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Say no to Girl Scout cookies
Life Site News ^ | 1/17/2012 | Cathy Cleaver Ruse

Posted on 01/18/2012 5:07:16 AM PST by IbJensen

January 17, 2012 ( - When our sweet little neighbor in her brown camp uniform came knocking on our door this year, we had to say no. I told her mother that I didn’t want to hurt Katie’s feelings, but I couldn’t support the Girl Scout cookie sale anymore because I’d learned too much about the organizers’ agenda, primarily their support for abortion and partnership with Planned Parenthood.

I worried that my “political” stand would cause uneasiness between us, but her response put me at ease: “Well,” she said, “they do use unpaid child labor to make their sales, and the troop only gets 10 percent of the revenues anyway.”

Or is it? Cathy Ruse argues that Girl Scouts' ties with abortion giant Planned Parenthood, and a morally "progressive" agenda discounts it from receiving our support.

True. According to the Girl Scouts’ website, the lion’s share of the money goes not to the troop but to bureaucrats up the chain of command in multicounty councils. The national office gets a piece of the pie, too, in the form of royalties based on gross annual sales volume - about 200 million boxes per year.

It’s a sacrifice, because I love the cookies and the cuties who sell them, but enough is enough.

I remember the Girl Scouts being flaky way back in the early 1970s. When I was a Brownie, I was told to recite some chant and step over a mirror. If I had known the word, I would have called it “pagan.” Even an unchurched girl of 7 could smell a rat.

Last year, the Girl Scouts decided to admit boys who dress as girls. When asked to admit a cross-dressing 7-year-old boy, a Colorado troop leader demurred, explaining to his mother, with tact and irrefutable logic, that her son couldn’t be a Girl Scout because he has “boy parts.”

The troop leader was chastised by the mom as being insensitive and promptly was overruled by the Girl Scout top brass, who, in a statement said, “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout.” Perpetuating this cruel charade on the little boy and forcing little girls to participate in it is “inclusiveness” to the Girl Scouts. To others, it’s child abuse.

But it shouldn’t be surprising: The Girl Scouts have a cross-dresser in the front office.

Ten years ago, Girl Scouts media relations officer Joshua Ackley was frontman for the “homopunk” band the Dead Betties. In publicity shots, he’s dressed in women’s clothing, and in music videos, he appears to be naked and feigning masturbation. The video for “Hellevator” portrays a woman being strangled in an elevator shaft while Mr. Ackley flashes a menacing grin.

Today he issues press releases, posts news and views on the Girl Scouts’ blog, and tries to mollify moms who are concerned about Girl Scout ties with Planned Parenthood. In fact, it was Mr. Ackley who facilitated the Girl Scouts’ “no adults allowed” workshop at the United Nations - the workshop in which the Planned Parenthood sex brochure “Healthy, Happy, and Hot” was offered, although part of Mr. Ackley’s job is to deny it.

Click “like” if you want to end abortion!

It wouldn’t be a surprise if someone like Mr. Ackley was behind the Girl Scouts’ recent scandal: a guidebook that tells girls to check with the leftist, George Soros-funded Media Matters before believing what they read in the news.

As boys send in their orders for Brownie beanies and tights, the Girl Scouts have declared 2012 to be “The Year of the Girl,” announcing that they will be “working to break down societal barriers that prevent girls from leading in their own lives.” What barriers? What does “leading in their own lives” even mean? Forgive me for thinking it has something to do with sex or abortion.

Several years ago. a quarter of the Girl Scout councils nationwide admitted to partnering with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s abortion giant. When questioned about the affiliation on NBC’s “Today Show,” Girl Scout CEO Kathy Cloninger had no compunction in confirming it.

The Girl Scouts have been “pro-choice” for years, but now they’ve been caught supporting promiscuous sex for girls. The Planned Parenthood sex guide offered at that “girls only” U.N. meeting offered this advice on Page 11: “Some people have sex when they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. This is your choice. ... If you want to have sex and think you might get drunk or high, plan ahead by bringing condoms and lube or putting them close to where you usually have sex.”

Heard enough? There’s a lot more at

Earlier this month, a young Girl Scout employee, Renise Rodriguez, made the mistake of stopping by the office to do extra work on her own time in a T-shirt bearing the words: “Pray to End Abortion.” A supervisor ordered her to turn the shirt inside out or leave the office. She left, for good.

So should we all.

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21 posted on 01/18/2012 5:57:23 AM PST by deoetdoctrinae (Gun-Free zones are playgrounds for felons)
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To: Mr Ramsbotham

I apply that philosophy to a lotta things :-)

22 posted on 01/18/2012 5:59:14 AM PST by mewzilla (I'll vote for the first guy who promises to mail in his SOTU addresses.)
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To: IbJensen

Dollar General Store sells the very same cookies that the Girl Scouts sell, in their own packaging — Clover something — for $1.50 per box.

As for the GS themselves, I had no idea. Thanks for enlightening me.

23 posted on 01/18/2012 6:01:57 AM PST by alnick
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To: IbJensen

My wife is my daughters troop leader, and as troop leader she has the discretion to accept or deny any applicant that wishes to join her troop. So where some of this comes from, I have no idea. In fact, any parent (Mom, Dad, Aunt etc...) that wishes to be involved with any troop function or meeting, a background check will have been completed prior to joining the troop. My wife keeps all these records on file as well as a bank account for the troop funds and dues.

24 posted on 01/18/2012 6:11:30 AM PST by Bruinator ("For socialism is not merely the labour question, it is before all things an atheistic question")
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To: IbJensen

f you are a federal taxpayer you support Planned Parenthood to a far greater extent than the Girl Scouts or any other group that receives grants and funding from nonprofits and corporations

If you have children in school taught by teachers who are part of a teacher’s Union, that union supports Planned Parenthood. Ditto if you have any relatives who are employed by large unions- all tied to PP


How about World and National Council of Churches? And other religious organizations? Does your church support Planned Parenthood and other liberal causes? Heres an ad for Jewish Women volunteers for PP.

Baptist Youth Group

Catholic Schools


Ever donate to the United Way or any of the businesses or organizations that support it?

How about universities?

How about businesses and corporations? Your bank? Your investment company? Any of them provide any donations or funding that finds its way directly or indirectly to Planned Parenthood? Purchase or enjoy any items today produced by Kraft Foods, Nabisco, big pharma? AT&T? Exxon? Congrats, you supported PP

My point is, if the Catholic Church (and other churches) cannot even fence itself off from PP, how is any national girls organization supposed to immunize itself from the abortion culture in this society?

As a 6-year volunteer, I believe we do a good job of maintaining GS traditional values at the GS troop level!

And what one “Mom” calls “child labor” we call “earning your own way” which is why GS have been selling cookies to fund their own troops for many decades! The profit margin per troop is not 10%, more like 20%+ depending on incentives. The girls set their own goals and budget for using their troop money (unless they have a poorly trained leader). And the cookie money goes to the troops and Councils, not to National, which gets royalties from the logo and branding.

At least 10% of the cookies sold by girls in my community get donated to homeless shelters, military troops, nursing homes etc. No one there complains. The girls vote who they donate to.

25 posted on 01/18/2012 6:11:50 AM PST by silverleaf (Common sense is not so common- Voltaire)
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To: silverleaf
silverleaf, I agree, those other groups need to clean up their act first before anyone starts picking on the Girl Scouts.
26 posted on 01/18/2012 6:17:57 AM PST by kempo
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To: IbJensen

My bartender is selling for her daughter. A no would probably get me some funny tasting beer?

27 posted on 01/18/2012 6:21:13 AM PST by Dr. Ursus
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To: IbJensen

These young girls hawking cookies is really annoying to me. They can be pushy even in their sweet youthfulness. I have volunteered for and with my children many hours in many ways but I would HATE the daily vigil some of these moms put in with their kids selling cookies. The shame is that the local group gets such a small amount to keep. It looks to me like a racket to me. Supporting the agenda and the creative nonsense of people like Ackley is not community service or leadership. It seems more like a union supported by child labor.

28 posted on 01/18/2012 6:28:10 AM PST by outinyellowdogcountry
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To: IbJensen

I told two little girls no this year. I felt bad about it, because I didn’t want to hurt their feeling and their father is one of my husband’s good friends, but I can’t support the girl scouts.

29 posted on 01/18/2012 6:34:19 AM PST by KansasGirl
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To: albie

Personally, I think it is time to tell the neighbors no and tell them why.

30 posted on 01/18/2012 6:36:38 AM PST by KansasGirl
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To: stars & stripes forever

My 9 and 11 y/o granddaughters are American Heritage Girls. 11 y/o Sarah’s troop marched in a veterans parade in Manassas VA November.

31 posted on 01/18/2012 6:45:48 AM PST by jimfree (In Nov 2012 my 11 y/o granddaughter will have more relevant executive experience than Barack Obama)
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To: IbJensen

32 posted on 01/18/2012 6:58:09 AM PST by southernnorthcarolina ("Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own." -- Aesop)
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To: mewzilla
The message is clear but not clear enough to the leftists in the organization.
They tried to take over the BSA and I'm sure the battle will be ongoing forever.
Outing those who secretly have an agenda is another story.
33 posted on 01/18/2012 6:58:56 AM PST by MaxMax
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To: Dr. Ursus
My bartender is selling for her daughter.

So this means that she is soliciting for her daughter. How repulsive.

34 posted on 01/18/2012 8:22:49 AM PST by IbJensen (Demint for President, Paul for Treasury Secretary, Apaio For AG)
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To: IbJensen

I have been reading all about this lately. My Goddaugher, she is the daughter of a close friend from high school, is in a troop nearby and she calls on us about GS cookies every year. Mind you the mom (my friend) and her non-Catholic, but cooperative husband are raising their daughter Catholic. So I send my refusal with several links to articles from LifeSite News along with links to AH Girl troops in the area as well as their national website. She writes back; ‘OK we won’t call you this year’.

I can GUARANTEE she didn’t explore any of the links, and I can further GUARANTEE she voted for Hussein in 2008 and will pull for the ‘steaming log’ again in 2012. Her dad was a union painter so she will never be turned from supporting the Rats.

Rats - Party first, all others a distant second at best, including faith. I will never understand it.

35 posted on 01/18/2012 10:33:55 AM PST by OriginalChristian (The end of America, as founded, began when the first Career Politician was elected...)
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To: ronniesgal
ell i am on a diet anyways...but it is very hard for me to say no to the little ones!

Personally, I don't believe there is any such thing as a "girl scout" since I've never actually seen one. Oh, I've always bought "their" cookies when I was working but they were always sold by an adult who simply laid out an order sheet on a table in the coffee kitchen at work.

Come to think of it, I don't even know who the adult was, I simply put my cash in an envelope with my name on it and placed it in a collection can next to the cookie sign-up sheet. A month or so later there would be a few boxies of cookies sitting on my desk. Very strange........

36 posted on 01/18/2012 12:15:13 PM PST by Hot Tabasco (The only solution to this primary is a shoot out! Last person standing picks the candidate)
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To: albie

Is there a way to support a troop without sending money to the big brass and planned parenthood? I do not eat cookies, but I know a few girl scouts who are from good conservative homes. A couple of the moms were girl scouts when they were young, so it’s a lovely tradition for them. They cannot help the way the top spends their money any more than we can help how much money goes to radical Islamamists via our leadership. It would make the situations less awkward if I knew a good way to offer support.

37 posted on 01/18/2012 1:47:01 PM PST by momincombatboots (Back to West by G-d Virginia.)
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To: IbJensen
I heard a radio spot today about GS cookies, and how the girl scouts send so many to the troops overseas.

In my experience, they did this grudgingly, and only when asked.

Now that their fellow-traveling agenda is getting some well-deserved daylight, the GS folks are parading the cookies for troops as if they actually supported it (some of the local members did, but few if any of the higher ups.)

Needed. A competing girls' organization which is American-centric, and teaches traditional values and responsible decision-making and worthy goals.


38 posted on 01/18/2012 2:39:42 PM PST by Seaplaner (Never give in. Never give in. Never...except to convictions of honour and good sense. W. Churchill)
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To: Seaplaner
Needed. A competing girls' organization which is American-centric, and teaches traditional values and responsible decision-making and worthy goals.

Assemblies of God has Missionettes for girls which is pretty close to what girl scouts used to be- badges, service work, and a real education on AMerica's Christian heritage. I was impressed with how hard it was- not watered down and made easier like so many kid's programs these days. To move up to the middle school level, the girls had to earn all the badges, read the new testament and memorize the books of the bible, and recite them in front of everyone. My girl did it, with a long pause in the middle of the book naming. Boy was I relieved when she all-of-a-sudden remembered ! SHe earned that pin and the crown that went along with.

If you finish all the levels through HS, you earn a college scholarship worth $1000.00.

39 posted on 01/18/2012 4:28:40 PM PST by Red Boots
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To: OriginalChristian

I have to give credit where credit is due. The Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri have posted a position statement addressing their PP relationship, abortion and birth control.

I am gratified that they have taken a stand on the PP relationship, and their neutral stance on abortion and birth control is at least not bias one way or the other.

This is more than can be said of the national organization.

40 posted on 01/20/2012 1:34:26 PM PST by OriginalChristian (The end of America, as founded, began when the first Career Politician was elected...)
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