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Daily Presidential Tracking Poll O48/R46 (O49/R47 w/Leaners)
Rasmussen Reports ^ | 9/29/2012 | Rasmussen

Posted on 09/29/2012 6:43:32 AM PDT by tatown

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows President Obama attracting support from 48% of voters nationwide, while Mitt Romney earns the vote from 46%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided. See daily tracking history.

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TOPICS: Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: 2012polls; poll; rasmussen
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To: RitaOK
What happened to “carpet bombing ads” and Paul Ryan dogging barack’s every appearance in every state, and the mountains of money.

I think at the end of the day, that will be the #1 question. Where did all this money go? I live in NH, a pure swing state. I see one Romney ad (on China which of all the material on Obama, it would be my last pick, but whatever).

So while Romney runs one ad (and none all summer as he was hammered), Obama is running about 4-5 different new ads every week, and they come on all the time (big buy), on History channel, Golf Channel, and NFL Network.

With all that said, despite the overwhelming corruption in the media and the 4-1 ad saturation, Obama is only up 2-3 points nationally. This election can still be won if they launch the carpet bombing soon. We will see. Fingers crossed!
121 posted on 09/29/2012 9:06:02 AM PDT by nhwingut (Sarah Palin 12... No One Else)
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To: nhwingut

I live in NYS and I literally have not seen one ad from anyone. No bumperstickers, yard signs. ZILCH!

You would not even know an election is happening in NYC a month from now!

122 posted on 09/29/2012 9:11:20 AM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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To: Ernestwashington

You seem to be pretty new, you should understand that why many of the folks here are hand wringers, a LOT of us know the numbers inside out, as well as the historical numbers.

If you think you can run BS on the Reagan/Carter race and not be challenged you are sorely mistaken, as yo saw when njwingut schooled you... ;)

123 posted on 09/29/2012 9:12:23 AM PDT by Leto
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To: GlockThe Vote

The Establishment is curiously silent now, as they were during the primaries, having opened their wallets to Mitt, but not their mouths, unhelpful to any other contenders.

It’s as though they have gone over to the dark side, frankly, actively working against us by their passivity, unenthused about fighting against socialism and Marxism and only dragging out threads on investigations of huge cases, using up the clock.

124 posted on 09/29/2012 9:12:27 AM PDT by RitaOK ( VIVA CHRISTO REY)
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To: Longbow1969

You’re doom & gloom report conveniently left out the 2010 midterms when describing how demographic changes mean that the country has reached ‘a point of no return’. Don’t give me the liberal meme that midterms don’t count either. The fact is that there were the same number of D candidates as their were R candidates.

125 posted on 09/29/2012 9:21:41 AM PDT by tatown ( FUMD, FUAC, and FUGB)
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To: txrangerette

>> What basis do you have that Casey Jr will be defeated in PA and that Nelson will lose in FL? <<

You misinterpreted my post. Sorry for the obvious confusion. I think they will both win.

126 posted on 09/29/2012 9:21:50 AM PDT by Hawthorn
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To: tatown

The mantra of “are you really going to vote for the same people who got us into this mess” didn’t exactly work too well for the Democrats in the 2010 midterms. And I don’t believe that Clinton’s mantra of “nobody could have fixed this mess in four years, not even me” will work any better in the 2012 election.

About two months after the 2010 midterms, I was visiting with my Aunt in Maryland when my Uncle passed away. She’s a loyal Democrat in her 70’s, and she didn’t know that I was a Conservative (my parents are Liberals, so she assumed I was too). She told me in a very worried tone of voice that if the economy didn’t turn around, then Obama would be a one termer.

She was obviously shaken by the fact that the GOP did so well in the midterms. She wasn’t angrily saying “Did people expect him to fix this mess in two years?” She accepted that the midterm results were a reaction to the fact that Obama did not improve things at all during the first half of his term, and that he was now in real trouble.

My point is that I don’t believe that middle of the road Democrats, in their heart of hearts, think Obama deserves a pass on the lousy job he’s done. These people had really high hopes for him, they expected results, they wanted his ability to get things done to match his ability to make good speeches.

Now all they’re left with is “well, maybe nobody could have fixed this mess in four years”. But do they really believe that? I don’t think so, and I think they’ll be voting for him strictly out of party loyalty, not because they think he deserves to be re-elected.

My Aunt’s lament is consistent with the lack of Obama yard signs, the small crowds he’s drawing, and the fact that he had to move his acceptance speech to a smaller venue. The enthusiasm just isn’t there, and all this MSM spin is designed to energize people like my Aunt as much as it’s designed to depress our side.

I’m not buying it.

127 posted on 09/29/2012 9:22:05 AM PDT by The Fop (Excuse me while I clean the saliva out of my racist dog whistle)
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To: Longbow1969

I agree with you ...Republicans are demographically doomed. The other side has weeks to bus their people to the poles for early voting ...god only knows what kind of monkey business goes on with that ....conservatives just don’t have the numbers in the right states to win ........starting off with zero chance in California, NY, and Illinois is a heck of a hill to climb..... Texas soon will be transformed and the final absolute nail in the coffin... don’t know if it’s 8 or 12 years but that is coming ...

My curiosity now is if the country goes down in flames or just slowly descends into a giant size version of Mexico

128 posted on 09/29/2012 9:29:47 AM PDT by thestob (Vote or P. Diddy will kill you)
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To: The Fop

I live in NYC and there is NOTHING! Maybe a bumper sticker or there but thats it.

The difference between 2008 is unreal.

I predict very low turnout in NYS. No one seems to even care here, its as if there is not even an election happening.

Its strange.

129 posted on 09/29/2012 9:30:00 AM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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To: thestob

“Texas soon will be transformed and the final absolute nail in the coffin... don’t know if it’s 8 or 12 years but that is coming ...”

With a special thank you to all those Republican, “conservative”, open-borders idiots who want to lecture us about how we need to stop opposing immigration and embrace the mass third-world invasion of our country since that is the “future of the party.” With friends like that, who needs enemies?

130 posted on 09/29/2012 9:35:08 AM PDT by SharpRightTurn ( White, black, and red all over--America's affirmative action, metrosexual president.)
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To: SoftwareEngineer; All

In Sept 2000 Gore was up by 12 points over Bush according to the polls. Believe them at your own peril.

131 posted on 09/29/2012 10:02:25 AM PDT by Red in Blue PA (Read SCOTUS Castle Rock vs Gonzales before dialing 911!)
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To: Red in Blue PA

Thank you, I was about to post that.

132 posted on 09/29/2012 10:09:03 AM PDT by Perdogg
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To: Longbow1969

Yeah, to a large extent demographics is destiny

However, it is not as rock solid as you may think.

1. Only 60% of whites vote Republican
2. Depending on the state, as many as 40%+ of its Latino voters will vote Republican (e.g. Texas in 2004)
3. Sikhs are majority Republican voters
4. Cubans ditto
5. According to recent polls 35% of Jewish voters will pull the Republican handle in the polls
6. Hindus and Chinese voters are 35%+ Republican voting
7. 10% of African American voters are now Republican

Bottom line is that demographics can be destiny but we can certainly move a lot of these inherently conservative voting blocks over to us. A lot of it is perception

133 posted on 09/29/2012 10:31:06 AM PDT by SoftwareEngineer
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To: tatown

Half the country likes being poor or welcomes the idea.

If you would have told me four years ago Obama would have been this overtly bad and still have nearly 50% support I would have doubted it could be possible.

134 posted on 09/29/2012 10:44:39 AM PDT by riri (Plannedopolis-look it up. It's how the elites plan for US to live.)
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To: The Fop

I am with you. I a still trying to wrap my head around the fact that in 2010 Obama was absolutely toxic. They did not want him near any candidate in a swing state. He had approvals in the high 30s across the board - from Ohio to Virginia. And now two years later, when things have gotten even worse, suddenly he’s loved and adored? I don’t buy it.

And about Clinton. Please. The guy campaigned for every big name Dem in 2010, from Deeds, Coakley, Corzine, Strickland, Barrett, and on and on. He lost every one. He could not even get his own wife elected in the Democrat party. He had no coattails for Al Gore. So I don’t buy this big swoon effect from Clinton. It’s BS!

I am not saying the pollsters are lying, certainly not Rasmussen. But something else is going on. Did two straight years of calling everyone a racist who didn’t agree with Obama, scare some voters? Did the anti Romney ads run all summer damage Romney to the point of no return, and Obama just the safer pick - even though they are not thrilled with Obama? I don’t know.

Nothing makes sense. Not the economic data, not the internals (where he is upside down). Nothing makes sense historically speaking.

It’s mind boggling.

135 posted on 09/29/2012 11:05:16 AM PDT by nhwingut (Sarah Palin 12... No One Else)
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To: napscoordinator
I am still trying to figure out what Romney is doing.

For the life of me, I can not figure it out either. Like him or not, he seems to smart for this campaign and he seems like he really wanted this so what is he doing? Is there a strategy here? If so, I am not sure it's working. It's making me crazy.

136 posted on 09/29/2012 11:08:05 AM PDT by riri (Plannedopolis-look it up. It's how the elites plan for US to live.)
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To: Donkey Odious

What concerns me is that in almost all of the recent polls - even the heavily +D skewed polls, President Obama’s numbers are increasing.

Now, even Rasmussen is showing President Obama’s numbers approaching 50% - and this a month before the election!

It is long past time for Romney and Ryan to start campaigning hard - I mean why is Romney still doing fundraisers???

In the meantime, it is up to us to work hard on campaigns and while also starting to think real seriously about how we might have to fight back against President Obama and a Democratic Senate in 2013 and beyond.

137 posted on 09/29/2012 11:10:20 AM PDT by Perkalong
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To: tatown
Please calm down folks... There is zero reason to panic here what so over... This poll is still well within the margin of error so Obama lead is insignificant... In fact Rasmussen for the last two months have been showing Romney leading withing the margin of error, then few days after that Romney and Obama tie, then few days after Obama leading within the margin of error... Then this same cycle repeats again, and again, and again...

PS: Based on detailed information published yesterday on FR on the Rasmussen internals where Obama was 48% Romney 47% and Romney leads 4% among independents, I did the calculations and it shows that Rasmussen is using democrats + 5 over Republicans in his sample... To be more exact it is 37% democrats, 32% Republicans, and 31% Independents...

138 posted on 09/29/2012 11:10:26 AM PDT by Conservative12345
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To: nhwingut

47 - 39 = 8

139 posted on 09/29/2012 11:21:39 AM PDT by teg_76
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To: Perkalong
It is long past time for Romney and Ryan to start campaigning hard

Start? They have been stumping all over.

What's happening over the last couple days is that they're now debate prepping and allowing the MSM to drive up their pretty boy's numbers 2% as though it's a 20% lead or something. The media is throwing everything they have at Romney and all they can get Obama is a 2% lead?

Now watch...our side is allowing it to happen so R/R can shine in the debates. Masses of people have no idea who R/R really are. Well, they're about to find out...and the MSM is terrified.

140 posted on 09/29/2012 11:29:24 AM PDT by what's up
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