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Obama's College Classmate: The Obama Scandal is at Columbia
TheBlaze ^ | August 6, 2012 | Wayne Allyn Root

Posted on 08/06/2012 4:46:19 PM PDT by Jess Kitting

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To: Jess Kitting

Disregard ...the lower link worked

101 posted on 08/06/2012 7:01:16 PM PDT by hattend (Firearms and ammunition...the only growing industries under the Obama regime.)
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To: carriage_hill
See Coast to Coast for in depth analysis of Jarret.

She is a Reptilian shapeshifter.

102 posted on 08/06/2012 7:04:01 PM PDT by muleskinner
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To: 23 Everest

BUMP for later Mock—

103 posted on 08/06/2012 7:04:30 PM PDT by Bender2 ("I've got a twisted sense of humor, and everything amuses me." RAH Beyond this Horizon)
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To: bossmechanic

I have always been a “college-er” because it points to willful lawbreaking by Obama when he was of legal age and would have more teeth than the accident of WHERE he may have been born.

I am assuming he committed Federal Student Aid Fraud by claiming to be a foreign exchange student or something.

So he either.

1. Committed federal Student Loan FRAUD if he pretended to be a foreign national (which is pretty damn bad)

2. If he wasn’t number 1 then he is ineligible as he is an not a citizen.

No wonder the “won” hasn’t released jack didly squat, he is stuck in a catch-22 situation which is where his handlers WANT him to be.

104 posted on 08/06/2012 7:07:04 PM PDT by GraceG
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To: RightFighter
Obama’s Harvard records are open to people who work at Harvard Law school? Everyone, some people, a very select few?

I suspect those records are under lock and key if they are there at all.

105 posted on 08/06/2012 7:14:42 PM PDT by warsaw44
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To: sneakers


106 posted on 08/06/2012 7:14:49 PM PDT by sneakers (Go Sheriff Joe!)
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To: Jyotishi

like Breitbart?

107 posted on 08/06/2012 7:16:41 PM PDT by ldish (Give me Freedom and Liberty or let's kick some a**!)
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To: ldish


108 posted on 08/06/2012 7:20:46 PM PDT by Batman11 (Obama's poll numbers are so low the Kenyans are claiming he was born in the USA!)
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To: M Kehoe

“You are not allowed to leave the faith. Why hasn’t some imam issued a fatwa on his ass?”

There is allowance to lie to the non muslim in some muslim circles. Perhaps his presentation as a Christian falls under that Muslim allowance.

If this is the case I would expect no fatwa.

109 posted on 08/06/2012 7:27:39 PM PDT by Domestic Church (AMDG ... there is no such thing as coincidence)
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To: carriage_hill
"She's a lizard."

Sleestak, actually.

110 posted on 08/06/2012 7:29:03 PM PDT by Flotsam_Jetsome (If America were a car, the "Check President" light would be on.)
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To: Jess Kitting

111 posted on 08/06/2012 7:32:39 PM PDT by tsowellfan
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To: tsowellfan

Trumpo has said for the past month or so that Zippy’s college records “are real interesting”.

Not “may be interesting” or “might be interesting”.

Trump knows what is in them.

112 posted on 08/06/2012 7:36:09 PM PDT by exit82 (Pass the word: Obama is a FAILURE!! Democrats are the enemies of freedom!)
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To: SvenMagnussen
Obama's mother notified the US State Department her son, Barack Hussein Obama, had naturalized in a foreign state when he renewed her passport in 1967. The US Secretary of State issued BHO a Certificate of Loss of Nationality based on Stanley Anne's declaration on her passport renewal application.

This narrative makes no sense. Uncle Sam allows for its citizens to have multiple nationalities. Even in countries that don't allow it, most people hang on to their other nationalities as a kind of escape hatch. Many children of foreign dictators are American citizens via large investments or the fact that they were born on US soil. Stanley Ann Dunham was the complete opposite of a straight arrow. The odds that this radical groupie would even try to give up her son's American citizenship (which in fact only he can give up upon reaching his majority) are pretty low, especially when you consider that his American papers would be extremely useful for worming his way into the American power structure in ways that a foreigner could not.

113 posted on 08/06/2012 7:37:24 PM PDT by Zhang Fei (Let us pray that peace be now restored to the world and that God will preserve it always.)
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To: Persevero

And maybe he knows these questions are coming and this is why his people are making this BIG deal out of Romney’s taxes being released, so that he can say that his failure to release documentation based on “someone said” is “no different” than Romney not releasing his 10 yrs. taxes when (the imaginary) person made allegations. It is a “pre”fense for this very instance.

114 posted on 08/06/2012 7:38:33 PM PDT by Anima Mundi (ENVY IS JUST PASSIVE, LAZY GREED)
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To: 23 Everest

Great article & investigative research. As you said, if you were able to uncover all of this, why can’t the media or demoRAT party or the Republican party for that matter? The truth is, there is a massive cover-up for 0dumb0 of mammoth proportions. I am convinced this is the greatest deceit & cover-up in the world. It is too bad that there is not ONE renowned reporter or politician or government (such as Israel) to blow the whistle & just hammer that communist muslim pig on this. God help our nation. We are on brink of destruction....which I could probably accept if it meant that 0dumb0 would be prosecuted & convicted for fraud & deceit.

115 posted on 08/06/2012 7:39:46 PM PDT by rcrngroup
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To: Jyotishi

He’s who he says he is.

He’s often a guest on the Billy Cunningham radio show ( conservative who is also buddy’s with Levin and Hannity ).

As far as I know Billy’s radio show is only on Sunday evenings. He’s better than Hannity !

FReegards ~!

116 posted on 08/06/2012 7:40:49 PM PDT by simplesimon (I have flying Monkies and I am NOT afraid to use them.)
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To: BuckeyeTexan

Don’t be a jack-wagon!

117 posted on 08/06/2012 7:41:00 PM PDT by Osage Orange (Molon Labe)
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To: Jess Kitting


118 posted on 08/06/2012 7:52:02 PM PDT by angelsonmyside
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To: Jess Kitting
I am calling Boolshiite on the posted article.

It contains numerous mistatements and false info.

Occidental says Obama was known as Obama.
The transfer to Columbia is entirely unremarkable, because as is painfully obvious to anyone who knows anything about Columbia, as this joker should, one could walk in off the street with scant or no qualifications and sign up for courses in the school of General Studies.

If you stuck with it you could get your degree ... from get this ...Columbia College! No mystery here.

Of course no one from Columbia College knew him. Columbia College Ivy League boys who had to have high SAT's to get into Columbia College would not be caught dead with a General Studies geek-jerk. Even though the GS guy could be in the same classes with them! Plus Barack was in his Black Power phase and was probably out holding up banks with his Black Power new-found friends.

Of course the fix was in for Barry to get his degree. Bill Ayers, whom Barry knew very well at the time, was well connected at Columbia. Ayers received Barry directly from his gay mentor at Occidental, Prof. Laurence Goldyn, Marxist and Queer Activist.

As far as the money goes, it turns out that Grandma may have been a bit of a Kansas oil-and-gas-lease heiress with about $500,000 to play with back when that was real money. Could explain a lot. Check out Fred Nerks' many posts.

Now none of this is meant to suggest that he is not hiding something at Columbia, just that many of the red herrings this Root boy is tracking across the trail have already been disposed of on this site among other places.

Bandwidth waster. Obama troll? Misdirection? Holotta that boolshiite going on these days. Three months to go before the election. So, keep your eye on the main event: getting the Magic Mombasa Marxist Mulatto MF out of office. One might have video of him in a 4some with Maya Angelou, Larry Sinclair, and an underage Zebra on the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial, loudly admitting that the BC is a forgery ... and he not only would escape the law, he could be re-elected.

119 posted on 08/06/2012 7:56:02 PM PDT by Kenny Bunk (Do not listen to Conservative Talk Radio ... until they talk to Sheriff Joe.)
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To: Zhang Fei

The narrative makes sense if it furthered the goals of the intelligence community-whatever they might have been.

You can’t unravel Obama’s history without unraveling those around him.

His employer, BIC, provided cover for CIA agents.

That doesn’t mean Obama was one.

But Ann certainly was involved in the intelligence community.

It is interesting to me that she was called back to Indonesia right as the East Timor massacre was to take place - with the help of the US.

Interesting coincidence-The person who kept that info from coming out during Carter’s administration ended up being an advisor for Obama.

120 posted on 08/06/2012 7:57:00 PM PDT by RummyChick
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