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The SCOTUS Just Woke Up a Sleeping Giant (Vanity)
June 28, 2012 | pistolpackinpapa

Posted on 06/28/2012 7:54:12 AM PDT by pistolpackinpapa

One Republican Congressman, whom I believe they said was from Arizona, just said the same thing I said after this Ruling:

"Today, the Supreme Court awakened a sleeping giant. This changes the Election drastically." This has so angered people and will cause many to realize, this is no small matter. This is no game. We MUST Elect Mitt Romney, and a GOP House and Senate on November 6, 2012 so this ObamaCare Mess, our new Tax the Supremes gave us today, can be repealed and totally dismantled.

I believe this "victory" for the Obama Thug Brigade in the White House, will be short-lived. This will fire up people who were somewhat lackadaisical about this Election. We have to get the Marxist out of the White House.

It ain't over Mr. President. WE'RE JUST GETTING WARMED UP!!!

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To: mass55th

Odd - not there in Louisiana.

121 posted on 06/28/2012 8:27:14 AM PDT by LadyEleanor
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To: rman04554

Please enjoy.

122 posted on 06/28/2012 8:27:37 AM PDT by Resettozero
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To: HamiltonJay
actually,it seems the Roberts court has ruled if the government decides that for the common welfare we all need a head of lettuce, it can tax us and then buy us all a head of lettuce

slight distinction

of course there wont be enough lettuce to go around because the lettuce growers will be heavily regulated and wont be able to charge enough to grow it all

So some folks will get taxed but won't get their lettuce. The government will decide on a “fair” system to ration lettuce.

123 posted on 06/28/2012 8:28:14 AM PDT by silverleaf (Every human spent about half an hour as a single cell)
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To: MNlurker; pistolpackinpapa; Flightdeck

I’m sitting here numb, nearly in tears for our country. During the convention, can we toss Romney overboard for Palin, DeMint, Gingrich or anyone of the great conservatives?

I don’t know how to post a photo - so please forgive this. Perhaps someone could post it. Look at Jon McNaughton’s painting, The Empowered Man. Look closely to see the man standing in front of the White House, holding a wrinkled copy of the constitution - see Zero holding his hands as if to say “NO”. That is US, folks - it is us standing there.

I pray for this nation and hope all will join me. Never give in and never give up.

124 posted on 06/28/2012 8:28:44 AM PDT by WaterWeWaitinFor (If we don't help make a change, then who will? It starts with us.)
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To: Dr. Brian Kopp

Romney is a joke. The GOP is a joke.

God have Mercy on us.

So, then if electing a GOP Prez and GOP House and Senate is a joke, what is your solution? All you can say is “God have Mercy on us.” Well, up to this point God sure hasn’t helped our cause. Maybe God really does help those who help themselves. So, let’s hear your plan smart ass.

125 posted on 06/28/2012 8:29:06 AM PDT by no dems (TED CRUZ: A PROVEN CONSERVATIVE FOR U.S. SENATE FROM TEXAS.)
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To: Revel

I agree.... starting from this point forward, there will be the low life turds geting their free obama bucks, and the rest of us paying for it.. the low life crowd and the Government employess, will grow larger and larger until the voting block will be impossible to overcome..

and then, they will run out of other peoples bucks, and that is when the hit will fit the shan.. all hell will break loose in this country..

Honestly, I can see states leaving the Union.

I’ll vote, but I see no hope whatsover for this country.

126 posted on 06/28/2012 8:29:15 AM PDT by Chuzzlewit
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To: Pox
"Get used to this, it’s not going away until the federal government is physically dismantled."

My only consolation is that I'm at the tail-end of my life and won't have to put up with it much longer. I feel sorry for my kids, and the younger generations of this country.

127 posted on 06/28/2012 8:29:25 AM PDT by mass55th (Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway...John Wayne)
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To: rman04554
Freepers....milk toast moderate Romney is our last hope. Giving $1000 to Mitt today

Amen. I'm sending him my first donation today.

I read that his campaign website took in $100,000 in the first 40 minutes after the decision.

128 posted on 06/28/2012 8:30:56 AM PDT by TonyInOhio (What did the President know and when did he know it?)
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To: steve86

I don’t flippin’ understand the people of my country! A major terrorist attack committed by Muslim extremists happens on our soil and what do we do? Elect an American-hating muslim sympathizer a couple years later. And YES if only those Obama voters opened their freaking eyes and invested a little in finding out who they were voting for before they pulled the lever...and then as we conservatives are fighting this horrible health care law trying to be pushed through by the “President” and really need a good conservative to fight this rogue administration what do we do but go ahead and nominate Mitt Romney! A guy who as far as I’ve heard, had created a similar law for his state as Gov.

Goodbye United States of America...RIP.

129 posted on 06/28/2012 8:31:31 AM PDT by kelly4c
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To: pistolpackinpapa

John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy must be on their way to Yale and Harvard today to be feted by their left wing puppeteers they are so eager to please.

130 posted on 06/28/2012 8:31:41 AM PDT by crusader71
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To: cotton1706

your post gives me hope. it may be the only good that comes out of this decision today, if it motivates the anti-romney vote and illuminates the extreme urgency of this election. we need every single vote, bc obama will cheat, lie and steal this election.

131 posted on 06/28/2012 8:31:56 AM PDT by xsmommy
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To: JTHomes

“The Dems are emboldened by this “

Let them. Obama’s mandates and TAX INCREASE will be on the ballot.

“Even more reason though to make sure we get Obama and his gang of thugs voted out of office. “

Exactly so.
This ruling was a setback but only a temporary one if we win in November.

100% REPEAL. Nothing less.

132 posted on 06/28/2012 8:31:56 AM PDT by WOSG (REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMA.)
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To: pistolpackinpapa
If Romney does not make an unequivocal promise (that he can not wiggle out) of to sign a repeal of Obamacare then we need to look for a real conservative to replace him at the Tampa GOP convention in August. Screw the GOP 'establishment' and their games. Conservatives have allowed the GOP 'establishment' to render the party as Democrat-Lite. This kind of freedom-robbing Supreme Court decision is one of the results, stemming from having RINOs as our presidential candidates that, when elected, appoint quasi-liberal Justices with a veneer of 'conservatism' to get them past us. No more.

The TEA party is alive and well and fed up to the eyeballs with RINOs and the 'moderate' GOP establishment making fools of us, time and again, as happened in the primaries. The Republican convention will be the last chance to rectify this unhappy situation and if we blow it, it may well be the beginning of the end of America as we know it. I'm no cynic but this Supreme Court decision looks like it is going to usher in an era that America has never seen before - and it won't be pretty. We cannot sit on the sidelines, crying and complaining and allow this to happen while making cynical comments about how powerless we all are to stop it. We must fight - and I believe we will. It simply doesn't have to be this way.

133 posted on 06/28/2012 8:32:10 AM PDT by Jim Scott
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To: pistolpackinpapa; Cincinatus' Wife; altura; MEG33

How about a more current name for the mess...instead of Obamacare, call it what it is NOW...


Pronounced JuhRobertscare.

A name that will live in infamy.

I know it isn’t that simple. But I believe Roberts deserves it. But for him, Obamacare would be gone.

There’s little more to say at this point.

134 posted on 06/28/2012 8:32:16 AM PDT by txrangerette ("HOLD TO THE TRUTH...SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR." - Glenn Beck)
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To: pistolpackinpapa

Romney, as much as I do not like it, was correct on his answers to his Romneycare. He said it was UP TO EACH INDIVIDUAL STATE to do whatever it chooses.

This ruling causes every state AND individual damage.

I will vote for the liberal for that reason and that reason alone. He got it correct.

A general strike is in order. All truckers, all people who are opposed to this should stop all work for at least three weeks and let the GD bastards see if they can survive without anything for that while. THE GD SOBS!!!

135 posted on 06/28/2012 8:32:26 AM PDT by crz
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To: Cicero

The GOP has absolutely screwed us, and left us with no real options in this coming election.

Who are you calling “The GOP” ? We did it to ourselves like we did in 2008. The Moderates run one candidate in the Primaries. The Conservatives run 15 candidates in the Primaries. The Conservatives bite, devour and destroy each other and....... the Moderate cake walks to victory!!! HELLO!!!!! So, we have met the enemy and he is us.

136 posted on 06/28/2012 8:33:08 AM PDT by no dems (TED CRUZ: A PROVEN CONSERVATIVE FOR U.S. SENATE FROM TEXAS.)
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To: Stonewall Jackson


137 posted on 06/28/2012 8:33:53 AM PDT by SLB (23rd Artillery Group, Republic of South Vietnam, Aug 1970 - Aug 1971.)
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To: CSM; dfwgator
“No they didn’t, the vast majority of the country will just go back now and resume watching American Idol.”

You are spot on. In fact I have talked to several people and the general response has been, “Oh well, what can you do?” Followed by a simple shrug of the shoulders.

It's not that people don't care but rather they feel powerless to do anything about it. Quite frankly, they have a point. Every law passed that infringes on our liberty and rights, is another law that has to be dealt with. Most people just feel overwhelmed at the shear amount of work and dedication it will take to fix this.

If you send (R) to represent us, you'll get Socialism-Lite rather the the (D) version of full Socialism. You still end up with Socialism, it's just how quick you want to get there. This is further fueled by a significant part of the electorate who wants the parties to get along, compromise and get things done. So you end up with a (D) proposal for 10 trillion dollars and the (R) says we'll go with 5 trillion. You still just spent 5 trillion more than you started with but my gosh we compromised and all got along and the (D) didn't get all they wanted.

Then factor in the fact that more and more people become addicted to various entitlements. It's similar to a drug addiction and we are creating more junkies every day. This is exactly what they want you to be, just another junkie needing your fix from Uncle Sam. It's all rigged to a degree because both parties want us dependent on them or have so many laws on the books that just being alive or dead is breaking a law, otherwise they have no power over us.

138 posted on 06/28/2012 8:34:20 AM PDT by Mr Fuji
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To: Pox

Get used to this, it’s not going away until the federal government is physically dismantled.

How and when might that happen?

139 posted on 06/28/2012 8:34:51 AM PDT by no dems (TED CRUZ: A PROVEN CONSERVATIVE FOR U.S. SENATE FROM TEXAS.)
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To: MrB


look at that chart - look at the assumptions of a “growing economy” to produce those revenues

with only 65% of the workforce, the lowest percentage in 30 years, working right now? Really?

So where do Pelosi and Reid think that extra $500 BILLION in taxes is gonna come from in 2013?
From the 4 millon new jobs they said would be “created” by obamacare? really?

I am out of the equities market as of today
Call me an idiot but I hope gold and silver crash hard, so I can buy some

140 posted on 06/28/2012 8:34:51 AM PDT by silverleaf (Every human spent about half an hour as a single cell)
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