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Live Thread: Republican Presidential Debate in Jacksonville, FL on CNN 8 P.M. EST
Thursday, January 26, 2012 | Kristinn

Posted on 01/26/2012 3:56:03 PM PST by kristinn

Hosted by Wolf Blitzer at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Candidates: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

Word is the audience will be "allowed" to participate.

Livestream here.

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To: hocndoc

Newt draws question after question concerning “let’s clarify what you meant when you said . . .” He has trouble with defending marriage and the right to life (he stumbled badly when he said life begins at implantation), said we don’t have “humanity” if we want to deport all grandmas, and condemns negativity with ugly, negative rhetoric.

What a load of crap!

2,061 posted on 01/26/2012 8:33:02 PM PST by billys kid (Everything in Massachusetts is illegal)
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To: AnnGora

17% mean anything to you?

2,062 posted on 01/26/2012 8:33:02 PM PST by ConfidentConservative (If my people shall humble themselves and pray,I will hear from Heaven and heal their land.)
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To: jennychase

“Rick will take away votes from Romney.”

I remember my first election.

2,063 posted on 01/26/2012 8:33:39 PM PST by rbmillerjr (Conservative Economic and National Security Commentary:
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To: mylife

That’s another thing. You Newt supporters calling Rick “Saint”. You would similarly ridicule Reagan, and virtually all of our Founding Fathers, who often spent hours in prayer together before the politics commenced. America today is filled with selfish dirtbags, and Rick is calling America to return to its better angels. Frankly, I’m proud of his him. Bob

2,064 posted on 01/26/2012 8:33:39 PM PST by alstewartfan (27 of 36 of Romney's judicial appointments were DEMOCRATS!!!!!)
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To: Exton1

Son-of-bitch or bastard is not cussing. I don’t use the Lord God’s name in vain. I support Newt Gingrich, not Rupaul.

2,065 posted on 01/26/2012 8:33:55 PM PST by NKP_Vet (creep.)
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To: katiedidit1

Absolutely right. Newt’s speech yesterday(?) on space exploration and DEVELOPMENT detailed past vision recalled (Lincoln pushing railroads at a time when many thought the idea “crazy”) and effective ways to get this job done at greatly reduced cost.

2,066 posted on 01/26/2012 8:34:08 PM PST by Paul R. (We are in a break in an Ice Age. A brief break at that...)
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To: ez; katiedidit1

Newt did well tonight, with those intelligent enough to understand what the program was.

Obviously you were not among that number.


2,067 posted on 01/26/2012 8:34:08 PM PST by editor-surveyor (No Federal Sales Tax - No Way!)
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To: WhistlingPastTheGraveyard

that would be great had Rick had Newts poll numbers

he doesn’t and is unlikely to crawl back

if he did I would not complain but it is a much bigger longshot than Newt...nor does he have a fraction of Newts money

I was at dinner though and only followed the debate here on my droid

if Rommney will is likely over and I hope Rick fans will be happier with Mitt than they would have with Newt

were the positions reversed between Newt and Rick....

I would certainly not be espousing your point...I would be as strongly for Rick then as I am Newt now

we are splitting the same vote and that is what will elect Mitt

just is much harder for a conservative to beat a fellow conservative and Romney too..especially with such a machine on his ass

and they would be on your boy just the same if he was in their way

90% of the GOP and media Right and talkies and print GOP are all Romney

we have a little Rush tepidly, Mark Levin defending but not endorsing, Fred Thompson, Sarah in a parsed silly sounding endorsement and not much else

Romney has everything else...

Rick has a sorta endorsement from Levin...a weird one like Sarah’s for Newt

2,068 posted on 01/26/2012 8:34:24 PM PST by wardaddy (I am a social conservative. My political party left me(again). They can go to hell in a bucket.)
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To: alicewonders; mylife

Yes, Perry did add a lot of class to a debate, hasn’t been the same since he bowed out.

2,069 posted on 01/26/2012 8:34:24 PM PST by altura
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To: topfile

Expect Romney to surge again unfortunately. Hope I’m wrong.

2,070 posted on 01/26/2012 8:34:24 PM PST by rwfromkansas ("Carve your name on hearts, not marble." - C.H. Spurgeon)
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To: All

I am rather surprised by Newt during the Mitt/Newt peeing contest.
Newt would not look Mitt in the eye.
That is a stunning mistake from a person who is such a high level speaker.
The body language was bad,and I think it hurt him.

2,071 posted on 01/26/2012 8:34:42 PM PST by mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)
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To: Joe 6-pack

It is amazing how quickly people here want this thing decided on who they base it on not is the most conservative but who they think can win. It goes to show you how young (and therefore ignorant, because of the school systems) the electorate are. Until the 1970’s you never knew who the nominee was until the convention. In fact the purpose of the convention is to pick the nominee.

If we could get back to all states using proportional delegates (anyone over 50% gets winner take all) then we could all vote our heart without relying on green lamp shades and then the delegates would finalize the most electible conservative at the convention.

2,072 posted on 01/26/2012 8:34:52 PM PST by HapaxLegamenon
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To: editor-surveyor

It was a poor debate with mostly food fight questions to start and then pander to the Mexicans questions and nothing about the economy or energy.

Pray for America

2,073 posted on 01/26/2012 8:35:33 PM PST by bray (More Batting Practice for the Bambino)
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To: nathanbedford
Just asking a rhetorical question...and thank goodness for that answer!
2,074 posted on 01/26/2012 8:35:53 PM PST by roses of sharon ("Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise." Luke 23:43)
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To: LibsRJerks

I just want to speak my thoughts.. for I feel like I am being crowded out by the media and government.. plus so many who trashed Newt today... people who I thought were better than that. No conservative can be elected or even run in this climate... it’s disheartening to say the least. They trashed Sarah, They trashed Cain, they trashed anyone who they didn’t want. Such power is frightening. I’m old enough to remember a lot of the past years... and this is scary. I’m so disappointed in Brit Hume.. among others. I’d like to know his true/real reason why he is trashing Newt also. The real reason. 3 years of obama has so sickened me that I had hopes for the future with him gone. Now, its seems “they” still run the bank... “they” still can tell us who we will have to vote for.. even after McCain and obama... they still can do this. That is what scares me. I remember when we studied History in school, it was Russia who we were learning about.. I wondered then how they managed to do that.. and today I feel like it’s the UNITED STATES.. just unbelieveble!! and I feel drained tonight.. just drained. Thanks for all your posts. I came here to be among those who believe in our country .. still.

2,075 posted on 01/26/2012 8:36:20 PM PST by frnewsjunkie
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To: HapaxLegamenon

Newt Gingrich says more in 10 words than Willard the liberal does in 1000 words.

2,076 posted on 01/26/2012 8:37:08 PM PST by NKP_Vet (creep.)
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To: Paul R.

Excuse the length of my post but in reality it is a drop in the bucket as to the accomplishments of NASA. It is on their site. Amazing! brilliant feats thanks to exploration. Here is just one..At the Hospital With NASA07.29.04”Cool” Laser Heart Surgery

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Image to right: Doctors can now use the “cool” laser instead of performing regular bypass surgery. Credit: NASA

It is estimated that some five million Americans suffer from “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), the single biggest cause of heart disease and related ailments. Until recently, heart bypass surgery, which replaces clogged blood vessels, was the main treatment for serious cases.

A non-surgical alternative to some patients is balloon angioplasty. Through this procedure, a flexible catheter with a tiny balloon at its tip is threaded into the blocked artery and inflated to widen the path for blood flow.

In January, 1992, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new surgery method derived from laser technology pioneered by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for remote sensing of earth’s ozone layer. This laser surgery can help a broader range of patients than balloon angioplasty.

Image to left: Doctors use the “cool” laser to vaporize blockage inside arteries. Credit: NASA

The procedure involves threading a small catheter through coronary arteries. The laser light is carried through fiber optic bundles within the catheter. Another group of fibers shines a light at the tip to provide video pictures of the inside of the artery. Watching the video pictures, the doctor can spot areas of blockage and fire short bursts of laser beams to vaporize them. While other types of lasers are too hot for delicate heart surgery, the excimer laser operates at a “cool” 65° C, a temperature that human tissue can tolerate.

2,077 posted on 01/26/2012 8:37:41 PM PST by katiedidit1 ("This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever." the Irish)
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To: BagCamAddict
Newt did “ok” but not his usual outstanding performance.

The only thing I wish Newt would do is talk more when it's his turn. He tends to say his piece and stop. Romney takes every opportunity to ramble on and on. Romney makes me sick.

2,078 posted on 01/26/2012 8:37:49 PM PST by Proudcongal (NEWT/PERRY or NEWT/SANTORUM or NEWT/PALIN 2012!)
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To: Proudcongal

I hope Floridians who heard the debate will focus on that. I live in Jacksonville.


Not to be rude or anything but Jacksonville was the jury pool for the Casey Anthony trial....who was found “not guilty”. I liked Newt, too, BTW. I’m now looking harder at Santorum and Ron Paul...we must break this good old boy network wide open. IMO

2,079 posted on 01/26/2012 8:38:08 PM PST by JouleZ (You are the company you keep.)
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To: Toespi

Winning the IA Caucuses is considered the same as winning a state primary. Some states choose to hold primaries, others caucuses. What’s important is how many delegates the candidate walks away with. I *think* IA’s delegates are proportional vs. winner take all.

2,080 posted on 01/26/2012 8:38:12 PM PST by EDINVA
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