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It's Do or Die, Time to Unite Behind Newt and Defeat Romney
politijim ^ | March 3, 2012 | libertarian neocon

Posted on 03/02/2012 12:21:24 PM PST by Marguerite

It's time to stop dilly-dallying. Super Tuesday is upon us and with that, the nomination race could be all but over unless conservatives and libertarians finally unite behind one candidate, a candidate who can beat both Romney AND Obama. That candidate needs to be Newt.

Among the not-Romney's he is the only one who can unite the party. Economic conservatives like him because he balanced the budget and reformed welfare. Defense hawks like him because he is the most hawkish of the lot. Social conservatives, when they can get past his personal life, like him for his strong record on issues like abortion. And libertarians, like the Libertarian Party's nominee in 2008, Bob Barr, like him because he is economically libertarian and not over the top on social issues.

Can anyone honestly say the same thing about Santorum? He goes out of his way to attack individual freedom and libertarianism and completely blew his chance to be the nominee by focusing on social issues instead of the economy (probably because his economic policy record isn't really that great). Who attacks prenatal diagnostics? Or the idea of contraception? Or says he wants to vomit over a rather non-controversial (and somewhat revered) JFK speech? He has proven himself to be quite a bit more gaffe prone and offensive than Newt, despite the fact that people thought he was a "safer" option. Even I was offended by some of the stuff he said and I am a Pro-Life registered Republican. It's really not surprising that his support is crumbling like it is. See the latest tracking data from Gallup (Santorum's popularity is in dark green, Romney's is black [matches his soul], Newt's is orange and Ron Paul's is light green):

Santorum is just not ready for prime time. He is simply too divisive, offending gays, women, parents, protestants and libertarians (in total about 80-90% of the electorate). Unfortunately, he retains enough support to possibly give Romney a majority of the states on Super Tuesday. His conservative backers need to wake up quickly, bite the bullet and go with Newt.

As the brilliant Thomas Sowell wrote:

"Newt Gingrich is the only candidate still in the field who can clearly take on Barack Obama in one-on-one debate and cut through the Obama rhetoric and mystique with hard facts and plain logic.

Nor is this just a matter of having a gift of gab. Gingrich has a far deeper grasp of both the policies and the politics than the other Republican candidates."

Can anyone really argue with that?

I think Ron Paul supporters (the historically Republican ones, not the liberals who are just visiting the GOP for this election in order to support Paul) need to wake up as well. They are not furthering libertarianism at all by supporting Paul any more. He's made his point and has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with but supporting Paul on Tuesday just increases the chances that the most statist candidate, Mitt Romney, is nominated. Do you really want to be responsible for nominating the only Governor, Republican or Democrat, to enact a socialist universal healthcare system in their states? Newt isn't a libertarian but he is the man who did the most to wound the leviathan in the last 30 years. Why not vote for him and give this country a chance? It clearly won't with either Romney or Obama.

Finally, Newt is simply the most electable candidate in the race right now. As I mentioned earlier, he can unite the party, has a great grasp of both politics and logic and can actually explain conservatism in a way that others can understand and agree with. Santorum and Paul are both to extreme to get almost any independents over into the fold.

Sure he has baggage but I think most of it will go away. Freddie Mac? Let's see Obama bring that up when he received over $126,000 in bribes, err I mean donations, from Fannie and Freddie while he was in or seeking office (he was the #2 largest recipient in Congress, #1 was the notoriously corrupt Chris Dodd). Nancy Pelosi? Let's see Obama make an issue out of that one or Newt's opposition to cramming down the Ryan plan.

It's time for believers in small government and personal liberty to unite behind Newt, otherwise we will once again have a Nixon vs. McGovern sort of choice in the fall. And the stakes are just too high this election for that.

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To: Marguerite

If and when Newt is no longer in it, I’m 100% for him.

21 posted on 03/02/2012 1:02:44 PM PST by beaversmom
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To: Marguerite

Holy Cow...I can’t believe Michelle Bachmann said nice things about anyone but Romney. She’ll never be Romney’s VP now.

22 posted on 03/02/2012 1:04:13 PM PST by RoosterRedux (Newt: Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. Barack Obama: Have Algae, Pay More, Be Weird.)
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To: EnglishCon; fabian; onyx; TitansAFC; b9; Gator113; Marcella; katiedidit1; annieokie; ...

Please, all of you, email, phone or talk to all your family members, friends, co-workers and convince them to vote for Newt on Super Tuesday. IT IS VITAL to defeat Romney and open for Newt the way to the nomination. All of Santorum’s fans should understand that THIS is the thing to do NOW.
The time is running short; the conservatives must unite, if you don’t want the GOP establishment “moderate” poodle get the nomination and lose next November, just like his alter-ego Bob Dole and John McCain did.

23 posted on 03/02/2012 1:04:22 PM PST by Marguerite (When I'm good, I am very, very good. But! When I'm bad, I'm even better)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Thank you, CW!

While I am yelling (#17) you remain the cool, confident Marine that you are.

It takes all kinds.

24 posted on 03/02/2012 1:04:37 PM PST by RitaOK (LET 'ER RIP, NEWT. Newt knows where all the bodies are buried, because he buried them.)
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To: Marguerite

Newt is polling 15% in Ohio. He hasn’t risen at all. Romney has.

I guess Newt could be President of Georgia or SC.

Sometimes name recognition works as long as it is good or carries no importance.

If it isn’t all very positive, it hurts.

Most likely the best we are going to get out of this is for both to stay in to make Mitt and the GOP-e miserable.

That part is working.

25 posted on 03/02/2012 1:08:12 PM PST by dforest
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To: beaversmom; Cincinatus' Wife

Thank you both for the tremendous work you do at FR and , I hope, elsewhere. Carry away with your enthusiasm husband, kids, brothers, sisters, parents, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and ALL the others :)

26 posted on 03/02/2012 1:08:34 PM PST by Marguerite (When I'm good, I am very, very good. But! When I'm bad, I'm even better)
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To: onyx

Thanks, onyx, for posting the full ping list.
People must wake up. Next Tuesday is a decisive moment.

27 posted on 03/02/2012 1:10:45 PM PST by Marguerite (When I'm good, I am very, very good. But! When I'm bad, I'm even better)
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To: Marguerite

I’m absolutely convinced that Newt Gingrich is the junkyard dog we need to rip Obama a new one and send him running back to his Chicago slime pit with his tail between his legs. Newt has plenty of DC experience as Speaker, executive ability from his many enterprises, and a silver tongue that’s razor sharp! He’s fast on his feet, delivers it straight up with no hemming and hawing, and is often witty. His work with American Solutions was very impressive and as we’ve seen recently, Newt is able to put into words what the vast majority of Americans really believe. His fevered brain also has plenty of ideas for making government work better for taxpayers. Is Newt pure as new driven snow? No - none of the presidential candidates are in line for sainthood. Whatever Newt’s “baggage”, it pales next to Obama’s habitual lying and outright corruption - and unlike Obama, Newt is 100% American! Newt is like Larry the Cable Guy: send him to DC and he’ll “Get ‘er done” for all of us. Newt has “Been there, done that! Junkyard dogs are not show dogs, but they’ll save your bacon!

I am damn mad at what Obama and his bootlickers have stolen from us - you should be too - and I want someone to represent me! Newt Gingrich is that man! Sic ‘im, Newt!

28 posted on 03/02/2012 1:12:05 PM PST by bopdowah ("Unlike King Midas, whatever the Gubmint touches sure don't turn to Gold!')
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To: dforest

“Newt is polling 15% in Ohio”

Are you in Ohio?
If yes, rise the troops for Newt! :)

29 posted on 03/02/2012 1:12:47 PM PST by Marguerite (When I'm good, I am very, very good. But! When I'm bad, I'm even better)
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To: Marguerite

I early voted a week ago and NEWT got my VOTE.

30 posted on 03/02/2012 1:15:01 PM PST by VideoDoctor
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To: Marguerite

Not hard to do. The country would be halfway to solving all our problems if we just rolled back everything Obama’s done.

31 posted on 03/02/2012 1:16:16 PM PST by JediJones (The Divided States of Obama's Declaration of Dependence: Death, Taxes and the Pursuit of Crappiness)
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To: Marguerite
Marguerite, I do, everynight and everytime a new video is posted.

I have changed minds, and got some that never voted much to listen and get behind NEWT.

One is in WA., and I know this girl spreads the word as well, she and her husband are that enthused about NEWT. She said her husband can't get enough of listening to him.

They live way out, and don't have cable, so they can't get all his live talks or debates. I have to send them to her. Her sis in law is a nun, so I hope she passes NEWT onto her. They are allowed to vote aren't they?

I proudly wear my NEWT button everywhere. GO NEWT save America, and GOD BLESS.

32 posted on 03/02/2012 1:16:31 PM PST by annieokie
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To: Marguerite; All

Alas, my American friends are either for Newt already, in states where he hasn’t a prayer Tuesday, or far Left enough that they make Ms. Pelosi look sane.

One other thing though. Go to, sign up and make some calls. Robocalls are boring. A real live person on the other end of the line makes all the difference to people.

There is a script, if you get nervous about it. Some people are rude - try not to call during dinner, for best results and spend 3 minutes checking what games are on TV and when for where you are calling! Hoo boy - I learned THAT one the hard way! Learned about 7 new curses too.

After a few calls you relax. Ad-lib a bit, but always always always use actual facts.

If you can - and a lot of people simply can’t in this economy - try to call the list the furthest away from your own state. It makes your accent striking enough that people pause and listen. It is your foot in the door as it were.

33 posted on 03/02/2012 1:17:26 PM PST by EnglishCon (Gingrich/Santorum 2012.)
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To: Marguerite

My friend in WA, I am trying to get her to go to a caucus this SAT. She’s never been very active in politics, told her to find one and go, nothing to fear. Hope she will.

34 posted on 03/02/2012 1:18:11 PM PST by annieokie
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To: bopdowah; All

The Crux of the Matter: A Newtian Economic Manifesto

Newt Gingrich is the only one who has it right. What we need to do is not prop up the old unsustainable Wall Street - Washington D.C. axis. Nor do we need massive government social programs to prop up workers. Neither is free market. Neither will work. What we need to do to fix the economy is to support new businesses and help small businesses expand. Newt has the boldest proposal, per the Wall Street Journal, to jump start the economy. He would bring the capital gains rate down to 0%, and reduce taxes on everyone. As he points out, it is not “revenue neutral” in the short run. But in the long run, the increased revenues from his plan more than make up for any tax cuts, as they did in the 90’s.

With the capital gains rate reduced to 0, capital would pour into the marketplace. This would allow many new business to get started and small businesses to expand. As small business creates 70% of the jobs in America, unemployment would fall immediately. Main Street, not Wall Street, drives the economy. Economic activity would pick up as people got back to work, and our real wealth, GDP, would sky-rocket. Moreover, tax revenues would increase dramatically, allowing us to get rid of deficits and balance the budget.

Millions of new workers would pay into social security. Thousands of new businesses would pay taxes. And hundreds of millions of new customers would pay sales taxes. People would have jobs, which would give them money to spend, which would profit businesses and shareholders who put up the capital, while revenues would increase to the government. This vibrant economy would benefit everyone. It would spiral upward. It is a win win.

And then there are Newt’s plans for energy development which could give us untold riches just by being good stewards of the land and using our God-given resources. Look at North Dakota right now. Think Dubai. Or take his plan to write off all new equipment purchased in a year, which would instantly give us the best equipped workforce in the nation. The sky is the limit as to what we can accomplish if we quit regulating things and killing them, and start innovating and producing them.

So why do the other candidates lack the foresight, and vision to implement such bold plans? Because they are tied down to the old special interests. Santorum sold out to K Street a long time ago, and would be controlled by big labor. Romney would of course represent the wealthy Wall Street corporations that have contributed so much to his campaign already. Only Newt would represent we the people rather than the special interests and do what is best for the nation as a whole. This election will be won or lost on the economy, which is why Newt is the only candidate with the rock solid economic chops to beat Obama come November.

35 posted on 03/02/2012 1:18:26 PM PST by Marguerite (When I'm good, I am very, very good. But! When I'm bad, I'm even better)
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To: Marguerite
Romney and Santorum are watered down conservatives compared to Newt. Not a candidate running has accomplished as much and I mean in historical proportions as "Speaker Gingrich," Looking at the folks supporting Newt in comparison to the ones behind Romney or Santorum says it all. For me it is Newt or noone.

I voted for Bush (he was way too moderate for me) and voted for McCain and we know he is a jerk. I refuse to cave again...the Tea Party folks worked too hard and too long to get rid of the likes of Romney and he may be our candidate?..hell NO!

I won't give up fighting for the magnificient Speaker of the House until the end! God help America.

36 posted on 03/02/2012 1:18:52 PM PST by katiedidit1 ("This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever." the Irish)
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To: Marguerite

Thanks for all your hard work, Marguerite. But you must tell us how a French woman became so willing to fight for America’s freedom. You must have an interesting story.

37 posted on 03/02/2012 1:20:09 PM PST by JediJones (The Divided States of Obama's Declaration of Dependence: Death, Taxes and the Pursuit of Crappiness)
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To: Marguerite
It's HIGH TIME all the conservative voters unite behind Newt Gingrich to beat the moderate-leaning-progressive Romney

Where is Newt's path to victory?

No poll is showing that to be likely possibility. Voting for Newt in Ohio is merely a vote for Romney. Santorum has a lead in Tennessee and Oklahoma that looks insurmountable.

Gingrich is only ahead in his own home state.

If looks like it Santorum or Romney. I'll gladly take Santorum in that scenario.

38 posted on 03/02/2012 1:21:14 PM PST by Kazan (Mitt Romney: The greater of two evils)
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To: RitaOK; All
This is priceless! -- Newt debates Barack! (pass it around)
39 posted on 03/02/2012 1:23:34 PM PST by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: annieokie

“I do, everynight and everytime a new video is posted
I have changed minds, and got some that never voted much to listen and get behind NEWT.”


Here’s another powerful video:

Fred Thompson endorsed Newt Gingrich for president. “We don’t need to just manage the way Washington works,” Thompson says in the video, “We need to fundamentally change Washington. We need someone who has the courage and ability to communicate the truth to the American people. I believe that person is Newt Gingrich. And that is why I strongly support him.”

40 posted on 03/02/2012 1:25:36 PM PST by Marguerite (When I'm good, I am very, very good. But! When I'm bad, I'm even better)
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