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To: PieterCasparzen

If as rumored, Gingrich sidelines next week...

Then it’s time to recognize Romney has won, and start turning focus to defeating Obama.

However, it is not yet next week.

And Gingrich has not taken himself out of the race.

So please by all means rage and rant against Romney. But keep in mind, the real problem is Obama.

Palin 2016

11 posted on 04/28/2012 4:18:00 AM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network (Obama ate his own dog as a child in Indonesia??)
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To: Cringing Negativism Network

Romney is not my candidate.

He’s the Republican establishment’s candidate.

They, in their great wisdom, must now try to get him elected without me.

They will run to what they call the “center”; those who don’t think it’s any big problem to be anti-Christian, pro-islam, pro-homosexual. These are the same voters who slept for the past 50 years while government grew into the monster that it is today. People who think that TSA patdowns just “have to be done”, people who think that Israeli-style security is somehow bad (it’s not ok to check our backgrounds/papers before the flight, but it’s ok to grope us as we get on the plane).

In short, the lunatics continue to run the asylum.

Thinking that soon to be $16 trillion in government debt is not relevant to them personally.

And if Romney is elected, the Republican establishment, Romney, and the Congress will think that conservatives are wrong and moderates are right. They will think that it’s ok to persecute Christians, advance the homosexual agenda, negotiate with teacher’s unions to protect the teacher’s unions pensions, appoint so-called moderates to the Federal courts; the list could go on and on. Moderates don’t see the world as good versus evil; everything is negotiated, and poorly negotiated at that. “But what else can we do” they say - nobama would be worse.

So see, at least if nobama is reelected - the people in the “middle”, the so-called moderates - will continue to get a good dose of what evil is. If they re-elect obama - they need that dose, since they obviously haven’t made the connection yet in their mind that ruining the nation would be bad for almost every person, even those on the dole. The only ones would be benefit would be those at the top of the employee ladder in crony big business, who would continue to receive fat paychecks.

People who have slept through politics for the last 50 years, actually gone great lengths to ignore it, and boasted of their “non-political” nature (they “rise above” politics because they’re “real” and “good”) - all those people will remain engaged, interested in how their lives and the lives of their children are being destroyed by leftist college professors and corrupt big business and corrupt big government: if nobama is re-elected.

It’s actually quite hilarious to see how ashamed Fox news on-air personalities have become. They know that Romney was who they were supposed to be touting, they did it and now Romney has the nomination. And they were a key part of it, but simply subtlely painting the others as “too conservative” to be “mainstream”. Now, for the next 7 months they have to find something to say about Romney that everyone hasn’t heard a thousand times from them. Now they need to clear their airwaves of anything negative about Romney like they have been. See, the other candidates - GAVE THE PRIMARY LEGITIMACY. IT’S NOT AN ELECTION IF THERE IS ONE SINGLE CANDIDATE WHO WAS PRE-SELECTED IN BACK ROOMS (I won’t even bother saying smokey, let’s say tofu-filled). People in the third world and the communist bloc have always had to deal with fake elections - they know what evil is, they either give in to it or resist. People in America have always had the same thing, really, by means of the party establishments. The press manipulation was through things called newspapers. In between reading them, people talked to each other a lot, so the manipulation was under at least a veil of the image of free and fair elections. Nowadays, with the amount of time people spend in the mind control machines, and how fast people are running away from God, and with the increasing tendency of personal conversations to be drivel, the manipulation by the media is becoming embarrassingly obvious. The corruption of our society is laid bare for all to see.

The “team Republican” establishment, who goes along with government that tells me who to hire, who to fire, what products I can and can’t make, every minute detail of process and procedure, who I can and can’t talk to when seeking investment capital, what I can and can’t raise on my farm and what chores my children can and can’t do (etc.) - those corrupt political whores are advising me that I would do well to join their team. To what end ? Both parties are moving America towards a corrupt police state which would rival Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany. Slowly, the personal freedoms described in the Declaration and Constitution are being taken away by elites. To those of us preparing to run away to the hills, we need to think again. There is no escaping a police state. Running away is only running to a prison cell of one’s own making. Trade and commerce for outcasts of a police state are only possible on the black market, which represents cripplingly high prices due to the payoffs required. The noose of the police state tightens slowly. While there may be a point in the future that, looking back, was a tipping point - by then, there really will be no alternative anyway. The tipping point is now, even though with our dollars still worth something and a nice sunny day, the police state seems far off.

The moderates think it all comes down to practical economics. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The truth is, those are short-term concerns; like bailing out the Titantic with a teacup.

The most important issues are those of the morals of the people. The nation will either stop rejecting God, turn back to him and succeed, or she will continue her vain attempt to run from him and reject God and she will fail in misery.

I say to the Republican establishment, you nominated him, you elect him. I’ll be working on something else entirely, restoring America.

12 posted on 04/28/2012 8:53:33 AM PDT by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves.)
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