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Daniel Moynihan Memo on CO2 and Warming from 1969
Nixon Library ^ | Sept 17, 1969 | Dan Moynihan

Posted on 07/28/2012 9:40:16 PM PDT by Titus-Maximus



As with so many of the more interesting environmental questions, we really don't have very satisfactory measurements of the carbon dioxide problem. On the other hand, this very clearly is a problem, and, perhaps most particularly, is one that can seize the imagination of persons normally indifferent to projects of apocalyptic change.

The process is a simple one. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has the effect of a pane of glass in a greenhouse. The C02 content is normally in a stable cycle, but recently man has begun to introduce instability through the burning of fossil fuels. At the turn of the century several persons raised the question whether this would change the temperature of the atmosphere. Over the years the hypothesis has been refined, and more evidence has corne along to support it. It is now pretty clearly agreed that the C02 content will rise 25% by 2000. This could increase the average temperature near the earth' s surface by 7 degrees Fahrenheit. This in turn could raise the level of the sea by 10 feet. Goodbye New York.

Goodbye Washington, for that matter. We have no data on Seattle.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Danny Moynihan predicting NYC gone by the year 2000, but the city outlasted him. Sorry Dan but NYC is still high and dry.

These interplanetary weather models just suck at predicting anything, Get some real evidence.

1 posted on 07/28/2012 9:40:24 PM PDT by Titus-Maximus
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To: Titus-Maximus

I`m laughing and I can`t breathe.

2 posted on 07/28/2012 9:47:51 PM PDT by bunkerhill7 (Monyham Ham?????? . what??? Who knew? .)
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To: Titus-Maximus

Danpatmoy wasn’t a bad bastard...but what a maroon.

Him and Algor.

3 posted on 07/28/2012 9:59:13 PM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate Republicans Freed the Slaves Month.)
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To: Titus-Maximus

The letter must have worked. Nixon signed the EPA into existence.

4 posted on 07/28/2012 10:04:18 PM PDT by Moonman62 (The US has become a government with a country, rather than a country with a government.)
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To: Titus-Maximus
At the bottom of the memo...

Hugh Heffner knows a great deal about this

LOL. Like getting global warming insights from Larry Flynt.

[yeah, it's a different Hef I know]

5 posted on 07/28/2012 11:15:30 PM PDT by ProtectOurFreedom
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To: Titus-Maximus

This from the “genius” Moynihan that also, in 1996, predicted welfare reform would create “hoards of roving bands of youth”...

Let’s see; welfare is back at record levels as are food stamps, EITC, etc. And there are STILL “hoards of roving bands”.

I truly hate liberals. I’m not so religious that I can’t wish total hell upon them.

6 posted on 07/28/2012 11:20:37 PM PDT by Fledermaus (Democrats are dangerous and evil. Republicans are useless and useful idiots.)
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To: ProtectOurFreedom
LOL. Like getting global warming insights from Larry Flynt.

Or your science from Nancy Pelosi "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It"

The problem with Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change is that it ignores one basic thing: Plants

The higher the CO2 the more plants grow. The plants will continue to grow more until the CO2 balances out.

Where in the equations for Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change are the balancing effects of Plants and Algae on CO2?

7 posted on 07/29/2012 12:35:13 AM PDT by sr4402
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To: Titus-Maximus

The Club of Rome invented the boogeymen of man made global warming and environmental catastrophe as a means to install global governance and control the masses.

UN Agenda 21 is the working plan for relocating people from rural to urban residence and getting people out of their cars.

ICLEI is the organization that is pushing model planning regulations like “sustainable development” and “smart growth”.

Here is more on the Club of Rome.

Please learn about United Nations Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is an international plan to control the people of all nations. In the USA, Agenda 21 is a rural land grab to make rural land off limits, and force Americans into cities.

This first video by Michael Shaw explains United Nations Agenda 21 in detail:

This second video by Rosa Koire explains how your local government is currently installing Agenda 21:

This video shows how hard it is to fight entrenched local politicians who are pushing for Agenda 21 and don’t know it or don’t care:

8 posted on 07/29/2012 1:20:18 AM PDT by Freedom_Is_Not_Free (REPEAL OBAMACARE. Nothing else matters.)
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To: Titus-Maximus

Sorry for losing my train of thought.

My point was that the Club of Rome just decided in 1968 to use environmental catastrophe and man-made global warming the scary lever to control people and push for one-world government.

Here, only a year later, old Danny boy was picking up the talking points and pushing them hard. It is amazing that they have been trying since 1968 and only made inroads in the 1990s.

That said, they certainly made up for lost time as UN Agenda is being installed nationwide in every city, county and regional master plan for development. Every single city in the USA is falling in line for “sustainable development”, “smart growth”, “walkable cities”, and “transit hubs”.

I only learned about Agenda 21 3 months ago and only learned about the Club of Rome 2 months ago. I misread the goal of those pushing man-made global warming and the entire thing was not on my radar until well after Al Gore left office and started pushing it hard along with Michael Moore and a bunch of others. That was in the late 1990s.

Now with the gift of 20/20 hindsight, I have this article showing that by 1969, the Democrat Speaker of the US House of Representatives was pushing the boogeyman of man-made global warming only a year after the Club of Rome had brainstormed it as a way to scare the mass of Western people into surrendering sovereignty in order to “save the planet”.

Just incredible.

These guys have been absolutely tenacious in seeing through their plan to install global governance and will NEVER back off their scare tactics of man-made global warming and environmental catastrophe. Without a doubt the tactic has been working brilliantly, assisted by the commie print and TV media of the western nations all carrying the water for them, while western schools have brainwashed fully 2 generations of school children to believe global warming is caused by man.

We need to fight this evil violently. I don’t mean shooting people, I just mean we have to be overwhelming in our political opposition, especially at the local grass-roots level.

9 posted on 07/29/2012 1:40:15 AM PDT by Freedom_Is_Not_Free (REPEAL OBAMACARE. Nothing else matters.)
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To: Titus-Maximus

This clown also predicted that Welfare would destroy the black family. At least he got that one right.

10 posted on 07/29/2012 4:53:10 AM PDT by BobL
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