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Colorado Shooter's Behavior "doesn't add up" ^

Posted on 07/21/2012 9:09:14 PM PDT by truthfinder9

His behavior doesn't add up

His behavior already reveals stark inconsistencies that question the mainstream explanation of events. For example, he opened fire on innocent people but then calmly surrendered to police without resistance. This is not consistent with the idea of "killing everyone."

Furthermore, he then admitted to police that his apartment was booby-trapped with explosives. If you were really an evil-minded Joker trying to kill people (including cops), why would you warn them about the booby trap in advance? It doesn't add up.

"Holmes was taken into custody shortly after the shooting, police said, adding he didn't resist when he was arrested," reports a local CBS news affiliate.

"After his arrest, Holmes told police about 'possible explosives in his residence,' Oates said. When police searched his apartment, they discovered it was booby-trapped and evacuated surrounding buildings, police said. Oates said bomb technicians are determining how to disarm flammable or explosive material in the third-floor apartment. He said police could be there some time."

None of this checks out. If you're a killer bent on causing mayhem, why tell the police about your surprise bomb waiting for them back at your apartment?

Holmes was clearly provided with exotic gear...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; News/Current Events; US: Colorado
KEYWORDS: batman; behavior; cuespookymusic; jamesholmes; morethorazineplease; naturalnews; nutjob; psychology; shooting; sourcenamedumbass; sourcetitlenoturl; theater
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To: RegulatorCountry
I used to let a Schizophrenic split firewood at my campground to blow off steam. He found it therapeutic. One day, he came in my office with his axe and the voices were telling him that he had to kill somebody. He had not been taking his meds. Considering that I was the only one available and unable to get past him, I sure did some fast talking. I will never forget the look in his eyes. Distracting him by talking about his favorite music group eventually worked. I think the fact that I knew a little about Jim Morrison and the Doors saved my life that day. He was a big guy and I'm sure he had the strength of three at the time. Needless to say, that was the end of his firewood chopping days at my place. He looked positively possessed.
161 posted on 07/22/2012 1:07:40 AM PDT by Colorado Doug (Now I know how the Indians felt to be sold out for a few beads and trinkets)
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To: allendale

I know from personal experience with a co-worker that they can be reported by the family, diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses & be returned to the workplace or school on heavy doses of prescribed medication. The current culture in the mental health professions is to reintegrate very ill people into work and school, on the theory that it helps them “heal.”

The doctors will tell you that the best predictor of future violence is past violence. That’s their excuse for doing nothing except prescribing massive doses of drugs with serious side effects. With AZ, VA Tech, and now CO - people knew the person was unstable. There was no dry run. They all went from no attacks to mass murder.

I saw Dr. Keith Ablow give a great interview on O’Reilly. He said that he
will commit people, but many doctors won’t. Even then, I question how long they would remain committed. The perceived answer is the drugs, but who’s to say they don’t cause individuals to become violent.

162 posted on 07/22/2012 2:49:57 AM PDT by Belle22
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To: garjog
Could this mass murderer be an Obama fan?

One look at his picture tells you that.

163 posted on 07/22/2012 3:14:32 AM PDT by Fresh Wind ('People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook.' Richard M. Nixon)
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To: Eye of Unk

What national group hates America with an extreme passion?

Democratic Party.

164 posted on 07/22/2012 3:38:39 AM PDT by 98ZJ USMC
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To: M1903A1

He planned for the apartment to go up first, drawing the police and fire in droves, just like any city, meanwhile he is hitting the theater across town.

165 posted on 07/22/2012 3:50:35 AM PDT by DainBramage
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To: mazda77

I did not know this. Thank you.

166 posted on 07/22/2012 3:54:02 AM PDT by golux
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To: truthfinder9

sick people “don’t add up”.....

167 posted on 07/22/2012 5:11:30 AM PDT by GotMojo
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To: Parley Baer

““Question: How does an unemployed medical student afford $20,000 in weapons gear?””

Just like millions of other students- credit cards or maybe even identity theft.

168 posted on 07/22/2012 5:51:33 AM PDT by equaviator (There's nothing like the universe to bring you down to earth again.)
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To: chessplayer

The shooter has been implicated as a member of Occupy Wall Street’s Black Bloc division. Here is an article which details what they know about him so far:

More Signs Point to James E. Holmes Having Been Occupy ‘Black Bloc’ member

169 posted on 07/22/2012 5:56:07 AM PDT by Juliathemechanic (Colorado Shooter Likely Occupy Wall Street 'Black Bloc' Member)
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To: The_Reader_David

Looks like less likely schizophrenic, more likely Occupy Wall Street Black Bloc member. Google it.

170 posted on 07/22/2012 5:56:20 AM PDT by Juliathemechanic (Colorado Shooter Likely Occupy Wall Street 'Black Bloc' Member)
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To: Sioux-san

“Did you see my response in post 67 - I do understand now.”

Yes. I saw it. My reference to “The Kingdom” was the use of one event to draw in others to a more serious one.

Yes. It’s worth watching. The fact that this occurred at the very beginning of Ramadan is interesting, too.

171 posted on 07/22/2012 6:36:15 AM PDT by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto.)
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Back in the cage Obama, back in the cage.

This guy did it himself ~ all by himself ~

172 posted on 07/22/2012 6:57:28 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: dragnet2

There are at least 150 people who had a close friend or relative injured or killed by this guy. A threatening phone call or two wouldn’t seem all that unexpected ~ of course there are those who want Holmes out on the street!

173 posted on 07/22/2012 7:01:51 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: DrewsMum
Try this thought ~ in his delusion he imagined the audience would simply sit there while he shot them all.

Turns out real people don't act that way so they ran away as best they could.

This is consistent with the sort of static thinking exhibited by many leftists and Democrat politicians, and by environmental whackos. They cannot think in dynamic terms ~ so the people they 'help' are always poor, the rich are always rich, as the ocean rises the people stand there and drown, ..... and so on. There are numerous examples.

174 posted on 07/22/2012 7:04:21 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: Juliathemechanic

Some rambling blog posts and a few poorly put together YouTube videos isn’t exactly what I would call conclusive evidence. And that picture of that OWS protester being arrested in NYC doesn’t look anything like Holmes. YMMV.

175 posted on 07/22/2012 7:06:21 AM PDT by MD Expat in PA
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To: GGpaX4DumpedTea

Standard costume stuff ~ you can get it all, plus a gas mask, for under $100.

176 posted on 07/22/2012 7:06:43 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: RacerX1128
The 'he comes back' part wasn't in the eyewitness' story. What came back was James Holmes dressed like a Star Wars stormtrooper with a gas mask, and carrying firearms and tossing tear gas grenades.

Likely James was the dude sitting next to the witness initially ~

177 posted on 07/22/2012 7:10:01 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: Irenic

SEE: TEXAS TOWER ~ Charles Whitman ~

178 posted on 07/22/2012 7:15:54 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: Noumenon; All
The Black Bloc crew at the Seattle WTO riot were all very well equipped, curiously so.

Obama wants a civilian security force, just as well equipped as the military.

When Obama and Hillary start collecting guns, the shooting will start. Just what our first Muslim President needs to declare martial law and start rounding up radicals. Anything is on the table for the Muslim traitor.

179 posted on 07/22/2012 7:20:00 AM PDT by politicianslie (Obama: Our first Muslim PRESIDENT,destroying America $1 Trillion at a time! And America sleeps)
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To: Juliathemechanic
I don't think this is the same guy

180 posted on 07/22/2012 7:44:24 AM PDT by RummyChick
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