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To: arrogantsob
Jews have not controlled international finance.


Our economy exploded after Hamilton’s creation of the National Bank. It expanded until Jefferson imposed an embargo which ruined the economy. Then the fanatics and lunatics in Congress refused to recharter the National Bank at the time it was most needed (to finance the War of 1812). However, the economic and financial problems became so obvious to even the lunatics and some of the fanatics that they were forced to re-charter it. This allowed the economy to grow again until Jackson provoked the WORST DEPRESSION that had ever hit. It is a LIE that there were only molehills affecting the U.S. Economy during the period without a National Bank. It is also a LIE that a National Bank is not a critical institution for a modern economy.

We expanded greatly between Jackson and Wilson with no central bank.

The problem with the Great Depression at least as Friedman tells it is that the Fed did not have a clear idea of what the monetary aggregates actually were and it was involved with a lot of contradictory actions where it would be draining reserves and adding reserves at the same time. Then Congressional and Executive decisions were also in conflict or complicating Fed actions. The Depression was not just a monetary phenomenon either meaning that monetary policy was not likely to be effective. Smoot-Hawley put the dagger to international trade and much of the rest could be put down to anomalistic shocks from Europe and the German Reparations aftershock. Capitalism, like currency itself, depends upon faith and when that faith disappears as it did in the 30s there is little man can do.

The international bankers provoked the people to accept the Federal Reserve on the premise that it would end the boom bust cycles. Boom-bust cycles got worse after the creation of the Federal Reserve as the Great Depression shows. It's how they make their money, by causing these worsening boom-bust cycles. Now we face the collapse of our economy and maybe our nation due to the Federal Reserve deliberately crashing the dollar. It's part of their grand scheme to end freedom and enslave all of us.

None of this was caused by the JEWS.

Who said anything about Jews? The Rothschilds are cabalists, true, but they're one tenth of the group who are deliberately bringing us down. The other nine tenths could be anyone of any following. I don't know who the rest are. A lot of people of all followings support the idea of deliberately crashing the American economy to end freedom. Look at Obama and Bill Clinton. They're not part of the big international bankers but they have the same agenda and happily do their will.

40 posted on 10/07/2012 5:04:26 PM PDT by Partisan Gunslinger
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To: Partisan Gunslinger

“International Bankers” are the commonly used code words for “Jews”.

There was no consistent expansion after the Second National Bank was allowed to expire by Jackson. Rather, there were disastrous booms and busts caused by currency chaos. Currency issued or backed by the National Bank was reliable money, that issued by the state banks frequently worthless or of indeterminate value.

Jackson’s fanaticism and ignorance provoked the WORST DEPRESSION the nation had experienced. In spite of the massive investment by the British that period was filled with misery due to Jackson’s incompetence.

Panics and depression were common features of 19th century economic life. International bankers had no control over the National Bank or the Second National Bank. Removing those banks gave those bankers MORE power not less.

International bankers did not WANT a National Bank and opposed its creation until the Panic of 1907 erupted a few years before the creation of the Fed. They certainly did not need to provoke the farmers and Westerners to demand a Reserve banking system. They saw the metals THEY MINED drawn away to the East leaving them without an adequate money supply and with economic misery. And demanded this system from the 1880s.

Your conspiracy theory comes from not really understanding how the economy works, little real knowledge of history and believing outright lies. Silly stuff.

41 posted on 10/07/2012 9:11:08 PM PDT by arrogantsob (The Disaster MUST Go. Sarah herself supports Romney.)
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