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The Nation's Top 'Progressives' - and Socialists and Communists ["progressive" = communist] ^ | June 8, 2012 | Paul Kengor

Posted on 06/10/2012 8:17:39 PM PDT by grundle

The left-leaning magazine The Nation has published a list of what it deems America’s all-time, most influential progressives. The list, which you can review for yourself, is very revealing.

For starters, it’s fascinating that The Nation leads with Eugene Debs at number 1. Debs was a socialist. It was 100 years ago this year, in 1912, that Debs ran for president on the Socialist Party ticket.

Today’s progressives get annoyed if you call them socialists. Well, why is a pure socialist the no. 1 “progressive” on The Nation 's list?

Of course, progressives really get annoyed if you suggest they bear any sympathies to communism. That being the case, two other “progressives” on The Nation ’s list are quite intriguing: Paul Robeson and I. F. Stone.

Paul Robeson was a proud recipient of the “Stalin Prize.” Even the New York Times concedes Robeson was “an outspoken admirer of the Soviet Union.” When Robeson in 1934 returned from his initial pilgrimage to the Motherland, the Daily Worker thrust a microphone in his face. The Daily Worker rushed its interview into print, running it in the January 15, 1935 issue under the headline, “‘I Am at Home,’ Says Robeson At Reception in Soviet Union.”

The Bolsheviks, explained Robeson, were new men. He was bowled over by the “feeling of safety and abundance and freedom” he found “wherever I turn.” He discovered sheer equality under Joseph Stalin.

When asked about Stalin’s purges, Robeson retorted: “From what I have already seen of the workings of the Soviet Government, I can only say that anybody who lifts his hand against it ought to be shot!”

Yes, Robeson was deadly serious.

Robeson told the Daily Worker that he felt a “kinship” with the USSR. So much so that he moved his family there.

He also joined Communist Party USA. In May 1998, the centennial of Robeson’s birth, longtime CPUSA head Gus Hall hailed Robeson as a man of communist “conviction,” who “never forgot he was a communist.”

None of this is mentioned in The Nation ’s profile, which blasts anyone who dared consider Robeson a communist. Instead, The Nation insists that Comrade Paul was a “progressive.”

And that brings me to I. F. Stone.

Stone is listed at number 26 on The Nation’s list. Stone has been hailed by liberals for decades as the literal “conscience” of journalism—a hero of impeccable honesty. In fact, we now know that Stone, at one time, was a paid Soviet agent.

In their latest Yale University Press work, historians John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr, and Alexander Vassiliev conclude that Stone (from 1936-39) was a “Soviet spy.” Also closely studying Stone’s case is Herb Romerstein. In The Venona Secrets , Romerstein likewise concluded that “Stone was indeed a Soviet agent.” One of the stronger confirmations from the Soviet side is retired KGB general Oleg Kalugin, who reported: “He [Stone] was a KGB agent since 1938. His code name was ‘Blin.’ When I resumed relations with him in 1966, it was on Moscow’s instructions. Stone was a devoted communist.”

None of this appears at Stone’s “progressive” profile at The Nation .

And speaking of progressives with communist sympathies, also on The Nation’s list is Margaret Sanger. The Planned Parenthood matron sojourned to Stalin’s Potemkin villages in 1934. “[W]e could well take example from Russia,” Sanger advised Americans upon her return, “where birth control instruction is part of the regular welfare service of the government.”

The Planned Parenthood founder was stunned by the explosion in abortions once legalized by the Bolsheviks. No fear, though. Sanger offered this confident prediction: “All the [Bolshevik] officials with whom I discussed the matter stated that as soon as the economic and social plans of Soviet Russia are realized, neither abortions nor contraception will be necessary or desired. A functioning Communistic society will assure the happiness of every child, and will assume the full responsibility for its welfare and education.”

This was pure progressive utopianism, an absolute faith in central planners.

Overall, the socialists, communists, and Soviet sympathizers on The Nation’s list are dizzying: Upton Sinclair, Henry Wallace, W. E. B. DuBois, Norman Thomas, Lincoln Steffens, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Tom Hayden, Barbara Ehrenreich, and John Dewey—founding father of American public education.

Thus, I’m compelled to ask: Is this “progressivism?” Is progressivism synonymous with liberalism, or is it much further to left, closer to communism?

I plead with progressives: This is your ideology … Could you better define it, if that’s possible? Or is the definition of progressivism always progressing? Actually, it is always progressing; that’s precisely the problem with this train-wreck of an ever-elusive ideology. The Nation’s list of leading American “progressives” is truly a teachable moment.

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The Nation admits that "progressive" and "communist" are the same thing.
1 posted on 06/10/2012 8:17:44 PM PDT by grundle
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To: grundle

Number one on the list should be Obama, because, he’s the one that attained the higher power ever for a communist, and the one that exerted the most damage to the U.S., which used to be the last bastion of liberty on the planet. It was always the dream of all “good” communists to destroy the U.S., and Obama is the one that accomplished that goal, and the progressives, aka: the democratic party, aka: the “real” communist party in the U.S., were very instrumental in causing the decline of the U.S.

2 posted on 06/10/2012 8:23:59 PM PDT by adorno
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To: grundle

Liberal = progressive = statist = communist. The differences between Obama and Stalin or Mao basically come down to style, not substance.

3 posted on 06/10/2012 8:27:14 PM PDT by GodAndCountryFirst
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To: grundle

tomato / tomahto

4 posted on 06/10/2012 8:27:34 PM PDT by smokingfrog ( sleep with one eye open (<o> ---)
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To: grundle
5 posted on 06/10/2012 8:33:27 PM PDT by Berlin_Freeper
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To: grundle
I think you are only almost right. What The Nation admits is that communists and socialists are species of "Progressives", not that the notions are coincident. For instance, they list John Dewey, and baleful as Dewey's ideas about education have proved, doing exactly the sort of harm "Progressives" seem to delight in, Dewey opposed a communist attempt to take over the New York Teachers' Union. And Jackie Robinson, whom they also list, though in his later years he fell into the delusion that the Democrats had better policies for black folks and supported Humphrey over Nixon, was most of his life a Republican and helped found a black-owned commercial bank. Not exactly a Bolshevik, he.
6 posted on 06/10/2012 8:46:51 PM PDT by The_Reader_David (And when they behead your own people in the wars which are to come, then you will know. . .)
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To: Berlin_Freeper

So what, is she a Commie?;)

7 posted on 06/10/2012 8:58:58 PM PDT by Frank_2001
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To: grundle

8 posted on 06/10/2012 9:07:51 PM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: grundle

If the author is trying to say that Progressivism has mutated, fine. But the original Progressive movement was focused on eliminating corruption and reforming government. Some leading Republican Progressives included Theodore Roosevelt, Robert M. La Follette, Sr., Charles Evans Hughes and Herbert Hoover. Yes, progressives fostered an era of government regulation but back then, much of it was needed. The movement had peaked and was dying by the time of the great depression, where ironically by today’s definition, most progressives opposed the massive New Deal expansion of gov’t.

I’m not defending progressivism, but frankly I don’t think this writer knows what he’s talking about.

9 posted on 06/10/2012 9:11:18 PM PDT by bigbob
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To: Frank_2001

And a progressive lunatic.

10 posted on 06/10/2012 9:26:02 PM PDT by Berlin_Freeper (Anybody But Anybody)
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To: grundle
For starters, it’s fascinating that The Nation leads with Eugene Debs at number 1.

No it's not. The list is in chronological order. Debs is the oldest. It would be nice if people on our side could learn to read accurately.

11 posted on 06/10/2012 9:39:28 PM PDT by No One Special
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To: bigbob; grundle

“If the author is trying to say that Progressivism has mutated, fine.”

Just like “liberal” comes from the word “liberty”.
Evil will always twist the truth.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

12 posted on 06/11/2012 2:56:27 AM PDT by vanilla swirl (searching for something meaningfull to say)
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To: grundle

Left “leaning”????

13 posted on 06/11/2012 4:27:42 AM PDT by traderrob6
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To: grundle

I like calling democrats Nazis. It makes their heads spin around at 90 mph, while green pea soup spews out their nostrils.

14 posted on 06/11/2012 5:49:29 AM PDT by sergeantdave (Public unions exist to protect the unions from the taxpaying public)
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To: sergeantdave
It's especially head-exploding for them when you can back up the charge of "fascist" as applied to 0bama and democRats in general.

Must read book:

15 posted on 06/11/2012 5:56:13 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: grundle
I just call them the “LPDC Community” (Libs/Progs/Dems/Commies).
16 posted on 06/11/2012 6:03:44 AM PDT by Awgie (truth is always stranger than fiction)
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