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Perry endorses work visas for illegal immigrants
Las Vegas Sun ^ | Nov. 3, 2011 | The Associated Press

Posted on 11/03/2011 5:24:19 PM PDT by moonshinner_09

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says America should extend work visas to allow illegal immigrants to move freely between the U.S. and their home countries _ but opposes a path to citizenship.

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To: moonshinner_09

Does he want his poll numbers to go to ZERO.......Romney is no better.

21 posted on 11/03/2011 5:55:48 PM PDT by Fred (no job no house no gas no food no problem Obama 2012)
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To: txroadkill

I dig your tag!

22 posted on 11/03/2011 5:56:15 PM PDT by smokingfrog ( sleep with one eye open ( <o> ---)
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To: ElectronVolt

“Crack down on the employers.”

That’s like locking the barn door after the horses have been stolen.

Once they are in the country it is much more difficult to get them out.

What should happen is this: anyone can pay 20k for a green card to enter and work in the US. They can then, if they choose to do so, remain in the country.

No access to welfare or to EBT cards, or any form of social assistance.

If you don’t pay at the border on entry, you can’t come in. If you’re caught on the other side without your card, you have to be immediately deported.

Any immigrant worth his salt would be able to pay that to enter, this would help pay for border security. If you want fewer people to immigrate, raise the price until you have the number of people that you want.

This is far better than the current system.

23 posted on 11/03/2011 5:56:25 PM PDT by BenKenobi (Honkeys for Herman! 10 percent is enough for God; 9 percent is enough for government)
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To: moonshinner_09

Just IMAGINE the draw of illegals to this country if Perry was ever to REWARD them with being allowed to work legally.

If he does that, then it’s basically Amnesty, but without the right to vote - that is until the Supreme Court considers that policy unfair, and MANDATES their right to become citizens and vote.

If Perry doesn’t support Amnesty, he sure as hell is doing everything possible to effect the same thing.

24 posted on 11/03/2011 5:56:50 PM PDT by BobL (A vote for Gingrich is a vote for Romney)
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To: South40

wow. So his plan to control the border is to let them all in and then we won’t have to worry about borders any more?

Cut off the welfare benefits, free schools and make them pay back their ER visits. Then use e-verify to cut off the taking of US jobs.

That would do it.

25 posted on 11/03/2011 5:58:29 PM PDT by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Happiness)
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To: mylife

“Yes! Rick Perry single handedly INVENTED illegal immigration!”

Don’t even TRY to defend this stunt by Perry, people are really, really, angry at this point.

(I know, it’s your job, but there are other careers available, for anyone)

26 posted on 11/03/2011 5:59:30 PM PDT by BobL (A vote for Gingrich is a vote for Romney)
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To: moonshinner_09; All
This is ancient news. Perry wrote an op-ed advocating this during the Bush/McCain attempt to push the "pathway to citizenship" amnesty about five years ago.

Perry's plan is no different from what Palin laid out last year on the O'Reilly Factor.

Most of the candidates won't say why they'll do with those illegals already here. I've seen Romney asked directly and he dodged, focusing on security at the border instead.

27 posted on 11/03/2011 6:01:05 PM PDT by newzjunkey (TeaParty & establishment Republicans conspire to reelect Obama.)
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To: moonshinner_09
This Perry nonsense is a farce and an insult to any American citizen. So, his plan would allow all illegals to obtain work permits and remain in the US until death. Then all their anchor babies present and future are citizens and no one ever has to return to their home nation.

The only thing they might be denied is the right to vote, and if this idiotic plan were ever implemented, how long before the next pandering president and Congress decided to extend voting rights? - And, in the meantime, the next umpteen millions of illegals will be entering the country to wait for the next idiot plan from the next idiotic politician.

Perry is a joke; a very bad joke.

28 posted on 11/03/2011 6:01:12 PM PDT by Will88
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To: BenKenobi

I guess you missed this part:

“• FACT: To apply for a green card at a date years into the future, Z visa workers must wait in line behind those who applied lawfully, pay an additional $4,000 fine, complete accelerated English requirements, leave the U.S. and file their application in their home country, and demonstrate merit based on the skills and attributes they will bring to the United States.”

29 posted on 11/03/2011 6:02:18 PM PDT by kitkat (Obama, rope and chains)
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To: Will88

It is a work visa, not amnesty.
Country’s the world over issue them.

30 posted on 11/03/2011 6:03:28 PM PDT by mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)
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To: kitkat

They should do that BEFORE they get admitted to the country. Not AFTER.

31 posted on 11/03/2011 6:04:51 PM PDT by BenKenobi (Honkeys for Herman! 10 percent is enough for God; 9 percent is enough for government)
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To: katiedidit1

Thank you for the MYTHS and FACTS. It seems we have people who want to blame Bush without even knowing what his proposal was.

32 posted on 11/03/2011 6:05:13 PM PDT by kitkat (Obama, rope and chains)
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To: BenKenobi

Illegal Entitlement Is Not An Option
Herman Cain
Apr 19, 2006

The movement to grant amnesty and eventual U.S. citizenship to some 12 million illegal aliens has turned the issue from the sounds of silence to the sounds of entitlement.

The entitlement mentality did not begin in America, but it has flourished here in the last century. The American claim on entitlements to health care, retirement income and seemingly any “right” one can conceive was birthed from the womb of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, reared by Kennedy’s New Frontier and came of age in Johnson’s Great Society. U.S. citizens, fanned by the flames of those who encourage class warfare, are increasing their demands for government-redistributed income and programs that guarantee outcomes, not opportunities. Non-citizens are now voicing the sounds of entitlement to an easy road to citizenship.

The entitlement attitude that has been ingrained in millions of Americans has blinded them to the ineffectiveness and runaway costs of their favorite programs. The fiscal challenge in meeting the future demands of the Medicare and Medicaid programs is well documented, as is the coming bankruptcy of the Social Security system. Yet few elected officials dare to even utter those programs’ names in public for fear of electoral retaliation.

Too many Americans also claim an entitlement to additional health care coverage from their employers. If they do not receive health care as a benefit, they believe the government should mandate it. The Maryland state legislature last year enacted a law requiring companies with over 10,000 employees to contribute 8 percent of total payroll to employees’ health care. The legislature is now looking at ways to require all employers, including non-profit organizations, to pay a percentage of their employees’ health care costs. Other states are considering the same plan.

Illegal aliens know they can receive free health care in hospital emergency rooms, paid for by U.S. taxpayers. A little publicized provision in the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act set aside $250 million in taxpayer dollars to reimburse hospitals for costs associated with treating illegal aliens. In a twist of logic only Congress could conceive, hospitals are barred from asking an emergency room patient if they are in the U.S. illegally. The long-run cost of this provision will surely skyrocket as hospitals continue to submit claims on coverage of people who may be illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens living and working in the U.S. have now co-opted the entitlement mentality present in too many Americans. Worse, their demands for the right to vote, guaranteed by our Constitution to citizens only, and access to social services are encouraged by elected officials trying to buy their future votes. At recent rallies Senators Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY), to name just two, argued that illegal aliens must be allowed to remain in the U.S. and put on the path toward full citizenship rights. In other words, let’s skip the illegal part.

In addition to demands for voting rights, health care coverage and U.S. citizenship, many illegal aliens feel they are entitled to U.S. soil itself. Two groups that have helped organize the illegal alien rallies across the country, the Aztlan Movement and the Mexica Movement, believe it is American citizens who are in fact on their continent illegally. The Aztlan Movement seeks to create a separate nation comprised of northern Mexico and parts of the American Southwest, including California, Arizona and New Mexico. Members of the Mexica Movement, who waved signs at recent rallies that read “This Is Our Continent, Not Yours”, seek to completely remove Americans from North America and surrender control of the U.S. to Mexico.

The entitlement and class warfare mentality fostered for a century by liberal presidents, congressional leaders, labor union leaders and heads of liberal organizations in fact obscures their real goal. They seek complete government control of our lives and our businesses, which ultimately can only be achieved with your vote. Since the inception of the income tax code in 1913, to the birth of the Social Security system in 1935 and the programs that have followed, the end goal is always bigger government. It is also important to remember that those who occupy the positions of power will try to achieve their goal by any means possible. If it takes convincing the public that our planet is somehow warming because we drive cars with the air conditioner running, then so be it. If it takes increasing entitlement spending programs to 100 percent of the federal budget, so be it. Whatever it takes.

The United States would never have become the United States had the litany of entitlement programs and the unnatural attitudes they foster been in place in the 1800s and early 1900s. This was the time when newly freed slaves struck out to work on achieving their own dreams, when American expansion and settlement headed west, and when millions of Europeans crossed the Atlantic for a hard but better life. The only thing promised was abundant opportunity, given in exchange for assimilation and adherence to the rule of law.

We must demand that our president and Congress secure our borders and our sovereignty as a nation of laws and citizen rights. To those who enter this country legally, welcome to America. Illegal entitlement is not an option.

33 posted on 11/03/2011 6:05:52 PM PDT by justsaynomore (Pray for Herman Cain)
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To: moonshinner_09

Perry is a La Raza surrender monkey. No sale.

34 posted on 11/03/2011 6:06:49 PM PDT by TADSLOS (Gov Jan Brewer has more balls than Rick Perry.)
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To: napscoordinator

You mean it was OK for Sarah Palin to say it, it didn’t diminish conservatives worshipping her, but if Perry says it, he is “an idiot”? Consistency is not your strong suit, is is?


Source: Univision Interview with Sarah Palin, by Jorge Ramos Oct 26, 2008

Q: Should undocumented immigrants all should be deported?

A: There is no way that in the US we would roundup every illegal immigrant - there are about 12 million of the illegal immigrants - not only economically is that just an impossibility but that’s not a humane way anyway to deal with the issue.

Q: Do you then favor an amnesty for the 12 million undocumented immigrants?

A: No, I do not. Not total amnesty. You know, people have got to follow the rules. We have got to make sure that there is equal opportunity and those who are here legally should be first in line for services being provided and those opportunities that this great country provides.

Q: So you support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants?

A: I do because I understand why people would want to be in America. To seek the safety and prosperity, the opportunities, the health that is here. It is so important that yes, people follow the rules so that people can be treated equally and fairly in this country.

35 posted on 11/03/2011 6:07:46 PM PDT by UniqueViews
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To: LouAvul

I think you invented a cool word.

36 posted on 11/03/2011 6:08:12 PM PDT by central_va ( I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: justsaynomore

Apples and oranges.
We are discussing work visa’s not amnesty.

What is Cains view on work visa’s?

37 posted on 11/03/2011 6:08:23 PM PDT by mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)
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To: mylife

“It is a work visa, not amnesty.
Country’s the world over issue them.”

Give it up, he’s INDEFENSIBLE on this stunt. We all know this will lead to a HUGE general amnesty.

38 posted on 11/03/2011 6:08:29 PM PDT by BobL (A vote for Gingrich is a vote for Romney)
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To: kitkat

kitkat, I have read and reread the myths and facts and I do agree with them. It appears to me that IF this had been enacted we would not be in the mess we are in today...also, I loved Tony Snowe

39 posted on 11/03/2011 6:08:38 PM PDT by katiedidit1 ( er)
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To: UniqueViews

I don’t see support for work visas anywhere in your post about Palin. Palin is a moral person with integrity. Perry is not.

40 posted on 11/03/2011 6:09:44 PM PDT by napscoordinator
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