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Palin Hints "Unconventional" Landscape May Allow for Post-Nov. Entry
Slate ^ | Sept. 21, 2011 | Josh Voorhees

Posted on 09/22/2011 8:22:52 PM PDT by Clairity

Political logic and election law suggest that anyone hoping to make a serious run for the White House next year will need to be formally in the race by November.

Sarah Palin isn't so sure.

' The former Alaska governor appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on Tuesday, where she hinted ever so slightly that the current "unconventional" political landscape may allow for a later entry. (At the least, she has already proved that the current landscape has allowed would - be candidates to drag out their decisions much longer than one would expect.)

Here was her response to Hannity's first question about whether she was ready to jump in the race: "There is still time, Sean, and I think on both sides of the aisle you’re going to see people coming and going in this race. ... And I'm still one of those still considering the time factor."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Bigtigermike

Stop that! You’re being heartless! ;)

141 posted on 09/23/2011 3:25:09 AM PDT by rintense (Polls are for strippers and cross country skiing. ~ Sarah Palin, 9.3.11)
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To: Clairity
According to you Perry people, she has no chance whatsoever of winning, and has unrecoverable negatives. So how and the world do you figure she's splitting conservatives? And what makes you think they're exclusively supporting Perry?

If Palin is a bad as you all want to believe, then you should be encouraging her to run.

142 posted on 09/23/2011 3:27:51 AM PDT by rintense (Polls are for strippers and cross country skiing. ~ Sarah Palin, 9.3.11)
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To: Antoninus

Palin, but I live in Maryland, so it doesn’t really matter.

It doesn’t matter what me or any other Freeper would vote for...but who swing voters would pick.

143 posted on 09/23/2011 3:44:04 AM PDT by RockinRight (If everyone wants to ride in the wagon, then who is pulling it?)
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To: sklar

After watching last night’s debates, I can understand why she hasn’t announced. A field full of clowns... most of whom shouldn’t even be on that stage, but don’t have the good sense to bow out.

144 posted on 09/23/2011 3:44:31 AM PDT by Pravious
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To: tcrlaf
The Iowa and NH deadlines aren’t until mid-december.

Florida is first. Have to file by October 31st to be on the primary ballot.

145 posted on 09/23/2011 3:56:07 AM PDT by IamConservative (Government is the only institution that can add ink to paper and make both worth less.)
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To: Clairity

Great strategy by Gov Palin — she’s leading everyone to believe it will be a November announcement. When she actually announces earlier, it will have greater impact. That’s Sun Tzu for you :-)

146 posted on 09/23/2011 3:57:50 AM PDT by SarahPalinForPresident2012 (She's runnin')
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To: Clairity

Palin said or suggested no such thing that Salon somehow invents here. She acknowledged the practical time constraint that is the first of the filing deadlines, said she’s still considering it, and said that it will likely be an unconventional campaign with candidates still coming and going. (Since then, Thad McCotter went.)

147 posted on 09/23/2011 4:12:03 AM PDT by 9YearLurker
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To: Clairity

There may be a good reason for Sarah to delay her entry into the race. It is pure speculation upon my part, but here goes:

First, she recently said that it was going to be a very unconventional race. With that said, here’s what I suspect may be going on.

She is letting the current gaggle of candidates feed upon themselves until the survivor emerges. When that happens, she will have the opportunity to set her sights squarely on the opponent and not have to endure a shotgun effect warding off all of the other candidates.

Depending on how the wind blows, she may not even run as an establishment Republican. Who knows, but I can assure you of one thing and that is the fact that she has a huge unknown level of support and potential financial backing pent up, just waiting to be unleashed.

The importance of this election cannot be overstated. If we elect a RINO such as Romney, it’s over...there will not be another chance to save our country and heritage.

148 posted on 09/23/2011 4:33:56 AM PDT by DH (Once the tainted finger of government touches anything the rot begins)
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To: Clairity
...It’s a concerted effort on the part of the so-called moderators and the other Republican candidates to do Obama’s job for him...

That's why they're called "moderators" instead of "conservators".

149 posted on 09/23/2011 4:38:42 AM PDT by Fresh Wind ('People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook.' Richard M. Nixon)
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To: des

What kind of scandals?

150 posted on 09/23/2011 5:04:11 AM PDT by fatima (Free Hugs Today:))
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To: lentulusgracchus

Really,Hillary got a facelift.She’s running.

151 posted on 09/23/2011 5:10:37 AM PDT by fatima (Free Hugs Today:))
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To: Clairity

She’ll announce on election night... for maximum impact, you know...

152 posted on 09/23/2011 5:20:59 AM PDT by ScottinVA (With "successes" like the Libya adventure, who needs failure?)
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To: mick

And just how well did that work out for Wilkie....

153 posted on 09/23/2011 5:22:41 AM PDT by RummyChick (It's a Satan Sandwich with Satan Fries on the side - perfect for Obama 666)
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To: smoothsailing; Clairity
Your guy Perry was so pathetic last night. Wooden, fumbling, stumbling, pandering, and just plain wrong.

What an embarrassment. All this hype you've given him, and he's a pathetic bumbler.

I watched for the first time last night, and he underperformed even my low expectations from reading how he did in the first two debates. If he can't handle a soft ball attempt to take down Romney, how in the heck is he going to face some of the leaders of other countries? He's going to drop like a rock, his weaknesses concerning his record and his shortcomings were there for everyone to see.

Congrats on feeding this rumor thread, I understand why you had to make such a big deal about a hint of someones idea of what Sarah Palin may or may not have said about November, after all your candidate just showed himself to be one monstrous pandering dud.

154 posted on 09/23/2011 5:24:12 AM PDT by Lakeshark
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To: tet68; Clairity
Here is the key phrase, at least to me.

“I think on both sides of the aisle you’re going to see people coming and going in this race. ... “

Interesting, both sides of the aisle?

With Obama sinking like a lead weight, day by day, it is more and more likely the Dems will pressure him to drop out.

The big question is who they would have to put on the ballot. Hillary is the only one with name recognition at this time. The Dems are flush with cash (five trillion dollars of stolen taxpayer money has to leave plenty of crumbs).

These GOP debates are like so much fluff; "Dancing With the Stars" meets "Dumb and Dumber".

Romney is trying to sound Palinesque, but doesn't even seem to believe the stuff he is saying (today).

Perry is trying to channel GWB, with half the IQ, and twice the BS and swagger. But, Bless his Heart??? He's really not doin' so bad for a feller who so recently took to readin' ??? That boy just reeks of corruption.

Palin is smart to avoid this monkey-wrestling fiasco. Rove still has a couple of RINOs waiting in the wings, as each of the establishment picks goes face-first into the mud, one after another. Next it'll be Chris Christie, then Jeb Bush, then another, then another; all anti-American, globalist, corrupt to the bone, scumbags.

155 posted on 09/23/2011 5:38:38 AM PDT by meadsjn (Sarah 2012, or sooner)
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To: Longbow1969

“Palin would not win a 3 way race, she’d get crushed and probably just siphon off enough voters to help Hussein was re-elected.”

Maybe that’s what Palin wants — four more years of Zero. As long as Obama is in office she stays relevant.

156 posted on 09/23/2011 5:43:07 AM PDT by AngieGOP (I never met a woman who became a stripper because she played with Barbie dolls as a kid.)
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To: rfp1234
There’s nothing unconventional about the RNC convention. That’s where the candidate will be chosen.

That's the way they always did it in the old days.

157 posted on 09/23/2011 5:46:13 AM PDT by Route797
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To: freedumb2003; Lazlo in PA
The new date is St Isidore of Seville Day...

LOL...I was drinking coffee. Where was the spew alert?

158 posted on 09/23/2011 6:00:59 AM PDT by truthkeeper (Vote Against Barack Obama in 2012!)
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To: Clairity

The media will have no problem if Hillary gets in the race on October 1st, 2012. It will be reasonable and sensible and amazing. I get the feeling Palin and Clinton are playing chicken. As soon as Sarah announces Hillary will be in the next day to steal her press. Or vice versa.

159 posted on 09/23/2011 6:05:49 AM PDT by carmody
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To: Clairity

At least six of the nine participants would beat Obama.

160 posted on 09/23/2011 6:17:21 AM PDT by SeaHawkFan
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