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Rasmussen in FL: Romney 44, Gingrich 28
HotAir ^ | 1/29/2012 | ED MORRISSEY

Posted on 01/29/2012 8:01:41 AM PST by TBBT

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To: livius
So while Rubio hasn’t endorsed Romney (and he may not endorse either of them), he did appear to favor him.

Spot on. Rubio credited McRomeny with his win in his FL Senate race.

I call BS....the Tea Party and Jim DeMint's PAC did more for Rubio than McRomeny did!

141 posted on 01/29/2012 9:33:42 AM PST by Jane Long (Soli Deo Gloria!)
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Face it, even if Santorum wasn’t in the race Florida would have been tuff. When Santorum in the race Gingrich never stood much of a chance here or any of the other swing states.

Romney will keep racking up wins (except in the South) until Santorum drops out and endorses Newt.

142 posted on 01/29/2012 9:34:21 AM PST by TexasFreeper2009 (Go Newt!)
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To: Sacajaweau

Yep, possible right it looks like it was set up so the media could influence the voting before SC. But it is only 50 so it is really not a game changer. In hindsight Newt should have never talked about the moon ect. He can be made to look cooky on that. Nobody cares about going to the moon.

I like his Idea of putting up money for space because new developments would possible come from it. I think however it was a terrible mistake. Hopefully not.

143 posted on 01/29/2012 9:35:26 AM PST by Carry me back
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I refuse to give up. Just went to the Fla wall and there were an amazing number of attacks against Romney. Look, we know that Fla is a multi cultural melting pot. Newt has the West folks and many strong Tea Party voters on his side. I still say that Newt will win some big states. Paul is zapping delegates from Romney too. Romney is getting frantic and losing his cool. He is explosive and lots of comments on that all over the internet. So we lose Fla? it aint over till the fat lady sings and anything can happen. It would be great ( a miracle) if Rush would join us. Never have I heard so many conservatives rant against Faux News, Drudge, the media, the establisment in my life and believe me they are all over the internet. Keep blogging, tweeting, fighting. Dont be a wimp.

144 posted on 01/29/2012 9:37:32 AM PST by katiedidit1 ("This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever." the Irish)
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To: j.argese

You got it. But far from presumptive.

145 posted on 01/29/2012 9:38:29 AM PST by Jukeman (God help us for we are deep in trouble.)
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To: eyedigress; old school; tsowellfan

phooey, I missed that joke

146 posted on 01/29/2012 9:40:03 AM PST by stanne
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To: GraniteStateConservative

He said he would cut 40% of Obama’s gov’t on day one with executive orders. Romney will do nothing.

147 posted on 01/29/2012 9:40:55 AM PST by Carry me back
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Short of a miracle, after Florida, the only thing Newt will have left is debates. There are no recent polls for the upcoming states, but, no doubt, if Mitt wins Florida, they’ll all go to Mitt, except for Georgia. The E is going to milk it for all its worth. Mitt has too much money and nobody is going to want to sink anymore money into Newt’s camp. Hate to sound so negative, but that’s a reality. Newt had two debates here in Florida in which he could have destroyed Mitt, and he didn’t for whatever reason. But the bigger thing is that Mitt just has too much money and his ads are devastating, lies that they are.

148 posted on 01/29/2012 9:40:55 AM PST by Proudcongal (NEWT/PERRY or NEWT/SANTORUM or NEWT/PALIN 2012!)
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To: Proudcongal

Newt will probably do better in other states. In Minn he had a 50-29 lead over Mitts

149 posted on 01/29/2012 9:42:46 AM PST by Carry me back
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To: PapaNew

I don’t see Newt as a small government guy, he is more of a reformer, innovator than he is a cutter. He did say he’d roll back to 2007 level spending where possible but clearly cutting government is not what Newt is about. Reform Yes, Cut, slash and Burn, not so much. Folks that want to really cut government would make getting rid of the income tax by eliminating the 16th Amendment a top priority since it is the income tax that enables big government.

150 posted on 01/29/2012 9:43:11 AM PST by jpsb
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To: GoCards

If Romney wins, I will hide under my bed. Better yet, I will go the Newt’s moon base- and hide under my bed.

151 posted on 01/29/2012 9:43:16 AM PST by Krankor (It's time you started thinking inside your head, that you should you stand up and fight.)
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To: TBBT; TexasFreeper2009; Gator113
Newt did beat the Real Clear Politics average by 7 points in South Carolina as he rode the big Mo.

I am afraid this time the GOP onslaught, FOX and conservative talkies and Drudge have done their damage....and his debate performance was soft.

All the polls show Newt down sharply and beyond any recovery at this point baring a Truman/Dewey scenario.

Unless Santorum dropped out very publicly tonight or tomorrow and endorsed Newt passionately.

and the pressure on Santorum not to do that from the very folks who have so wounded Newt must be enormous.

hence...where to go from here?

IF Newt stays strong nationally, continues to get funding and Santorum shows so weakly in FL that he does finally withdraw then Newt is till in it.

Romney will likely at that point refuse to debate much if any and let the media campaign for him and deny Newt a platform.

at that point the only ones who could push Newt over the finish line will be Rush Limbaugh, Sarah on the ground and not so tepidly and Levin and maybe some others.

Hate to be so dismal but running against the leftist Media and a leaning leftist “what culture war?” GOP and FOX etc is a very very tall order.
I have my doubts Magnus could have done it in 1980 had Bush the First had such a political army and funding on his side.

I'm done with them...locally and statewide yes...but I fear the GOP cannot be changed from within. It is a northern US beltway party...California used to be a a power source to balance that but it's gone. Reagan was an anomaly they had to tolerate.

there are no big primaries in the next month to favor Newt...Georgia is over a month and Texas 2 months...good thing for Mittens Texas is not up front

the rest are purple states or blue states till then..places like Florida that will favor Mitt

I'm sorry

152 posted on 01/29/2012 9:43:27 AM PST by wardaddy (I am a social conservative. My political party left me(again). They can go to hell in a bucket.)
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To: Jukeman

You’re right, not presumptive, delusional ...

153 posted on 01/29/2012 9:45:45 AM PST by j.argese (Newt ... the Nixon of our time ...)
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To: Proudcongal

Going around Florida telling lies about Newt saying he left congress in disgrace. The guy is a NWO sellout working for the “man” who is shafting us all.

154 posted on 01/29/2012 9:45:53 AM PST by Carry me back
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I’ll go ahead and suggest Rasmussen is just more of the same cabal of Rino “opinion leaders” who we’re supposed to believe doesn’t have an agenda.

Sorry. Scott.

I don’t believe you.

155 posted on 01/29/2012 9:47:46 AM PST by Cringing Negativism Network (Escape the Rino preserve!)
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Mitt Romney, if nominated, will represent the GOP’s de facto endorsement of Obamacare. I can’t believe that out of all the guys the GOP could have put up to face Obama, we’re going with the one who completely removes Obamacare as a campaign issue. Absolutely pathetic and inexcusable.

156 posted on 01/29/2012 9:48:06 AM PST by Junior_G (Funny how liberals' love affair with Muslims began on 9/11)
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To: wardaddy
Santorum has none of Newt's personal baggage. Both have checkered voting records and certainly not the most conservative records. I attribute that to the fact that both were in leadership positions and had different dynamics pushing them more to the center than either one of them probably liked.

My biggest problem with Newt is amnesty, which he currently supports. I am also concerned that the Dems will really go after him on his reprimand from the House, the only sitting speaker ever to suffer such a rebuke. The vote in the House was 395 to 28. Over 85% of Gingrich's GOP colleagues in the House voted for the reprimand. It is very hard to spin that fact even if the charges were trumped up and politically motivated.

The 2012 election should be a referendum on Obama and his policies. We can't allow the Dems to distract us with attacks on our candidates so that we spend more time going over past issues with the GOP candidate on the defensive. I fear that we will be fighting the past war on Newt's baggage with the help of the MSM, and not enough time and effort going after Obama. If Obama gets another four years, this country is finished.

157 posted on 01/29/2012 9:49:27 AM PST by kabar
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To: wardaddy

Yeah there has to be another party to rise. The GOP has always been about getting money into a few hands and that is about it. They couldn’t care less about social values, except working for them. They are the biggest problem in America because they offer no alternative. They are the enablers of the left.

158 posted on 01/29/2012 9:49:59 AM PST by Carry me back
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To: Thane_Banquo

Mitt sucks. And truth is Newt is not a very pricipled man. I may not vote in the Presidential race, but I won’t jump on the latest FR bandwagon either.

159 posted on 01/29/2012 9:50:33 AM PST by Matt Hatter
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To: kabar

IMHO your biggest problem with Newt is you can’t find a Santorum thread to post on.

Just saying.

160 posted on 01/29/2012 9:51:07 AM PST by Cringing Negativism Network (Escape the Rino preserve!)
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