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This Level Headed FReeper is *NOT* voting for Romney (VANITY)

Posted on 04/10/2012 6:20:28 PM PDT by Halfmanhalfamazing

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To: caww

Newt was my preferred candidate too, but, he’s realistically out of it.

Now, voting against someone is the same as keeping him from continuing his agenda and his damaging ways. It’s just one way of looking at things.

Voting for Romney is not necessarily endorsing his agenda or policies, but, it’s a way of getting someone in there who is not as dangerous as the Marxist in the White House now, and to me, getting rid of Obama is the number one priority, and getting Romney elected is not a priority at all. But, we have to face the realities, and that is, a vote for Romney is a way to get rid of Obama. Getting rid of Obama is what we need. We can control or neutralize Romney with a more conservative congress.

Not voting doesn’t work at all for conservatism. And, though we’ve heard it millions of times, sometimes, voting for the lesser of two evils might not be the best strategy, but, right now, we do have to get rid of the bigger evil.

221 posted on 04/12/2012 6:22:56 AM PDT by adorno
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To: adorno
Once again....Men and woman died so that we might vote “for” candidates of our choosing. I see nothing in that about voting “against” a candidate...

But this is no longer about voting for a conservative it's more that those supporting Romney are voting against NEWT.

Refusal to vote for a conservative on the ballot for President (Newt)....and more than experienced and able to do the job for conservatism over that of a well known and established liberal (Romney) defies reason.

Not one individual on this thread has a valid reason for rejecting Newt...rather their arguments are that of voting ‘for’ Romney.....thus against Newt....not Obama.,if they want to play that game.

Do you not see the confusion and utter insanity? Newt can only present himself in the venues who aren't totally opposing his run because Obama does not want to debate Newt....even his campaign people have said as much. It is up to the voter to listen where he can and seek Newt out on line where he stand son the issues....the press will continue to block him out...because they want Romney so that Obama wins. So "against" Obama when the primary isn't over and Newt's still running, is a vote against Newt...not Obama.

222 posted on 04/12/2012 12:35:15 PM PDT by caww
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To: caww

There comes a time when reality needs to set in into people’s brains.

My preferred candidates, one by one, go eliminated via the votes. That included Santorum and even Gingrich, and what’s left is not at all what I wanted. But, what I despise is a lot better than allowing the idiot currently in the White House to stay there.

I don’t care how you view the candidate that remains, and I don’t care how you view your politics or the reason behind your politics. I just care about getting rid of the Marxist in the White House, and no amount of justification for not voting for Romney is going to change the fact that, Romney is a lot better than keeping Obama in power.

You can do as you wish. This is a free country, and you can even throw your vote away foolishly, or stay at home. Either way, you won’t be counted, and you could be one of those that helps re-elect Obama. It’s as simple as that, and you don’t need to keep trying to convince others of your principled approach towards voting. I get it, and you still won’t get what you wish. Reality is that, we have Romney, like him or hate him.

223 posted on 04/12/2012 8:33:27 PM PDT by adorno
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To: adorno
Newt is still in this race...the primary is not over...why are you're yielding to the media/Obama pressure to jump on their wagon for Romney...there's still half of the Americans who have not voted...anything can happen between now and then.

Newt said he would wait until the two frontrunners errored or dropped out...Well Santorum is out and Romney continues to error ....Newt's had to manuver this race on very little funding....just like he moved Congress with very little support as Speaker...and he got us what we wanted.

Romney is not where he needs to be delegate wise?.... Also the history of how Reagan came from behind and won because he had big ideas and sensible plans for getting us out of the then liberal establishment in Washington with the 2nd most liberal president in history!

Romney now is Bush then. Gingrich now is Reagan then. Gingrich has the ideas and the fighting spirit. Romney, like Bush is simply the "manager in chief."

Nothing is inevitable until the primaries are over. And even then, it's more and more likely now that we will have the 1st brokered convention in over 80 years.... Also look at the 08 Dem primaries where Clinton was ahead until the bitter end when Obama finally surged.

You can't predict these things, and you certainly can't go with the conventional wisdom, because it is almost always wrong.

Newt's still in...and I will do all I can to support and help him take this to His win...and he can still do that...or to convention...I will not yield to the forces that be until the finish line...and Gods not done yet!

224 posted on 04/12/2012 8:48:24 PM PDT by caww
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To: caww

Hey, I voted for Gingrich in the primary in Florida, and I do so wish that there was a way for him to pull it out, but, it’s very unlikely, and as of today, most of what we can hope for is either a miracle or someway for him to help set the agenda in the convention and going from there into the “Romney presidency”.

It’s time to get practical, and my preferred “candidates” aren’t going to pull it out. The odds are very heavy against Newt. If the miracle does happen, then, I’ll be very happy to go vote for him. Heck, maybe he can do the debates and Romney can get the votes. ;)

Now, Newt is very valuable, and, he can be very useful to Romney, by helping with the speeches and debates. No one else has the experience and knowledge that he has.

225 posted on 04/13/2012 9:08:05 AM PDT by adorno
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To: adorno
I'm not interested in what Newt can or not do for Romney...not in the least. ..and neither is Newt. You either take him or leave him and that's the bottom line. He won't be "serving" Romney's adminsration by any means and has said as most he'd be an advisor as he was for Bush...if that.

As for this's just not over and it's such a disgusting thing to watch people jump onto the Romney boat believing and adhereing to the media/Romney/Obama push that they do just that when Newt hasn't made his play yet.

Since when do Freepers jump, and ask how high, when the Gop, Media, Pundits and opposition tell them to????? It certainly appears many were ready to do just that all along.

226 posted on 04/13/2012 9:22:21 AM PDT by caww
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To: caww

You have it all wrong.

It’s not about jumping on the bandwagon; it’s about facing reality.

Newt has a very slim chance of becoming the nominee, and we need to move forward, even if Romney is not the best foot forward that we could have taken.

I’m not supporting the GOP pick, that being Romney, and I wish there was a way to get somebody else in there, but, the reality is that, Romney is going to be the candidate.

I didn’t say anything about Newt serving in Romney’s administration; all I said was about Newt helping Romney to get elected. Now, if Newt isn’t going to participate in the administration, perhaps there is a bigger roles for him outside of government, but, we don’t know what that is. He is an educator, so, perhaps setting up a system or a website to educate people on the issues, on government, and on politics, would be something that he could excel at. I think I have an idea for him, and perhaps you can have him call me about it. ;)

227 posted on 04/13/2012 9:36:01 AM PDT by adorno
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To: adorno

I would rather vote third party and help Obama win than vote for another Republicrat.

I would rather watch it all burn. It’s time to teach the Republican Establishment a lesson.

228 posted on 04/21/2012 11:19:29 PM PDT by Pharsalus (Ceterum censeo, Sinis esse delendam)
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