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Mitt Humiliates The Media and Now They Will Seek Revenge
Breitbart ^ | 10/04/2012 | John Nolte

Posted on 10/04/2012 9:00:31 AM PDT by nhwingut

"Who is this guy?" tens of millions of American voters asked themselves last night. "This isn't the Mitt Romney the media's presented to me over the last six months?"

Free of the corrupt media's corrupt filter; free of the spin, the lying fact-checkers, the gotchas, and the desperate effort to cover up any and all bad news that might hurt Obama -- by every standard, every measure, every opinion and every opinion poll, what we witnessed last night at the first presidential debate of 2012 was a commanding, dominating blow-out performance by Governor Mitt Romney.

Last night the GOP contender showed up to kick butt and chew bubblegum, but unfortunately for Barack Obama, Romney was all out of bubblegum. The real loser, though, was a corrupt mainstream media that had just spent months desperately crafting a Mitt Romney that doesn't exist -- a Mitt Romney voters would not find acceptable as president.

We've all seen what's happened month after month after month after month: Obama's Media Palace Guards have assured us that Romney can do nothing right and Obama can do nothing wrong. This carefully crafted media game-plan (coordinated openly with the Obama campaign) was meant to strip Romney of the single quality voters demand in a president, and that's competence. If you're not competent you’re not an acceptable alternative, which means we're going to vote for "the devil we know."

But last night all of this blew up in the media's face, and this morning the American people trust the media even less than they did the night before -- and for one very simple reason: they were lied to … again. Where was the bumbling, elitist, out of touch, awkward, wife-killing, gay-hating, corporate vulture who tortures dogs and stumbles through Europe like Chevy Chase in a "Vacation" sequel?

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To: nhwingut

*NOW* they will seek revenge???

What exactly would you say they’ve been doing up until now???

81 posted on 10/04/2012 12:42:37 PM PDT by generally (Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: arthurus

Much like moochelle....72 Wookees all at once.

82 posted on 10/04/2012 12:42:37 PM PDT by lgjhn23
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To: stephenjohnbanker
No matter how poorly Obama does next time, the media in desperation, will say he won.

It was fun watching Rachel Maddow attempt that last night.

83 posted on 10/04/2012 1:03:23 PM PDT by Cyber Liberty (Obama considers the Third World morally superior to the United States.)
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To: nhwingut

I had predicted all over FR that the MSM would declare Obama the victor at last nights debate, I was wrong absolutely, but I am still very suspicious.

I can NOT recall ever seeing a debate in which the MSM agreed our guy won, I just can NOT recall.

I am very sure this will be the very last time this cycle that they go this way.

Why did they do it? Boredom? I have no idea. Normally they just are stubborn and say their guy won, or worse case scenario they say a draw. A draw for their guy usually means their guy lost, so I am surprised they gave in.

Now I am sure their polls will not allow Romney much of a bounce, probably NBC/WSJ will say it`s all tied at best.

According to CNN last night, 35% more likely to vote Romney as apposed to 18% for Zero...well that should show Romney up by 10, but do not bet on it.

84 posted on 10/04/2012 1:13:51 PM PDT by Friendofgeorge (SARAH PALIN 2012 OR BUST)
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To: nhwingut

Couldn’t happen to anyone who deserves humiliation more.

85 posted on 10/04/2012 1:17:00 PM PDT by victim soul
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To: nhwingut

86 posted on 10/04/2012 1:17:11 PM PDT by listenhillary (Courts, law enforcement, roads and national defense should be the extent of government)
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To: nhwingut

Let ‘em spin it any way they want.. it still won’t turn the performance into gold for Obama.

Headline news HLN has a little feature ‘The Voters Next Door’ tracking a black couple thru the elction process of choosing a candidate to vote for . the gal, a bank VP and black, says she’s leaning towards one,, felt obama did OK and mitt bobbed and weaved and should have given examples of what he would do.. (God help the customers at her branch.)

Let ‘em spin and make utter foools of themselves, it is what they do best.

87 posted on 10/04/2012 1:21:32 PM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi)
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To: hollywood

Well, we all know that Obozo has always been totally lacking in knowledge and substance but it was really great that the people watching last night got to actually see the naked version of Barackward minus teleprompter and media shoe shine.....

I slept better last night than I have in the last four years....

I know the media is gaming for payback too but I think they have really exposed their flaws as Democrat hacks instead of non partial reporters in the last couple of months and they really went off the deep end last night in front of the whole country after the debate.....

88 posted on 10/04/2012 1:45:32 PM PDT by thingumbob (I'm a bitter clinger...I dare you to take my gun)
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To: Democrat_media
Karl Marx once said that they could never have their agenda take over the world by force and the only way for them to win was to get into positions of power and influence.

Look around today, then look at what Alinsky said, then Cloward and Piven and then finally the commie manifesto of 1963.

They have got themselves into those positions, teachers, lawyers , professors, the MEDIA and finally the President.

Hell even the commie crap of 63 said that they should take over a party, get into the FBOI, CIA etc and yep last week it comes out that those agencies are now looking in the turd poking community to recruit

89 posted on 10/04/2012 1:47:47 PM PDT by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: nhwingut

Yes I see it’s already started with “The debate didn’t change minds” meme:

90 posted on 10/04/2012 2:04:15 PM PDT by snarkytart
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To: justlurking

That was laugh out loud, spew soda thru the nose funny!

“I don’t even think Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann could masturbate to that debate performance Obama gave. Maybe Anderson Cooper, though.”

Read more

91 posted on 10/04/2012 2:29:22 PM PDT by dynachrome ("Our forefathers didn't bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.")
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To: nhwingut

One thing is for sure, at this years press correspondence dinner Jim Lerher will get a milk crate to sit at the back door.

Jim Lerher was suppose to be asking questions with skewed liberal promises, that’s the mainstream media’s oath. He may well be excommunicated, if not virtually burned at the stake.

Jim ole boy, it’s time to start spending your days at the horse track. No invite to Dan Rather’s house. No lifetime acheivement award.

The good news, you can leave with your pride!

92 posted on 10/04/2012 2:41:08 PM PDT by Fitzy_888 ("ownership society")
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To: dynachrome

Kevin’s articles are really entertaining.

I’m not sure I believe even half of what he claims to know about Obama’s personal life, but there are a lot of other things that make me laugh, if for no other reason than the absurdity of the imagery he creates. has become one of the commentary sites I check every day.

93 posted on 10/04/2012 2:46:41 PM PDT by justlurking (The only remedy for a bad guy with a gun is a good WOMAN (Sgt. Kimberly Munley) with a gun)
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To: a real Sheila

The next debate is Ryan vs Plugs.

That promises to be just as enjoyable.

Bury that middle class Joe!

94 posted on 10/04/2012 2:56:45 PM PDT by editor-surveyor (Freepers: Not as smart as I'd hoped they'd be)
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To: Venturer
Was he on drugs?

Somebody seems to think so!

95 posted on 10/04/2012 3:04:57 PM PDT by hattend (Firearms and ammunition...the only growing industries under the Obama regime.)
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To: nhwingut

96 posted on 10/04/2012 3:12:03 PM PDT by Chode (American Hedonist - *DTOM* -ww- NO Pity for the LAZY)
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To: newfreep


97 posted on 10/04/2012 3:25:13 PM PDT by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto.)
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To: samtheman

That’s not as crazy as it sounds and I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.
Maybe a call to the MB to get things so stirred up in the ME that he won’t be in the country as he’ll have to save the world.

98 posted on 10/04/2012 3:41:20 PM PDT by sanjuanbob
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To: samtheman
"I bet the media is going to start calling for “no more debates”."

Debates are racist.

99 posted on 10/04/2012 4:10:28 PM PDT by Tula Git
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To: nhwingut

Yes, too late. Media has tried to DESTROY Mitt and his whole family from Day One. Go get ‘em Mitt!

100 posted on 10/04/2012 4:13:21 PM PDT by shalom aleichem
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