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Notice: Free Republic has been in full rebellion mode since 2008 and will remain so for the duration
Click here to pledge your support! ^ | April 11, 2012 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 04/11/2012 8:04:00 PM PDT by Jim Robinson

Notice: Free Republic has been in full rebellion mode since 2008 and will remain in full rebellion mode for the duration!

No more Doles!! No more McCains!! No more RINOS!!


Those who cannot stomach rebellion might as well start looking for a new home on the net!!

Those who have ignored my hundreds of posts on this crucial issue or who have doubted me these last three or four years might as well get used to it. FR will never support the abortionist, homosexualist, socialist, mandate loving, constitution trampling liar Mitt Romney.

In case you haven't noticed, a TEA Party rebellion is on and Free Republic signed on years ago. There is no turning back. No more crap from the GOP-e!! They've screwed us for the last time!! Karl Rove and Mitt Romney, et al, loathe conservatism and loathe the tea party and took it upon themselves to use their money and connections to destroy nearly every one of our conservative tea party candidates while pushing their big government RINOS. That makes them the enemy. I will not reward that betrayal by giving them my support or my vote.

FR is and will remain a pro-life, pro-limited government conservative site!!

We are beholden to NO ONE!! We bow to no kings!! We bow to NO RINOS!!

I'd rather fight and die like a man than bend over and be screwed by a RINO!! I refuse to kiss Karl Rove or Mitt Romney's rings!! They can kiss my rosy red ass instead!!


Long live the rebellion!!

Hope my message is clear.

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To: LibFreeUSA
I truly find it alarming as well. This is bordering on a 'purist' mentality, that only the most pure way of thinking regarding the subject philosophy at-hand is what needs to be supported and tolerated. This is counter-productive and leads, not to growth of a movement, but to its eventual downfall from within, since it will ultimately self-marginalize itself outside the mainstream.

Even the Founding Fathers, while they were all solidly against defeating the British (who was the real enemy in trying to destroy their freedom), they also had divergent views on how to interpret the Constitution after it was signed (Federal vs States rights). Well, our most immediate and threatening enemy to our citizen's freedom and our Constitution (more than of any President in our history) is sitting right in the oval office right now.

Very well said.

721 posted on 04/12/2012 8:00:25 AM PDT by AmericanExceptionalist (Democrats believe in discussing the full spectrum of ideas, all the way from far left to center-left)
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To: ScottinVA

I don’t know anything about Virgil Goode. Please educate me as to Mr. Goode’s previous experience, votes, etc.

722 posted on 04/12/2012 8:01:14 AM PDT by swpa_mom
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To: Secret Agent Man
257 posted on Wed Apr 11 2012 23:46:08 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by Secret Agent Man: “A lot of the tea party people are caving. Some did right away. The problem is the senior establishment folks assign the committee assignments and they can totally isolate the tea party winners and basically render them powerless in addition to giving them zero campaign help and funds and even running candidates against them. I am not sure how we get around this problem.”

At the congressional level, I think Newt Gingrich's precedent with the “Conservative Opportunity Society” — a group of mostly young and all relatively junior backbenchers who were regularly derided by the Republican establishment is a good first step.

And that's coming as a former Santorum supporter. I've always admired Gingrich's success in doing the unthinkable by taking over the House of Representatives and becoming speaker, even though I didn't think he was the best candidate for president. Nobody can take away from Gingrich what he did in winning the House of Representatives. Now, as the last conservative left, I have to hope he'll manage to pull things out and win the nomination.

Read this, from PBS Frontline of all places. The interview with Vin Weber is a good intro to what Gingrich did in Congress, though quite dated.

723 posted on 04/12/2012 8:08:15 AM PDT by darrellmaurina
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To: Jim Robinson
A respectful question; as someone who was maxed out to both Gingrich and Cain, I am especially disappointed that neither received the nomination.

That said, we will not get our choice Conservative on the ticket, and all presidential races devolve down to a practical choice between two major candidates. The reality is that we will have choice to cast one of two possible meaningful votes, Obama or Romney.

Capturing the Senate will not be enough. The Presidency is the most important post there is. At a minimum he sets the tone, approves or vetoes bills, nominated judges, etc.

In November, we may not want to vote for Romney, but a failure to vote for Romney is effectively a vote for Obama.

How do we, despite your dislike for Romney, fail to vote for him and therefore we end up helping Obama?

It's a sincere, important and respectful question.

724 posted on 04/12/2012 8:09:30 AM PDT by MindBender26 (New Army SF and Ranger Slogan: Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord.... but He subcontracts!)
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To: terycarl

scream as loud as you like.....but you will either vote for Obama or Romney....even if you don’t vote. If you can stand another 4 years of the idiot in chief, go for it.....if not, vote for Romney.......and you know I’m right..I always am.
I don’t know if you are always right, but I believe you are right on this one. I refuse to do a single thing that will aid in getting the Marxist bastard re-elected. I cannot stand the thought of looking at the arrogant, gloating faces of he and his America hating, whitely hating wife for 4 more years. I also cannot stand watching the Communist Party celebrate his victory, which they did in 2008 and will do so again.

725 posted on 04/12/2012 8:09:30 AM PDT by mojitojoe (American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Conservative by reason and logic.)
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To: Eagle of Liberty
my speculation says that McCain would have signed the EXACT same legislation.

You can speculate all you want. The fact is Romney actually did sign the legislation. In fact, he enthusiastically did support it.

Speculation vs. Reality

I'll go with reality.

726 posted on 04/12/2012 8:11:15 AM PDT by CharacterCounts (A vote for the lesser of two evils only insures the triumph of evil.)
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To: Secret Agent Man

“I would like to be the guy who pulls the lever on the catapult that sends him back to Kenya.”

No, Leavenworth or Gitmo for Obama.

727 posted on 04/12/2012 8:14:26 AM PDT by Smokeyblue
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To: tsowellfan

Note that I said “when.” That’s the equivalent, logically, of “if.”

728 posted on 04/12/2012 8:15:40 AM PDT by Arthur McGowan (In Edward Kennedy's America, federal funding of brothels is a right, not a privilege.)
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To: Jim Robinson

I’m afraid that if I have to choose between a dumb-ass RINO and a malevolent leftist who actually seeks to subvert the Constitution and destroy the country, I’ll be obliged by the force of circumstances to choose the former. I will not choose the latter simply to assuage my feelings or make some kind of statement.

729 posted on 04/12/2012 8:16:38 AM PDT by Mr Ramsbotham (Laws against sodomy are honored in the breech.)
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To: swpa_mom

Though his intention is to preserve Social Security and Medicare for the elderly, he’s strong on the more emergent issues, such as securing the border.

730 posted on 04/12/2012 8:18:03 AM PDT by ScottinVA (A single drop of American blood for muslims is one drop too many!)
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To: xzins

In that, I agree wholeheartedly.

But, as I have pointed out previously concerning this current 2012 primary cycle (the conservatives ‘splitting’ their vote among more ‘conservative candidates’ to the benefit of the ‘least conservative’ viable candidate), this is exactly what happened also in 2008, which is why we got McCain.

I didn’t quite think this way before, but after seeing the progression of the last two Presidential primary cycles and seeing the resulting consequence of the least-preferred candidate eeking out marginal 30-37% “wins” early on and then ultimately hanging around to claim victory, I have come to the conclusion that we really need a more structured ‘Tea Party’ within the Republican Party, to actually ‘nominate’ a preferred candidate BEFORE the primary season starts, so that most, if not all, conservatives can rally round that candidate, and prevent the same thing from happening again as in 2008.

731 posted on 04/12/2012 8:18:18 AM PDT by LibFreeUSA (Pick Your Poison)
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Don’t forget 4 more years to accomplish their goal of single payer health care. Once they get that, there is no turning back.

732 posted on 04/12/2012 8:20:23 AM PDT by mojitojoe (American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Conservative by reason and logic.)
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To: AmericanExceptionalist
Still, I tend to believe that, if elected, Romney will govern as a conservative;

I tend to believe the Etch-A-Sketch comment made by his own campaign manager.

733 posted on 04/12/2012 8:21:05 AM PDT by CharacterCounts (A vote for the lesser of two evils only insures the triumph of evil.)
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To: xzins

Thank you for being such a staunch supporter of conservatives.My own journey has been Palin, Cain and Gingrich.

I respectfully ask you, and everyone else here, to support Newt Gingrich, right now, with a donation.

That would be an act of rebellion against Romney and the GOP-E.

Railing against being forced to vote for Romney doesn’t make sense(not that you are doing it, but many others are) when there is still one conservative standing in this race.

The rebellion against Romney doesn’t start in November.

It starts right now.

As I have said before, Newt aims to get to Tampa and I aim to help him get there. The GOP-E has to be sent a message that Romney, who has never governed as a Republican nor as a Reagan conservative, is not an acceptable nominee in the most important election of our lifetimes.

We all want to DO something.I humbly suggest that supporting Newt DOES something—important. Only half the country has voted in the primaries. Here in DE we vote on 4/24. The fat lady has not sung yet; heck she isn’t in the theater yet.

I think supporting Newt and getting him to Tampa will influence this election and the GOP platform, and that will open opportunities for conservative voices to be heard that would otherwise be shut out.

734 posted on 04/12/2012 8:24:42 AM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: mojitojoe

A common and glaring false assumption can be found in a quote by a Mr. Hansen about Obama from another FR thread today, (Kaslin), as follows:

” - - - But the problem with an us/them strategy is not just winning an election, but trying to put back together what was torn asunder.”

That incorrect assumption is that Obama has any intention, or will try “to put back together what was torn asunder.”

The former Community Organizer, Obama, has spent his entire career preparing to Organize America into Commune Amerika.

All of Obama’s accomplishments have been at the expense of Individual Liberty, and Federal financial strength.

Each bill that Obama signs into iron-clad Federal Law has an ADDITIONAL amendment to increase Obama’s control over individual Liberty and Federal finances.

The prime example is the rarely talked about amendment to Obama”care” that transfers the entire Student Loan Debt and all future loans to Federal control. This Student Loan Debt is larger than ALL of the US Credit Card Debt.

Obama is a dictator, and everything he does is consistent with increasing his power while decreasing our individual Liberty and ability to achieve individual financial independence.

In summary, Obama has done everything in his power to destroy THE AMERICAN DREAM.

The Democrats will never see that fact.

The RINOs deny that fact, and have in lock-step endorsed “smiley-face” Romney to gleefully Cave-In to the Democrats, in the highly unlikely chance that Romney becomes POTUS.

The Liberal Agenda Media are overjoyed that FINALLY America will be destroyed so that it can be re-built according to what their Law and Journalism Professors taught them back in their active Student Loan Days.

As conditions in America continue to deteriorate, America voters will become more fearful, and thus less willing to “change horses” in the middle of a crisis, even though the crisis was created by Obama.

It has been said, by those who study these matters, that only 20 % of a population will accept any given idea. Since about half of the US population bothers to vote, that 20 % becomes 40 %, the same % as the baselevel of voter poll support for Obama.

BTW, is there a counterbalancing voter support 40 % in America that accepts the idea that Obama is “tearing asunder” The United States of America and has NO intention “to put together what was torn asunder?”

Meanwhile the drumbeat of Dictator Obama grows louder:

regulate -— control -— destroy -— Regulate -— control -— destroy -— REgulate -— control -— destroy -— REGulate -— control -— destroy -— REGU

735 posted on 04/12/2012 8:29:29 AM PDT by Graewoulf ((Dictator Baby-Doc Barack's obama"care" violates Sherman Anti-Trust Law, AND U.S. Constitution.))
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To: MindBender26
I am especially disappointed that neither received the nomination.

No one has received the nomination yet. There is still time to affect the outcome.

The question you are asking is important, but there is another component to it.

If we have one conservative left standing in this race, why accept the false premise that our choice is only Romney?

Our rebellion can take the form of sending Newt on to Tampa, to blunt Romney and to be our voice, and to give other conservatives in Tampa a chance to be heard.

The GOP-E wants us all to sit down and shut up, and I say "NUTS" to them. We don't want Romney, a non-Republican liberal, to be our nominee with the fate of America at stake in November.

We can yet affect the outcome in November by affecting the outcome in August in Tampa.

The rebellion starts now, in my opinion, and my act of rebellion is to go all out for Newt.

736 posted on 04/12/2012 8:31:17 AM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: CharacterCounts
Speculation vs. Reality

I'll go with reality.

Well then Reality is that McCain enthusiastically signed FEDERAL legislation that was nowhere CLOSE to being the conservative viewpoint. Many, many times!!
737 posted on 04/12/2012 8:32:54 AM PDT by Eagle of Liberty (We the People are coming!!)
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To: mojitojoe

Do you think Romney is against single payer health care?

738 posted on 04/12/2012 8:34:02 AM PDT by CharacterCounts (A vote for the lesser of two evils only insures the triumph of evil.)
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To: MindBender26
How do we, despite your dislike for Romney, fail to vote for him and therefore we end up helping Obama?

That's the dirty trick. Every election, the RINOs in Washington pick our candidate for us. They send out the talking heads to destroy those they oppose, and tilt the propaganda toward their choice. Every election they choose someone more liberal than the one before. Now, we "choose" between a flaming left wing Massachusetts liberal, or a flaming far left communist.
They're giving us a choice - NOT.

All the power and privilege the democrats acquire while in power simply becomes theirs! The only difference is the Republicans in Washington get to live high on the hog instead of the Washington democrats! (Have they EVER eliminated a democrat social program or oppressive legislation? )

How long do we just sit back and let them blackmail us with "Vote for our guy, or the other guy whose worse will win." What about the Conservatives? Hello? Who is giving us a voice in all this? How long are we suppose to fall for this scam? Both parties are going in the same direction, only the RINOs are going a little slower as to not be noticed!

739 posted on 04/12/2012 8:35:05 AM PDT by concerned about politics ("Get thee behind me, Liberal")
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To: Eagle of Liberty

Okay, but the reality is McCain is not in this race... Romney is!

740 posted on 04/12/2012 8:35:49 AM PDT by CharacterCounts (A vote for the lesser of two evils only insures the triumph of evil.)
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