone else alone, and not demanding the right to have government intervene in everyone else’s lives. It’s not too much to ask.

108 posted on 08/20/2011 2:22:01 PM PDT by AnonymousConservative (Why did Liberals evolve within our species?
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To: Carry_Okie

I would consider investing in a country like Venezuela stupid. And I wouldn’t go hiking in Iraq. And I wouldn’t do the running of the bulls. You do any of those things and it’s a mistake and you can’t really blame anyone but yourself if you lose everything.
They got themselves into trouble. They got too close to the border. Even if they didn’t cross over, there have been stories for years of iranians crossing over to kidnap people. You don’t go up to the chained rabid dog. You find out the length of the chain, and stay double that length away from the dog.

109 posted on 08/20/2011 2:22:45 PM PDT by christx30
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To: winoneforthegipper
I'm surprised there is so little concern for these guys from Freepers. The 70's really are repeatingThis is an indication of how little weight we have in the world now.

Billary and Zero are completely helpless because they won't fight for us and the whole world knows it. Iran is not afraid of us.

These guys are hostages now, part of the propaganda war that encourages islamic militants to be more aggressive against our military. Anywhere an American is in the hands of our enemy we are all endangered, regardless of their stupidity in putting themselves in danger.

110 posted on 08/20/2011 3:13:21 PM PDT by athelass (Proud Mom of a Sailor & 2 Marines! Flash mobsters are a metaphor for Obama's hate-the-rich speeches)
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To: Nitehawk0325

Every 0bama voter should go hiking in Iran.

111 posted on 08/20/2011 3:21:31 PM PDT by Excuse_My_Bellicosity (Liberalism is a social disease.)
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To: winoneforthegipper

Who cares? Anyone stupid enough to hike in Iran and Iraq in what is a combat zone deserve what they get.

Young people wishing to hike in a war zone should have enlisted in the US Marines or Army infantry.

To be frank they are lucky to be alive with their reckless behavior, while thousands of our American military who viewed this war much more seriously are either not alive today or have been changed forever. I oppose even a dollar of my taxes or military effort expended on their stupidity.

Accountability is about understanding that stupidity has repercussions, and others should not be required to sacrifice.

112 posted on 08/20/2011 3:44:51 PM PDT by apoliticalone (Honest govt. that operates in the interest of US sovereignty and the people, not global $$$)
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To: athelass
Yeah I am a little taken back at this as well....

Not really sure why. I can see a few, but there have been a disproportionate amount of FReinds being out there on this issue.

I guess Americans first is dead concept.

113 posted on 08/20/2011 4:29:05 PM PDT by winoneforthegipper ("If you can't ride two horses at once, you probably shouldn't be in the circus" - SP)
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To: definitelynotaliberal

Nice to meet you definitelynotaliberal :-) And yes - PALIN POWER 2012! I am sure all the people like us who love so much America because we know what’s going on elsewhere will use you tag line.

114 posted on 08/20/2011 4:55:33 PM PDT by American Dream 246 (Open your eyes. Freedom is not a one day fight. Enemies of Freedom are legion.)
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To: ducttape45

I don’t want ONE Navy Seal to die for these morons! Send the lawyers. That will be good enough. Next time they will need our army guys when they’ll be on a boat to gaza??? Let them there for a while. Good for their education. May be they will learn something - like spitting on America and our soldiers and then cry to have them risk their life to save them is NOT the right way to lead their lives.

115 posted on 08/20/2011 5:00:42 PM PDT by American Dream 246 (Open your eyes. Freedom is not a one day fight. Enemies of Freedom are legion.)
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To: Excuse_My_Bellicosity
Every 0bama voter should go hiking in Iran.

And stay there since they like America enemies so much. Great idea!
116 posted on 08/20/2011 5:02:58 PM PDT by American Dream 246 (Open your eyes. Freedom is not a one day fight. Enemies of Freedom are legion.)
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To: nuconvert

Hiking in any muzzie dominated country is insane. Especially Iraq or Iran.

117 posted on 08/20/2011 5:25:53 PM PDT by Mmogamer (I refudiate the lamestream media, leftists and their prevaricutions.)
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To: cherokee1
"Oddly, to me anyway, their parents haven’t had a lot to say about the whole deal"

Whereas I haven't read anything today concerning the eight year sentence, the mothers of the hikers have been very active from the very beginning and quite unfailing in their efforts to have their sons and daughter released.

The family Sarah Shourd, the girl hiker that was originally held with the other two, managed to secure her release when it was indicated that she was suffering from a few medical conditions. Of course, first they had to post a "bond" of $500,000. Since the family does not seem to be particularly affluent, it was not clear how the money was finally obtained.

You can Google "mothers of hikers held in Iran" and see all of the things they have been doing.

118 posted on 08/20/2011 5:59:13 PM PDT by Mila
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To: americanophile

I’m not saying I take pleasure in what happened, I simply said you made your bed, now you can lie in it, there’s a large difference, essentially translated that means for your actions there are consequences.

119 posted on 08/20/2011 6:18:54 PM PDT by Bulwyf
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To: winoneforthegipper; Allegra

I would like your take on this Allegra since you have more experience in Iraq than anyone else on this site.

120 posted on 08/20/2011 7:01:55 PM PDT by xp38
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