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To: Paperdoll
“My question is, who hired him to be the hit man?”

My question EXACTLY! Why aren't authorities or any conservative talk show hosts for starters talking about the statement given by a survivor of the shooting by the name of Corbin This was a CNN TV interview with Dates on the phone, and which is being carried by Youtube. Dates states that he was sitting in the second row in theatre 9. In the first row in front of him, a man took a phone call and then got up and walked to the emergency exit door and propped open the door, while seemingly giving the caller instructions/directions about something. The man with the phone then walked back to his seat. Dates stated that 20 minutes later into the film, the exit door opens and the shooter walks in, throws a smoke bomb and starts shooting. Dates stated that there was something wrong, in that the shooter was 5'8”to 5'9” tall, and the man with the phone was not. FBI stated in a report that Holmes is 6'3” tall. Corbin didn't describe the man with the phone in any detail and the TV anchor failed to ask him. But Dates’ point was THERE WERE TWO MEN INVOLVED. The FBI reported that Holmes is 6'3” tall. If Holmes is suppose to be the shooter, and the shooter observed by Corbin Dates was 5'8” to 5'9”, a definite difference, then WHO IS THE SHOOTER? And WHO is the man with the phone?

Did the police ask Dates to describe the man with the phone? Did they show Dates pictures of Holmes, with and without red hair, profile as well as full frontal? Did the police ask this man's approximate height? Do the police have proof that Holmes bought a ticket and walked into the they have a ticket stub, or his image on a camera positioned in the theatre? What proof is there that Holmes WAS in the theatre...if we knew the description of the man with the phone, HE may have been Holmes, or yet another accomplice.

Holmes was not proficient with firearms, according to a police statement on 7-23. Holmes was mild-mannered, mentally ill, delusional, a loner and unemployed. I believe he was “recruited” by a Soros operative to be the front man for this massacre..his background was clean and he wasn't involved with any OWS groups, and he was delusional and mentally ill, and pliable, and they worked their persuasion on Holmes.

Both Oboma and Soros want the UN Arms Treaty that will be voted upon this week. Oboma needs this treaty to grab the guns from We the People, in the event he looks to be losing the vote, or does lose the vote in November. Soros planned this evil attack on Americans to garner sympathy from the American people, the Congress for gun control. Oboma, who was caught up in the Fast and Furious scandal, couldn't risk being connected to another diabolical act against the USA and its citizens. So a green light was given to Soros to provide the plan, the money, the technical knowledge and the manpower to pull off this massacre.

According to reports I read, and you can google any of this to read further, a smoke canister was thrown by the shooter before he started shooting. There was also ANOTHER smoke canister thrown into the audience on the opposite side of the theatre. My guess is that the man with the phone had left his front row seat sometime during the beginning of the movie and moved to the other side of the threate, unnoticed by anyone in particular. His job was also to throw the smoke canister to blind the audience, and then get out of the theatre before the shooting started. The shooter was a sharpshooter, and Holmes is not. It was necessary that Holmes was caught dressed in black, with the gear, the mask and the gloves on. The shooter's background could be traced and his connection to Soros could be found out, and so he had to get out of his clothes, gear, mask, gloves and guns, and give them to Holmes who was waiting for him at the back of the entrance to the propped open exit door, where Holmes had parked his car. For forensic purposes, Holmes had to don the clothing the shooter was wearing and obtain his guns and smoke canisters. The shooter was then whisked away by car, and is probably out of the country. As it turned out, Holmes was arrested standing where his car was parked due to the keen eye of a police officer who noticed that what Holmes was wearing was somewhat different from the other officers dressed in similar garb. This is my take on what happened, assuming that Holmes WAS the man with the phone. All of what I have written can be confirmed by googling interviews of survivors at theatre in Aurora, CO, etc.

If Holmes was NOT the man with the phone, then there was a third accomplice. Holmes may have never entered the theatre, but instead was waiting in his car parked near the entrance to the propped open emergency exit door. He then could have grabbed the clothes and gear, guns, etc. from the shooter who ran up to the car, and who was then driven away and then out of the country.

Oboma and Soros cannot get away with this. They will do anything to make this country socialist/communist/marxist. And oboma will not give up his “presidency”..he wants to be dictator, and, of course, keep his promise to Putin, that he will “be able to do more after he is elected.” When these two subversives shed the blood of American citizens on our shores, we must destroy this evil with all our might.

Now, are the cops going to pursue the lead that there were two men involved as per Corbin Dates interview? Is anyone else in the Republican Party, among the conservatives, in the Senate going to follow up on Corbin Dates interview..will they be able to connect this subversive attack with the desired passage by both Oboma and Soros, of the UN Arms Treaty up for a vote this week?

The Republicans in our government were successful in unraveling Fast and Furious...we citizens in this country will NOT allow this travesty to go unpunished, will not allow these enemies of the people in our government to draw another breath, if in fact this can be proved. Who is going to step up and investigate? Colorado is a liberal state with a Democratic/socialist govenor. Who is going to step up? The police state there was no outside influence involved with Holmes. Who is going to step up and investigate these leads? We will soon find out.

39 posted on 07/24/2012 12:45:01 AM PDT by itssme
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To: itssme
I think your theory is a bit far fetched. However, there are several points to consider, who was on the phone and opened the door. Also what happened when the shooter exited?

Most movie theater complexes have security cameras on site.

Sneaking in the movies (via the exit) is a long-standing problem. Was there a camera pointed at the exit door from the outside?

Additionally, there is a problem with crooks breaking into cars at movie theaters. Were there cameras pointed at the parking lot?

We probably are not being told all of the details in this massacre.

When the Tampa teen terrorist stole and crashed a plane in the wake of 9-11, we were ASSURED it wasn't terrorism and that he was even a member of the Young Republicans at school. Except his real name came out afterwards (Charles Bishra, not just Charles Bishop) and he had a suicide note calling it a "terrorist act" that he was engaging in and pledged support to Bin Laden.

The letter was suppressed until after the Superbowl probably because of his empty bomb threat against the game.

We know that the authorties have lied to us in the recent past and withheld details.

Meanwhile, he's still being referred to as a suspect. Hope they got the right guy.

47 posted on 07/24/2012 10:38:16 PM PDT by a fool in paradise (Eric Holder's NAACP rally against the voter ID laws required the press to bring govt issue photo ID.)
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