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To: ansel12; Tennessee Nana; Alamo-Girl
I noticed you never posted during the 2007/2008 election cycle, we covered all this years ago, especially the Reagan bashing part of the Romney devotees comedy routine.

OK so you can go back to my posting history for 4-5 years (I have no problem with that, of course), but you can't by way of any amount of research seem to add substance to those 1993 "switch" allegations. Fair enough.

As you should know, 2007/2008 was also at a time when one was not as free to discuss such things around here. That said, Romney wasn't my first choice in that election cycle either, but you will also recall that many were banned from FR who had Romney and Giuliani (also not my first choice, and he faded prior to FL anyway) as their first choices.

We were stuck with McCain in 2008, but that said, we did get Sarah Palin. Now Sarah Palin would never have received the visibility that she ultimately did and has enjoyed since then -- all the way to NOT running in this cycle. Go figure. Apparently she did “figure” and calculated that there was no value in doing so. She's a politician like any one else and I have proposed a place for her in a Romney Administration where her skills sets may be used effectively.

As an extension of the Romney Administration, I would be employing her to do a job I think needs to be done to move conservatism forward. Unlike many around here, however, I have no conservative’s “crush,” just an interest to get a job done that corresponds with conservatism. That's it. And for conservatives not beguiled by a sense of hero worship, that's all that should be required for them, as well

Politicians are politicians. Here's me standing with a politician I got to meet back in 1969. That's me on the far left. You might even recognize this politician: Strom Thurmond. This was at a gathering of conservative religious Christians at the Christian Admiral hotel in Cape May, NJ. How do you like that big ol' Bible he's holding?


Now, unknown to anyone at this time and since ~ 1947 until the day he died, Strom was paying child support to a lady who happens to be “black” for what was a youthful indiscretion of his that bore fruit – an illigimate, born-out-of-wedlock child. Yes, a good ol' Southern Boy he was, wasn't he?

Now, this happened at the time he was a rising political star (did I happen to mention a (D) star? Oh yeah, by the time I met him he was a (R ), but again we’ve seen and welcomed similar conversions with Reagan, Perry, etc.). If he wanted to be honest, and own up to his fatherhood, to his child, and married the mother of his child in the deep segregationist South of the time, can we all agree that his political career would have been finished?

I'd hate to learn someday that Thurmond ever used campaign funds to pay off the mother, or the child, or else he'd be little different from that scoundrel, John Edwards, on trial today. I am hoping beyond hope he kept those accounts separate, but back in the 50's and 60's before all the campaign finance reform went in, who really knows?

OK, all that said, Thurmond, that outward paragon of virtue (and on this topic, much like Gingrich) lived what most of us would consider to be a HUGE lie in his personal life. He musta had enough political dirt on enough people to be able to keep that affair quiet until after his death and to allow his 50+ year political career to flourish in spite of the payments to his consort to keep her faithfully "quiet." He took care of her for over 50 years, that's for sure.

At the time I met him he’d already been living that lie for > 20 years! What’s even funnier in retrospect is that at the time he was having sex with her he was a “Dixiecrat” preaching the popular “segregation” meme to his constituents at the time.

Hypocritcal? You bet. Wrong? Absolutely. He’d later admit he was wrong to have been a (D) and all it stood for. He never would admit to the hypocrisy – that would have blown his political cover. As a conservative myself, who sees only a human race regardless of skin hue, I am happy that he got over all that by the time he became an (R ).

Funnier still, he regularly visited Bob Jones University and addressed chapel services to the entirety of the student body there from time to time. What do you think those segregationist racists, BJ Jr, BJ III, and the entire Administration who forbade a Vietnamese-heritage friend of mine from dating his white girlfriend, and forbade “blacks” and “whites” from dating at all (once they were finally forced to let “blacks” in at all) would have done if they knew about the virtuous Senator’s ½ black love child?

As disappointed as we all were to hear of this indiscretion and cover up, the only question any of us should have is this: did Strom Thurmand advance the cause of conservatism all those years in the Senate, or not? I think most on this board would say that he did advance the cause. If so, he did what we hired him to do. Tennessee Nana doesn’t seem to get this but that doesn’t mean we are endorsers of or parties in any way to what was Thurmond’s intentional decades-long and almost life-long deception(s). He voiced our platform and voted accordingly. He did what he was told. I’m happy.

FR lost a lot of good, long standing, conservatively minded posters in that 2007/2008 era. Realizing this I think FR has rethought that this time around, because we need a united front this time around. The stakes are far higher in this election.

Having come to the realization that we have been dealt the cards we have this election cycle, and where most of us did not get our first choice in the primaries, at the peril of Obama's forces dividing and conquering, freedom to speak freely has been granted by the owner of the site as of last week.

We don't have to like the politicians who represent us. In fact I advise against making friends of any one of them lest anyone be taken into their confidence. It should be simply the contractual "you perform, or you're out." We use them for what they are good for and what we believe to be in our collective best interest to advance conservatism. We expect that those who espouse our values and run on our values believe that those values reflect theirs also. But they are politicians who should be regularly subjected to a "Trust, but Verify" metric.

Too many are inclined to be almost worshipful of some conservative politicians, and almost to the point as the liberals were and are worshipful of their liberal "Messiah Obama."

Politicians are humans themselves and as corruptible by the system of power as any. Some have been tempted and acted out sexual sins and in most cases tried to hide them from their adoring public (e.g., Thurmond, Gingrich). Some attest to a faith walk "rudder" of Judeo-Christian based morality to keep them aligned personally and I welcome that (e.g., Bachmann, Palin).

Romney affirms marriage between one man and one woman, and he wants to rip the guts out of Planned Parenthood. I’m OK with that. He has affirmed his Mormon faith-walk. It is not mine. I believe he is sorely in error scripturally speaking. I am not electing a pastor. That said, his Mormonism, unlike Obama’s Islamo-cryptoMarxism, is 100% pro-America and affirms core conservative beliefs that are held by practicing Mormons and practicing evangelical Christians alike.

We have to face reality and use the imperfect tools we've been given to move conservatism into the arena using those elected to local and national offices and ride them constantly so we are the squeaky wheels getting the grease.

Not many conservatives have been quite so diligent on this aspect of conservative maintenance, but the "tools" we elect will have to be maintained for them to continue to be useful to promoting the conservative cause.

Conservatives are well advised not to make the same mistake as did our opposition. Put a check on the idealism when it comes to politicians. Expect them to disappoint. Stand on top of them. In the end they will tend to disappoint you less.


72 posted on 05/14/2012 9:19:06 AM PDT by Agamemnon (Darwinism is the glue that holds liberalism together)
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To: Agamemnon
Thank you so very much for sharing your insights and reasoning, dear brother in Christ!
74 posted on 05/14/2012 9:54:07 AM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: Agamemnon

bttt - great post!

76 posted on 05/14/2012 10:11:50 AM PDT by Liberty Valance (Keep a simple manner for a happy life :o)
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To: Agamemnon

That was something else we noticed from the romneybots in 2007, since they couldn’t defend Romney’s left wing life and record as a Governor, they would write long, meandering, personal essays, as though they would mesmerize people into joining Romney’s devotees.

77 posted on 05/14/2012 10:11:55 AM PDT by ansel12 (Ann Romney, 1994 'We didn't know a single Republican when we jumped in in December,')
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