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Brett Baier's All Star Panel Comments on NRA ad
Fox News Brett Bair Special Report ^ | 1/16/2013 | Brett Baier

Posted on 01/16/2013 5:07:22 PM PST by FR_addict

FoxNews Bret Baier’s All Star panel, Charles Krauthammer, Juan Williams, and Steve Hayes, all called the NRA ad a mistake, vile and repugnant. I guess they all believe that the elite should have armed protection for their children, but not for ours.

Krauthammer even went so far as to say, of course the President's children should be protected because of who the President is and out kids don't need that type of protection.

What about kids of policemen, judges, FBI, ATF, correctional officers, etc? Their children may be targets because of who their parents are. Don't they deserve armed protection too?

The NRA did not call for taking away the right of the President to protect his children, but to give our kids the same right and not to make them sitting ducks in a gun free zone.

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To: FR_addict

What did you expect from metrosexual girlymen? Where do their kids go to school?

141 posted on 01/16/2013 8:36:18 PM PST by ozzymandus
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To: carmody
I don’t know. But how many armed guards will be at each school? Will they be on the rooftops? in every class? on every floor? Or will there be 1 at the front door? Why is America talking about living like this? How did we get here?

In my opinion, we got here as a result of the "it takes a village" (big government) crowd effectively achieving success in destroying the family and discrediting any moral premise for law and civil order.

It is all part of the leftist agenda to gain power and control by destroying America within by corrupting and subverting all that is good and all that premises America's founding principles. Those supposed conservatives that focus on and promote FISCAL ONLY politics are at best dead and at worst enemy sympathizers in the culture war being fought right now.

I would hope and feel assured that no conservative is actually in support of an imposed TSA like apparatus in schools. I think that conservatives oppose imposed gun-free zones and support simply the right to any security a locality may deem appropriate for themselves.

142 posted on 01/16/2013 8:51:55 PM PST by DBeers (†)
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To: dinoparty
I thought the ad was calling Obama on his statement that he did not believe in making schools an armed compound. But it was okay for Obama to make the school where his children go an armed compound for their protection. Underlying implication if someone wants to make safe any school they are somehow promoting violence overall
143 posted on 01/16/2013 8:59:09 PM PST by wmp46
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To: DBeers

Perfect assessment. I agree.

I don’t want TSA patting down 10 year olds and squeezing their peanut butter sandwiches. Oh wait, kids aren’t allowed to bring peanut butter to school anymore. I meant to say their tofu sandwiches in their politically correct lunch boxes.

144 posted on 01/16/2013 9:01:10 PM PST by carmody
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To: dinoparty

I see it a little differently; yes anyone that is high profile is a target, as are their children. That doesn’t negate the danger the “average” child faces though. It is a given that the children of someone like the President will and should be protected. The risk can be looked at from another angle though- how many children of high profile people in this country have been killed in school shootings-ever? How many children that are not high profile have been killed?

I don’t believe any high profile children should be unprotected and doubt anyone seriously believes that. I believe ALL children should be protected as much as possible. At least the option should be there, the liberals want to make that choice for the “little” people and already have by designating public schools as gun free zones.

The liberal lie is that children are safer in gun free zones; if that were really true then it should follow that even high profile children would be safer in a gun free zone.

145 posted on 01/16/2013 9:27:29 PM PST by Tammy8 (~Secure the border and deport all illegals- do it now! ~ Support our Troops!~)
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To: FR_addict

Very disappointing comments from all three (although Williams’ was to be expected) - Obama’s kids are no more precious than anyone else’s, but they are more vulnerable - and the very fact that the best way to protect these most vulnerable is considered by all, even the gun-grabbers, to be to surround them with armed guards only proves the effectiveness of that approach - to argue that anything less should be acceptable to anyone else is exactly what the NRA says - elitism, of a particularly arrogant and contemptuous strain, a modern day parallel even more offensive than “Let them eat cake” - else why not settle for doing away with the hated armed guards in the White House and simply change some appropriate laws - like, say, no one in the future can write and stage a play about assassinating the president of the United States - surely the First Amendment can stand a few limitations for the sake of saving the president if the Second can be limited to save the children........

146 posted on 01/16/2013 9:34:14 PM PST by Intolerant in NJ
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To: Figment


147 posted on 01/16/2013 9:35:33 PM PST by Tammy8 (~Secure the border and deport all illegals- do it now! ~ Support our Troops!~)
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To: FR_addict
Aren't we all supposed to be equal in our society. I think it is our safety, that we are taking about here. Apparently, certain children are less worth having much or if any protection than others. Their comments are very common to the beltway-crtique journalists who are elitist. Those on the panel seldom associate with conservatives.

I thought it was a good ad which showed how Obama and the others who are pictured in the NRA ad, can protest for tighter gun control and new laws (which seem to be worthless and or unconstitutional) while they expect us to be disarmed or have a disadvantage for our own safety. In turn, they each (the media, Obama, the politicians) are protected well. The ad called the liberals out, my view. If they were intelligent or could even be honest, the liberals would not want single moms and elderly women and men left defenseless. It shows to me they are doing the very same thing on every crisis. This has been a knee jerk reaction making others think they do care about all of the children and their safety while pushing their own gun ban/less liberty agenda. It is more money placed into some added/added $$$ tax $$$ program that doesn't work. We already have criminal backgrounds checks before you can purchase a firearm.

I was very offended by Obama using those little children implying a persona as me, who believes in the 2nd Amendment; does not even care about the children who lost their lives in the school shooting. He crossed the line. So, those panelists need to do a further evaluation and include All of us. ( To the panelists and Biden Obama> Is your message ->what is good for me is not good for you.)

148 posted on 01/16/2013 9:38:52 PM PST by Christie at the beach (I like Newt. Our nation's foundation is under attack.)
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To: Red in Blue PA
These elitists miss the point and the blatant hypocrisy. They send their children to private schools and tout public schools for the masses.

The ad was not directed at Obama's children, but rather, the double standard that is imposed by the political class. Why do Obama and the left object to armed protection for our schools--something that about 10% of our schools already have?

The NRA ad was masterful--not vile. It used the same tactics that the left uses, including class warfare. The general public got the message and so will their elected representatives.

149 posted on 01/16/2013 10:36:37 PM PST by kabar
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To: dinoparty

And does that apply to David Gregory’s kids who was pictured in the ad?

150 posted on 01/16/2013 10:39:31 PM PST by kabar
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To: dinoparty

Look at the ad again sport. NRA doesnt mention secret service, it mentions armed guards. That is armed guards, employed by the Sidwell Friends school.
Sidwell friends would have 9 armed security guards whether Obozoz spawn went there or not.
The threats our kids face are no less real.

151 posted on 01/16/2013 11:58:30 PM PST by DesertRhino (I was standing with a rifle, waiting for soviet paratroopers, but communists just ran for office.)
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To: FR_addict
Disgusting. Also just plain wrong about the effectiveness of the NRA ad. It clearly worked.

PS Krauthammer, I expected better out of you. I know your staff lurks here. Guess you really are just another piece of elitist (NOT “intellectual elite” as in actually intellectually superior, although I believed that once, but just plain self-superior and arrogantly narcissistic) scum.

152 posted on 01/17/2013 12:04:18 AM PST by piytar (The predator-class is furious that their prey are shooting back.)
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To: EQAndyBuzz

“The NRA should have gone after the kids of the MSM. That would have made their point. Going after the President was wrong.”

Why? The Obama kids don’t matter one whit to me. NO more than any other random kid would. I do however, care about mine. Enough of the budding dictator crap. Respect for the office my azz,,he needs to earn it instead of thinkig it’s automatically granted.
The cult of the presidency has gotten silly.

Disrespect for Obama is a good antidote to children learnibg creepy totalitarian-esque songs about him, and painting casting Obama as Christ.

153 posted on 01/17/2013 12:07:20 AM PST by DesertRhino (I was standing with a rifle, waiting for soviet paratroopers, but communists just ran for office.)
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To: Dick Bachert

U r right on, Dick Bachert. Kraut is smart but way way WAY off on the NRA ad.

154 posted on 01/17/2013 2:47:11 AM PST by SoFloFreeper
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To: DesertRhino
As far as I know, Adam Lanza did not use a so called assault weapon. He used handguns. the other gun was left in the car.

There is an early video pf the police going through Adam Lanza’s car.
This gun was originally called a long gun, not an assault rifle.

You can see the gun and the policeman clearing the chamber.

Do they plan on banning handguns next? I think you can bet on that. We will be left completely defenseless.

Only the criminals and government will have guns.

155 posted on 01/17/2013 2:57:41 AM PST by FR_addict
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To: jeltz25
Thanks for the link on Krauthammer. I didn't know Krauthammer was so naive.

Krauthammer: "Yes, in the end America must follow the way of other democracies and disarm.";wap2

America has been the the savior for other countries. We can use our weapons to protect the citizens of other countries, but not our own citizens.

According to Krauthammer we should disarm our citizens and let the criminals takeover like in Mexico.

156 posted on 01/17/2013 4:32:40 AM PST by FR_addict
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To: FR_addict

“Only the criminals and government will have guns.”

The above is redundant. Remember “Fast and Furious.”
That was this administration’s first attempt to take away our guns.

157 posted on 01/17/2013 4:35:46 AM PST by FR_addict
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To: FR_addict

It was probably posted...but isn’t the amount of BS propaganda shown with these kids? Condemn the NRA with “random letters” sent from a hispanic girl, a black boy, a white boy, and a white girl.

They are trying to go UN on the BS-factor.

158 posted on 01/17/2013 4:38:55 AM PST by digital-olive
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To: BwanaNdege

Kucinich and Kirsten Powers can now share notes on air!

159 posted on 01/17/2013 6:06:24 AM PST by b4its2late (A Liberal is a person who will give away everything he doesn't own.)
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To: FR_addict

Why is it so hard to find out what weapons Adam Lanza used in his massacre of little children and teachers?

The above story is not new, but we don't know what the truth is yet.

160 posted on 01/17/2013 9:48:01 AM PST by FR_addict
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