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To: bigships

As the link I gave shows, the issue was whether the conscience clause in a previous law was trumped by the Romneycare law, and it was Romney himself who first assured people that the conscience clause would still be in effect and then after it was too late for anybody to change the vote he said that Romneycare trumped any conscience clause - and that Catholic hospitals would thus be forced to commit what they believe to be murder.

If a raped woman wants to get the “morning after pill” there are secular hospitals she could go to. There is no reason to force Catholic hospitals to commit what they believe to be murder. This is not about access to healthcare. This is about the government FORCING individuals and associations to violate their own religious beliefs.

Romney personally thought it would be the right thing to do. So if he personally thinks it would be the right thing to marry multiple wives, then would he force all the rest of us to do that too? This is what we have religious freedom protections for - so that one person cannot force everybody else to violate their own religious beliefs, which they would ALWAYS do because they personally thought it was “the right thing to do”.

This instance is different than the public ban on polygamy, because no religion REQUIRES polygamy, and a person can have a religious marriage even if not a legal marriage.

The reason this issue scares the crap out of me is because there is a whole group of people - very powerful people who are allies with both Obama and his owner, George Soros - who believe that forcing conversions to Islam and enslaving or killing anybody who refuses is “the right thing to do”.

And if Mitt Romney is our nominee he will be unable to say a word in defense of the constitutional right to freedom of religion - as long as the Islamists accomplish it through STATE capitols rather than Washington DC. He places all his eggs in the “state versus federal issue” basket. Well.... that is exactly how Islamists ALWAYS work. They get their agenda passed in local areas and work out from there.

So if we nominate Mitt Romney we are asking for the end of this country. Literally.

There’s a bunch more I could say about exactly how real and how imminent the Islamist threat is. I’ll just give you the basic gist of how vulnerable we really are right now:

Ahmadinejad has said that he will set the world on fire, and the strong implication is that it will happen in 2012. He wants to do this, since it will prepare the way for the return of the Mahdi. We have Islamist enemies who are way, way more than willing.

Iran is an ally of North Korea, which has nukes and recently acted like they don’t much care so much any more what happens to their nukes. Could be because they’ve already given one to Iran, to act as their surrogate. Pakistan’s nukes under AQ Khan include a bunch that have gone missing. So there are nukes available to Iran even before they manufacture their own - which is just a matter of time anyway. So the nukes are available.

At the same time, Chavez has also agreed to allow Iranian missiles to be launched from Venezuela - well within range of the US using Iran’s current launch capabilities - so Iranian nukes could reach us at any time. We have Islamists who are able.

And recently Rep Peter King (IIRC) came out saying that at the very minimum we have thousands of Hezbollah operatives in the United States and that at least some of them are taking orders directly from Iran. Iran has been sending Hamas and Hezbollah operatives on direct unchecked flights from Iran to Venezuela, which is just a hop, step, and a skip from our defenseless southern border - which Eric Holder has sued to keep wide open to anybody who waltzes in unchecked. Holder has also been arming the drug cartels in Mexico, which are known allies of Islamist terrorists.

These are Islamists within our midst who are ready at any minute to carry out the Islamist coup.

And they are allied with a George Soros who has said that he is afraid America would win the war on terror because then the 2 great evils that he as God needs to fight would be strong - America and capitalism. According to top democrat colleagues of the producer of “We Will Not Be Silenced”, George Soros told both Obama and Hillary in the 2088 primary season that he was planning on destroying the US; Hillary was not on board with that, but Obama was.

Which fits right in with Obama’s statements to the Egyptian ambassador in January of 2010. In March of 2010 the Egyptian ambassador said on Arab TV that Obama had privately told him that he was and still is a Muslim who supports the Muslim agenda, and that after he got Obamacare passed he would focus on the Islamic agenda. And since Obamacare has been passed, majority-Muslim countries that were our allies in the war on terror have been replaced with Islamist regimes (Muslim Brotherhood, AQ, and/or Salafist). That is part of the “Muslim agenda” - agreed upon by all sects of Islam - of the destruction of the US and Israel and the institution of worldwide sharia.

So all these Islamists are waiting for, to bring “Arab Spring” Islamization to the US, is the signal from the Islamists that it is time - Islamists who are allied to George Soros. So we’ve got communists and Islamists all aligned against the US right now and the White House is held by a rabidly-power-grabbing man who has always aligned himself with both communists and Islamists and who is the chosen puppet of Soros, who has sworn to destroy the US.

There are a variety of ways that the communist-Islamist alliance can give the signal that it is time to begin the systematic take-down of the USA. It could be another run on the bank to collapse the economy. Could be race riots.

The most effective way, though, would be an EMP attack by Iran, which would disable not only the financial world but communications, food, water, gas, and electricity delivery for a long time. The ensuing chaos would give the perfect opportunity for the Hezbollah sleeper cells (that have been quietly surrounding us, shielded by Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano who have been busily arming drug cartels and groping old nuns and children) to make their move and take over state capitols and from there to overtake the whole country except perhaps pockets of resistance.

We are in deep, deep trouble. The python has almost squeezed the very life out of us. And the Soros-run media keeps us busy swatting away at the gnats of whether Sandra Fluke is a slut, or whether she should have Catholics pay for her birth control and abortion.

162 posted on 03/25/2012 3:22:56 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion
You obviously have no idea what MA is like! This is an absolute delusional remark: “So if he personally thinks it would be the right thing to marry multiple wives, then would he force all the rest of us to do that too?”

I've met Romney and he is a good man, intelligent, down to earth and a decent husband, father & grandfather. A man who loves this country. There are no skeletons in this man's closet! So I will vote for Gov. Romney who is the only candidate that can start to get this country back on track. It's obvious with the delegate count that Santorum & Gingrich are done. Of all 4 candidates Romney is the MOST electable. All Republicans should now get behind the candidate that will be nominated and start attacking Obama. The Republican party is looking like clowns!!

164 posted on 03/27/2012 5:38:46 PM PDT by bigships (Don't need NObama to save my soul)
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