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SEALs slam Obama for using them as 'ammunition' in bid to take credit for bin Laden killing ^

Posted on 04/30/2012 5:36:42 PM PDT by dewawi

Red siren at Drudge on this.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: RummyChick

I have not been able to find who wrote this. It does read as true?

“What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did not know is that Leon Panetta had already initiated a program that reported to him –and only him, involving a covert on the ground attack against the compound.” Q: You stated that President Obama was “overruled” by military/intelligence officials regarding the decision to send in military specialists into the Osama Bin Laden compound. Was that accurate? A: I was told – in these exact terms, “we overruled him.” (Obama)

I have since followed up and received further details on exactly what that meant, as well as the specifics of how Leon Panetta worked around the president’s “persistent hesitation to act.” There appears NOT to have been an outright overruling of any specific position by President Obama, simply because there was no specific position from the president to do so. President Obama was, in this case, as in all others, working as an absentee president. (Notice that Panetta is NOT in the room)

This update comes some 24 hours after our longtime Washington D.C. Insider first outlined shocking details of an Obama administration having been “overruled” by senior military and intelligence officials leading up to the successful attack against terrorist Osama Bin Laden. What follows is further clarification of Insider’s insights surrounding that event.

I was correct in stating there had been a push to invade the compound for several weeks if not months, primarily led by Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, David Petraeus, and Jim Clapper. The primary opposition to this plan originated from Valerie Jarrett, and it was her opposition that was enough to create uncertainty within President Obama. Obama would meet with various components of the pro-invasion faction, almost always with Jarrett present, and then often fail to indicate his position. This situation continued for some time, though the division between Jarrett/Obama and the rest intensified more recently, most notably from Hillary Clinton.

She was livid over the president’s failure to act, and her office began a campaign of anonymous leaks to the media indicating such. As for Jarrett, her concern rested on two primary fronts. One, that the military action could fail and harm the president’s already weakened standing with both the American public and the world. Second, that the attack would be viewed as an act of aggression against Muslims, and further destabilize conditions in the Middle East.

Q: What changed the president’s position and enabled the attack against Osama Bin Laden to proceed? A: Nothing changed with the president’s opinion – he continued to avoid having one. Every time military and intelligence officials appeared to make progress in forming a position, Jarrett would intervene and the stalling would begin again.

Hillary started the ball really rolling as far as pressuring Obama began, but it was Panetta and Petraeus who ultimately pushed Obama to finally act – sort of. Panetta was receiving significant reports from both his direct CIA sources, as well as Petraeus-originating Intel. Petraeus was threatening to act on his own via a bombing attack. Panetta reported back to the president that a bombing of the compound would result in successful killing of Osama Bin Laden, and little risk to American lives. Initially, as he had done before, the president indicated a willingness to act. But once again, Jarrett intervened, convincing the president that innocent Pakistani lives could be lost in such a bombing attack, and Obama would be left attempting to explain Panetta’s failed policy. Again Obama hesitated – this time openly delaying further meetings to discuss the issue with Panetta.

A brief meeting was held at this time with other officials, including Secretary Gates and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but Gates, like Panetta, was unable to push the president to act. It was at this time that Gates indicated to certain Pentagon officials that he may resign earlier than originally indicated – he was that frustrated. Both Panetta and Clinton convinced him to stay on and see the operation through.

What happened from there is what was described by me as a “masterful manipulation” by Leon Panetta. Panetta indicated to Obama that leaks regarding knowledge of Osama Bin Laden’s location were certain to get out sooner rather than later, and action must be taken by the administration or the public backlash to the president’s inaction would be “…significant to the point of political debilitation.” It was at that time that Obama stated an on-ground campaign would be far more acceptable to him than a bombing raid. This was intended as a stalling tactic, and it had originated from Jarrett. Such a campaign would take both time, and present a far greater risk of failure.

The president had been instructed by Jarrett to inform Mr., Panetta that he would have sole discretion to act against the Osama Bin Laden compound. Jarrett believed this would further delay Panetta from acting, as the responsibility for failure would then fall almost entirely on him. What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did not know is that Leon Panetta had already initiated a program that reported to him –and only him, involving a covert on the ground attack against the compound. Basically, the whole damn operation was already ready to go – including the specific team support Intel necessary to engage the enemy within hours of being given notice.

Panetta then made plans to proceed with an on-ground assault. This information reached either Hillary Clinton or Robert Gates first (likely via military contacts directly associated with the impending mission) who then informed the other. Those two then met with Panetta, who informed each of them he had been given the authority by the president to proceed with a mission if the opportunity presented itself. Both Gates and Clinton warned Panetta of the implications of that authority – namely he was possibly being made into a scapegoat. Panetta admitted that possibility, but felt the opportunity to get Bin Laden outweighed that risk. During that meeting, Hillary Clinton was first to pledge her full support for Panetta, indicating she would defend him if necessary. Similar support was then followed by Gates.

The following day, and with Panetta’s permission, Clinton met in private with Bill Daley and urged him to get the president’s full and open approval of the Panetta plan. Daley agreed such approval would be of great benefit to the action, and instructed Clinton to delay proceeding until he had secured that approval. Daley contacted Clinton within hours of their meeting indicating Jarrett refused to allow the president to give that approval. Daley then informed Clinton that he too would fully support Panetta in his actions, even if it meant disclosing the president’s indecision to the American public should that action fail to produce a successful conclusion. Clinton took that message back to Panetta and the CIA director initiated the 48 hour engagement order.

At this point, the President of the United States was not informed of the engagement order – it did not originate from him, and for several hours after the order had been given and the special ops forces were preparing for action into Pakistan from their position in Afghanistan, Daley successfully kept Obama and Jarrett insulated from that order. This insulation ended at some point with an abort order that I believe originated from Valerie Jarrett’s office, and was then followed up by President Obama. This abort order was later explained as a delay due to weather conditions, but the actual conditions at that time would have been acceptable for the mission. A storm system had been in the area earlier, but was no longer an issue. Check the data yourself to confirm.

Jarrett, having been caught off guard, was now scrambling to determine who had initiated the plan. She was furious, repeating the acronym “CoC” and saying it was not being followed. This is where Bill Daley intervened. The particulars of that intervention are not clear to me beyond knowing he did meet with Jarrett in his office and following that meeting, Valerie Jarrett was not seen in the West Wing for some time, and apparently no longer offered up any resistance to the Osama Bin Laden mission. What did follow from there was one or more brief meetings between Bill Daley, Hillary Clinton, a representative from Robert Gates’ office, a representative from Leon Panetta’s office, and a representative from Jim Clapper’s office. I have to assume that these meetings were in essence, detailing the move to proceed with the operation against the Osama Bin Laden compound.

I have been told by more than one source that Leon Panetta was directing the operation with both his own CIA operatives, as well as direct contacts with military – both entities were reporting to Panetta only at this point, and not the President of the United States. There was not going to be another delay as had happened 24 hour earlier. The operation at this point, was in effect, unknown to President Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett and it remained that way until AFTER it was already underway. President Obama was literally pulled from a golf outing and escorted back to the White House to be informed of the mission. Upon his arrival there was a briefing held which included Bill Daley, John Brennan, and a high ranking member of the military. When Obama emerged from the briefing, he was described as looking “very confused and uncertain.” The president was then placed in the “situation room” where several of the players in this event had already been watching the operation unfold.

Another interesting tidbit regarding this is that the Vice President was already “up to speed” on the operation. A source indicated they believe Hillary Clinton had personally made certain the Vice President was made aware of that day’s events before the president was. The now famous photo released shows the particulars of that of that room and its occupants. What that photo does not communicate directly is that the military personnel present in that room during the operation unfolding, deferred to either Hillary Clinton or Robert Gates.

The president’s role was minimal, including their acknowledging of his presence in the room. At the conclusion of the mission, after it had been repeatedly confirmed a success, President Obama was once again briefed behind closed doors. The only ones who went in that room besides the president were Bill Daley. John Brennan, and a third individual whose identity remains unknown to me. When leaving this briefing, the president came out of it “…much more confident. Much more certain of himself.” He was also carrying papers in his hand that quite possibly was the address to the nation given later that evening on the Bin Laden mission. The president did not have those papers with him prior to that briefing. The president then returned to the war room, where by this time, Leon Panetta had personally arrived and was receiving congratulations from all who were present.

In my initial communication to you of these events I described what unfolded as a temporary Coup initiated by high ranking intelligence and military officials. I stand by that term. These figures worked around the uncertainty of President Obama and the repeated resistance of Valerie Jarrett. If they had not been willing to do so, I am certain Osama Bin Laden would still be alive today. There will be no punishment to those who acted outside the authority of the president’s office. The president cannot afford to admit such a fact. What will be most interesting from here is to now see what becomes of Valerie Jarrett. One source indicated she is threatening resignation. I find that unlikely given my strong belief she needs the protection afforded her by the Oval Office and its immense powers to delay and eventually terminate investigations back in Chicago, but we shall see.

101 posted on 04/30/2012 9:05:07 PM PDT by W. W. SMITH (Maybe the horse will learn to sing)
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To: dewawi

As long as Obama’s spiking the ball, can we now see Bin Laden’s dead body?

Didn’t think so.

102 posted on 04/30/2012 9:06:23 PM PDT by keats5 (Not all of us are hypnotized.)
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To: crosshairs
A 9 iron is all you need, when you play from the ladies tees.

Tee-Hee! That is good.

103 posted on 04/30/2012 9:09:19 PM PDT by SandwicheGuy (*The butter acts as a lubricant and speeds up the CPU*ou)
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To: dewawi

I heard that he put a Navy Admiral in operational command - Obama only gave the order, a day or two BEFORE the attack ...

Presumably, if successful, Obama could then horn-in and claim the credit [which he did] - but if things went south, Obama was gonna throw the Admiral under the bus, claiming that the plan was not his idea ...

104 posted on 04/30/2012 9:13:13 PM PDT by Lmo56 (If ya wanna run with the big dawgs - ya gotta learn to piss in the tall grass ...)
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To: no-to-illegals

Not the person who wrote the death certificate for Breitbart, but it’s looking very possible that he was the guy who photographed Breitbart’s body - the only way it would be known if Breitbart had been hit by a heart-attack-inducing assassination dart.


Something else that was said in the audit report )that I got that information from) was that the people who worked at the coroner’s office were concerned about the lax security and didn’t feel safe at work. That audit was from 2009, but unless they changed things within that time, there would have been opportunity for somebody to poison the guy right there at the coroner’s office.

Another thing that was said was that this office had had LOTS of photos ruined and it was not known what had ruined them. There was one whole year where the photos were destroyed, so cold cases from that year are tough out of luck.

It also said that the database system they have for the coroner allows people other than the examining physician to alter the file.

Very interesting stuff. But the main point is that what Cormier is reported as being (photographer for the special operations response team) is the very person who would take the photos of the bodies, transport them to the coroner’s facility, etc.

The same guy who handled information about Breitbart’s autopsy is the guy who will handle information about Cormier’s autopsy - Ed Winter, the deputy chief coroner.

105 posted on 04/30/2012 9:20:59 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: hummingbird
What is Hillary's gasp all about...Another Free Republic thread said there was not a feed going to them in that photo.

Photo op. She had to calculate he demographic. Lots of soccer moms and liberals, so hand goes over mouth. Lots of centrists she needs to swing the majority, so she has to sit in a prominant place, have official looking documents, and make steely eyes. Black pantsuit to communicate deadly force, brown coat to extend comfy reassurance. Okay, ready - take the pic.

(Not only is this not exaggeration, it doesn't even cover all of the variables she considered).

106 posted on 04/30/2012 9:24:10 PM PDT by Talisker (He who commands, must obey.)
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To: Lmo56

Obama never did give an order. Jarret passed authority to Panetta thinking that Panetta did not have the testicular fortitude to order the mission. Leon slapped her in the face with his testiculars and issued a go to seal team six.

For that one act, I can almost forgive him his far left politics. He might be a far left Democrat but he was not going to put up with the communist Jarret.

It is now obvious that Jarret is Obama’s puppet master but who is pulling Jarret’s strings?

107 posted on 04/30/2012 9:29:24 PM PDT by W. W. SMITH (Maybe the horse will learn to sing)
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To: Lmo56
Presumably, if successful, Obama could then horn-in and claim the credit [which he did] - but if things went south, Obama was gonna throw the Admiral under the bus, claiming that the plan was not his idea ...

The picture is so bizarre with little barry in the corner in his golf shirt (!) that it makes me think he didn't want to be front and center in the photo op. So if the raid went FUBAR and the dims blamed the Admiral there would be no pictures of him directing the op.

108 posted on 04/30/2012 9:30:44 PM PDT by lodi90
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It is now obvious that Jarret is Obama’s puppet master but who is pulling Jarret’s strings?

FRiend, I don't think we will know until the kenyan is out of the White Hut. Then, POW, there will be plenty of unbelievable stories about this corrupt administration.

Given her background and the strong communist presence in Chicago there is a very good chance Jarret has been a Soviet asset for decades.

109 posted on 04/30/2012 9:39:53 PM PDT by lodi90
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To: dewawi; Revolting cat!
Barack Obama is the first doucebag president, and I am sure even Kayne West would agree with that assessment.

Sep 13, 2009 – Kanye West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. "Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time," < /imasaysomethingnowmoment >

110 posted on 04/30/2012 10:01:18 PM PDT by a fool in paradise (Barack Obama continued to sponsor Jeremiah Wright after he said "G.D. AMERIKKA!"Where's the outrage?)
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To: dewawi

Did Senior Military/Intelligence Officials Overrule President Obama Regarding Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden?

Read more:

111 posted on 04/30/2012 10:06:42 PM PDT by Jonah Vark (Any 5th grader knows that the Constitution declares the separation of powers.)
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To: upchuck

Looks like OB is getting basically the kid who shows up in class after the bell rings and tries to look interested. Everybody in the room knows he late and shouldn’t be.

112 posted on 04/30/2012 10:16:11 PM PDT by caww
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To: bigbob

Shouldn’t Obama be in the captain’s chair? What a piss poor example of leadership.

113 posted on 04/30/2012 10:19:47 PM PDT by Thunder90 (Romney barely won in OH with a 12-1 money advantage, he can't beat Obama that way.)
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To: dewawi


114 posted on 04/30/2012 10:25:29 PM PDT by hattend (Firearms and ammunition...the only growing industries under the Obama regime.)
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To: hummingbird

They were watching the helicopter crash that happened afterward, as I remember from a book.

115 posted on 04/30/2012 11:17:50 PM PDT by firebrand
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To: butterdezillion

“the only way it would be known if Breitbart had been hit by a heart-attack-inducing assassination dart.”

Great thinking, and the exact same conclusion that I arrived upon when Breitbart was assassinated. In fact, it is seemingly the only possibility that he was assassinated by a poison dart ordered by Obama or George Soros.

116 posted on 04/30/2012 11:19:01 PM PDT by Uncle Slayton
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To: Uncle Slayton

The Bulgarian umbrella is the name of an umbrella with a hidden pneumatic mechanism which shot out a small poisonous pellet containing ricin. The Bulgarian Umbrella has a hollow stalk which the pellet neatly sits into. Such an umbrella was allegedly used in the assassination of the Bulgarian dissident writer Georgi Markov on September 7, 1978 (the birthday of the Bulgarian State Council Chairman Todor Zhivkov who had often been the target of Georgi Markov’s criticism), on Waterloo Bridge in London (Markov died four days later), and also allegedly used in the failed assassination attempt against the Bulgarian dissident journalist Vladimir Kostov the same year in the Paris Métro. The poison used in both cases was ricin.

Source: Wikipedia

117 posted on 04/30/2012 11:33:38 PM PDT by AnTiw1
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To: GeorgeWashingtonsGhost
Is Obama Photoshopped into this photo?

I know this has been discussed countless times since the photo, but I still think it is.

Reason: His 'size' seems out of proportion to everyone else in the room, in front and behind him.

Or maybe it's just that he's 'fading away'.

It doesn't really matter, as he lies so often, and the media lies, and supports lies, that we have learned to expect these kind of 'tricks'. The one thing you can be sure of is that exactly what we are told happened, and how, is not reality or truth. Enough of the truth is included only to support the rest of the lies.

118 posted on 05/01/2012 12:11:48 AM PDT by UCANSEE2 (Lame and ill-informed post)
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It is now obvious that Jarret is Obama’s puppet master but who is pulling Jarret’s strings?

No one you know, or will ever see in public. World globalists. Who need socialistic governments to maintain their wealth and power. Who use world dictatorships to ensure the engines of war are kept fully oiled. Who try to use the 'differences' in people to cause them to attack and blame each other for their woes, when it is the ruling elite who caused the problem.

That's who.

119 posted on 05/01/2012 12:26:05 AM PDT by UCANSEE2 (Lame and ill-informed post)
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To: butterdezillion

If true that Obama didn’t want to approve this, and was forced/overridden, that WOULD explain why he has been OVERRIDING CONGRESS SO MUCH, lately. He is punishing them for doing it to him.

120 posted on 05/01/2012 12:29:36 AM PDT by UCANSEE2 (Lame and ill-informed post)
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