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Voting for Romney (D-Mass.): The Worst Mistake a Conservative Could Make
Political Realities ^ | 7 Apr 12 | LD

Posted on 05/16/2012 2:51:31 PM PDT by xzins


Thanks to LD for allowing me to publish this lengthy article that is mirror-posted at The Country Thinker. It will be shocking to some, but I have been accused (politely) of being crazy, insane, and a variety of similar expressions over my political positions. This is my rebuttal to explain in detail why I am not.

I don’t normally post on Saturday, but I had a conversation with a political consultant friend of mine on Thursday and what we discussed is just too critical to let slide. (I can’t mention his name because he does paying work for the Big Two; he gives his services to Third Parties and Independents for free.) This is going to be one of the tersest posts I’ve ever written, and if you’re a reader who can’t handle criticism of the Republican Party, please read no further so we don’t end up with ill will between us. For those who can take criticism, this may be the most important piece you read this year—if you truly get it, anyhow.

Why am I so passionate today? Well, most readers who visit here know the country is in deep doo-doo. I’m here to tell you that voting for Mitt Romney (D-Mass.) will not change that fact and may make things worse. I will explain two things. First, Mitt Romney (D-Mass.) is the presumptive Republican nominee precisely because he will do nothing to improve our country’s fortunes. He is the chosen one because he will maintain the status quo. That is what the GOP machine has chosen him to do.

Second, you cannot “take over” the Republican machine and turn it into something in decent. I have made that statement before, but I’m going to describe the machine in greater detail. Keep in mind that this is information I have obtained from current and former GOP insiders. Everyone on the inside agrees that the Party has been constructed so it cannot be taken over. They have also constructed a political system so the political duopoly is very, very difficult to challenge. (Republican insiders HATE political freedom, like so many other freedoms.) Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is a matter of judgment. For conservatives and libertarians it’s bad. For establishmentarians it’s wonderful.

Finally I will explain why voting for Romney (D-Mass.) is the worst thing you can do, regardless of whether you’re a “principals” voter or a “strategic” voter.

If you are not one hundred percent convinced that I am correct in those statements, you absolutely must read the rest of this piece and tell me where I’m wrong. I know I’m correct, and I can assure you that if you vote for Romney (D-Mass.) it will be the greatest political regret of your life.

Inside the GOP

I left the GOP a few years back because of my disgust at the Party’s utter lack of principle and inability to nominate respectable candidates. After some soul searching (and a period of time when I swore I’d never vote again) I landed in the Libertarian Party, which is my natural philosophical home.

Since I have gotten active in electoral politics I have gotten to know some folks who have been involved with both major Parties at relatively high levels; consultants, former members of state central committees, former elected officials, campaign managers, media relations folks, etc. Most are independents now. Some have joined with the Libertarian or Constitution Parties. Some are still with the Big Two. But they have opened my eyes to reveal that which I knew instinctively, namely, the Republican Party is a monstrosity beyond repair, and that is by design. (The Democratic Party is not quite as bad.)

It is the monstrosity of the GOP I am going to discuss here. If I am able to open your eyes, you will be hard-pressed to remain loyal to the beast. You certainly will not pull the lever for Romney (D-Mass.). That would make matters worse, not better.

You cannot learn about Republican Party politics by watching Fox, reading The Wall Street Journal (my favorite media outlet on all other matters), or trusting the Heritage Foundation. They are all in the game that is working against you, the rank-and-file of the GOP. Rush Limbaugh seems to have some sense of how the game is played, yet enables it through his blind allegiance to the Republican Party. He will not say a peep about either Gary Johnson (polling 7% right now, which will probably double when Ron Paul concedes), or Americans Elect (with a $35 million war chest) until he has no choice. These two campaigns will have a dramatic impact on the upcoming election, but GOP loyalists like Limbaugh keep it mum and toe the line when it comes to the GOP’s hatred of political freedom.

You must talk to those who have gone inside the belly of the beast to understand exactly what you’re dealing with. (Get involved with a state or local group—if you dare.)

What is the Republican Party?

So what is the Republican Party? (This also applies to the Democratic Party to a slightly lesser degree.) Politicians are not the Party. This is an extremely point to understand. When you open your eyes to this basic fact, you will see how futile it is to think that you can change things through the ballot box.

To compare the Republican Party to a car, politicians are the hood ornament. Money is the gasoline, and special interests are the driver, mechanic, and gas station attendant. The rest of the vehicle is built of consultants, campaign managers, advisors, bureaucrats, media and marketing folks, state and national committee members, etc., etc. Within the context of Republican Party politics, elected officials yield the least influence. The president may be the most powerful person in the world, but that doesn’t mean he’s in charge. Politicians who sincerely want to do a good job are deemed “Outliers” and are given little influence, or are openly attacked by the Party; see the sordid story of Governor John Kasich (R-Oh.) below. (Obama works off-script an unusually large amount of the time for a president, which is why the Democratic establishment can’t stand him and can’t wait for his next term to finish. Hillary Clinton will be much more compliant.)

The role of the Republican Party is to dole out America’s resources in the manner the major donors wish. The role of politicians, especially the president, is to put a smiling face on it, which is why Romney (D-Mass.) is the GOP’s anointed one. The fact that he is so effective at fundraising should scare the crap out of any sentient being. He’s a handsome, smiling bobble-head; nothing more. It tells you that he will exert little influence over his administration if elected.

So the GOP cannot be taken over at the ballot box. You must move to Washington and evict all of those who comprise the structure of the machine. Good luck with that, especially when you’re going to have to beat the money-men to pull it off.

Smart companies like Goldman Sachs and General Electric donate to both Parties. GS was Obama’s biggest donor last election cycle, and if polls show Romney (D-Mass.) likely to win, they will be his biggest donor. The reason should be obvious; the firm and the other big banks wrote most of Dodd-Frank, and unsurprisingly their market share has increased significantly since the bill was enacted. Had Romney (D-Mass.) been president, he would have signed it, too. (Additionally, Bush and Obama have had thousands of Wall Street folks working in their administrations. It’s a modern-day spoils system, and Romney (D-Mass.) will do the same.)

Thus, Nancy Pelosi’s infamous “you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill” comment was actually non-controversial. Republicans didn’t know what was in Sarbanes-Oxley or TARP when they voted “yea,” either. The powers-that-be wrote them (the accounting lobby in the case of Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Fed and Treasury in the case of TARP), and yes votes were both expected and received.

The Faux Nomination Process (Politics as Usual)

Everyone knows Romney (D-Mass.) was the pre-selected candidate, but the campaign hasn’t gone according to script. There was only supposed to be token resistance to perpetuate the illusion that the rank-and-file actually plays a role in the nomination process. And as soon as he started feeling the pressure, he immediately went negative because he has no positive message to run on. “I promise to take your tax dollars and give them to my campaign donors” isn’t a smash hit with voters.

(Note that Gary Johnson ran zero negative ads in his two campaigns for Governor, although I cannot promise that he will do the same during this election cycle. I will also admit that this article will probably make him uncomfortable if he reads it. After all, I’m not only going negative on Romney (D-Mass.), I’m going negative on the entire corrupt Republican Party.)

So far I have nailed the Governor-who-never-calls-himself-Governor’s campaign perfectly, and I I’m going to tell you how the so-called ObamaCare “repeal” will go down if the bill survives the Supreme Court and he is elected.

I said that during his campaign he would shift his rhetoric to the right during the primaries only as far as necessary to secure the nomination. Check. Next he would shift to the center to win in November. His campaign has admitted that is their strategy. Check. He will then govern to the left as he “works with” Democrats like he did as Governor. He has promised it on the campaign trail. Check. Anyone who thinks this man has a conservative bone in his body has fallen for this used car salesman’s pitch hook, line, and sinker. Not that it matters, because he’s not going to Washington to lead; he’s going there to take orders.

Romney (D-Mass.) is the establishment’s choice because he stands for nothing.

Repeal ObamaCare? Not a Chance.

Romney (D-Mass.) keeps saying he will repeal ObamaCare, but I hope no one is naïve enough to believe him. His donors stand to make BILLIONS because of the bill. They wrote ObamaCare, and now they’re funding his campaign! Do you think health insurance companies are going to allow him to repeal a bill that mandates that all Americans carry gold-plated insurance?

The ObamaCare “repeal” will go down like this: House Republicans will pass a repeal bill. Senate Democrats will block it. There will be lots of tense moments and sparring through the media as the White House and House straw men and -women wage a wink-and-a-nudge “battle” with the Democrats. Romney (D-Mass.) will concede defeat and blame the Democrats, who will claim victory. The Republicans will save face with their base by fighting the “good fight,” as will the Democrats.

Next, Romney (D-Mass.) will take charge of “fixing” it. Democrats will concede that it needs improvement. Campaign donors will draft “revisions” that will benefit the donors, and both parties will agree to those amendments. There will be some token resistance on certain provisions to keep America fleeced into thinking that we have a functioning Two-Party system.

This may come as a shock to Republican loyalists, but the Supreme Court is the last chance at repeal. Now that it’s in place, the Republican Party wants ObamaCare as badly as the Democratic Party. Modified, perhaps, but they still want it. They’re in control of way too much money to relinquish that control. There won’t be enough votes to repeal even if the GOP has a supermajority in the Senate.

(Trust me on this point—I have this information from a state-level insider.)

Reduce Spending? Not a Chance.

If you think Romney (D-Mass.) is going to reduce spending by any appreciable degree, you’re not just sleeping; you’re in a coma. For example, he has said that if the safety net needs fixing he’ll fix it. He has no intention of reducing welfare or other entitlements. If anything he will expand them like George W. Bush.

Will he cut defense spending? Not a chance. Will he seriously tackle Medicare or Social Security reform? He might have the political capital to trim around the margins on one, but certainly not both. What about other discretionary spending? Again, maybe a little nibble on the edges.

Do not forget that the “draconian” Ryan plan merely trims the ten-year deficit from $10 trillion to $8 trillion. That’s the starting point, and Senate Democrats hold the power to block any cuts. Romney (D-Mass.) intends to broker a deal between the Ryan plan and the current path, which means most of the ideas in the Ryan plan will not be implemented because the Republican machine wants to control the money!

Because of rising health care costs (which ObamaCare will worsen), rising interest expenses, and rising entitlement spending due to the Baby Boom retirement, spending will increase under either Obama or Romney (D-Mass.). Any difference between them will be a fraction of a percent.

And, if Romney (D-Mass.) is as much of a war hawk as he is portraying himself to be, spending could easily be higher than a second term of Obama if he launches another war somewhere.

So keep your eyes open. Romney (D-Mass.) has not been chosen because he will reduce spending. He has been chosen to distribute it differently.

(Also, I hope none of you fell for the “cut-cap-balance” nonsense. That was political theater to fool fiscal conservatives. It would never have passed the House if there was any sincere belief it would have passed the Senate and been signed by the president. The driver of the GOP auto (the big donors) would have pulled the plug on it if it was a serious threat.)

Is the Tea Party Dead?

Anecdotally, the Tea Party is nowhere near the force it was in 2010. There have been few primary battles pitting a Tea Party conservative or libertarian against an establishment candidate that have received national coverage. Part of it is because it is a presidential election year, and Obama is so deservedly despised by Tea Party folks. Unfortunately, many Tea Partiers have climbed back in bed with the GOP and have fallen back asleep. The Tea Party is still holding their officials’ feet to the fire, but the fire has dwindled to coals. That is bad news. By and large they have been seduced into playing a losing game.

At the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s State Convention last weekend, Nick Gillespie of began his speech with a picture of former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. It was from her high school years, and she had on a ladybug costume, and it was one of the ones the media used to smear her.

I agree with Nick Gillespie that Christine O’Donnell was exactly the kind of candidate this country needs because she would have challenged the machine and been something other than a hood ornament. Many Republi-zombies complain that it was a winnable seat, and they should have nominated more moderate Mike Castle. No, no, no! It is the Mike Castles of the world that have gotten us into the mess we’re in. Picking a bobble-head because they have the correct letter beside their name will do nothing to clean up the mess.

But even if O’Donnell had won, it would still take dozens of years and hundreds of other victories to get enough politicians in place to evict the rascals who control the machine, as well as a total restructuring of the Party. That’s not going to happen. It is the Republican Party that needs evicted.

The lack of any Christine O’Donnells or Sharon Angles (or Rand Pauls or Marco Rubios) in this cycle tells me I was correct when I expected the GOP machine would work hard to destroy Tea Party insurgents before their campaigns saw the light of day. And many Tea Partiers are to blame for joining with an organization that hates them but will gladly take their money and votes.

The Vice President

Some see a ray of hope for the GOP. There is a lot of talk about Marco Rubio or possibly even Rand Paul receiving the VP nomination. I concede that a Rubio or Paul nomination would be a positive sign that the establishment still fears the conservative wing of the Party. I also concede that Rubio would be harder to smear than Sarah Palin was, but the media would undoubtedly break out some of Paul’s missteps he made during his Senate campaign.

But, do not let your eyes close if Rubio gets the VP nod. Do not fall for the head fake. Keep your eyes open and on the machine. The establishment may like his ethnicity, but they despise his fiscal conservatism. Undoubtedly they would like to get into his head and reprogram him into an establishmentarian. And as an actual VP the machine will keep him out of the public eye as much as possible. (They will also be thrilled to get him off the Senate floor.)

But what about President Rubio? Wouldn’t a Romney (D-Mass.)/Rubio ticket pave the way to the White House for him? Maybe. But being Vice President doesn’t assure that you will be the nominee. Unless a decade in Washington (2 years as Senator, plus 8 as VP) turns him into an establishmentarian Republibot, the GOP will back a more compliant candidate.

Do you think the GOP machine wouldn’t turn on an incumbent? Think again. Here in Ohio, Governor John Kasich is doing a pretty good job, but he wasn’t the establishment’s guy. Like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Kasich wasn’t supposed to happen. Thus, what should have been an easy win over Ted Strickland turned into a down-to-the-wire nail biter, because neither the state nor national party gave him more than token support.

And now that he’s in office “the machine” has turned on him. The behind-the-doors battle between Kasich and the establishment has become public, and it is pretty clear he will face a primary battle, probably from Secretary of State John Husted. Isn’t it funny that the GOP despises when conservative candidates challenge establishment incumbents, but feels no remorse about challenging a conservative incumbent with an establishmentarian?

And have no fear, it’s almost certain a Democrat will win the 2014 Ohio gubernatorial race. Way to go GOP! A Democrat is better than a conservative, no? After all, Democrats know how to play the game called “governance.”

So keep your eyes open and don’t get too excited if a conservative like Marco Rubio gets the VP nomination. The Party doesn’t want him, and unless he learns to play suck-up to the money men, he will not make it to the White House as a Republican. The establishment will destroy him if he tries.

“Anybody But Obama”— The Most Dangerous Three Words in America Today

If you’ve followed me so far and still have your eyes open, you can understand why these words are so dangerous—and so powerful. This is a call for you to close you eyes and mindlessly pull the lever for Romney (D-Mass.). It is the machine as a hypnotist. “Now close you eyes . . . you’re getting sleepy . . . sleepy.”

Many say that the nation won’t survive a second term of Obama. I have been one of his harshest critics of him from the get-go. I warned people throughout the 2008 campaign that he would be a disaster, and he has not disappointed.

But, how bad his second term might be is overblown, and a lot of it is Republican establishment bluster to intimidate conservatives into accepting their puppet-candidate. Yes, he drives me crazy with his incessant ranting and lying. But the GOP has him effectively neutered legislatively, so there is little for him to do there. I agree that he can still do damage on the regulatory side, but the country can probably limp through four more years.

The second problem with the “Anybody but Obama” argument is that not only is the threat of a second term of Obama overblown, the benefit of a first term of Romney (D-Mass.) has also been greatly exaggerated. As I’ve already discussed, he is not going to repeal ObamaCare. He is not going to reduce spending to a significant degree, and may spend more than Obama with divided leadership. He may back off some EPA regulations, but only if his money men demand it. He will add regulations if his donors request them. Let’s not forget that it was George W. Bush who teed up the era of regulators-gone-wild, and Romney will keep it up.

Romney (D-Mass.) will be little different than Obama because that’s how the Republican Party wants it. There is a very big pie to dish out, and the GOP wants control of the spatula, not to shrink the size of the pie. Worse, we could potentially have eight years of Romney (D-Mass.). If your eyes are open to what he’s about to do to us, that’s a more frightening prospect than one more term of Obama!

Conclusion: What to Do

It should be perfectly clear that I am advocating that conservatives and libertarians abandon the GOP. As a card-carrying Libertarian working on the Gary Johnson campaign, naturally I hope you join us. But I want to make clear that I did not write this highly negative piece just to attract voters to the LP, although I certainly hope it has that effect. I wrote this lengthy article because what I have written is true. I knew it intuitively when I left the GOP, and now that I have spent time with current and former GOP insiders, my gut feeling that the GOP is unredeemable has been confirmed. The Republican machine has been built so it cannot be destroyed at the ballot box.

So if you vote on principal as I do, you probably have already decided against voting for Romney (D-Mass.). Perhaps you will choose Johnson or whoever emerges from the Americans Elect process. Perhaps you will stay home. Any are superior to voting for the Governor-ashamed-to-call-himself-Governor.

If you are a strategic voter, the calculus is different, and it depends on what message you want to send. If you think Gary Johnson has a chance, you should join me, because he’s the only fiscal conservative who will be on the ballot. It certainly would be an effective protest vote. But if you still believe the Republican Party can be saved, nothing would send a better message to the GOP that it need to stop nominating center-left puppets by voting for Obama.

Let’s face it, a Romney (D-Mass.) v. Obama matchup is by far the worst offering from the two major Parties since the weak-president era of the Gilded Age in the late 1800s. This is a shame because Gary Johnson is the best candidate to appear on a presidential ballot in a long, long time. (He is the LP’s presumptive nominee, garnering 80-90% of the vote in straw polls at state conventions.) Perhaps between now and then he will get the traction to make it a competitive battle.

But I am urging conservatives and libertarians: DO NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY (D-MASS.)! You will be assisting the corrupt machine that despises you, and you will be helping to install a puppet who will ensure that conservatism is kept in check at the federal level. You will be voting against everything you hold dear.

Vote for Obama to kick the GOP in the crotch. Vote for Governor Johnson because you think he’s most qualified. Skip the presidential ballot entirely when you vote in November. Any of these decisions is superior to voting for Romney (D-Mass.)

Just don’t vote for Romney (D-Mass.), the hood ornament of the Republican spending machine. You will regret it.

As for me, you can rest assured that I will not. And if one of the Big 2 candidates wins in November, I will wake up on Wednesday morning with a smile, knowing it wasn’t my fault.

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To: BuckeyeTexan

Hi Buckeye. Those policy issues are all, of course, real concerns.

I’m not among those who is so fear driven that I think the country will cease to exist. Obama is just a man, he puts on his pants one leg at a time, he needs a teleprompter, and he can’t speak a clear sentence when he’s away from one.

He’s really not all that.

My take is that it’s much more important to build a new home party for conservatives. That is best begun now. The GOP has left us, if it ever was with us.

Please join us. We need you. The GOP-e doesn’t even want you.

181 posted on 05/16/2012 6:31:25 PM PDT by xzins (Vote Goode not Evil (the lesser of 2 evils is still evil))
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 174 | View Replies]

To: Bikkuri
7+Mb is one damned big helping of SPAM

182 posted on 05/16/2012 6:31:56 PM PDT by tomkat (:^)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 164 | View Replies]

To: Let's Roll

The worst mistake a conservative or anyone else for that matter could make is to act in any way that would count as a vote for oblamer

Huh? That's the worst mistake? I'd say allowing ourselves to be enslaved by socialism as long as the socialist in charge is wearing an "R" pin on his lapel is a considerably larger mistake. It's just plain dumb to be okay with socialism as long as our team gets to pick the socialist-in-chief. Our Founders are spinning in their graves. This is not what they surrendered their heritage, finances, and very lives to build.

183 posted on 05/16/2012 6:33:50 PM PDT by so_real ( "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.")
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 29 | View Replies]

To: MCSP2008

It sure is.

Reality is facing the world in the face right now and many people are learning the wrong lessons from it.

The fact is you cannot tax or spend your way into prosperity, only economic freedom can bring it.

184 posted on 05/16/2012 6:34:10 PM PDT by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Pursue Happiness)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 179 | View Replies]

To: Deb; xzins; All

You know me better than that. I would never recommend anyone vote for Obama.

I would never vote for, support or endorse a person for president whose only government record is that of an abortionist, homosexualist, gun-grabbing, global warming hoax pushing, liberal judge appointing, crony capitalist, mandate loving, big government statist!!

Regardless of party affiliation.

And I sincerely doubt that the good U.S. Army Chaplain and Patriot, Xzins would either.

We are the resistance!!

For God and Country!!

Thank you and God bless.

185 posted on 05/16/2012 6:35:13 PM PDT by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 113 | View Replies]

To: xzins
I will NEVER vote for obama, but I also will not vote for romney. He never reached out to conservatives and said he did not have to, that conservatives will vote for him (arrogant #*@) He not only moved to the center, he pushed obama further left by saying he was ok with gay adoption.

I have a few questions for those who are voting for romney. We all know (and if you don't many of us here can send you proof) that romney, the gop, fox, ann coulter, drudge,.......pushed romney. They helped him cheat, steal, buy votes and endorsements....

Why vote at all? Unless you're a pro-abortion, pro-gay,....person your vote doesn't matter. Your nominee has been chosen for you like it or not. Many people helped pull this off, but they did. Now they EXPECT us to vote as they say. So, why would you vote for a person who cheated you out of a fair vote? Why vote for someone who has lied and is a known liberal? Common sense or wisdom, tell us that a person who says they are against gay marriage, abortion,...then says the opposite later is not to be trusted.

How is lying, cheating, stealing....being pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage/adoption....different than obama? Why should we trust he will be different than obama?

Why in the world are we acting like a battered wife who keeps coming back to the man beating her? Are we suppose to act like the gop, romney,....did nothing wrong and support him?

I am a Christian and praying for a miracle. If we keep moving left with the gop nominees, we will be today's democrats, obeying and following like sheep. At least they get paid for following (welfare....) we get what???

186 posted on 05/16/2012 6:36:44 PM PDT by Linda Frances (Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: CharlesWayneCT

Virgil Goode has not changed his principles at any point in his career. The old conservative democrats died off, and when he voted to impeach Clinton they were livid. He went to the Republicans, and when he spoke out against oaths of office taken on a Koran, against LEGAL immigration for Job reasons, and refused to support the bailouts, they took their support away from him.

So, your understanding of the story is different than mine. Allow me to offer this evidence though: he actually did vote to impeach Clinton; he really is on a video opposing oaths of office with Korans; and he was just one of 65 to oppose the bailouts that BOTH Obama and McCAIN endorsed. AND ROMNEY.

So, who is the conservative? Obama, Romney, or Goode?

Which one do you think?

187 posted on 05/16/2012 6:36:46 PM PDT by xzins (Vote Goode not Evil (the lesser of 2 evils is still evil))
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To: conservativebuckeye

but I stopped reading once the author said he joined the Libertarian Party

Funny, I almost stopped there too. I'd vote libertarian only to see the heads explode in one of the big two parties when their chosen candidate comes up shy of the libertarian candidate. But I did finish the article regardless.

188 posted on 05/16/2012 6:37:27 PM PDT by so_real ( "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.")
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To: Diogenesis

The Gipper was right. Our nation does not need 2 Democratic parties.

189 posted on 05/16/2012 6:39:30 PM PDT by ReformationFan
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To: Linda Frances
Why in the world are we acting like a battered wife who keeps coming back to the man beating her? Are we suppose to act like the gop, romney,....did nothing wrong and support him?

Absolutely outstanding example, LF. Would love to see you write an article with that idea.

Faith, Sister!

190 posted on 05/16/2012 6:39:57 PM PDT by xzins (Vote Goode not Evil (the lesser of 2 evils is still evil))
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To: eddie willers
So was was Reagan.

Comparing the lying piece of socialist trash to President Reagan is beyond the pale.

Your boy isn't fit to polish Reagan's shoes.

191 posted on 05/16/2012 6:47:54 PM PDT by CharacterCounts (A vote for the lesser of two evils only insures the triumph of evil.)
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To: dead

Romney's an ass and a statist, but Obama is the worst president we've ever seen. He is on a mission to INTENTIONALLY destroy the nation. Wake up.

Wide awake here. It's simple battlefield strategy. Which opponent is easier to defeat: the one already tagged and well known on the field in front of you, or the Benedict Arnold working in the shadows at your back? Choose your team mates carefully; a Benedict Arnold can inflict more damage than a Sir Henry Clinton.

192 posted on 05/16/2012 6:49:07 PM PDT by so_real ( "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.")
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To: xzins
And if one of the Big 2 candidates wins in November, I will wake up on Wednesday morning with a smile, knowing it wasn’t my fault.

Sounds to me like you're rationalizing some way to make yourself feel good about the inevitable. Best of luck to you! I wish I could too, but I hate fooling myself more. I think there is a high probability you will be just as pissed off and disappointed the day after the election as the rest of us will be. There is no happy ending this time regardless of the outcome. Probably for generations.

We are outnumbered by voters and political supporters who want some sort of goodie from the govt (law, reg, funds, etc) - and that includes voters of all political persuasions including dems & repubs. That will not change until we (well, a majority of us) start raising our children to be more self-sufficient from and independant of govt. Perhaps our great-grandchildren will start to turn the tide.

So by your estimation, we can't overcome the GOP via the ballot box; we can't outspend the GOP; the tea-party has flopped; our only hope is some candidate no-one has heard of who polls at %7. In that case, a reasonable and prudent person might rightly surmise we are doomed regardless of what we do.

So, I'm voting for the most viable candidate that opposes Obama. I currently presume that will be the republican candidate, but if you can somehow boost your candidate to the front of the line by then, well I'll certainly vote for him.
193 posted on 05/16/2012 6:49:21 PM PDT by jaydee770
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: 1035rep

NOTHING can be worse that what we have right now.

Nothing, except more of the same. Which was the thrust of the article ... a vote for Romney is a vote for more of the same. The only difference is that socialism will advance under the republican banner instead of the democrat. It will be "our" fault.

194 posted on 05/16/2012 6:54:56 PM PDT by so_real ( "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.")
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To: Jim Robinson; Deb; All

I would never vote for Obama and never encourage anyone to do so, except tongue in cheek, of course. However, if folks were to check the record they’d see many overwrought people telling me that I’m actually supporting Obama and voting for Obama.

That’s because I refuse to support Romney, but instead support the only conservative in the race, Virgil Goode.

So far as this author is concerned, he’s libertarian and a Gary Johnson fan, but the first section of this article about the monolithic GOP is excellent. The GOP is impossible to change because of the rules they have written to cover themselves. (See the Virginia primary for an example.)

I agree with that part of the article about the GOP. That’s why I think a new home for conservatives is the right answer. Beyond that, I simply can’t understand any ABO’s tipping their hand to Romney, crawling to him on their knees saying, “we’ll support you no matter what.” I’m sure that will make him take their issues seriously. Heck no. They just admitted he has them over a barrel.

I’d like you to consider the CP, Jim. Like your Free Republic, it is a pro-God, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-small government place. I’m sure they have their dingbats and disrupters who play fast and loose with their principles....they just don’t run them as their presidential candidate.

195 posted on 05/16/2012 6:57:57 PM PDT by xzins (Vote Goode not Evil (the lesser of 2 evils is still evil))
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To: luvbach1
A blueprint for an Obama victory, just when it appears Romney is gaining traction against the Bamster.


Obama is so weak, he should lose in a landslide. If your boy is incapable of sealing the deal against him, it won't be anyone's fault but his own and the GOP elites for selecting a bigger loser than the sophomoric fool currently occupying the White House.

196 posted on 05/16/2012 7:00:36 PM PDT by CharacterCounts (A vote for the lesser of two evils only insures the triumph of evil.)
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To: GeronL; tomkat
Salve. Yes, Problem is how can you fix a broken engine of a car, if not being realistic and tell owner, this engine is broke, time to bring new one. Who will pay for it? If account is closed. Merci, [Romanian native > ESL]
197 posted on 05/16/2012 7:03:08 PM PDT by MCSP2008
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To: vortigern

As bad as Romney may be, he is still better than the current occupier of the white house.

In what sense? He's better at raising taxes (300%)? supporting Cap and Trade? Making gun ownership more difficult? Advancing gay marriage and child adoption by homosexuals? Leaving unborn children subject to murder? Bailing out big companies? Check the record, FRiend, these are all Romney accomplishments. Romney *is* as bad as Obama. The main difference between the two is the "R" next to his name on the ballot.

198 posted on 05/16/2012 7:03:16 PM PDT by so_real ( "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.")
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To: CatherineofAragon


I got the main points from the newspaper...

Romney: Gay couples should have right to adopt

In an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business Network, Romney was asked whether he believes the gay marriage debate is a new civil rights movement, as some Democrats have framed the issue.

“I don’t see it in that light,” Romney responded. “I believe my record as a person who has supported civil rights is strong and powerful. At the same time, I believe that marriage has been defined the same way for literally thousands of years by virtually every civilization in history and that marriage is by its definition a relationship between a man and woman.”

He added that “if two people of the same gender want to live together, want to have a loving relationship, even want to adopt a child — in my state, individuals of the same sex are able to adopt children. In my view, that’s something which people have the right to do, but to call that marriage is, in my view, a departure from the real meaning of the word.”

Romney has made similar statements in the past. In 2006, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney told the Boston Globe that same-sex couples have “a legitimate interest in being able to receive adoptive services.” In 1994, he told the Boston Herald, “I would leave it [gay adoption] up to the states. I would not oppose it or require it.”

Washington Post May 10, 2012

199 posted on 05/16/2012 7:06:36 PM PDT by Tennessee Nana (Why should I vote for Bishop Romney when he hates me because I am a Christian)
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To: jaydee770
I didn't write the article, Jaydee, but I do think the analysis of the GOP is very interesting.

You wrote: We are outnumbered by voters and political supporters who want some sort of goodie from the govt (law, reg, funds, etc) - and that includes voters of all political persuasions including dems & repubs. That will not change until we (well, a majority of us) start raising our children to be more self-sufficient from and independant of govt. Perhaps our great-grandchildren will start to turn the tide.

Those are all excellent ideas, and I support them. Thanks.

Let me suggest something to you:

If you don't really want Romney, don't tip your hand about supporting him. Otherwise, they know they have you where they want you and they will slide to the left. If you're going to support him, keep it to yourself, be recalcitrant, and insist on conservatism from him. Don't reveal your support until about 30 days out...October. Don't enable them to take you for granted.

Finally, I'd really rather have you help us build a new conservative party, a home for people like us. We want you and need you. They don't....they don't care one whit about you.

200 posted on 05/16/2012 7:07:40 PM PDT by xzins (Vote Goode not Evil (the lesser of 2 evils is still evil))
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