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To: matthew fuller
I don't think Sarah has as much of a negative rating as the media would lead you to believe.

Sarah has a lot of people who believe her. IF she entered the race today, she'd draw a lot of voters from Newt and Santorum. Not so many from Mittens or the Nutter.

When it comes election time, IF Newt had Sarah as a running mate, people might not "like" one or the other personally, but I think BOTH their strengths are in getting their messages out.

In debates, though the media always likes to portray Obama as the smartest guy in the room, thats only because he's surrounded by idiots. Newt and Obama are in different leagues, and Newt will bury Obama.

Between Sarah and Biden...Well not much needs to be said about Biden, he's a walking gaff machine. Sarah has had 4 years of intense learning under fire. I think she'll MORE than hold her own.

IF Newt picked her, I think their biggest strength would be pitting her against Biden. VP's are viewed as a "what if" replacement for the President. Play that. Biden is a proven idiot. For all of Palins "perceived" negatives, control the arena. That arena is Palin vs Biden. Hands down, Palin wins.

The only negative I see with Gingrich/Palin, is that Sarah brings alot of the same people to the table that are already supportive of Newt. When McCain ran, he was viewed as soft and "moderate". Sarah infused the campaign with energy and backbone and CONSERVATIVES. Thats what drove the McCain/Palin campaign. Newt is not viewed as weak or soft or moderate. He's not quiet and meek. Palin wouldn't ADD that to the team, she'd just reinforce it. She'd be more of a redundancy.

On the other hand. IF there was a Gingrich/Palin ticket, I think the smartest thing Zero could do, would be to ditch Biden and tap Hillary for VP.

McCain wasn't a match for Obama. It was OBVIOUS at many times he NEVER really wanted to run. Biden was someone who wouldn't get in Obamas way.

Now...Obama has a track record. He's pissed alot of independents off. Heck even moderate or "Reagan Democrats" are pissed at him. The 2010 elections proved people were tired of Obama. That continues today. Obama needs someone to strengthen him. Biden does NOTHING. Hillary, I believe would strengthen Obamas hand. Pitting two strong women and VP slots against each other.

We are continually being told that Mittens is the only viable candidate to run against Obama.

Bullshiite. Obama has been his own worst enemy. He doesn't enjoy the sunshine and rainbows persona given to him 4 years ago. People are angry about Obamacare and how the Dems pushed it through.

Romney is packaged as a "moderate" so the Dems will like him. I'm sorry, dems and libs won't vote for a republican no matter how "moderate" he is. So, we need a candidate who is polar opposites of what Obama is. Newt and Palin are both that. I think enough people are fed up with sunshine and rainbows, and want someone who will do the right thing, and do what needs to be done, no matter how difficult or unpleasant it seems.

I'm a union tradesman. And I can tell you Obama is not popular amongst my union coworkers. Granted, the union higherarchy is still preaching Obama and the dems. But the rank and file are beginning to see him for what he is. The hardcore koolaid drinkers will always push D. But I believe enough are fed up with Zero, that either they will vote R or just stay home.

By the way, when I said I'm a union tradesman. I'm a union tradesman in CHICAGO.

I'm telling you that other union tradesmen IN CHICAGO aren't happy with Zero.

76 posted on 01/21/2012 9:51:41 AM PST by mountn man (Happiness is not a destination, its a way of life.)
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To: mountn man

I agree with your entire reply. One thing I would add about Biden being not getting in obama’s way, he is also an insurance policy. Nobody is itching for a President Biden.
It’s good to know that Chicago locals are not so much in obama’s camp anymore. He never did have mich sizzle in TX.

78 posted on 01/21/2012 11:05:07 AM PST by matthew fuller (Mitt is not a used car salesman- he's an aborted fetus salesman!
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To: mountn man
IF she entered the race today, she'd draw a lot of voters from Newt and Santorum.


I don't think so.

There is a trust factor vote for whom you think will push your agenda and trust that that person will stay the course.

Palin has created an image of one who does not stay the course. She did this by quitting in Alaska and by stringing her followers along for months and months only to cash out and stay on the sidelines.

I'm not so sure that her 'legions; of former supporters would be over-whelmingly ready to climb on her bus one more time.

86 posted on 01/21/2012 2:30:58 PM PST by moose-matson (I keep it in my head)
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