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To: Bronzewound

nice time to stick up for savage-is he paying you?

also nice to insult the people who have been posting to the savage thread for a long time.

savage used to talk (ad nauseum - in your words) about himself, reading from his books, his new yorker interview, and btw did I say about himself?

all that while doing 3 shows 2 hours a day

plus he is bashing romney at the absolutely most critical time in our country.

if you want to hear about jack hatfield and a few political comments sprinkled around his self aggrandizement - more power to you

16 posted on 10/23/2012 1:30:22 AM PDT by MaryLou1
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To: MaryLou1; All
I have no connections to Savage, so I'm not being paid. I'm just an ordinary listener. My problem with you (I don't care how long you've been posting to the Savage thread), is that now all you do is bash the show, you appear to be all negative. Why do you even listen anymore?

Your characterizations of Savage's comments are flawed. Savage has repeatedly said that Romney is the one he's voting for while acknowledging that he is not the best we could have done.

He's missed numerous opportunities to enlighten the politically unaware of "fast & furious", the trillions of our dollars invested in green companies who contributed to Obama, and are all now bankrupt, having run with the money that taxpayers will be paying back for decades, Obama's belief that our constitution is outdated and flawed, Obam's fondness for redistribution of American wealth to the rest of the world, Obama's intentional collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood while they oppress the entire Arab crescent, and worst of all the willful allowance of the massacre in Libya and the easily provable coverup of what really happened. It is Romney who failed to bring these to light to the uninformed, not Savage.

Romney is nevertheless, far better than the unthinkable alternative. That kind of statement is not going to damage Romney in the eyes of those who can process a complete thought.

Yes, Savage has an ego. Anyone who believes they have something important to say and makes their living doing it will have an ego. Rush, Levin and the rest all have oversize egos.

You appear so down on Savage that the intellectually honest thing would be for you start hosting your own "Michael Savage Sucks" thread and stop being such a joy kill for those of us who enjoy Savage's perspective and might otherwise engage in conversation on Dynachrome's thread. But, when I peek in, there you are, every day, with the exact same complaints over and over and over again.

On the thread, you are, to me, a downer (not the only one, but the most consistently detrimental), a complainer without a solution, a bore, and it's very tiresome. Yes, it is "ad nauseam," referring to something that has been done or repeated so often that it has become annoying or tiresome. ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: Latin, literally ‘to sickness.’

If you so seldom have anything positive or more interesting to add, ask yourself, what in your own psyche is fulfilled by your exasperating "could be copied and pasted" put downs? Why do you so need to do that in relentless fashion?

If you hate Savage so much and can't have the compassion to understand that even an unusually vigorous 70 year old man cannot do as frequently what he once did at 55, why not move on to something you like, where you might even make a positive and uplifting contribution from time to time? Levin is what you yearn for. He is what you would expect a constitutional lawyer to be. He is consistent, constant, learned, and very necessary; but he lacks the quick, picturesque, humorous, and imaginative sunspots that can flare from the mind of Savage at any moment.

It's the difference between dossiers and high art.

Savage's occasional gold nuggets, so unique and rare, found amongst the silt and creek muck, when held up, shining in the sun, bring joy to the soul and make the whole endeavor well worth it. A pity you don't have the taste to appreciate them or the mental patience to sift for them.

36 posted on 10/24/2012 8:56:52 AM PDT by Bronzewound
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