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Is Rick Perry dumb? (Stupid article by an Obama campaign staffer disguised as a reporter)
Politico ^ | 8/29/2011 | By JONATHAN MARTIN

Posted on 08/29/2011 3:37:43 AM PDT by tobyhill

Another Texas governor who drops his “g’s” and scorns elites is running for president and the whispers are the same: Lightweight, incurious, instinctual.

Strip away the euphemisms, and Rick Perry is confronting an unavoidable question: is he dumb - or just misunderestimated?

Doubts about Perry’s intellect have hounded him since he was first elected as a state legislator nearly three decades ago. In Austin, he’s been derided as a right-place, right-time pol who looks the part but isn’t so deep – “Gov. Goodhair.” Now, with the chatter picking back up among his enemies and taking flight in elite Republican circles, the rap threatens to follow him to the national stage.

“He’s like Bush only without the brains,” cracked one former Republican governor who knows Perry, repeating a joke that has made the rounds.

The Texan’s loyalists reject the suggestion, asserting that it owes to political bias and sour grapes, but Perry himself seems to welcome the low bar. He cracked on the campaign trail earlier this month that the difference between he and Bush was that he went to Texas A&M and the former president attended Yale.

But conversations with both Perry admirers and critics reveal a more complicated assessment about the mind of a politician who has never lost an election—and ranks as the longest-serving governor in Texas history.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: tobyhill

Is Jonathan Martin a total effing immature idiot?

21 posted on 08/29/2011 4:15:29 AM PDT by A_Former_Democrat (Just when you think the left can't get any loonier . . .)
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To: FatherofFive

LOL!! THAT picture needs to be posted on EVERY thread so everyone gets a chance to see it!!

22 posted on 08/29/2011 4:15:53 AM PDT by Ann Archy (Abortion is the Human Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: tobyhill

As soon as President Obama releases his college transcripts, I guess we’ll be able to make a fair comparison between el’ presidente and Governor Perry.

23 posted on 08/29/2011 4:20:34 AM PDT by CitizenUSA (What's so special about being bad? Bad is easy. Anyone can do bad.)
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To: tobyhill
As opposed to a President who can't write simple English? Since 1974, with Gerald Ford,the Democrats have labeled every Republican President, and at least one Vice-President, as 'dumb'. I think they have pretty much worn that out.
24 posted on 08/29/2011 4:20:55 AM PDT by jmcenanly ( "We pay a person the compliment of acknowledging his superiority whenever we lie to him." -Samuel)
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To: tobyhill

Obama is bilingual...he speaks jive when appearing before his peeps. Furthermore, his world-renowned humility would never permit him to release his stellar college transcripts that would unquestionably make Perry shrink in awe.

25 posted on 08/29/2011 4:21:10 AM PDT by dogcaller
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To: A_Former_Democrat

Do you really want an answer to your question? LOL

26 posted on 08/29/2011 4:21:34 AM PDT by Catsrus
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To: nathanbedford

Of course they can’t lay a glove on him.

The goal isn’t to stop these articles, it’s to point out the bias of the MSM for those few left that hasn’t seen it yet.

27 posted on 08/29/2011 4:27:16 AM PDT by tobyhill (A Democrat that doesn't lie would be a lie)
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To: tobyhill

“He’s like Bush only without the brains,” cracked one former Republican governor who knows Perry, repeating a joke that has made the rounds.

They finely admit Bush had a brain. At least that’s something.

28 posted on 08/29/2011 4:28:25 AM PDT by maddog55 (OBAMA: Why stupid people shouldn't vote.)
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To: tobyhill
This is getting a bit old.

Eisenhower: dumb
Reagan: dumb
Bush: dumb
GW Bush: dumb
Palin: dumb
Perry: dumb

Every republican that comes along is dumb. Except Nixon, he was evil.

But Gore, Kerry, Edwards, Dean, Obama, Reid, Frank, Pelosi are all brilliant.


29 posted on 08/29/2011 4:30:56 AM PDT by wny
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To: opentalk
The reality is Obama has all his academic records hidden, never ran anything, does not understand economics and can not talk without a TelePrompTer

Obama's Teleprompter,Obama Teleprompter

30 posted on 08/29/2011 4:30:56 AM PDT by missnry (The truth will set you free ... and drive liberals Crazy!)
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To: tobyhill
Jonathan Martin is a Romney Politico operative.
THIS hit piece is from Mitt Romney.

“And The Most Irresponsible Journalist Award Goes to The Politico’s Jonathan Martin!
So tell me, how do you write a “news” story about an organization paying for a speaker when you don’t even know if the organization is paying for the speaker?
Ask “journalist” Jonathan Martin. He knows all about it.
You see, Jonny wrote a piss poor story the other day about how the Iowa Family Policy Center will be paying a large speaker fee if Sarah Palin comes to Iowa to keynote the IFPC’s fall funderaiser.
The only problem is that Jonny has no sources confirming that any exorbitant fee is being charged or paid.
Jonny also got some inside info from David Kochel, who was a top aide to former (and future) presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.
Hey Dave, didn’t I just read a story about how Mitt Romney tried to buy off the Iowa Christian Alliance?
I heard you helped facilitate that little scheme. And somehow you are shocked at the thought of a well-known political figure (who very likely isn’t running for president) getting paid a speaker’s fee for (gasp) a public speaking appearance? ..
and then we’ve got Tim Albrecht quoted. He was the Iowa spokesman for Romney’s 2008 caucus campaign.”
And it always seemed like, whenever the Romney people had rumors they wanted to start about other candidates,
Jonny was their go-to guy to get those rumors in writing in front of a national audience.

"Who's the Palin Leaker from the McCain Campaign?
National Review Online The publication of a Vanity Fair profile of Sarah Palin
appears to have opened old wounds in the McCain campaign.
... the source of the “Diva” leak was Nicolle Wallace’s husband."

Who benefits most from Sanford meltdown? Californian (that's right) Mitt Romney

"Peeking Out From the McCain Wreckage: Mitt Romney"


"Vanity: Team Romney Sabotaged Palin and Continuing to Do So?"

"Romney Supporters Trashing Palin"

"Romney advisors sniping at Palin?"

31 posted on 08/29/2011 4:31:17 AM PDT by Diogenesis ("Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." Pres. Ronald Reagan)
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To: tobyhill
ALL Republican presidents are dumb. Just ask any legacy reporter about Bush II, Bush I, Reagan, Ford, and Eisenhower (Nixon was EVIL). And ALL Democrat presidents were brilliant. Dittos about Obama, Clinton, Carter, Johnson and Kennedy. So for Politico to claim Perry is dumb, is like a first grader to claim water is wet. It's life.
32 posted on 08/29/2011 4:32:44 AM PDT by norwaypinesavage (Galileo: In science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of one individual)
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To: tobyhill

The intelligence question has always hung around Perry, and hearing the way he speaks will raise it for the vast majority of Americans outside of the South.

Obama would rather face Perry than Romney, and JM actually swats down the issue pretty well in Perry’s favor.

33 posted on 08/29/2011 4:33:38 AM PDT by 9YearLurker
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To: tobyhill

All Repubs are “stupid” - didn’t you know that ..??

I remember all the times the media called GW stupid - and then implied he was a “mastermind” behind something they didn’t like.

But .. I’ve seen the preview of the National Geographic interview with GW and HE DID 4-5 HOURS WITH NO NOTES. You can’t be stupid and do that.

Zero has to use a prompter - which tells us a lot.

34 posted on 08/29/2011 4:35:32 AM PDT by CyberAnt ("America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth".)
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To: tobyhill

But they dare not ask if Obama is dumb. I guess because the answer is so obvious.

35 posted on 08/29/2011 4:36:28 AM PDT by ilovesarah2012
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To: tobyhill

Rick Perry Islamic Connection:
Actual School Curriculums established shortly after 9/11 with Rick’s Help and Endorsement..
Has he been “bought”..?????
Scroll (skip down about 1/4 of bar)to the information about the ACTUAL school curriculums Rick Perry endorsed WITH Aga Khan in Texas.
A shade of Woodrow Wilson, distorting History (when did you learn about the African Americans actively involved in the revolutionary war, and other “positive” facts from this country’s development years), from actual to what they want the “youth” to believe..

36 posted on 08/29/2011 4:38:43 AM PDT by 56newblog (Registered Islamophobe)
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To: tobyhill

Dropping “g”s is dumb, but dropping “r”s is intellectual.

37 posted on 08/29/2011 4:39:59 AM PDT by SampleMan (Feral Humans are the refuse of socialism.)
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To: tobyhill

Note: This statement does not apply to anyone involved in the technical disciplines.

There is a HUGE difference between “smart” and “intelligent.”

Thank of PARROTS and MONKEYS. Parrots are “smart” while monkeys are “intelligent.”

Parrots simply “parrot” what they read and hear. Monkeys analyze and rationally figure solutions to problems and actually use independent thought to solve them.

Now, take college grades. Parrots memorize what is shown or spoken to them and are able to recite it back to the professor in the way of a test or paper exactly the way the professor wants it. Consequently, they get good grades. After graduation, the ones who get into public office can clearly remember and cite the politically correct talking points correctly without even any form of rational thinking.

Now, take the monkey. Since they have a natural curiosity and the rational and analytical thought process, they can independently figure out problems and the solution thereof...without having to thoughtfully parrot what the Professor places before them. They are able to take pieces of the lecture and study requirements and concentrate on only the important ones, thus affecting the “parroting” process. Consequently, the grades are affected.

Later in life these two traits come into play and the differences in either is vividly apparent.

The parrots normally become “heavy thinkers” and really produce nothing for society other than something written or oral and many are professional college students, professors, teachers, politicians and other professions that require the ability to parrot what they hear with the need to actually analyze what they are saying.

The monkey, on the other hand, normally produces something tangible for society. They may be a mechanic or brain surgeon.

A “smart” one can memorize while an “intelligent” one can analyze.

Who’s a parrot and who’s a monkey. Obama or Perry. I’ll give you a hint. One has to read everything from a teleprompter and the other can think independently.

38 posted on 08/29/2011 4:40:43 AM PDT by DH ( Rick Perry 2012...Be proud to be an American once again!)
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To: tobyhill

These SOB’s canNOT run on their FAILURES, they have and will continue to resort to character assassination and demonization. How frakin quaint of an administration that has to repeatedly lie to tout any success. =.=

39 posted on 08/29/2011 4:42:01 AM PDT by cranked
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To: tobyhill
Doesn't Barry drop his "g's", too? He also elongates his "y", like economehh, communitehh, hungrehh, etc. Then there's the stuttering and stammering, y'o, um, uh, uh, uh. And he likes pie way too much.
40 posted on 08/29/2011 4:42:51 AM PDT by SERKIT ("Blazing Saddles" explains it all......)
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