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To: Kartographer

One of my favorite characters in the movie “Airplane”.

8 posted on 03/11/2012 3:16:41 PM PDT by CORedneck
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To: CORedneck

"Stock Market to Plunge"....."Millions To Lose Their Jobs......"There's a Sale at Penny's"

9 posted on 03/11/2012 3:18:49 PM PDT by dfwgator (Don't wake up in a roadside ditch. Get rid of Romney.)
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To: All

The present spending continues! And I don’t see how we can avoid a collapse like that of Argentina ( )but on a global scale.

But the market is up you say, yeah it’s up using billions in ‘printed’ money in the hands of corrupted bankers, investors and their cronies. The world is now flooded with fake and faux money. The game is so rigged and now even the ‘house’ is starting to lose. Hell half the states are in worst financial condition than Greece.

When the whole thing tanks as it will what do you think the entiled class will do when they can’t get their cell phones, their food stamps and EBT cards, rent vouchers and so forth.

What we will see is a much more violent version of Argentina, (checkout what is going on in Greece).

American has an even a larger entitlement minded population and much more violent and armed onen than Argentina or Greece.

I see many many small business wiped out by flash mob looting, and see rape, robbery and murder for murder sake. Many of these ‘yutes’ will think no more about killing you than most people think about stepping on a roach. That will be the test of many. Most preppers I know are Christian people and they will hesitate to do what they might have to do to stop the ‘yutes’. On the other hand the ‘yutes’ won’t think twice nor lose a minute of sleep, in fact they will smile and laugh about it.

Think of this quote which is one of my favorites:

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Siege of AR-558 (#7.8)” (1998)
Quark: Let me tell you something about Hew-mons, Nephew. They’re a wonderful, friendly people, as long as their bellies are full and their holosuites are working. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time and those same friendly, intelligent, wonderful people... will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon. You don’t believe me? Look at those faces. Look in their eyes.

On top of all who knows how many saboteurs (Islamic, Chinese etc) and sleepers have crossed our borders and are now just waiting to cause havoc.

For those who are just starting or are old hands at prepping you may find my Preparedness Manual helpfull. You can download it at:


For those of you who haven’t started already it’s time to prepare almost past time maybe. You needed to be stocking up on food guns, ammo, basic household supplies like soap, papergoods, cleaning supplies, good sturdy clothes including extra socks, underwear and extra shoes and boots, a extra couple changes of oil and filters for your car, tools, things you buy everyday start buying two and put one up.

As the LDS say “When the emergency is upon us the time for preparedness has past.”

Or as the bible says: A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.
NIV Proverbs 22:3

Lastly this for the doubters and the scoffers.

“There is no greater disaster than to underestimate danger.

Underestimation can be fatal.”

15 posted on 03/11/2012 4:03:18 PM PDT by Kartographer ("We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.")
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