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Gingrich Divorce Papers Magically Appear In Media Hands (Sealed records)
Human Events ^ | December 27, 2011 | John Hayward

Posted on 12/27/2011 9:06:53 AM PST by Smokeyblue

To this day, Barack Hussein Obama remains a man of mystery. Copious amounts of documentation from his early life and academic career have never been released. It took years of pressure, plus Donald Trump as the ringmaster of a media circus, just to see his birth certificate.

When the L.A. Times obtained a potentially embarrassing videotape of Obama laughing it up at a party for Arafat minion Rashid Khalidi, the paper pursed its lips and fastidiously hid the tape from public view. Their newspaper account of the part didn’t even mention that domestic terrorist Friends of Obama Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn attended the event. Another important connection from Obama’s past, his long attendance at Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church of racial hatred, was carefully buried by the media until conservative radio hosts and bloggers dragged it into the open.

The rules for “vetting” are very different for Republican candidates. We’ve already seen murky allegations from Herman Cain’s past assigned a level of instant credibility that would never have been granted if he were a black Democrat. Even after a much more serious accusation of a long-running consensual affair caused Cain to suspend his campaign, we still don’t know exactly what the initial “sexual harassment” accusers complained about.

Now CNN has magically obtained the sealed records of Newt Gingrich’s first divorce. Here’s the wonderful story of how this Yuletide journalistic miracle came to pass:

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: God luvs America

Gingrich should take advantage of the center stage now and relentlessly go after soetoro/soebarkah/bounel/obama whenever they play dirty tricks on him. DO NOT BOTHER TO GO AFTER THE OTHER Rs. Just get to the true obama/soetoro and any nominee will NOT have to run against O!
They unseal his divorce records? demand the media unseal soetoro/soebarkah/obama’s records!
They harp on his 30 year ago ‘infidelity’? demand the media dig into obama’s gay affairs (Larry Sinclair, Donald Young etc.), and MO’s alleged affair with the secret service!
Above all, vett himself in public and demand the media vett obama!

121 posted on 12/27/2011 12:43:50 PM PST by chrisnj
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To: chrisnj

Take the wrench that media is attempting to throw into Gingrich's candidacy and beat them over the head with it.

122 posted on 12/27/2011 12:47:52 PM PST by going hot (Happiness is a momma deuce)
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To: longtermmemmory

Just let the court of public opinions do the job!
Gingrich should demand the media unseal obama’s records as well.
He should say -
“Fair ehough. You unseal my records, now go unseal obama’s!”
Then remind them all how obama destroyed his senate opponent by unsealing the opponent’s private records so o ran unopposed!

123 posted on 12/27/2011 12:58:44 PM PST by chrisnj
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To: Gene Eric

1st Amendment, no prior restraint. They might be held liable for something after they actually publish, but they can’t be stopped from publishing in the first place.

124 posted on 12/27/2011 1:18:19 PM PST by Boogieman
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To: Reily

So he was for it before he was against it. And we’re supposed to expect him to lead the charge for repeal? I just don’t see it.

” However he inexplicably gave up”

Nothing inexplicable about it. His grandchildren were getting death threats, and he believed that the only way to protect them was to bow out.

What he needed was the counsel, from the other republicans, to press on. This he did not receive. The predictable result is that those who didn’t stand behind him, are getting savaged now.

“In both cases they showed they didn’t have the “kill the enemy, scatter their flocks and enjoy the lamentations of their women attitude that is needed.”

Who does?

:I actually disagree with Newt on this issue I am very skeptical of the whole notion of a healthcare crisis.”

You are spot on this assessment. America has the best health care system in the world. Canada’s system is fraught with rationing and loss of primary caregivers due to poor compensation.

“Newt has a soft spot for environmental issues and in some cases a soft head regarding it. As far as Newt’s marriages go, I have already acknowledged he had the Bill Clinton immaturity problem. That’s why Clinton rolled him.”

And that’s why we can’t afford to hitch our ride to his wagon.

“Anyway as Christians we are supposed to forgive past transgression”

Well, the problem is that it’s not a ‘past’ transgression. Repentence would involve going back to wife number 1, but repentence is rarely preached. You must turn away from sin before one can be forgiven for it. Newt wants to have his cake and to eat it too.

“This is “political war” and I want political ruthlessness my candidate and I see that in Newt.”

What happened back in the Clinton years? I don’t see ‘ruthlessness” I see Newt having his same soft head on the crucial issues of the day. This was not present with Reagan. Reagan, had the decency to actually divorce before taking up with Nancy, for which there were many years between. Newt, would take up with someone else and then get married to them. Twice now. The pattern is completely different and indicative to me that in the cruch, you cannot count on Newt.

We can’t afford him blowing it again.

125 posted on 12/27/2011 2:49:59 PM PST by BenKenobi (You know, you really need to break free of that Catholic mindset.- metmom)
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To: Smokeyblue

These people need to bring lawsuits against this crap. Thinking Gingrich might be the one to do it if this is true.

126 posted on 12/27/2011 2:58:56 PM PST by Toespi
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To: FryingPan101

Fine, I apologize for lumping you in with the Newt supporters. That is my bad.

127 posted on 12/27/2011 3:06:09 PM PST by BenKenobi (You know, you really need to break free of that Catholic mindset.- metmom)
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To: SkyDancer
Now, that would be a real cat fight -- one MSM member going after another for racism (that is, “outing” BHO’s sealed papers)?

Let the digging begin and the chips fall where they may. Zer0 is a straw man — a manufactured fraud. The real question that needs answering is who pulls his (Zer0’s) strings. He isn't smart enough to dream up the crap he does.

128 posted on 12/27/2011 3:23:37 PM PST by MasterGunner01 (11)
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To: MasterGunner01

Maybe George Soros is the puppet master ....

129 posted on 12/27/2011 3:42:52 PM PST by SkyDancer ("If You Want To Learn To Love Better, You Should Start With A Friend Who You Hate")
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To: fightinJAG; Berlin_Freeper; Hotlanta Mike; Silentgypsy; repubmom; HANG THE EXPENSE; Nepeta; ...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sealed records

Check out the headline, - then read # 32 .


130 posted on 12/27/2011 3:48:05 PM PST by LucyT
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To: BenKenobi

Gosh, never thought that would happen, after you folks destroyed Cain.

No sympathy from me. What goes around, comes around.

Good point.

Just desserts for Gingrich. And, he had to know people were going to get a hold of his past divorce proceedings.

131 posted on 12/27/2011 4:25:34 PM PST by RealImmigrant (National Security begins at the Border)
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To: Vendome
Weird the way those guys can at everyone’s sealed records but no one can at Barry’s past.

Weird indeed.

132 posted on 12/27/2011 4:31:25 PM PST by Las Vegas Ron (Rush Limbaugh = the Beethoven of talk radio)
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To: BenKenobi
Why are we eating our own? What happened to Reagan's 11th commandment?

Who TF are we running against, one another or Obama? I don't care if Cain gave money to some woman, I don't care how many times Gingrich or Reagan were married, I don't care what Sarah Palin did before she was President, I don't care what Bachman's husband teaches, I don't care if Perry sometimes seems to be dumber than my Papillon. I don't even care if Romney is a Mormon, although I do care that he is a leftist DemonRat and that he and his parents refuse to support Conservative principles.

I want to be able to support a Conservative candidate, but some of the supporters here on FR are turning me off to their favourites -- I do care when a Perry supporter, or a Newt supporter, or a Cain supporter, or a Santorum supporter attacks a fellow Republican (Romney just doesn't count -- he's not a Republican, and there better not be any of his supporters here on FR, LOL.)

Geez, grow up guys! when the primaries are over we have to unite to defeat the kenyan, and it will be easier to unite if we don't have to pull a knife out of our back that was put there by a fellow Republican.
133 posted on 12/27/2011 4:52:04 PM PST by womanvet (The lesser of 2 evils is Romney. No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expediency)
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To: Smokeyblue

At least the CNN source need not worry about being being executed while sitting in a car parked in front of Judah House Praise Baptist Church.

134 posted on 12/27/2011 5:17:19 PM PST by Protect the Bill of Rights
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To: Protect the Bill of Rights

Which one was that?....IRC there was someone mentioning starting a mysterious death list years ago.

135 posted on 12/27/2011 5:51:12 PM PST by hoosiermama (We need more Jobs.....Steve Jobs....entrepreneurs and creators.)
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To: womanvet

We could have used you a month ago!

I want a real conservative too. I’m angry that I can’t vote for the conservative that I want to support because he was forced out.

I’m not sure why you are attacking me. I wasn’t the one posting about how Cain was finished, etc, all the countless articles that came out from politico and posted here on the site.

136 posted on 12/27/2011 6:19:54 PM PST by BenKenobi (You know, you really need to break free of that Catholic mindset.- metmom)
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To: Smokeyblue


137 posted on 12/27/2011 6:37:55 PM PST by LiteKeeper ("Who is John Galt?")
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To: FateAmenableToChange; Boogieman

>> It’s called the prior restraints doctrine...

It seems like a small bridge to cross in order to expose something the courts have ruled sealed.

138 posted on 12/27/2011 7:00:44 PM PST by Gene Eric (C'mon, Virginia -- are you with us or against us?!)
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To: God luvs America

>> they can and will continue to do so...

I agree.

139 posted on 12/27/2011 7:03:59 PM PST by Gene Eric (C'mon, Virginia -- are you with us or against us?!)
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To: BenKenobi

Yeah...I remember that so well. It’s almost like the majority here endorsed Obama, yet they didn’t come out and say it. I was confused.

Free Republic has a lot of influence. Because of that, many didn’t vote for McCain. We got what was left.

140 posted on 12/27/2011 8:19:38 PM PST by toldyou (Even if the voices aren't real they have some pretty good ideas.)
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