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Santorum endorses one-time rival Romney
Associated Press ^ | May 7, 2012

Posted on 05/07/2012 8:41:01 PM PDT by Free ThinkerNY

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rick Santorum is endorsing his one-time bitter rival Mitt Romney in a late-night e-mail to his supporters.

Santorum on Monday urged his supporters to join him in working with the effective Republican nominee to deny President Barack Obama a second term.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Rational Thought

I do not think it will matter either. I would be surprised to see Bachman or Pawlenty accept VP. Anyone with any future political ambitions will be tainted if they run with Romney.

221 posted on 05/08/2012 3:49:23 PM PDT by DallasSun (Courage~Fear that has said its prayers.)
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To: Nifster

That’s not what you said. You wanted to add Jim to a list of “conservatives” who endorsed Romney. Ann Coulter LOVES Romney. Jim doesn’t belong on any such list.

222 posted on 05/08/2012 4:00:45 PM PDT by Politicalmom (THIS IS NOT A GOP CHEERLEADING SITE!!!)
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To: Politicalmom

Ann Coulter hasn’t been a conservative for years.

I always know what I mean when I post. My words don’t always translate as well as they should. So sorry for your angst. I won’t bother posting on the negative posts anymore because I want my energies to go towards something that will help us. Bitching and moaning over and over and over about Romney seems not only pointless at this juncture but more than a bit petulant.

We as conservatives did this to our selves by not coming together behind a solid candidate. Now we must do everything we can to elect true conservatives to the House and Senate.

You can bitch at me all you want. I no longer care. It seems conservatives take glee in shooting our own

223 posted on 05/08/2012 4:06:10 PM PDT by Nifster
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To: patriot08
What do you Rick fanatics think of him NOW???

Like so many here, I was never a Rick "fanatic". He became acceptable to me after all others had been eliminated except Romney. Gingrich was acceptable to me too at that time.

The only two I was a fan of was Palin and Cain, the others were simply "acceptable". Romney was never and never will be acceptable to me. Even Ron Paul would be more acceptable to me than Romney. Romney is a liberal and always will be, I will never vote for him.

Go ahead and tell me "that's the same as a vote for obama", it's not like I've never heard that one before, I'll vote down ballot.

Romney vs. Obama? One of them has to lose, I'll rejoice in that fact, whichever it is.

224 posted on 05/08/2012 4:33:55 PM PDT by Graybeard58 (Romney vs. Obama? One of them has to lose, rejoice in that fact, whichever it is.)
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To: unkus
I don't hate Romney. But I'm more afraid of God than Obama.

"Enough. I’ll not discuss this subject with you any longer."

LOL! No, you'll just send me a Freepmail saying "You're one slick troll."

Typical Romney lover.. Gutless, and as two-faced as the day is long.

225 posted on 05/08/2012 5:02:33 PM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Time for a write-in campaign...Darryl Dixon for President)
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To: ohioWfan
"Look at the sign on date. Obama troll??

(Amazing how easily they can blend in......)"

That's me. Didn't you know? Everyone who hasn't been here for a decade is a troll.

At least SOMEBODY called me a troll for once, though. I was beginning to think nobody cared!

226 posted on 05/08/2012 5:07:09 PM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Time for a write-in campaign...Darryl Dixon for President)
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To: dfwgator
"What choice do they have? Romney is the top dog...the big man....numero uno honcho.....The Head Cheese."

Yeah, he's all that----and more, LOL.

It made me sick when Perry endorsed him (and I imagine Perry himself choked on it a bit), but I knew it would happen. Sad times.

227 posted on 05/08/2012 5:16:27 PM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Time for a write-in campaign...Darryl Dixon for President)
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To: CatherineofAragon
Not everyone. But some are.

btw, welcome to Free Republic, where the troll radar increases over time.

Incidentally there were a couple of question marks after that 'troll' thing. You coulda just come back and declared your authentic conservative credentials.

Or something other than admitting your troll-ness outright. :)

228 posted on 05/08/2012 5:33:12 PM PDT by ohioWfan (Proud Mom of a Bronze Star recipient!)
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To: CatherineofAragon
One more did you deal with that divorce thing Henry came up with to get rid of you??

(I've always wanted to ask you that. :)

229 posted on 05/08/2012 5:38:04 PM PDT by ohioWfan (Proud Mom of a Bronze Star recipient!)
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To: steve86
Rick, you idiot.

I was going to post exactly that.

Like, why?

230 posted on 05/08/2012 5:41:05 PM PDT by annalex (
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To: ohioWfan

Thank you.

It sort of goes against my nature to be defensive when I don’t have a reason to be. I figure my posting history either smells right, or it doesn’t, you know?

231 posted on 05/08/2012 5:44:31 PM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Time for a write-in campaign...Darryl Dixon for President)
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To: Colofornian
Mine will probably end up a “swing state” as you define it. I voted for Gingrich in the primary but he did not get enough votes. What to do next? I'm not going to stay home, I'll say that much. So as a swing state voter I will be considering very carefully the ABO candidate who has the best chance to get Obama out of there. And that's as close as I will come to “endorsing” any candidate. No, I won't vote for Hitler or Satan, so please save that strawman for someone else.
232 posted on 05/08/2012 6:26:05 PM PDT by chimera
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To: CatherineofAragon

I stand by what I see. I see you as a Troll. Your posts prove it.

Bye bye. Go about your business.

233 posted on 05/08/2012 6:41:08 PM PDT by unkus (Silence Is Consent)
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To: chimera
I'm not going to stay home, I'll say that much.

(I'd never recommend that...too many other races...ballot issues)

No, I won't vote for Hitler or Satan, so please save that strawman for someone else.

Well, ya know...technically relevant the way people define "ABO"...more relevant, tho, for your children & grandchildren, etc.

I can easily see the Dems running "THE anti-Christ" @ some pt...the Repubs (if not extinct by then)...might counter with someone claiming to be a "reincarnated Hitler" (or at least someone well to the left of Obama)...

And then since so many political relativists have "educated" their kids & grandkids well...that "reincarnated Hitler" or to-the-left-of-Obama will look "pretty good" compared to the "ABTAC" crowd who will come on board FR...

"ABTAC" = "Anybody But THE Anti-Christ"...

We'll have the relativistic "conservative" voters on FR and off FR to "thank" for setting that "anti-legacy" in motion...

234 posted on 05/08/2012 6:53:52 PM PDT by Colofornian (Mom when I grow up, I want 2B like Ike. Mom when I grow up, I want 2B a god from Kolob like Mitt.)
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To: Biggirl

“Like it or not, this is the pack of cards we have been dealt with.”

Sadly so, but we are strong and will make the best of it until the next election.

The good news is that Mourdock won his primary, and hopefully we will get many more CONSERVATIVES in Congress in the fall.

235 posted on 05/08/2012 8:34:29 PM PDT by Sun (Pray that God sends us good leaders. Please say a prayer now.)
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To: unkus

Why are people who are opposed to Romney’s liberalism haters, trolls, BHO supporters.........(whatever today’s word is).

236 posted on 05/08/2012 8:44:49 PM PDT by svcw (If one living cell on another planet is life, why isn't it life in the womb?)
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To: svcw

We’re in a very bad predicament and people are extremely frustrated.

237 posted on 05/08/2012 9:39:45 PM PDT by unkus (Silence Is Consent)
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To: Jeff Head
As to religion, if you must make it about that, for those who want to know what a long time convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes, who has been bombarded by all the anti-LDS material since considering joining and since doing so, read this:


I'd hardly call it anti-LDS material, as if it has no substance.

A large part of it is sourced directly from LDS documents and the bible and it is posted by, at least some, ex-mormons who were committed Mormons at one time.

From what I have read of the postings showing the teachings of Mormonism, (never having been in the Mormon church), it has been, for the most part, exhaustively complete, even-handed, as objective as it can be, and fair.
238 posted on 05/08/2012 9:41:44 PM PDT by SoConPubbie (Mitt and Obama: They're the same poison, just a different potency.)
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To: Colofornian
You know........mormons that I've met are REALLY good folks. So horrifically sad knowing that they haven't double-checked their BS Cult more closely. Romney will be grilled (or should be) on the cult. Obama is more "Christian" - based than Romney. Weird, but true.

239 posted on 05/08/2012 10:02:14 PM PDT by NoRedTape
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To: SoConPubbie

Actually not.

Many quotes are taken out of context. A lot of information is sourced from the Journal of Discourses and presented as if though it is current Church doctrine, when in most cases it is not, and other cases never was.

When I try and point this out, I am bombared with endless other quotes of similar nature, rediculing and demeaning language, and told I am wrogn, a liar, or decieving people.

Quotes are taken, for example from Joseph Smith when he was in the midst of trying to defend the Church and the people in it in Missouri in the late 1830s from mobs of people and militia, who were driven on by an “extermination order,” by the Governor, Governor Boggs at the time, which was political in its origin, and illegal and unconstitutional IMHO. It indicated that an entire group of thousands of people, men, women and children were a danger to the state, when they themselves were being plundered, raped and pillaged (ie. research the Hahns Mill Massacre), and that those same people who were being victimized were to be “driven from the state or exterminated if necessary.”

Anyhow, in the midst of his trying to organize the defense of said people, in those emotions he indicated that if people continued to do this to him and his followers, he would become as a modern Mohammed to the enemies of the Church. It was a wrong thing to say...but in the circumstances I will give him a pass.

As it was, he surrendered and they took him and arrested him and then moved into the town, pillaged it, some women were raped, some folks were killed, and the rest, about five thousand people had to leave in the dead of winter, and trek 100+ miles across the snow to the river and cross it into Illinois. The suffering and death along that trail left literally a path of blood across the state.

Their land was confiscated and there never has been any recompense for the crimes committed against them.

But, those who want to attack all things LDS, then use this quote to indicate and try and convince people that the LDS Church back then and today is somehow equated to radical Islam.

That is not fair, that is not exhaustive, and that is not complete. It is a clear liberal methodology to seperate, demean and dehumanize and thus to marginalize a whole group of people.

I have been told that I am not a Christian, as if though these people can see in my heart and judge me.

If you want to know what active, faithful LDS believe, attend a church and ask them...not people who are alienated from it and clearly have a slanted opinion of the same. I challenge you to do that and then compare the two.

For example, I had one of these so-called, very active former members tell me that they never heard the words, “Jesus Christ,” mentioned in the meetings. This is simply not true as every main meeting on Sunday has the passing and partaking of the Lord’s Sacrement, which is blessed before hand in a prayer, spoken into a microphone over the loud speaker system, wherein the brad and water or blessed in the name of Jesus Christ that all who partake of it might remeber the suffering of the Son of God, Jesus Christ and always remember Him. This occurs in every sacrement meeting each week in each meeting all year except during conferences which are held 4 times a year.

In addition, every opening and closing prayer is said int he name of Jesus Christ. Before the sacrement is passed there is alweays a “sacrement” song about the atonement of Jesus Christ. Finally, talks from members of the church are given and in most acses one or more are centered on some aspect of Christ’s teachings.

So much for them having been “very active.”

In addition, if the tone of those postings, which is ridiculing, mocking, and demeaning is what you would call “fair,” then you and I have a different definition of the word, and if that is your definition, then there really is not much more to say on the matter between us other than simply leave you with this:

My Wintness for Jesus Christ

240 posted on 05/08/2012 10:09:19 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Freedom is not free, never has been, never will be (wwwOh I
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