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Gingrich think tank collected millions from health-care industry ($37 million & MANDATE)
Wapo ^ | 11/18/11 | Dan Eggen

Posted on 11/18/2011 2:51:00 AM PST by Fred

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To: DaxtonBrown

Anyone miss Sarah yet?
Hell, I’m missing Gary Johnson.

281 posted on 11/18/2011 3:46:58 PM PST by sanjuanbob (Festina Lente)
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To: Repeal The 17th

I can’t do Newt.

He’s a near clone of Jimmy Carter politically, and he destroyed the conservative wing of the GOP when he was speaker.

I’m with Cain, and believe that he is the only one out of the current group that can win the general election. His candidacy will demolish the Dem plantation.

I’ve supported Ron Paul for congress in the past, but he sure ain’t running for president!

282 posted on 11/18/2011 4:16:10 PM PST by editor-surveyor (No Federal Sales Tax - No Way!)
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To: DaxtonBrown


283 posted on 11/18/2011 4:16:57 PM PST by editor-surveyor (No Federal Sales Tax - No Way!)
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To: kcvl

I’m not against lobbyists, per se, but newt lobbied against us!

He lobbied to prevent the privatization of Freddie and Fanny.

Newt has been against us for his whole political career. He blunted the GOP majority in 95/96 and we’re still hurting from that fiasco.

284 posted on 11/18/2011 4:20:45 PM PST by editor-surveyor (No Federal Sales Tax - No Way!)
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285 posted on 11/18/2011 7:51:38 PM PST by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: Fred

I am extremely vigilant to the healthcare debate. I firmly believe the purpose and the outcome of Obamacare is to bankrupt the US private healthcare industry resulting in widespread financial collapse of the entire US economic system. I have watched the “Center of Health Transformation” and Mr Gingrich’s role in this entity.
Quite frankly, its a fly on an elephant’s ass. Its a very small organization, with very vague goals and has played almost no role in the healthcare debate. Mr Gingrich as an “advisor” was probably no more than paying him a decent salary to be a recognizable name for a floundering company.
They have played virtually no role in shaping the healthcare debate. Their mission statement has been to protect privatized medicine and keep patient accountability in play. They have discussed and promoted widespread integrated systems and reduced cost of care, which if you are aware of any of the environment of healthcare today, is a standard, entry level talking point.

I have said on this website I am now strongly in support of Gingrich, so I dont want to hide that position on this thread.
That being said, no one is more critical of government’s role in healthcare than myself. I am a doctor in private healthcare and the business of private healthcare is in serious jeapordy. The collapse of private medicine in the US will make the housing collapse look like pocket change.
And from this perspective, I see no problem whatsoever with Gingrich’s participation with this healthcare advisory company.
They have not demonstrated any anti-private healthcare positions, and have not done anything to jeapordize private healthcare in any way that I can see. Gingrich has been clear in his campaign about the repeal of Obamacare which imo is essential, necessary for any semblence of future US financial viability. The US cannot survive full implementation of Obamacare.

The argument of Gingrich’s participation in this company as somehow showing him to have a liberal, statist stance on healthcare, and /or supportive of Obamacare has no basis in fact for me. Please tell me where I am wrong.

Also, in full disclosure, this is a repeat post in a similar content thread.

286 posted on 11/18/2011 9:58:14 PM PST by swingdoc
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To: 101voodoo

its more likely Newt was paid for lobbying. He has access to congressman

287 posted on 11/18/2011 10:24:46 PM PST by 4rcane
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To: neocon1984
Jim is a wonderful guy, but he’s not my boss.

You post on his site, and so yeah, that makes him your boss anytime you're here.

288 posted on 11/19/2011 3:12:59 AM PST by Timber Rattler (Don't Tread on Me!)
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To: Las Vegas Ron
TR is using the Alinsky tactic of using our standards against us.

No, I'm just pointing out how hypocritical some people are being based on their previous comments about Newt on this forum.

289 posted on 11/19/2011 3:15:00 AM PST by Timber Rattler (Don't Tread on Me!)
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To: Timber Rattler

A moderator is not a boss.

Ask your boss, Mr. Soros. He may have a different opinion.

290 posted on 11/19/2011 5:31:35 AM PST by neocon1984
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To: kcvl
He needed to transform it. They were getting hammered every year by new legislation from people who had no real clue how their "pie in the sky" laws would actually work in the REAL WORLD.

What did you expect hundreds of thousands of businesses to do? Sit there and take it?

291 posted on 11/19/2011 8:39:25 AM PST by TheWriterTX (Rock you like a Herman Cain 2012)
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To: katiedidit1

I know she likes Newt and I just pinged her. Onyx knows I was not in any way shape or form referring to her.

292 posted on 11/19/2011 10:24:12 AM PST by mojitojoe (Sarah said "ANYBODY BUT OBAMA" and that is how I intent to vote. NOBODY IS WORSE THAN HUSSEIN)
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To: ez

> It actually explains why Newt wandered off the conservative plantation, since he was being paid big bucks to do so. It also begs the question, did he do it for the money, or because he believed in it?

The problem is that either answer makes Newt unfit to be trusted.

293 posted on 11/19/2011 11:07:15 AM PST by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender! REMEMBER NEDA)
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To: manc

Listen, I don’t want to tear into any of our own but if we have to vote for someone less optimal I want to have my eyes open about who it is we’re being asked to vote for and the likely result of electing them.

Some loose smears about he said/she said, that’s a hit job. Even if it were true about Cain that has NO bearing on the way he works on policy.

Newt’s actions are more troubling. For one thing, we can follow the money. It’s demonstrable. Looking at the amount of money and the institutions that grant it is a fact-based way of understanding the actions of a candidate, and I refuse to ignore that evidence simply because the current field for GOP presidency is looking somewhat grim.

I may well end up voting for Newt in the general (I just can’t bring myself to vote for him in the primary for many reasons which I would be happy to tell you about). But before I do, you can be certain I’m going to have taken a hard look at him and what it would mean for him winning vs. Zer0.

Consider this: A Zer0 will have a GOP Congress willing to fight him. A RINO Obamneycare mandate climate change loving socialist like Newt will have very little opposition... why? He’ll have an R after his name. The RINO establishment types will run rampant. You know they will.

294 posted on 11/19/2011 11:19:18 AM PST by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender! REMEMBER NEDA)
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To: roses of sharon

> The GOP is dead, and FR just doesn’t know it yet.

I’m not ready to count the GOP out, but we DO need to throw as much of our muscle as we can to bring the GOP back to its roots. The danger in abandoning the GOP and not trying to save it is that the GOP, for all its flaws, has the machine in place to battle the Dims. I think that to start all that from scratch is going to be way more difficult than pounding on the Grand Old Party to return to its roots, tear down the RINOs and elevated the real conservatives.

We can do this.

295 posted on 11/19/2011 11:36:26 AM PST by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender! REMEMBER NEDA)
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To: manc

Well said. I agree that there is too much in-fighting between those who say they are conservatives on this site. Also, too many conservatives on this site believe the liberal polls.

296 posted on 11/19/2011 11:52:29 AM PST by Maryhere ("HE comes to rule the earth")
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To: shield

Thank you Shield for the links and information.

297 posted on 11/19/2011 3:31:09 PM PST by Katarina (Rick Perry the Best man for President ! NEVER Romney! And no thank you Cain.)
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To: 9YearLurker

I have a better candidate in mind than Cain!
My candidate knows everything going on around the world!
My candidate never stumbles in answering! There will no embarrassing 11 second delays in answering questions on Libya!
Problem is my candidate has no powers of judgement, is not conservative by a long shot, but no one can beat my candidate on regurgitating any information!
My candidate is Wikipedia!

298 posted on 11/19/2011 4:01:01 PM PST by federal__reserve (What matters in 2012 is jobs, jobs, jobs! Jobs kill unemployment, foreclosures & deficits)
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To: Fred

You are posting MSM SPAM intended to get Obama reelected. I’ll take Gingrich over Obama. I’m not a RINO.

299 posted on 11/20/2011 8:06:55 AM PST by af_vet_1981 (The bus came by and I got on, That's when it all began,)
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