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Frank discussion re our loss to Obama/Romney and the future direction of FR and tea party movement
Click here to pledge your support! ^ | May 4, 2012 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 05/04/2012 6:31:27 AM PDT by Jim Robinson

My FRiends, we might as well face the reality that we the combined pro-life conservative movement and tea party coalition have lost this round (the presidential election) in the larger battle to reclaim our constitution and our inalienable rights. Rove, Romney and the GOP-e have successfully destroyed and driven off each and every pro-life conservative tea party candidate from the race and all have surrendered to the Romney camp. It is no secret that Romney is not one of us. There is absolutely no doubt that he has never accomplished a single conservative thing in his entire political career (one term as liberal governor of liberal Massachusetts and six years campaigning for president). In Massachusetts, he undeniably championed abortion, gay rights, global warming, gun control, big government statist mandated/socialized health care programs, liberal judges, TARP, bailouts, stimulus spending, debt limit increases, etc, and even though he's recently claimed a complete reversal in political beliefs and no longer despises pro-life conservatives or the time of Reagan-Bush, I still don't trust him. He still stubbornly holds on to some of his statist beliefs, like global warming, gays in the military, RomneyCare, stimulus spending, etc, so there is no way I can vote for him or join Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Newt or any others who are endorsing him. But I will not act on my prior promises that I would actively campaign against him if he wins the nomination. Our combined movement is already torn and splintered and is going to have to be mended if we're going to have any impact whatsoever against the liberal/progressives and statists after the election. To that end I propose a TRUCE among our conservative forces during the remainder of this election cycle.

We conservatives have already lost the presidency to either the Dems or the GOP-e, and if we tear the tea party apart, if we tear the pro-life movement apart, if we tear FR apart then we lose it all. It's far more important that we re-unite and live to fight another day. Even if we can't vote for a true conservative for the presidency, it's doubly important that we all turn out on election day or sooner and drag our friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc, to the polls to vote straight conservative for every slot on our ballots. The only way we can win our freedom back is to vote out the liberal progressives and vote in as many liberty loving conservatives as is humanly possible into every elected office at every level of government all across this great land. To prevent a total loss to the dems or GOP-e, we must continue the tea party rebellion into November and beyond. Whatever else you may do, you must turn out and vote straight tea party conservative down ticket!!

We must continue expanding our inroads into the state houses and into every elective office in the land. We must continue building on our majority in the house and we must retake the senate!! We must help the conservative governors and state legislatures to fully restore the ninth and tenth amendments and reclaim the real political power away from the federal usurpers and return it to the states and the people per the constitution!! This way, regardless of who wins the presidency, we can cut his unconstitutional expansionist movements off at the knees. And if any executive, civil officer or judge dares commit impeachable offenses, we must hold the majorities so we can impeach and remove them from office!!

And we must salvage and rebuild and continue strengthening our conservative pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-borders, pro-constitution, pro-small government, pro-defense, pro-liberty movements and our tea party coalition. And we must stop ripping each other apart!!

Therefore I hereby propose a general truce among our conservative forces!!

The Republic we save may be our own!!

As far as FR's finances go, we're in the same boat as the rest of the economy and will have to make do with what we can raise. Fortunately, the big debts we ran up a couple years ago have been paid off. We borrowed approx $20,000 a few years ago from two FReepers to fund our national convention, plus we ran up another $20,000 in legal fees during the last couple of years fighting off Righthaven. But those are now behind us and paid off. We also did quite a bit of traveling each year for the last three years on cross country tea party tours, but I think we can now cut that back and remove it from our budget requirements. If we're fortunate enough to not incur any additional legal costs or equipment costs (other than what we've already planned), and cut the travel and a few other areas, we should be able to tighten our belts enough to weather the storm even if we fail to reach our short term fundraising goals.

Whatever the outcome of the elections, we are prepared to roar into 2013 with the tea party chewing up liberal/progressives and RINOs and raising hell in our never ending fight for liberty!!

We are the resistance!!

Let's take the enemy head-on instead of fighting each other!!

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!!

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To: Yashcheritsiy
Let's face it - this thread is about surrender. Plain and simple.

Hardly! Who one supports for President is not the defining issue--although in 2012 defeating Obama is an absolutely essential tactical necessity! But the real fight, both now & after the election, is the same as it has been throughout all of our lives. And that is now, as it was always, to cherish & defend the heritage that made the America we believe in, possible. If we elected the perfect Conservative, dedication to that purpose would still be necessary; if we fell to the worst Marxist thug, reiteration of that dedication would remain the only reasonable path for anyone hoping to restore what was lost.

It is in the battle of ideas--in our case the battle to repel the lies & deceptions of the Left--that must ever be the necessity to those "eternally vigilant," in America's cause.

William Flax

381 posted on 05/04/2012 9:21:51 AM PDT by Ohioan
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To: myself6

Have you seen the infighting on some threads? It’s been brutal.

382 posted on 05/04/2012 9:23:23 AM PDT by wiggen (The teacher card. When the racism card just won't work.)
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To: Yashcheritsiy

Well, they’re either worried about getting enough votes or they aren’t. If they want the votes and conservatives who would otherwise sit out would be what is needed to put them over the top — well I think that will get the attention of Mitt’s flopping flip.

383 posted on 05/04/2012 9:23:23 AM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Away with them and the high horses they rode in on.)
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To: chopperman

“can we have an FR page that compares and recommends candidates in the local races?”

That won’t do a whole lot of good, unless Freepers are willing to ORGANIZE. This is where the Kos’rs kick our ass.

They take the time from their day to CALL, to write letters, to protest, to boycott, and to ORGANIZE. We get a lot of complaining, but little organized action. (DC Freepers excluded, of course).

384 posted on 05/04/2012 9:24:10 AM PDT by tcrlaf (Election 2012: THE RAPTURE OF THE DEMOCRATS)
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To: MSSC6644
Please explain why you consider Ron Paul a POS. ... And, as an obstetrician, Ron Paul, is PRO-Life. He would never make any deals with PP.
Paul is a POS because he is NOT pro-life. He does not support the rights of the unborn on a Federal level. He is content to leave that up to the states. If a state were to adopt a pro-death position? Paul would have NO PROBLEM with that. Unacceptable. We need a conservative who knows the sanctity of life is a National concern and our US Constitution already affords rights to the unborn, but still we need another amendment SPECIFICALLY outlining those rights.
Paul is opposed to that.
And your other comments on his Libertarian bona fides are typical clap-trap liberalistic blah-blah blah. RoPaul is a Liberal no matter how many times he wraps himself up in the Constitution.

385 posted on 05/04/2012 9:25:45 AM PDT by Responsibility2nd (NO LIBS. This Means Liberals and (L)libertarians! Same Thing. NO LIBS!!)
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To: Mozilla

APPLAUSE! Very well said!

386 posted on 05/04/2012 9:26:31 AM PDT by reaganaut (VAB! Voting against both Romney and Obama. Constitution party, here I come!)
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To: reaganaut; betty boop; Jim Robinson; xzins; LS; Bigun; P-Marlowe
If the real conservatives would jump the ship called GOP, and actually WORK for a party that supports our views, we would have a chance.

Work? That sounds too much

Conservatives will never go for that. We'd rather sit back and grouse about how we got gyped again, while huffing and puffing about how next time, we're really gonna get 'em.

Just like in 2008. And 1996. And 1992.

Face it, conservatism has been killed by the Left. Conservatism is dying of lethargy.

387 posted on 05/04/2012 9:27:35 AM PDT by Yashcheritsiy (Anybody but Obama and Romney)
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To: old school
Had folks not voted for Perot in protest of George H. W. Bush’s broken “No new taxes” pledge, Bill Clinton would not have been elected. The current president won’t get a majority let alone a plurality of the vote unless there is a similar protest vote.

Not sure how one comes to that conclusion. American culture is a far difference scene in 2012 than it was in 1992. Today we have far too many folk riding in the wagon rather than pulling it - many of them are illegal aliens. IMHO the current clown WILL get a majority - against mittens the dem lite.
388 posted on 05/04/2012 9:27:46 AM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: Bruce Campbells Chin

“Support him when he’s right on an issue, and fight against him when he’s wrong. I’d suggest that approach is perfectly consistent with both a clean conscience and sound policy.”

Agreed...and it’s how it we should deal with ANYONE holding the office.

389 posted on 05/04/2012 9:28:01 AM PDT by Magic Fingers (Political correctness mutates in order to remain virulent.)
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“I still believe a brokered convention is still possible for Palin to enter if Romney faulters between now and then.”

I believe a may still see a Unicorn, and win the lottery, too.

But the odds aren’t in my favor.

390 posted on 05/04/2012 9:28:01 AM PDT by tcrlaf (Election 2012: THE RAPTURE OF THE DEMOCRATS)
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To: Beagle8U
Alert:....."Be careful about ‘write in’ voting"......

....."I was told by a poll worker ( the one handing out ballots ) that if you ‘wrote-in’ anyone that didn't register in advance as a ‘write-in candidate, it was a spoiled ballot and wouldn't be counted. That protest ‘Donald Duck’ vote would cause your entire ballot to never be counted. That could void all your down ticket votes. If in doubt of your state law/rules on write-in voting, leave that slot blank. An under vote won't spoil a ballot."

I just began searching about PA. write in far it looks like you have to choose between the party candidate running....but I'll look further.

But you are correct...states do differ on this matter.

391 posted on 05/04/2012 9:28:16 AM PDT by caww
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To: reaganaut; All

I truly can’t predict what good and bad things that Romney might do if elected (one could justifiably say that, based on his flip-flopping, even HE probably doesn’t know at this time).

I can however, predict, with 100%, Cast in Marble CERTAINTY that OB WILL DO MUCH WORSE things than Romney has even considered, done in the past or will do in the future.

Not because I’ve got some great crystal ball, but because OB TOLD US what he was going to do, and has pretty much been doing so, with (Obmacare) or without (Keystone) the help/obstruction of our Congressional “representatives”.

And before the troll accusations start, my personal and permissible preferences for the 2012 POTUS candidate have always been, in order of preference (and y’all are entitled to your own list):

Sara Palin
Herman Cain
Michelle Bachman
Newt Gingrich (albeit suspiciously due to the APPARENT change of heart and professed intention to kick ass & take names instead of being a DC insider)
Ron Paul (we definitely need a SERIOUS change in attitude and direction, although some of his positions are a bit scary)
Rick Santorum (unknown quantity)

392 posted on 05/04/2012 9:30:13 AM PDT by CanuckYank
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To: jpsb
Before I engage you on this issue I’d like to know if I will be banned for doing so...
The answer is yes. Yes, you will be banned.
Now. What were you saying in support of FURP?

393 posted on 05/04/2012 9:30:13 AM PDT by Responsibility2nd (NO LIBS. This Means Liberals and (L)libertarians! Same Thing. NO LIBS!!)
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To: Responsibility2nd; Jim Robinson; HiTech; redneck; Mozilla; Excuse_My_Bellicosity; reaganaut; ...
Paul is in the campaign as a spoiler for Romney

This statement is illogical. Ron Paul has run for election to the office of the president at least three times. He has been in public service since the '80s. He has been consistent in his beliefs and in his voting record. He is Pro-Life. He, practically alone, has changed the focus of the nation on the importance of the Fed. He served in the military and wants to bring the troops home. He, like George Washington, believes in NO foreign entanglements. He has a consistent voting record supporting less spending and fewer taxes.

The primary season is NOT over. If Ron Paul could take Texas and California, would he have a chance to block Romney? If so, why not take that route? Let's not give up before I get up to sing! (Yes, I am the fat lady, and yes, I do sing!)

Know that I am a Palin supporter. But my dad, the last year of his life, had me put a Ron Paul for President sign on our lawn. Dad set up the first aid station on Iwo Jima. He was a patriot, a physician and the smartest man I've ever known.

So, would you all settle down, and answer my original question: if Freepers can consider voting for Romney, how can they not consider voting for Ron Paul?

394 posted on 05/04/2012 9:30:20 AM PDT by MSSC6644 (Defeat Satan: pray the Rosary.)
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To: cuban leaf

>>I’ve avoided making such predictions in future elections, but I say it with strong conviction this time: There will be no 2016 election. And it matters not who wins in 2012.

Note: Conviction still equals IMO.<<

Every state will still have their own state constitutions and I don’t recall any of them saying they would allow the people to live under a dictatorship.

Perhaps you have an idea why armed people would submit to such a thing but I certainly don’t. Check my tagline.

395 posted on 05/04/2012 9:30:46 AM PDT by B4Ranch (There's Two Choices... Stand Up and Be Counted ... Or Line Up and Be Numbered .)
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To: Jim Robinson

The way I see it, the only solutions to our problems are conservative ones.

We can adopt them sooner, with some pain, or we can adopt them later - after the terrible cost of ignoring them is plain for all to see.

Zero, of course, would rather wreck the country. I hold out a hope, a small hope, that a Mittens administration might possibly see the light, so to speak, as the reality and the pressures of our situation becomes more compelling, and the only possible solutions - the conservative solutions - become ever more obvious to the American people.

Of course, Mittens might just drive us over a cliff as surely as a second Zero administration will. And the American people show themselves to be selfish and stupid and deserving of their fate. But I know there is a divine providence that watches over this country, and that there are many many good, patriotic citizens who hate what is happening and know that something will be asked of them, and will be willing to give it.

396 posted on 05/04/2012 9:30:53 AM PDT by mojito
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To: Brookhaven

A agree. NOT voting FOR Romney will cause Obama to get back in office. That is totally UNacceptable for this country and I will not have it.

Romney will get my vote only to vote AGAINST Obama.

We are in the fight of our lives here in Wisconsin with the vicious and nasty Recall of our terrific Gov. Scott Walker. THIS is ground zero, have said it 100 times here on FR. Please folks - we ARE winning, inch by inch - in our fight. The battle of Romney was lost but NOT the war.

For anyone willing, please at least offer your prayers and any monetary support you can muster for Gov. Scott Walker. Recall Primary - May 8, Recall Election is June 5.

Please donate monthly to FR - it’s easy.
Please donate if you can to

THANKS - THIS is where we start - state and local. Let’s DO IT.

397 posted on 05/04/2012 9:31:02 AM PDT by WaterWeWaitinFor (If we don't help make a change, then who will? It starts with us.)
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To: wiggen

Its about the same as during the gray davis recall.

The Ahnold idiots won that war and we were expected to just go along and support the bastard... everyone sees how that turned out...

Never gonna happen again...

398 posted on 05/04/2012 9:31:19 AM PDT by myself6
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To: HiTech RedNeck
I don't disagree with anything you say, but it only serves to reinforce my point that conservatives lack the political clout to hold anyone's feet to the fire.

Even when Romney only means we will spend more time in the wilderness with little or no voice.

399 posted on 05/04/2012 9:31:42 AM PDT by CharacterCounts (A vote for the lesser of two evils only insures the triumph of evil.)
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To: HiTech RedNeck
"When you got a Romney who has offered both alternatives to an issue at various points in his career, it’s guaranteed that one of them will be wrong."

That's why I call him, "r'Omni."

Omni: pref. All: omnidirectional.

[Latin, from omnis, all.]

400 posted on 05/04/2012 9:31:47 AM PDT by DoctorBulldog (Obama Sucks!!!)
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