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CNN Plays Dirty Too ^ | May 17, 2012 | Emmett Tyrrell

Posted on 05/17/2012 4:20:29 AM PDT by Kaslin

WASHINGTON -- I first heard it two, perhaps two and a half years ago. A sage sitting in his New York City office pronounced it. Said the sage to me: "This is going to be the dirtiest presidential campaign in history." I would pass on my prescient friend's name, but he is a gentleman of high profile. It would be best if he were to continue his life unmolested by the Living Saint in the White House, whom a benighted majority of Americanos deposited there in 2009.

Now, roughly six months from Election Day, I fear my friend was right. Financial donors to Mitt Romney have suffered unflattering attention from the press, from boycotters to labor thugs to stink bomb throwers. It is only a matter of time before the government begins harassing them with its vast array of federal agencies. Mitt Romney himself has suffered from the media and from assorted psychopaths. Yet, in time, what goes around comes around, as the phrase has it. President Barack Obama will get similar treatment, though not from the government. He controls the government, and thus far only a sole Marine has objected to him. He is Sgt. Gary Stein, and needless to say, he got the old heave ho.

I say I fear my friend was right in his gloomy prediction of a very dirty campaign, but here I am telling a little white lie. Truth be known, I relish the contumely, the dirty tricks, the ginned-up controversy of it all. I smack my lips and clap my hands. Bring it on! Let us see the full spectacle of idealists and progressives revealing their true selves, their lust for power, their libido for slander. Let us see their naked souls. Bring on the dirty stuff! Frankly, I am never happier than when I see a refined Liberal acting illiberally, even criminally.

Already we have seen the venerable "Washington Post" rummaging through Romney's past. Almost fifty years ago, he was a bully and anti-gay, committing other horrors I dare not repeat in this, a civilized forum of opinion. Well, maybe Romney was innocent. Maybe it was Adolf Hitler's high school days that the illustrious "Post" researched or Benito Mussolini's or Stalin's. It does not much matter. The "Post" gets things wrong. Romney's alleged victim is dead. His family claims the "Post" mischaracterized the unfortunate man who is now deceased. And there are journalistic problems with the "Post's" reports on all the other alleged witnesses. But who cares? It was a good story. Next will come accounts of even greater misbehavior by the otherwise suave and decorous Republican candidate. He picks his nose in public. He has halitosis. He walked out on a bill in 1963 and never tried to pay it back.

President Obama's day will come. He was born in a foreign country, possibly a Communist country. He is a Muslim, possibly a Muslim cleric. He never washes his hands after using a public comfort station. Occasionally, he does not even avail himself of a public facility. Some sleuth will produce pictures! John F. Harris, in his presidential biography of Bill Clinton, between pages 224 and 225, produced a picture of the Boy President and Al Gore participating in statecraft in a public restroom. It was a presidential first. So we already have come pretty coarse pictures of Democrats in action, and Harris was a friendly biographer. Now let the Obama haters have their say.

Actually, I may have contributed to the impending outbreak of vitriol and mayhem in the coming presidential campaign by referring in my current book, "The Death of Liberalism" (Thomas Nelson, Inc.), to the most spendthrift president ever as "the stealth socialist." I was joking, of course, exaggerating the particulars of Obamacare, which nationalizes one sixth of the American economy, satirizing Obama's attempt to buy up heretofore private corporations, and with taxpayers' money place bets on Solyndra and other of Obama's green friends. He also has attempted to extend federal control over the banks and other financial institutions with the likes of Dodd-Frank. I think the case can be made for Obama's stealth socialism, no? How about calling it Corporatism?

Alas, apparently out there in the Kultursmog this goes too far. I can speak facetiously about Obama, the stealth socialist, on Fox News, talk radio, and C-SPAN, but not on ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. In fact, on CNN I have been disinvited from a show. The claim was that calling Obama "the stealth socialist" was rude. Yet what about the charges against Romney? They have all been made on the above networks, and poor Romney has to go through the laborious procedure of saying he cannot recall incidents from 50 years ago. Anyway, if he was a rowdy high school jerk, he is now sorry. That is the double standard that will obtain in this election.

It is all going to be a spectacle to watch. Yet in the end, I have predicted in "The Death of Liberalism" that Romney will win. The conservatives and independents outnumber the Liberals by a staggering majority, and they are alarmed by the deficits that have been rung up by the...ah -- try this, the prestidigitator of a mixed economy in the White House. How is that, my friends in mainstream media, or is prestidigitator still too rude?

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To: Kaslin
place bets on Solyndra and other of Obama's green friends.

Tyrrell get this wrong. There was no bet. A bet offers the possibility of a return. Solyndra et al. were little more than the watering of Obama's friends at the public trough. The friends aren't green. They're bullsh*tters who needed a cover story.

Solyndra declared bankruptcy just under two years after it effectively got half a billion dollars from said public trough. It just isn't possible for a company of approximately 1000 people to go through so much money in such a short time except by stealing it. We talking about half a million dollars each. Half a million each! A quarter of a million a year per employee including the cashiers in the company cafeteria.


21 posted on 05/17/2012 5:56:45 AM PDT by ml/nj
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To: Lou L

I think all Romney needs to do is insist that one of the debates takes place on Fox since the others are on liberal stations.

Watch their heads explode especially if the panel is Hannity, Kelley and we can toss in a liberal, Williams.

22 posted on 05/17/2012 6:01:20 AM PDT by EQAndyBuzz (Would you rather eat dog food or cat food? Guess it's Romney 2012.)
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To: carriage_hill

not going to take that long to learn

23 posted on 05/17/2012 6:32:38 AM PDT by SF_Redux (Sarah stands for accountablility and personal responsiblity, democrats can't live with that)
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To: MuttTheHoople
was a pretty good Governor for Massachusetts.

Y'all ain't from here, huh.

24 posted on 05/17/2012 6:51:38 AM PDT by j_tull (Massachusetts once lead the American Revolution. Under Mitt Romney, it lead the demise.)
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To: SF_Redux

It’ll be interesting to see how long the corrupt, criminal lib-dem trash can drag it out in the courts, like they did in 2000 and 2004.

25 posted on 05/17/2012 6:57:50 AM PDT by carriage_hill (All liberals & most demoncraps think that life is just a sponge bath, with a happy ending.)
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To: treetopsandroofs
With Warren Buffett buying 63 more newspapers the influence of the left is becoming even more pronounced with their ability to spread their lies as truth.
26 posted on 05/17/2012 8:08:11 AM PDT by Baynative (REMEMBER: Without America there is no free world!)
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To: EQAndyBuzz
I think all Romney needs to do is insist that one of the debates takes place on Fox since the others are on liberal stations.

Absolutely before the MSM "Gotcha Awards."

The Republican candidates that participate in that MSM controlled crap are only feeding the communist agenda MSM. That must STOP.

The logical thing to do is HAVE OUR OWN DEBATES.

Form a temporary "Republican Debate Company" (RDC, Inc.) It will Hire the venue, it will assign our own moderators and timekeepers, put the conservative media in the audience.

Provide live streaming.


IF any MSM want to carry it they pay the temporary "Republican Debate Company" the fee and part of that goes to the candidates equally.

The carry it live and are not allowed to play it back. Ever. There will be no more NBC "accidental" edits.

There will be NO commentary by MSM "journalists" or reporters of their broadcast of the feed if they choose to carry it. There will be no after the debate "interpretations" of what was meant when so-and-so said whatever. They carry it with their lips zipped or not carry it, their choice.

There will be no MSM questions presented to the debaters. Only questions allowed are from real and genuine conservative show hosts. One "follow-up" question only. Strict timekeeping.

Have Mark Levin oversee the legal agreements with vicious automatic penalties that will gut any MSM entity that re-plays one second of the debate or violates ANY of the additional stipulations. Video the signing by having then read aloud into the camera they are freely agreeing to the terms of the agreements including the exact amounts of the fines for violations and then sign it with a closeup of the signature.

Standard fine per violation is 20 Million.

All monies collected from any violations divided equally among the debaters only. RDC, Inc. operates on the fee for the feed only.

No negotiations on the binding agreements. Take it / leave it. Their call.

Pay the fee, get the feed. Other than that they can pizz off.

No more MSM "Gotcha Awards."


27 posted on 05/17/2012 8:30:20 AM PDT by TLI ( ITINERIS IMPENDEO VALHALLA)
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To: huldah1776
I want to know why there is not ONE publicly funded conservative television station considered main stream? Why not? Why not a conservative PBS? Why can’t we all get together and fund this? Are we too divided? Are we not really concerned? Must not be because it’s been this way as long as I can remember. I was a teenager and my brother had enlisted during the war in Nam. I noticed no patriot news and I rarely watched the news.

In the old days, there were 3 networks, newsweeklies such as Time-Lies' Time and Life magazine (current owners of CNN and Bill Maher's HBO), et al.

They agreed on the liberal agenda and did their best to advance it. In 1968, they disagreed with the Democrat Party leadership (the liberal wing wanted Eugene McCarthy) and attempted to revolt inside and outside the convention.

After 1968, the New Democrats took over academia, network anchor positions, and the DNC.

The only way to recover the institutions of media and academia are to expose the FRAUD of the New Democrat establishment in the media, academic, and political arenas.

They must be entirely discredited as Joe McCarthy was and run out of town on a rail. They LIE to the public and their intentions are NOT honorable. They are beyond hypocrites, they are Stalinist socialists who lie to sway the masses with no attempts to cover up their bullstalin or hint of embarrassment over the twisted logic of persons like Sandra Fluke who wined and dined on vacation in Spain while b!tching that she couldn't afford law school AND contraceptives and defended Bill Maher's "nuanced" used of pejorative terms like c*nt and slut.

28 posted on 05/17/2012 9:35:56 AM PDT by a fool in paradise (Barack Obama has cut and run from what he called "the right war".)
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The debate can take place in any arena, just let Rush Limbaugh be the moderator. Or Bill Bennett, or Mark Steyn, or Walter E. Williams, or...

Fox News isn’t conservative, NewsCorp execs endorsed Kerry in 2004.

29 posted on 05/17/2012 9:40:06 AM PDT by a fool in paradise (Barack Obama has cut and run from what he called "the right war".)
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To: a fool in paradise
Fox News isn’t conservative...

They never said they were.

Where there's a shell, there's a way.

25 years ago, we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope.
Today we have Obama, no cash, and no hope!

If you can't appreciate the pure beauty of the violin after hearing this, something's wrong with your ears.

Or you can get raw with these strings.

How about this gamechanger from America's Got Talent (which they SHOULD have won).

Either way, the violin is sweet yet lethal.

Do it!

30 posted on 05/17/2012 5:11:15 PM PDT by rdb3 (If you were tried in court for being a Christian, is there enough evidence to convict you?)
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