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Mark Levin: Sarah Palin NOT running in 2012
Facebook ^ | 10/5 | Mark Levin

Posted on 10/05/2011 3:17:46 PM PDT by TheBigB

Take it for what you will...posted on Mark's page just now: BREAKING: GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN TELLS MARK LEVIN SHE IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012.

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To: Happy Rain

I don’t think so. A good executive knows how to pick the best people for the job and how to delegate. We already know he’s been an excellent CEO.


341 posted on 10/05/2011 4:12:57 PM PDT by gardencatz (Proud mom US Marine! It can't always be someone else's son.)
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To: so_real

A pawn becomes a queen if it manages to cross the whole board.


342 posted on 10/05/2011 4:12:58 PM PDT by TheRobb7 (OBAMA 2012: NO TAX LEFT BEHIND)
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To: conservativefromGa
I know he’s not popular here but I really think Romney should get the nomination. Plenty of experience in private and government, maturity. He looks and acts like a President.

I'm from Michigan. I'm familiar with the Romneys. Dad was a RINO. Son doesn't fall far from the tree. He's flipped more times with his positions than John Kerry. Romneycare. Abortion flips. Gay flips. Strapped his dog in a cage on top of his car while going cross country. Gun grabber. Laid off a ton of people through Bain Capital. With jobs as the number one issue, Bain will be brought up over and over.

Besides all of that, he has trouble closing the sale. 08 was set up for him to win. He couldn't beat McCain. I think he is the least electable candidate against Obama too, including Palin.

I'll even vote Huntsman over Romney. I don't know who I'm backing. I'm considering Perry and Cain right now. I think Huntsman is the most electable, but I'm not sure I can pull that lever.

343 posted on 10/05/2011 4:13:05 PM PDT by Darren McCarty (Detroit Tigers - First major league team to clinch division title this year.)
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To: BuckeyeTexan


(seriously good post. It’s a testament to how much hurt there is going around that it took 200+ posts to get something like this)

344 posted on 10/05/2011 4:13:15 PM PDT by FourtySeven (When does the race card run out of credit?)
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To: fightinJAG
>> That type of “support” would not have bode well for her presidency, had she run and won.<<

That’s a fact. How stupid to claim to have faith that she could be the President of this nation and make all the decisions involved but not have faith that she made the right decision now.

345 posted on 10/05/2011 4:13:15 PM PDT by CynicalBear
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To: Jim Noble
And why not? Because he never held a political office? Like he said in the first(?) debate "look what that got us into" when he was talking about the politicians.

That said Newt is very smart, but I doubt he will get the nomination

346 posted on 10/05/2011 4:13:53 PM PDT by Kaslin (Acronym for OBAMA: One Big Ass Mistake America)
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To: Gargantua

Cain will not win. Cain and Perry will split the conservative vote. Romney will win the nomination and probably the Presidency. The only option is either Cain or Perry to gain enough in strength to knock the other out and get their endorsement. I don’t see Perry bowing out. If Cain continues to do well I don’t him quitting or needing to quit. So there we are.

347 posted on 10/05/2011 4:13:59 PM PDT by plain talk
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To: Jim Robinson
I don’t think they like each other. But politics makes strange bedfellows.

They may not currently like each other, but they may find they need each other. If they do not join, Romney is likely to win.

Cain needs somebody with government executive experience. Perry needs somebody more conservative to give him more credibility with the TEA Party people who've soured on him due to his immigration position. The two of them together may beat Romney.

348 posted on 10/05/2011 4:14:05 PM PDT by PapaBear3625 (When you've only heard lies your entire life, the truth sounds insane.)
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To: TheBigB

Cain it is, then.

349 posted on 10/05/2011 4:14:28 PM PDT by manic4organic (We won. Get over it.)
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To: onyx; cripplecreek; MestaMachine
FIRST, My Reaction

Second, I always said, I would support Sarah No Matter her decision, and I still do.

Third, S*** just got real, The UNITED states of America won't survive four more years of Ubama, and this is a major set back in that direction.

FOURTH, the GOP had better not nominate and Ubama lite (aka Romney), other wise, Well, G_D have mercy.

Oh Yeah, I still say GO SARAH, GO!!

350 posted on 10/05/2011 4:14:54 PM PDT by KC_Lion (If Ubama gets Four more years, then Phase II will fall into place, may G-D have mercy on us all)
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To: PapaBear3625

Agreed Perry/Cain with Palin as energy secretary if she clears up whether or not she still supports Perry as she endorsed him or if she disavows saying you betcha to being Romney’s VP.I like her politics but she has some explaining to do.

And before the Palinista’s all start smearing Cain for saying he endorsed Romney in 2008.They better realize Palin did as well.Perry and his Gore affiliation former dem,Bachmann former dem.(So was Reagan BTW)They all screwed up so let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water and re elected Obama bashing tea party conservatives,please.

Also Christie is pro life and was off the charts in a live poll to both democrats and republicans.He would have been most like Reagan with the union vote.Christie could have beat whoever will challenge Obama even a Bayh.

351 posted on 10/05/2011 4:14:56 PM PDT by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid!
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To: Reagan Man

Not voting for Romney, if he is indeed nominated, is a vote for Obama.

Time to hold your nose.

352 posted on 10/05/2011 4:15:02 PM PDT by JosephMama
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To: mickey finn
Disappointed, but I am happy I have Cain to vote for. Go Hermie! You da man.

You people truly are delusional if you think Herman F%^*$ING Cain is going to get the nomination.

It's Romney. And we get zero chance now to absolutely tear apart Obama via Obamacare...



I am so f*&%ing pissed right now, I can't see straight.

353 posted on 10/05/2011 4:15:14 PM PDT by adm5 (AMERICA HAS ONLY GOD AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT LEFT TO SAVE THE REPUBLIC. by: LibLieSlayer 3/18/10)
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To: Darren McCarty

Romney is the ONLY candidate that will incite a Tea Party challenger on the ballot in most red states.

Then we’re back to 1992.

Dems will push Romney hard in open primary states.

354 posted on 10/05/2011 4:16:06 PM PDT by nascarnation
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To: AnAmericanAbroad

Unreal. No, this isn’t a chess move. Unless Palin runs for the Senate or Congress, she will be 7 years removed from public office in 2016. Unless she becomes CEO of a successful business, I don’t see how being a TV personality/author for the next 5 years is going to improve her chances. She has peaked, IMO, unless she takes the leap and runs for a federal office. Even being a cabinet member isn’t going to improve her chances at a presidency in 2016, because she’d be running against her boss in that election.

355 posted on 10/05/2011 4:16:21 PM PDT by Carling (Mitt Romney Signed a Bill that Mandated Taxpayer-funded Abortions)
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To: don-o
We patriots have not yet begun to fight.

Right on! Game on!

356 posted on 10/05/2011 4:16:37 PM PDT by BuckeyeTexan (Man is not free unless government is limited. ~Ronald Reagan)
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To: TheBigB

I am, totally...shocked.

But of course she just now decided and hasn’t been stringing people she’d never have done that.

357 posted on 10/05/2011 4:16:43 PM PDT by Soul Seeker (I will work every day to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your lives as I can - Perry)
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To: Carling

See Carling, there you go again. One of the great lessons in all this is watching how differently people responded to the leftist memes crafted to destroy Sarah. You assume, for example, sans evidence, that she has had nothing but monetary motives, and thus, by implication, she was at best insincere with her support base, a slanderous innuendo. But you consistently and conveniently, no matter how often corrected in good will, overlook solid evidence that contradicts your theory.

May I therefore remind you that she turned down a second season of her Alaska show, worth about 10 Million, to keep herself available for this race? Is that “maximizing her earnings?” She could have made in one summer what will now take her decades on Fox. That is, if they will have her. She was bashing them pretty good just a few days ago. Again, not the action of someone trying to increase her earning capacity. Your world and the real world, at least as it concerns Sarah, are not aligned.

I have tried sincerely not to unnecessarily berate anyone here (with one or two notable failures), because I knew this outcome was possible, and that whatever happened we would all have to work together to oust the Marxist in Chief. Our country is worth great sacrifice. It is even worth it to me to work with people whom I otherwise couldn’t stand, just to have a shot at bring us back from this brink we have nearly gone over.

But I have to ask, Carling, if you want that too, as you have said elsewhere, why do you deliberately and consistently torture the facts about Sarah into saying things they don’t say? Do you actually want to alienate the Palin fan base? Because you’ve got a technique that works. Keep spreading the love like you do, and we’ll all be so pissed at each other it’ll hurt our energy and our capacity to function as a team on the field of political battle. Do you want that? Sarah is good people. You have zero evidence to the contrary. Get over it.

358 posted on 10/05/2011 4:16:43 PM PDT by Springfield Reformer (Winston Churchill: No Peace Till Victory!)
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To: Lady Lucky
Now it’s Romney for sure.

Not necessarily.

359 posted on 10/05/2011 4:16:46 PM PDT by Darren McCarty (Detroit Tigers - First major league team to clinch division title this year.)
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To: MN Mitch

I’m still looking, but can find one of R’o’mney where the O has the big Obama symbol. I’ve looked on Google images but haven’t been able to find one. I know it’s got to be out there somewhere.

360 posted on 10/05/2011 4:16:49 PM PDT by parksstp (Articulate Conservatives look for Converts. RINO's look for Democrat Heretics.)
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