Whoopsies. Someone is getting spanked over at the NBC News right now. While publishing the news that astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away today at age 82, the headline writer accidentally wrote "Neil Young" had died. Fret not, Neil Young is alive and well and probably off getting stoned somewhere.

A bad error? Like Jeremy Lin's "chink in the armor" bad? Yes … but it is not difficult to see how errors like this occur in a 24/7 news cycle when every outlet is competitively rushing to be the first one to report breaking news. (Whether they're first to report right or wrong news is a different story altogether.) NBC News reported on Neil Armstrong's death first, which is a feather in their cap.  Yet likely the urgency of breaking the story led the author of the piece/headline writer to click "post" too fast when another read-through would clearly have been a good idea.

My sympathy goes out to whichever poor working-on-a-Saturday-in-August soul is getting in trouble right now. Getting caught in a big whoppin' mistake — and a screen grabbed big whoppin' mistake, no less — is never fun for anyone.