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Jim Rob Is Right - But Conservatives HERE Have TWO Jobs To Do!
4/10/12 | Ron C

Posted on 04/10/2012 5:52:15 PM PDT by Ron C.

Edited on 04/10/2012 6:11:00 PM PDT by Admin Moderator. [history]

Jim Rob Is Right - But Conservatives Here Have TWO Jobs To Do!

First - blow off that feeling that we're going to lose, or already have lost! No, we're going to WIN.

First item of business, get invovlved in the Tea Party movement, and give D.C. a whole new influx of conservatives in Congress similar in size and importance to that of the last election - thereby blocking any of Obamas chances of having Congressional support for his machinations. Note too, the Tea Party used the GOP vehicle, not a third party. Reason, third parties are losers, because they don't have the national organization and presence large enough to compete.

FReepers need to get involved locally. There are tens of thousands of empty seats in local district Committees of the GOP across this nation - caused mostly by conservative appathy! Just by showing up regularly, you can be assured of gaining a seat from which you can VOTE - go to your county committees and vote there - and go to your state party conventions and vote there! (I personally helped see the ouster of liberal GOP control of the California GOP. Yes it was hard work, but we won - and that win has been, and can be duplicated in these perilous times through the 'hard work' of just SHOWING UP!)

Conservatives have a chance to block Obama, if not replace him. We CAN do that, but conservatives can not win by voting third-party - it's a throw-away vote that nets nothing.

The current GOP-E is NOT the friend of FREEDOM - but they are a very tiny group of RINO's that we can beat the snot out of - simply by doing what we can at the local district and state level. We - FReepers, and other dedicated conservatives - can and have ultimately fielded who becomes part of the GOP establishment. We need to OWN it like we did in the Reagan era, not destroy it through lack of attention to our God given orders to be 'watchmen on the wall' of who become our leaders.

No - it's not too late to shoulder your own responsibility - and earn your own right to say, 'I have fought the good fight, and WE WON.' There will be many opportunities in coming days to 'get involved' - don't let them slip by. Take advantage of the huge opportunities - you can, and will make a difference! It is quite fulfilling to debate hated RINO's FACE TO FACE - WIN when the vote is tallied - and see them denied a seat in party or public office!

Last but not least - we ALL need to get behind our Freepathon. Isn't it worth at least a dollar per day to you to come here, read, post, laugh and debate? Yes, I know, times are rough, and the 'cost of living' has gone way up. But, I'll bet you blow a lot on chocolate cake and ice cream or (insert your favorite deserts) - I, unfortunately, do! So let's all try to push this FReepathon toward an early completion - it might help save your waistline! LOL

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To: Williams
Romney is running as a conservative.


I thought he was running as a Republican.

Certainly not as a Conservative.

Now imho a politician’s stated positions mean something.

Now, that's just back slapping too funny..ROFLOL!!!

181 posted on 04/10/2012 9:40:36 PM PDT by Osage Orange (The MSM is the most dangerous entity in the United States of America.)
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To: Brilliant
I’m going to eat my cake and have it too. I’ll vote for Romney over 0bama, but if he wins, I will spend the next 4 years trashing him as a liberal nutcase.

I've come to that conclusion too unfortunately...I can't afford 4 more years of Barry

Nothing is written that we in the Tea Party can't go after Romney too, if he becomes prez, hold his feet to the fire...we aren't 'party' people - our party left us Conservatives long ago.

182 posted on 04/10/2012 9:41:58 PM PDT by libertarian27 (Check my profile page for the FReeper Online Cookbook 2011)
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To: Antoninus
No, he's single-mindedly out to destroy conservatism as a viable political ideology in this country.

I think he's just a liberal who wants to be president. His goal in life is to wield power and further liberal causes.

Obama is different from him and every other liberal we have yet to have as president. He may be an ultra-liberal, but I'm not so sure. His liberal policies may very well just be a means to the goal of destroying America. He could also be a Muslim and an aspiring totalitarian dictator. I don't have those concerns about Romney, nor do I expect him to do things like aid Iran in the acquisition of nuclear weapons, incite race riots, intentionally crash the economy, or set up his own civilian police force as powerful as the military. Those are all possibilities with Obama.

Both Romney and Obama end up in the same place. They just take different roads to get there.

I don't know what precisely you mean, but here's where I think we end up with both. The United States, in many ways, came to an end in the 1960's (you're one of the few people here who see the big picture and recognize that. That's why I'm taking the time to give you my opinion like this.) Obama's second term will be the coup de grace. If Romney wins the election, America will continue to decline, but its coup de grace will be delayed. This extra time may allow a restoration of America, however unlikely it is.

As to your point, which was not necessarily raised on this thread, about the GOP resisting Obama, but not resisting Romney: its "resistance" to Obama so far should elicit no confidence that it will provide any meaningful resistance to Obama in his second term.

As to your point about not wanting Republicans to get the blame for the collapse of America: why do you care? We both dislike the GOP-e now. So, isn't it more logical to say "to Hell with the GOP" and not care whether it gets blamed or not?

183 posted on 04/10/2012 9:43:38 PM PDT by WPaCon
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To: Osage Orange; Williams

It is HILARIOUS how all the “conservative” Romney-backers now sound like they’re suffering from battered-wife syndrome, even right down to the specific language and word choice they use. “But I KNOW I can trust him THIS time!” It’s pathetic.

184 posted on 04/10/2012 9:43:52 PM PDT by JediJones (From the makers of Romney, Bloomberg/Schwarzenegger 2016. Because the GOP can never go too far left.)
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To: Ron C.

I agree with that.

185 posted on 04/10/2012 9:45:35 PM PDT by MacMattico
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To: Antoninus

I see why we disagree.

I think you underestimate Obama.

186 posted on 04/10/2012 9:46:43 PM PDT by WPaCon
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To: WPaCon

Romney would be the type of president who is going to help the Democrats PACK Congress in 2014 and would lose badly in 2016, probably to Obama again. We’d be better off having Obama for the next 4 years while we’re likely to hold onto Congress and gridlock him, as opposed to having him get reelected in 2016 after packing the Congress with libs again, right?

187 posted on 04/10/2012 9:47:54 PM PDT by JediJones (From the makers of Romney, Bloomberg/Schwarzenegger 2016. Because the GOP can never go too far left.)
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To: WPaCon

Obama’s been neutered for the second half of his term thanks to gridlock in Congress. He couldn’t even get cap-and-trade passed in his first 2 years with Democrats in the majority. I think you lack faith that our founders built a system that is difficult for one branch to overthrow. Everyone agrees Obama will do damage as he already has done. I definitely would campaign against him if he had a Democrat Congress to back him up. But he isn’t this grandiose threat some make him out to be. He would like to be the next Chavez, but he simply doesn’t have the power under our system to make that happen. The military alone would never let him seize that kind of power.

We are trying to prevent a European-style political system where conservatives are TOTALLY marginalized. If the GOP thinks they can win elections without us, or that we will simply vote “R” no matter how liberal they make the ticket, they will never listen to us on anything again.

188 posted on 04/10/2012 9:53:16 PM PDT by JediJones (From the makers of Romney, Bloomberg/Schwarzenegger 2016. Because the GOP can never go too far left.)
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To: WPaCon

I am flabbergasted!

Your only argument to vote for Romney is that his core belief is socialism?

No wonder this country is so effed up.

189 posted on 04/10/2012 9:58:31 PM PDT by Nik Naym (It's not my fault... I have compulsive smartass disorder.)
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You have a choice: Obama or someone else. Voting to replace Obama with anybody else is the better course for this nation. Any Rino is better than Obama. Wake up and stop the histrionics.

I have this sinking feeling that the conservative bigots are willing to let this nation sink into the abyss because they can’t get the candidate they want, so they will allow Obama to get his way. Big egos are at play.

No patriots here. Move along.

190 posted on 04/10/2012 10:00:46 PM PDT by Loud Mime (Anybody but Obama. He's just getting warmed up.)
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To: Ron C.

“”If (as will probably happened) Romney loses in a landslide..”
That is certainly a strong likely outcome. I just don’t see Christian conservatives wanting to vote for a Mormon. I might be way off in my thinking, but I know many that simply won’t do it because, to them, Mormonism is a cult that defies far too much of what the Bible teaches.”

Your post defies logic! Would you actually vote for a proven socialist/marxist/communist who is strongly motivated to enslave all of us over a quasi-Christian cultist having strong moral convictions? REALLY???

If so, you just cut your own throat, and maybe ours too!


191 posted on 04/10/2012 10:03:57 PM PDT by cracker45
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To: RIghtwardHo

We have a lot of Obama shills now on Free Republic. I used to think they were conservative bigots, but now I understand that Mr. Axelrod was wise to have Democrats invade FR and campaign against the Republican nominee.

Is anybody stupid enough to listen? Evidently so.

Smart Cookie, that Axelrod.

192 posted on 04/10/2012 10:05:54 PM PDT by Loud Mime (Anybody but Obama. He's just getting warmed up.)
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To: WPaCon
I think you underestimate Obama.

I think Obama is a radical. I also think he's too lazy to actually do the hard work. He's shown that much pretty clearly.

Your problem is that you underestimate Mitt Romney. He has a lot more conservative scalps hanging from his belt than BarryO does.

The truly alarming thing is--how did we get to this point where we're stuck with such an atrocity for a Republican nominee?
193 posted on 04/10/2012 10:08:43 PM PDT by Antoninus (The Republican Party (now a wholly owned subsidiary of Romney, Inc.))
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To: RIghtwardHo

You jest?

194 posted on 04/10/2012 10:09:14 PM PDT by lonestar (It takes a village of idiots to elect a village idiot.)
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To: JediJones
In both posts, you make a great case as to why Romney would be worse than Obama.

Him returning to run in 2016 against Romney and with a Democratic Congress is a scary thought. I wouldn't expect him to be the candidate if he lost in 2012, though.

I think you lack faith that our founders built a system that is difficult for one branch to overthrow.

They designed a great system, and it has worked for a very long time. However, I don't see Republicans having the will to enforce the system. He's already been virtually unchallenged on his appointing of czars and his dubious background.

Where I think he is most dangerous, though, is in foreign policy. He is practically aiding Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons, and he is selling out all of our allies. What he is doing is worse than what any Democrat president (unless it's him) with a Democrat Congress in 2016 would do. What he is doing in the foreign policy arena is opening things up for the crisis that could possibly lead to him to consolidate power. If Iran strikes us, all bets are off.

We are trying to prevent a European-style political system where conservatives are TOTALLY marginalized.

Of course, I maintain that an Obama reelection would make conservatives even more marginalized. If America collapses and/or Obama assumes dictatorial powers, it goes without saying that conservatives will be in dire straits.

Above all, the "should I vote for Romney or not" question comes downs to just how bad you think another Obama term will be. Since I am more of an alarmist regarding Obama, I will vote for Romney if he is the only possible alternative.

195 posted on 04/10/2012 10:12:34 PM PDT by WPaCon
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To: Jeff Head
This is a decision that every person must make and it is very personal and varied...but I honestly believe I must oppose Obama, even with Romney, for the sake of my eight grandkids and their future.

Indeed, it is very personal. I hope there will be some indulgence for those of us whose conscience won't let us abandon the field.

Ya know Jeff, as a member of the 2nd ACR, 502nd MI, I was on the last border patrol of then-Czechoslovakia and the southern sector of Germany up to the Fulda gap. That patrol took place either on Oct 1 or the last day of September, 1990. It was right before the German Wiedervereinigung on October 3. One day one of the most fearsome borders in Europe was still formally there; the next morning, poof! All gone.

By then of course the patrols were mere formalities, although we were on our way to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield and used the field time to prep for the new mission. Anyway, that was the first time I thought to myself, "Wow, this is actually historic and I'm lucky enough to have a walk-on bit role in it." All the Communism, all the Revolutions, all the madness that bedeviled 20th century Europe was coming to a close. And although the real action at the border had been over since the Wall opened up, the formal end of it was still noteworthy. Then in Desert Storm we won the proxy battle of WW III. Their Weaponry vs. Ours, their proxy soldiers vs Us, and we swept the the field. What a time to be alive, and I got to be where the action was! A Happy End right out old Hollywood, right?

To this day I am flabbergasted that within 20 years of Germany's Reunification and our victory in the Cold War, the electorate of this country instaledl a neo-Marxist in the White House. And not just a "social-democrat" type, but a true Revolutionary, a "neo-gnostic Revolutionary" of the Voeglinian type.

I will not--I cannot--abandon the field to Barack Obama. My conscience won't let me. If this means supporting Romney and pulling out all the stops to make the Congress more like the Tea Party, so be it. The choice to me is (a) The Revolution or (b) a Possible Way Back. If Romney is a cancer and a vote for him means seeking a novel cure, so be it.

I have the nagging feeling that voting for Romney may amount no more than a political version of Picket's charge. Nevertheless, I simply can't abandon the field. It's just not in me. I am fully aware of the massive shortcomings of Gov Romney. Yet I simply cannot let the Revolution carry the day without a fight. What we are involved in now is a million times much bigger than my personal preferences and convictions. As Dr Johnson once said of the prospect of approaching death, the prospect of an Obama second term has "wonderfully concentrated the mind." I fought other battles for this country, and I'm not walking away from this one. If the country class loses, it's our ass.

That's my visceral reaction, and I know others, some of the vets like me, won't agree. I don't intend to make a nuisance of myself, but that's where I stand and can do no other.

196 posted on 04/10/2012 10:17:11 PM PDT by ishmac (Lady Thatcher:"There are no permanent defeats in politics because there are no permanent victories.)
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To: Nik Naym
Your only argument to vote for Romney is that his core belief is socialism?

No, I was just pointing out the contradiction in saying both that Romney has no core beliefs and that he is a socialist.

Of course, my argument to vote for Romney is not that his core belief is socialism. It's that he's not as bad as the alternative.

197 posted on 04/10/2012 10:17:34 PM PDT by WPaCon
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To: Loud Mime

Romney is pretty much the same as Obama. The most he will do is slow things down. I’m tired of RINOs trying to hijack the conservative movement.

198 posted on 04/10/2012 10:23:17 PM PDT by TBP (Obama lies, Granny dies.)
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To: Texas Fossil
Yes, 1/2 not voted yet. And Texas is in process of deciding to adopt “all or nothing” delegate selection. Pretty big block of votes ride there.

Make sure it's all or nothing, and then make sure Romney doesn't get it.

We must keep him from winning in Pennsylvania, too.

199 posted on 04/10/2012 10:25:03 PM PDT by TBP (Obama lies, Granny dies.)
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To: pollywog
Not voting at all, or voting for a Ron Paul, or X on the ballot, IS in fact a vote FOR Obama.

Not true. Simply RINO propaganda. These arrogant clowns think they own our votes and we should just shut up and do what they say.

200 posted on 04/10/2012 10:26:40 PM PDT by TBP (Obama lies, Granny dies.)
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