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Gloria Allred Press Conference Live Stream
Politico ^

Posted on 11/07/2011 10:55:06 AM PST by reegs

For those interested in watching the press conference live.

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To: bcsco
"So, any statement about her being a registered ‘whatever’ in Illinois is spurious."

Correct, I voted in Cook County every time for 25 years, registration by party is not recorded. At the primary you can go to the polls and ask for the Republican ballot or the Democrat ballot (obviously they wont give you both unless you slip them a twenty or a couple good cigars).

621 posted on 11/07/2011 2:10:48 PM PST by cookcounty (2012 choice: It's the Tea Party or the Slumber Party.)
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To: HamiltonJay
So you dropped the little issue of whether he is guilty or not and now solely focused on he didn't handle it well?

Great. Listen armchair QB, when the whole world rains down on you with false allegations and scumbags crawl out from under rocks to accuse you and ruin your career, family, and life, then get back to me with how perfect you handled it, ok?

I don't buy for a minute Cain's handling of it is your issue. You just hope your guy (whoever it is) gains from this witch hunt.
622 posted on 11/07/2011 2:12:08 PM PST by over3Owithabrain
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To: not2worry

My wife said the same thing.

She expects people to believe she called Cain and set up a meeting and he didn’t ask her what it was all about until they were eating dinner? So, she told him she needed a job and immediately Cain thought “Mmmm, I’m gonna’ get me some of that.”

She says she went to a Tea Party event 30 days ago and “confronted” him but didn’t say anything until the others came out.

Way too many holes in this story.

623 posted on 11/07/2011 2:12:18 PM PST by Terry Mross (Where is the OPPOSITION party? I'll only vote for a SECOND party.)
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To: Alice in Wonderland
"West Naze is the Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager of News America Marketing." OK, she's a certified golddigger. What was the result of that case, was West the father?
624 posted on 11/07/2011 2:12:30 PM PST by cookcounty (2012 choice: It's the Tea Party or the Slumber Party.)
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To: Terry Mross

One thing sticks out in my mind. Why would a conservative go to the Commie, AllRed? Complete hit. Nothing more, and nothing less.

625 posted on 11/07/2011 2:14:33 PM PST by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget (God punishes Conservatives by making them argue with fools.)
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To: struggle

Wow, she pusued Mr. West or Mr. Naze for 10 years! She really has a LOT of experience with the courts!

626 posted on 11/07/2011 2:15:05 PM PST by cookcounty (2012 choice: It's the Tea Party or the Slumber Party.)
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To: Personal Responsibility

No, I don’t expect perfection, I do expect someone who’s able to do the job, and Cain IMHO has shown to me over the last while he clearly isn’t remotely ready or able to do the job.

He’s a neophite to politics, and that wins him no points in my book. We already have a neophine in the white house and his inexperience and ineptitude have create so much chaos throughout the world, our economy and yes even within our own government its not comical.

I don’t see a guy ready for the nuclear football in Cain, let alone able to really get federal government agencies marching in a common direction, let alone the direction he would like.

I don’t think he’s a bad guy, unless these allegations turn out to be true, in which case, he’s not exactly a guy I would want around my female relatives. And if he was tryign to use his position of power for sexual favors, I sure don’t want him in the most powerful job in the world.

My beef with Cain is simply this, I just don’t see this guy capable of honestly doing the job. We can’t follow up one inexperienced person with another, I don’t care if he has an R beside his name. I’ve seen a lot of folks project things onto this guy, that I just don’t see in the candidate himself, much like democrats did with Obama in 08. I know folks are desperate for a Reagan, but there isn’t one in this election cycle and trying to prop up Cain as Reaganesque is laughable.

627 posted on 11/07/2011 2:15:21 PM PST by HamiltonJay
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To: HamiltonJay
Fact, Cain said no money was paid out to women

You and I have gone over this before and you still misstate the facts. Cain's statement related to himself. HE never paid any money to the woman. That is a true statement. He was not a signatory to the agreement. He, in fact, disputed the allegation. His not being a signatory means that he was not held accountable. You state this stuff again and you will be piling on lies.

Fact Cain, accused another republican of being the leaker of this information, INCORRECTLY.

Fact, a pollster for Perry stated publicly he was there at one of these so-called events. That gives reason to question whether Perry's campaign was involved.

Cain has not looked for one minute like he’s in control of this situation, hes handled it beyond poorly.

That's because Cain has NOT been in control of events; he's been overtaken by events. Politico refused to tell him what the facts were before they were published so he was working in the dark. Not being a signatory to the agreement indicates he wasn't aware of the facts of the agreement so have no information with which to counter the allegations.

You accuse Cain of handling this as a rank amateur. You're handling it as a hit piece against Cain, even after being corrected by myself and others. We now all know your bias. It's clear for all to see.

628 posted on 11/07/2011 2:15:49 PM PST by bcsco (A vote for Cain will cure the Pain!)
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To: jpsb

No, actually, I’d vote for Newt. I’d vote for Cain. I wouldn’t vote for Perry. But the media has liked playing “flavor of the month” this year, and Newt is not a good choice for those leaving Cain for alleged attempted adultery.

Most of Cains supporters were likely with Perry in late August, Bachmann in July. Based on the fact that Cain was at 2% in the polls as recently as August 25, when Perry was at 27%.

If I’m a Cain supporter, on the fence about this, just remember Newt did worse. That’s all. Newt’s a good debater, and there’s some other good things about him, but on the adultery front, Newt’s worse.

629 posted on 11/07/2011 2:17:45 PM PST by truthfreedom
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To: rikkir

Geesh, that was close! I thought you were talking about me.

630 posted on 11/07/2011 2:18:00 PM PST by Mr. Fabtastic (Cain is rapidly gaining on Fred Gwynne as my favorite Herman.)
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To: fudimo
Axelrod connection?

Wow. That's an unexpected coincidence.

631 posted on 11/07/2011 2:18:19 PM PST by lonevoice (The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, impeach we much. We will much about that be committed.)
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To: Personal Responsibility

I’m not saying the attempted adultery allegations are true.

632 posted on 11/07/2011 2:19:19 PM PST by truthfreedom
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To: TexasFreeper2009


My point has never been about someone making a sudden allegation, my point is his former employer paid out money over an allegation against him, years ago, and he had NO IDEA! How do you have NO IDEA?? You are running for the Presidency, if you are serious about it, you know your life is going to be picked over and you should have your house in order. Do you think George Bush didn’t know about the DUI that the Gore Camp pulled out of their pocket in October of 2000?

This was an event his name was tied to in his past on the RECORD, not just something someone said.. it was documented and known! He should have known this was going to come up as a potential issue and should have been ready for it.. He was clearly blindsided by it, flailed around for days, lashed out and accused folks who had nothing to do with it, then backtracked. The guys not ready.. if he can be put into this sort of disarray over something that is out there in his own past he should have known about, how the hell is he going to handle a true crisis?

You keep trying to say he couldn’t have known, and that’s not true.. he not only could have known about this payout, he SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IT.

633 posted on 11/07/2011 2:19:26 PM PST by HamiltonJay
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To: struggle
"Someone with legal experience needs to research this... its pretty engaging."

Fox has plenty of lawyer/reporters and has been almost silent, though I think I heard some furious digging in the background.

634 posted on 11/07/2011 2:21:24 PM PST by cookcounty (2012 choice: It's the Tea Party or the Slumber Party.)
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To: musicman

I don’t know about Herman Cain, but I SURELY would have remembered meeting a woman with what could be described as a possible failed tattoo attempt of an aerial view of the Apollo 11 moon area landing area on her face.

Excellent description. LMAO!!!

635 posted on 11/07/2011 2:21:26 PM PST by sanjuanbob (Festina Lente)
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To: Personal Responsibility

No I don’t expect perfection, but I expect EXPERIENCE, and Cain doesn’t have it, at least not relevant experience, and this “crisis” and his actions during it have shown me beyond a reasonable doubt this guy is not ready for national politics, not even close.

We already have a bozo neophite in office, we cannot follow that up with someone with even LESS government experience, just because his name has an R beside it.

636 posted on 11/07/2011 2:23:04 PM PST by HamiltonJay
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To: bolobaby

Here is the money quote from her statement.

“Instead of going in he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. He also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. I was surprised and shocked and I said,” What are you doing? You know I have a boyfriend. This is not what I came here for.” Mr. Cain said, “You want a job, right?”. I asked him to stop and he did. I asked him to take me back to my hotel which he did.”

I keep trying to tell everyone that Allred and her disgusting client prepared her statement with just enough fudge room and just enough ambiguity and just enough uncheckable iuformation to make it a lie that cannot be directly refuted.

As to your point, she does not say he was reaching under her skirt and pulling her head down at the same time. It just says “he also” pulled my head. At the same time? Maybe. A moment later? Maybe. What I find ridiculous is that, given the circumstances, if his advances were so clearly unwanted, she would have screamed and pushed his hand away from her leg in a split second and he would never have a chance to try to pull her head down to his crotch. If he actually tried to do both maneuvers simultaneously, she would have to have perceived a violent sexual assault and would have jumped out of the car and fled straight to the police.

If they had any encounter at all, she either started it or went along with it.

637 posted on 11/07/2011 2:23:35 PM PST by JewishRighter ( Multiculturalism is killing us.)
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To: HamiltonJay
I've not said this before......but frankly I'm leaning towards Newt.

I like Mr. Cain....but I don't think he's adapted well to the political arena. ( And frankly I can't understand that he wouldn't know, know, know, how to bob and weave..the LEFT WING PRESS...Hell...I would, and I'm just an Okie..)

That said....Newt is growing on me. The hell with his personal life.

He has negatives....but they ain't nearly as many as my book.

I can be steered in another way at this point....but Newt is who I'm leaning to.

Never thought I'd say that.........HA!!!

638 posted on 11/07/2011 2:23:37 PM PST by Osage Orange (Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum)
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To: HamiltonJay

To cut Cain slack, he is a political novice and knows little about the process. He chose to have minimal advisers, and the one he has, Block, is a total doofus and should have been dumped sometime ago. He is totally out of this league at this point.

639 posted on 11/07/2011 2:24:05 PM PST by magritte
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To: BarnacleCenturion

That’s really funny!

640 posted on 11/07/2011 2:24:52 PM PST by KansasGirl
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