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FINALLY!........ROMNEY (FROM DRUDGE) ^ | March 6, 2012 | noredtape

Posted on 03/06/2012 9:58:44 PM PST by NoRedTape








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To: ConservativeTeen

So many people do not know his actual record of liberal governance and running for office. The man has poisoned our chances of winning in November, even if he is the nominee. What a piece of crap human being.

81 posted on 03/06/2012 11:08:40 PM PST by Lakeshark (NbIttoalbl,cRwIdtaa)
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To: Kaosinla

That’s wonderful to hear! I hope they will all vote for Newt!!!

82 posted on 03/06/2012 11:09:32 PM PST by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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To: Chgogal

Santorum won the “Miami University of Ohio” county which is Preble. The river counties are sparse and are Appalachian.

see my next post for an interesting read

83 posted on 03/06/2012 11:10:12 PM PST by FreedomNotSafety
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To: NoRedTape

Drudge, he’s married.

84 posted on 03/06/2012 11:12:40 PM PST by Yaelle (Santorums 2012 - we need a STEADY conservative President)
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To: Kevmo

“What do you do in preparation for the succession?”

It is emerging now, barely. The seed is the Tea Party, which is why its candidates are killed by the GOP nomenklatura at every turn. Right now too many conservatives still think that the GOP is a viable vehicle for their policies, despite more than twenty years of sly betrayals. That belief is starting to fade. When Bishop Willard is imposed on them the real fracturing will begin, and he will probably lose worse than any GOP candidate in living memory.

Obama will probably win in 2012. The GOP will make bleating noises about opposition, and cave as it always does (and intends) to leftwing and big government initiatives. At that point, conservatives and libertarians are going to have to look over at each other and weigh what they have in common as opposed to where they differ. Smaller government, greater liberty, and the restoration of traditional liberties will be welcomed by both conservatives and libertarians, and are opposed and eroded by both parties.

It will happen naturally, barring the imposition of naked censorship and oppression, which is also a possibility.

85 posted on 03/06/2012 11:13:41 PM PST by Psalm 144 ("I think we ought to listen to Alinsky." - Governor G. Romney, father of Bishop Willard Mitt Romney.)
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To: Lakeshark

Voters are not very smart this year.
Sad but true.
This is such an important primary and they’re blowing it.

86 posted on 03/06/2012 11:13:44 PM PST by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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To: onyx
It's Romney, he's the truly bad apple of the bunch.

They all have baggage, but Romney (along with the GOP elite) is despicable with how he's poisoned this primary season.

And yes, the voters should have been more informed.

87 posted on 03/06/2012 11:17:58 PM PST by Lakeshark (NbIttoalbl,cRwIdtaa)
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To: Psalm 144

The FALCON party sounds intriguing. But for now, I will support my R candidate.

88 posted on 03/06/2012 11:18:25 PM PST by Kevmo (If you can define a man by the depravity of his enemies, Rick Santorum must be a noble soul indeed.)
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To: Carthego delenda est

I believe it would be fair to refer to them as that. LOL!

89 posted on 03/06/2012 11:22:07 PM PST by b4its2late (Patience is not a virtue, it is a waste of time.)
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To: proudpapa

Do you live in Ohio? No matter, because if you do you do not understand it politically. Check out Daily Caller’s ranking of the top 100 conservative counties in the US on this previous thread:

Mittens won these 5: Butler 87, Geauga 65, Clermont 36, Warren 17, and Delaware 11. That is 5 of the top 100 in the nation!

It is shocking, I say, that he lost Butler. I know it very well and it is also the most conservative Catholic place I know of. I also know its neighboring county of Warren very well and for the vast majority the county is rock solid conservative. All of these counties are primarily very conservative religiously (Think SBC Baptist, old school Catholic, and Pentecostals of all flavor) so the Mormon guy winning is again shocking.

90 posted on 03/06/2012 11:25:43 PM PST by FreedomNotSafety
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To: Lakeshark

I daresay that Romney has not only poisoned the primary, but the GOP as a whole. It will take bravery from conservatives to shed the (R) and realize that it is a mere branding of ownership or even a cloke for lofty ambitions...i.e. Haley, Bonding, etc, etc.

91 posted on 03/06/2012 11:27:03 PM PST by Kaosinla (The More the Plans Fail. The More the Planners Plan.)
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To: newzjunkey

Your definition of “stepped aside” is bizarre.

92 posted on 03/06/2012 11:41:07 PM PST by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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To: NoRedTape

I originally posted this on FR on Dec. 14, 2011. But every word still goes.


I might date myself by this reply, but so be it.
I have posted here before, that, in 1980, in my first presidential election (as a 20 year old)I voted for some obscure guy from California. His name was Ronald Wilson Reagan.

In 1984 it was a no-brainer. Reagan was re-elected by a landslide.

We tried hard to transfer that energy to GHWB in 1988. He sure was NO Reagan. He turned out to be a first class gun-grabber. But his name was listed again in 1992, vs. Billy Clinton. Clinton was horrible. I held my nose for the second time, and pulled the GOP lever. Heck, he had to be better than freakin’ Clinton.

Of corse Clinton won that 1992 election. I was not that surprised. Heck, was THAT the best candidate we had?

I was up for the 1996 election. No freakin’ way would this nation foolishly elect Bill (and Hillary) Clinton a second time. So who did the GOP king-makers run against Billary? Bob Dole! For the third time, I held my nose and pulled the GOP lever. Like a good soldier (and the Navy vet that I am). Predictably, Mr. Dole never serverd in the white house.

The 2000 election was a bit different. (And yes it took the ussc to pick a winner). We had such high hopes for GWB. He was so strong on defense. But it turned out, so weak on immigration (”See you at the signing”)

I held my nose for the 5th time in 2004. I voted for GWB agin. He was not the ideal candidate. But heck, it said GOP next to his name.

2008 was scary. It almost seemed that the “beltway boys” had promised McCain it was “his turn”. “You get to run this time. We will see to it”. I held my nose for the 6th time. What other choice did I have? Obama? No way.

My reason for bringing up all this nostalgia, is that it is happening all over again. We are being told that Mitt Romney is OUR candidate. He has been chosen by the (invisible) king-makers. And YOU WILL VOTE FOR HIM. Or else Obama will win.

So now, the “beltway boys” are again telling me who I can vote for (with a big assist it seems from fox news). My point is that, NO MORE! I will NOT simply pull the lever that says GOP just because it is “better” than Obama. Romney? That is better? Laughable. NO MORE!

If the GOP can not even put a candidate on the ballot that is a conservative.... Than my “good soldier” days are done. Period. I will not hold my nose again.

As a life long Conservative, I will make a vow. I will NOT vote for Mitt Romney. End of story....


It all still goes. I will not vote for Romney. No matter what the cost.

93 posted on 03/06/2012 11:56:52 PM PST by Mtner77
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To: Dengar01

Newt has to start courting Hispanics in Texas and California. Its his only chance to be relevant. imo

94 posted on 03/06/2012 11:58:44 PM PST by Finalapproach29er (God humbles and (if need be) destroys the false idols of the peoples. Be patient, folks...)
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To: NoRedTape

We truly miss Andrew Breitbart.

95 posted on 03/07/2012 12:09:17 AM PST by txrefugee
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To: Finalapproach29er

“Newt has to start courting Hispanics in Texas and California. Its his only chance to be relevant. imo”

:You must have missed the Fox poll aired during their coverage last night that showed 35% of “Hispanics” favoring Romney in the primaries....and 70% favoring Obama over Romney in the general election in Nov.

Republicans should expect to lose this segment of freeloaders, who never met a government program they didn’t sign up for.

96 posted on 03/07/2012 12:16:20 AM PST by txrefugee
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To: Dengar01
Sadly we have FReepers on this thread in the tank for Romney.

Hang in there man. There's a lot more of us liberty loving conservatives here than Romneybots.

We went through the same crap with the McCainiacs.

97 posted on 03/07/2012 12:31:25 AM PST by Bullish
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To: Freedom_Is_Not_Free
I want our own party running candidates who are clear unambiguous principled Conservatives.

Ditto that!

98 posted on 03/07/2012 12:34:20 AM PST by Bullish
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To: onyx
LOL onyx you are my hero here. Bibi gave a shout out to Mark? I have some really close friends here who really hate Mark because of his positions on issues.

I'll be honest and open, I voted for him, I met him and got to spend time with him at the Capitol where he got to tell me a ton of history knowing I was a graduate and history major.

My father and I got educated in DC, Mark brought us to the the bottom of the Pentagon where we go to meet with some of the Joint Chiefs, and I for one still have his bumper sticker on my car.

We had two big races in 2010 Gov and Senate. I called Bill Brady's campaign for lawyers at a huge polling station in the suburbs but they never came. However, Mark Kirk's lawyers were there in literally 20 minutes and the liberal firefighters of Orland Park downed in their fire suits were told if they didn't vacate they'd be arrested. I got this all on film!

So yeah on FR I had to be a closet Kirk supporter but things have changed. After Mark Kirk had his stroke and the liberals were celebrating like psychos on New Years, I think even the worst FReeper Kirk criticizer saw how evil the libs were and that Mark actually has voted with us on everything.

I knew this, but had to keep my mouth shut. I'm proud to be a supporter of Mark from day 1, still have the bumper sticker and know when I call his staff in DC they will actually respond because I've worked with him when he represented the 10th and was also super close with my personal hero Judy Biggert who called me on her cell on the way to the Capitol on the way to a big vote the day of my mother's funeral just to make sure I was doing ok.

Thanks to the Rats Judy is no longer my Congresswoman, I have Dan Lipinski the only plus is he voted against Zerocare.

I'd run for office but thanks to Facebook and Google I'd be painted out to be Caligula if the left had their way!

99 posted on 03/07/2012 12:46:02 AM PST by Dengar01 (Go Bulls!!! Go Blackhawks!!!)
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To: Dengar01; BillyBoy; PhilCollins

I don’t think Cook County rats crossover in IL GOP primaries much at all in any election, there are always contested rat primaries. And they’d have to verbally ask for a GOP ballot and risk getting a dirty look.

100 posted on 03/07/2012 1:18:05 AM PST by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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