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Biden: Obama Can Use "Executive Orders" To Act On Gun Control (video)
RealClearPolitics ^ | January 9, 2013 | RealClearPolitics

Posted on 01/09/2013 9:05:36 AM PST by i88schwartz

Vice President Joe Biden, while addressing representatives of gun safety and gun violence victims' groups, says President Obama could use "executive orders" to enact gun control measures.

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: "The president is going to act. There are executives orders -- executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet. But we're compiling it all with the help of the Attorney General and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action, we believe is required."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: SatinDoll

Respectfully disagree. Romney would not try to go around the Constitution and issue executive orders.

181 posted on 01/09/2013 3:12:55 PM PST by doug from upland (Obama and the leftists - destroying our country one day at a time)
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To: i88schwartz

To All Law Abiding Citizens,

Lock and Load!

182 posted on 01/09/2013 3:21:56 PM PST by tobyhill
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To: RetSignman


But, someone has to make and operate that machinery.

As my state rep, who is a police officer, said today:

“I have spoken to many LEOs about gun confiscation. Standard reply: who do they think is going to do the confiscating?”

183 posted on 01/09/2013 3:53:27 PM PST by EternalVigilance (It always comes down to the patriot at the bridge.)
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To: Logical me

Primaries have consequences as well. Rick Perry not looking so bad now. He was right on top of gun rights and religious freedom from day one.

184 posted on 01/09/2013 4:01:22 PM PST by jersey117
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To: Gaffer

I live in everything is already as tight as a drum. However, I know many folks that have guns that have been passed down through their families that are a lot more powerful than anything the AWB would stop.

I am amazed at the stuff guys were able to bring back in ‘45.

185 posted on 01/09/2013 4:36:40 PM PST by Vermont Lt (We are so screwed.)
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To: Truth29

Fast and Furious-what a joke. Obama and Holder are guilty in participating in the murders of the American and the Mexicans that were killed because those 2 sent guns for that purpose. The same thing was probably going on in Benghazi. When those two are held accountable and the Republicans gets some gonads and equate the two, then we can talk.

186 posted on 01/09/2013 4:59:28 PM PST by dandiegirl
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To: i88schwartz

Anyone counting on the GOP or the SC to stop this is a fool. This one is up to us. Gut check.

187 posted on 01/09/2013 4:59:37 PM PST by APatientMan (Pick a side)
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To: i88schwartz

188 posted on 01/09/2013 5:01:12 PM PST by kabar
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To: Standing Wolf

You paint such a rosy picture with your well stated words.

We are in trouble and the worse it gets, the worse it gets. There doesn’t seem to be any Cavalry headed our way and relief is not in sight. There will be a breaking point, of that I am certain. This attack on the American People must stop, it just can’t continue without serious, perhaps even deadly repercussions.

Obama, his tribe and the democrats have split America into so many pieces that I am unsure if it is even possible to put it back together again.

What has taken over 230 years to build, with the blood, tears, sweat and lives of patriots, Obama has been able to bring to almost certain destruction in only 4 years.

We were once a great nation that worked together, but we have been transformed into separate groups that now hate and work against each other.

I am late to respond to your post because I have spent most of today shopping and buying last minute gun stuff over the internet.

I had figured that at my age, 64, I would be spending my money on fun things, not on ‘all out’ preparation for the uncertainty and unknowable.

I am a peaceful guy that respects the sanctity of life and I am too old to be much of a warrior, yet I keep thinking that I would have rather our enemies had come in uniform...

***Where did all the ‘good news’ go? Sad....


189 posted on 01/09/2013 5:02:27 PM PST by Gator113 (**WHO in the hell gave the damn order to NOT rescue our men in Benghazi?**)
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To: i88schwartz

The commie Kenyan cannot nullify the Constitution with an executive order.

We have better odds in our favor to arrest Reid for refusing to submit budgets over the past three years.

190 posted on 01/09/2013 5:10:31 PM PST by Enough is ENOUGH (This guy really believes he can pull the same crap as Caesar Chavez)
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To: All

good thing people decided that voting for Romney would be worse than this..

191 posted on 01/09/2013 5:11:58 PM PST by newnhdad (Our new motto: USA, it was fun while it lasted.)
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To: i88schwartz

192 posted on 01/09/2013 5:13:57 PM PST by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto!)
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To: i88schwartz

Texas would NOT go quietly into compliance with such a clear violation of our constitution!

193 posted on 01/09/2013 5:18:03 PM PST by LUV W (All my heroes wear camos!)
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Just like Waco huh? You texans reallllly stood up!

194 posted on 01/09/2013 5:19:38 PM PST by securityman
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To: Solson

They can put forth an executive order to ban the law of gravity too.

What is being proposed by these lib fascists is AN INTOLERABLE ACT; the equivalent of banning anyone from criticizing government in speech or written word, unless “registered” after the proper 6 month background check, $200 tax stamp, local county judge sign off and no passing your argument to any 3rd party and will be erased from the record once you die.

This infringement on 1st amendment would never be accepted by majority of Americans, which people need to understand the importance of the 2nd as it provides teeth to liberty and all our unalienable God given rights. Once it’s down, we’ll lose all the other rights eventually.

Ignore all unconstitutional edicts from the regime, do so openly flagrantly with sh$t eating grins until they decide to start killing innocents, at which point just war is authorized, the rubicon’s been crossed with no other recourse. That starts the doctrine of 100 hundred heads:

(from the militia leader who broke Fast n Furious)

This could be BEST CASE SCENARIO — purge of the leadership, planners, enablers and MAYBE this would calm tyrannical urges down....because ruling class don’t care how many feds, police they lose but a narcissistic tyrant’s own mortality in the mix changes things...

...or it can dissolve into a chaotic bloody civil war of different factions and allegiances. That’s the problem with the Obots — I said it a few years ago, are you idiots ready to die for your Kenyan idol? Some of the law enforcement will follow orders, others won’t. Some will be apathetic or clueless.

If it comes to our Constitutional rights having to be enforced, then let it be on ruling tyrants who have committed treason and violated their oaths. There are calls on blogs, comment sections for wiping out families, etc. Civilians, police collateral damage don’t win the public support in a guerrilla war. My opinion is this would be a shadow war in urban locale like this blog predicts:

“What will be the likely model of american insurrection, if gun control doesn’t go well?”

So the regime takes losses, how will regime respond? Expect clampdowns, further security nets dropping certain locations or martial law, drones, other “emergency” edicts or EO’s. Possible triggers to social unrest from underclass, all kinds of scenarios, in other words - SHTF. Which we all knew was coming anyway with unstable economy.

Another tidbit is how many will keep their oaths in the current administration, in all the security services, etc and will act in that regard, even by disseminating intel on the regime or other subversive actions...

195 posted on 01/09/2013 5:20:52 PM PST by TheBigJ
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To: Las Vegas Ron

Divide and conquer

196 posted on 01/09/2013 5:54:54 PM PST by SisterK (Freedom to Fascism. Aaron Russo)
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To: i88schwartz

And let them hope that all that we do.

If he can be a Community Organizer then consider us Constitutional Organizers and prepare ourselves to Organize our assets for that fight.

197 posted on 01/09/2013 6:12:00 PM PST by R0CK3T
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To: Obadiah

No surprise.

198 posted on 01/09/2013 6:48:30 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo (It is not yet illegal to "think" about it or pray for it to happen.)
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To: Delta Dawn
Four years ago, regarding our new Che in the White House, I figured:

First: Guns. (2nd Amendment)

Second: Talk Radio and Internet. (1st Amendment)

It's happening folks. Wake up and smell the Cuban Cafe Serrano.

Weapon up. Arm up. Ammo up. (While still legal in your state or locality). The sacred blood of our founding fathers, our revolutionary war patriots, cannot have been spilled for nothing. They will not prevail. There are millions of us, we are pissed off, and we are NOT going to take it. They know this and they FEAR this. I have read their private writings. This is the single biggest fear they have about the American Populace. That they are already heavily armed. Too bad they wrote that crap, not thinking any outsiders would read it. I know, man, where their "heads are" (waxing 1960s here).

199 posted on 01/09/2013 6:58:38 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo (We should pray for the downfall of all tyrants, worldwide, who abuse their powers and oppress.)
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To: i88schwartz


200 posted on 01/09/2013 6:59:49 PM PST by Route395
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