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Officer who beat motorist on video identified ^ | 8 Feb 2012 | Matt Guillermo

Posted on 02/08/2012 12:39:58 PM PST by DariusBane

Edited on 02/08/2012 1:33:22 PM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

HENDERSON, NV (FOX5) - One of the officers videotaped beating a man during a traffic stop was identified Wednesday as a 9-year veteran of Henderson police.

Sgt. Brett Seekatz was one of the officers videotaped beating Adam Greene near Lake Mead Boulevard and Boulder Highway in 2010, according to Keith Paul with Henderson police.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: corruption; police
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To: DariusBane

Wonder what ever happened to those computer CD’s that had video, that didn’t exist, that got sent to LA to see if the Hollywood Techs could ‘clear’ it up ?

21 posted on 02/08/2012 1:14:01 PM PST by UCANSEE2 (Lame and ill-informed post)
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To: muir_redwoods
It used to be a valid claim that there were one or two bad apples in the bunch on a force the size of Vegas/Henderson.

It's no so much that - as it is hard to keep bad apples out of any organization. It's that when one of these events occur, the 'thin blue line' locks arms to protect the 'bad apples'. As a consequence they all become complicit.
If these events happened, and the rest of the constabulary sought to evict the offenders - they'd give evidence that these were aberrations. Instead, every bad shooting was due to a 'furtive movement'; or the person had it coming by not following commands ... but due to no fault by the thuggish actions by men in blue.

22 posted on 02/08/2012 1:14:46 PM PST by El Cid (Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house...)
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To: WilliamofCarmichael; DariusBane

OOPS. Post 21 was meant for W of C, not Darius.

My bad.

23 posted on 02/08/2012 1:18:25 PM PST by UCANSEE2 (Lame and ill-informed post)
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To: frogjerk

You have to keep in mind that this is becoming the norm in more and more cities and towns across the US. It used to be most of the cops could be like an Irish Wolfhound - nice and caring to the law-abiding and mean enough to the criminals that the criminals didn’t want to mess with them. Now the cops are becoming more and more like feral pit bulls with bad breeding.

The motto of many of these police departments should be

“Comply or fry” (using a taser)
“Comply or die” (with a beating, by taser, or firearm).

It’s now SOP for many police departments to kill dogs on the way to taking down perceived or real criminals. I will not be surprised in the not-so-distant future when the cops are get involved in a law enforcement action their SOP will be to just kill everyone who might be involved in a possible crime. And anyone taking video of them? Kill them.

Like Stalin used to say, “No man, no problem!”
What police officer or criminal justice system or dictatorship can resist those kind of words?

24 posted on 02/08/2012 1:22:10 PM PST by Jack Hydrazine (It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!)
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To: papertyger

Bravo to you and the rest of the jury. Good job.

I hope the cops were peeved. I hope the judge gave them and the prosecutor a hard time.

25 posted on 02/08/2012 1:29:07 PM PST by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: papertyger

Good for you. That’s just plain weird.

26 posted on 02/08/2012 1:47:50 PM PST by Mad Dawg (Jesus, I trust in you.)
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To: DariusBane

That cop should be fired for what he did.Someone could die from this when put under duress lie this.They really need to train them to be able to tell the difference because people have died from being thrown into a cell thinking they were drunk when their blood sugar was way too low.

27 posted on 02/08/2012 1:51:01 PM PST by chris_bdba
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To: DariusBane

I would distinguish between what a Police Sgt OUGHT to be able to do and the training he OUGHT to have and what they actually get.

First, a fish rots from its head. A good chief should be on top of training and continuing ed. Lots of chiefs aren’t.

Second, unions interfere with professional pride and expertise. They enable the rot to start further down the trunk because the head is rendered feckless.

One year, for kicks, I took a job as “postmaster relief” in a small rural PO. I had to go to the big city where I received training (watching videos) almost entirely unrelated to my job. At one point I snuck out for a potty break and saw the three guys who were supposedly training us watching videos on a computer.

28 posted on 02/08/2012 1:51:50 PM PST by Mad Dawg (Jesus, I trust in you.)
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To: chris_bdba

He will not be fired.

29 posted on 02/08/2012 1:59:00 PM PST by DariusBane (People are like sheep and have two speeds: grazing and stampede)
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To: SkyDancer
Yeah, he has to go out to get the donuts for the next week.

30 posted on 02/08/2012 2:02:46 PM PST by al_c (
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To: DariusBane
following the link to Las Vegas Review Journal from the Drudge Report under "Video shows officers beating motorist in diabetic shock.

How about saving us time and posting the link yourself.......

31 posted on 02/08/2012 2:14:12 PM PST by Hot Tabasco (The only solution to this primary is a shoot out! Last person standing picks the candidate)
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To: frogjerk

Are you saying this officer’s actions were comparable to LEO’s actions during 9-11?

Likewise do you consider the diabetic’s behavior comparable to the 9-11 hijackers?

32 posted on 02/08/2012 2:30:01 PM PST by Justa
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To: USNBandit
The cop does need to get fired.

He doesn't need to get fired; he needs to be imprisoned for reckless endangerment or attempted murder.

33 posted on 02/08/2012 2:34:25 PM PST by DuncanWaring (The Lord uses the good ones; the bad ones use the Lord.)
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To: Jack Hydrazine

Of course there were always a (very) few bad apples who made it through the pre-employmnet-as-a-cop screening process. There have also always been a (very) few who “went off the tracks” after deployment due to personal problems.

HOWEVER, I am convinced that if one were to chart the incidents of SERIOUS misbehavior against the public at large, one would find that the “knee” occurred at the point in time when it became “cop-fashion” to emulate the very shaved head human debris they were supposed to be protecting us from.

As they adopted that persona, so they adopted the worst characteristics of that group.


34 posted on 02/08/2012 3:17:57 PM PST by CanuckYank
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To: Hot Tabasco; All

“Why not post the link directly”

Due to copyright complaints freerepublic will not post links with Las Vegas Review Journal.

35 posted on 02/08/2012 3:19:10 PM PST by DariusBane (People are like sheep and have two speeds: grazing and stampede)
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To: frogjerk

You do know what a goad is, don’t you? With that unwise post you just INFLAMED the honest emotions folks have in reaction to this article.

36 posted on 02/08/2012 3:22:54 PM PST by bvw
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Find those CD's?

First they'll find those tape copies of our top secret nuclear weapons that Wen Ho Lee made and "misplaced;" and, I believe, he's been sending the FBI on wild-goose chases per his promise to try to remember where he put them (besides some jail time that was his only punishment -- too many people screaming "Racism!" to do otherwise.)

I am reminded of Another Case of 'Contagious Fire'(shooting in Compton) and that reminded me of something that I posted on that thread; to wit,

There was a case a few years ago in L.A. where a businessman became disoriented and stopped on a freeway overpass. He called his wife telling her he had no idea where he was. He thought he had driven into a remote mountainous area. He had experienced the problem prior to this incident.

I don't remember how things got out of hand but eventually the police became convinced that the situation was extremely dangerous and from a distance ordered him to drive his car off the freeway to a nearby street.

There other police joined and surrounded the car at a distance.

I heard about the incident from The Radio Detective (Jerry Pearce) show. Mr. Pearce, a long-time law enforcement officer, sheriff's deputy and private investigator interviewed a relative of the man and had a copy of the coroner's report.

The police started firing when the man opened the car's trunk and appeared to have a weapon. It turned out to be an air rifle, I believe. I believe that the man was hit by at least 150 rounds any one of 50 rounds would have killed him.

I do not remember enough info to search successfully. Even with the man's name I believe that I found only one news article (in a foreign newspaper) about the incident at the time.

In case you don't know, you can't get more conservative, pro-police than Jerry Pearce.

End of quotes.

I really did find only one item about it but it was in an newspaper, English-languish newspaper in Red China. There was no editing to make it worse than what it was.. the article described exactly what Mr. Pearce reported.

37 posted on 02/08/2012 3:30:39 PM PST by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: Moonman62

“On a percentage basis is the problem getting better or worse?”

Worse for the guy who just got his @ss beat by the cop.

Is 1% OK with you? 2%? What percentage is OK?

38 posted on 02/08/2012 3:30:55 PM PST by APatientMan (Pick a side)
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To: goseminoles

‘$109,000 for a cop?? Please....”

Why not?

39 posted on 02/08/2012 3:38:29 PM PST by Mears (Alcohol. Tobacco. Firearms. What's not to like?)
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To: frogjerk
And there are many on FR who ignore all of the acts of bravery and self sacrifice of good Cops as if they don't happen or never existed.

Any good cops would be among those screaming the loudest about such corruption. Do you hear any?

40 posted on 02/08/2012 3:38:47 PM PST by Sloth (If a tax break counts as "spending" then every time I don't rob a bank should be a "deposit.")
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