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Vets groupsí praise for Hagel adds pressure on GOP
Associated Press ^ | Feb 6, 2013 5:53 PM EST | Donna Cassata

Posted on 02/06/2013 6:58:52 PM PST by Olog-hai

Countering the Republican-led opposition to President Barack Obama’s nominee for defense secretary is a less flashy but powerful constituency: military veterans.

Veterans’ organizations have praised Chuck Hagel, a twice-wounded combat veteran of Vietnam and deputy administrator in President Ronald Reagan’s Veterans Administration.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has called him uniquely qualified to become Pentagon chief. The Military Officers Association of America said his experience gives him “a range of perspectives.” The American Legion said he was a longtime advocate for veterans. …

VoteVets, a left-leaning veterans group, has campaigned for Hagel through social media, old-fashioned letters to editors and 18,000 emails from some 9,000 people to all the members of the Senate. …

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Israel; News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: 113th; chuckhagel; hagelsecdef; hearings; neonazism; veterans; vfw; votevets; waronterror
Something fishy here.
1 posted on 02/06/2013 6:58:56 PM PST by Olog-hai
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To: Olog-hai

Worse than fishy...

2 posted on 02/06/2013 7:01:26 PM PST by cricket (Push Back Lib Agenda's; Lib propaganda; Lib/Marxist PC; Lib Leaderhship)
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To: Olog-hai

I wonder if there actually are any veteran members of “VoteVets” or if they are all “associate members”.

3 posted on 02/06/2013 7:06:05 PM PST by FlingWingFlyer (Now Playing. Obama II - The Revenge of My Father.)
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To: Olog-hai
deputy administrator in President Ronald Reagan’s Veterans Administration.

I worked for the VA throughout Reagan's years and never heard of this feather merchant. Furthermore, just because someone is a vet doesn't mean he knows shit from ice cream.

4 posted on 02/06/2013 7:18:14 PM PST by hinckley buzzard
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To: hinckley buzzard

Well I supported Hagel originally but have since gone neutral.

Not that it matters, just stating it publicly is all.

No longer supporting Hagel.

5 posted on 02/06/2013 7:21:04 PM PST by Cringing Negativism Network
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To: Olog-hai

Vietnam magazine had very kind STUPID words for Kerry, go figure. You do know He was in Vietnam

6 posted on 02/06/2013 7:26:22 PM PST by easternsky
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To: Olog-hai

One of the sources for a bunch of Hagel’s income is McCarthy Capital, which will not reveal any foreign influence/investors/payments. They own Election Systems & Software - which provides a large portion of the country’s voting machines and vote tabulation software. Those systems have been found to flip votes. Obama supposedly won the 2012 election because of a very small number of precincts. And people in those areas complained of vote-flipping and other irregularities, in both early voting and on election day.

Obama’s campaign website disabled the credit card verification process which would have ensured that only ELIGIBLE (non-foreign) donors could contribute. There was at least one Muslim site which linked directly to Obama’s donation page and it was found that the majority of donors were foreign.

Ghadaffi said in a public speech in 2008 that Muslims all over the world had contributed to Obama’s campaign and hoped that he would not forget “his Muslim faith” (or more likely, that he owes them big-time). Apparently Obama DIDN’T forget that he owed them big-time, because after a year of being in the White House he told the Egyptian ambassador privately that he was and still is a Muslim who supports the Muslim agenda, and that the Muslim world needed to be patient with him while he worked on Obamacare and then he would push the Muslim agenda. (The agenda all sects of Islam agree on are the destruction of the US and Israel and the institution of worldwide sharia).

In addition, McCain was ahead in the polls until the Sept 2008 run on the bank, which (according to Kevin Freeman’s supported argument in “Secret Weapon”) was anticipated by world communists and Islamists. Soros himself is a communist who has said he hopes America loses the “war on terror” because America and capitalism are the 2 evils that he - as God (in his own sick mind) - needs to defeat.

Bettina Viviano has said that sources high in Hillary’s campaign told her that Soros asked both Hillary and Obama during the 2008 primary whether they would back his plan to destroy the US economy. Hillary wouldn’t but Obama would.

TARP money went primarily to foreign sharia-compliant banks which had supported leftist politics in America. Though that money was a drop in the bucket compared to the toxic assets out there and the markets were fine for months while TARP was being debated, GW Bush told America that the world as we know it would end if we didn’t pass TARP. (GW Bush’s speech was on the same day as McCain got a phone call from Obama and responded by suspending his campaign and asking for all the debates to be canceled - a request which defies the claims by his campaign that it was just a publicity stunt).

Shortly after that, Islamists such as Zawahiri and Ahmadinejad were saying, “Since capitalism has failed, the world should try Islamic finance.” And communists like Castor and Chavez were saying, “Since capitalism has failed, the world should try communism”. The IMF met in Europe to decide what should happen, now that “capitalism had failed.”

Keep in mind that Ahmadinejad and Chavez are allies, with Chavez allowing Iran to launch missiles from Venezuela, and allowing Iran to fly Hamas and Hezbollah operatives into Venezuela on direct, unchecked flights - which allows for WMD’s to be flown in as well. Freeman’s book describes the marriage between Islamists and communists. They are common enemies of America, and fighting together.

And Obama is the union of communism and Islamism. If you believe his claims of who his father and mother are, his very genes (as well as his upbringing) are the union of those 2 anti-American forces. Those are the people he has allied himself with his entire life long. The secret trip to Pakistan when he was in college, when he hobnobbed with the Islamists, the support by the Black Panthers, Louis Farakkhan, Jeremiah Wright, etc... the Harvard funding by the Saudi Prince, and the logistical support from Bill Ayers’ parents.... all this stuff shows a communist-Islamist alliance that Obama has depended on his whole life long, and that worked together to make the Sept 2008 run on the bank to get Obama elected.

And I believe they threatened another run on the bank if the media heads, Bush, Cheney, McConnell and Boehner, Chief Justice Roberts, Judge Surick, and a whole succession of eligibility judges didn’t do as they were told and allow the communist-Islamist coup to illegally install their puppet, Barack Obama.

If the veterans groups love this country at all, they should look at the bigger picture.

7 posted on 02/06/2013 7:31:58 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

Castro, not Castor.

8 posted on 02/06/2013 7:35:48 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: Olog-hai
These organizations are supporting Hagel for the same reasons that the NAACP supports Obama.

Until the organizations in this Country start asking serious questions about the content of the person's character (rather than blindly supporting him for less than honest reasons), their leaders should be construed as idiotic, corrupt and dangerous.

I am a Combat Veteran myself, and I know the difference between a Veteran who cares about America's National Security and one who does NOT.

It is critical that these organizations learn how to discriminate the same way, lest they be viewed with disdain by those of us who get it.

9 posted on 02/06/2013 9:32:37 PM PST by Prole (Please pray for the families of Chris and Channon. May God always watch over them)
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To: Olog-hai
I support Hagel because he is a decorated combat Vet and because I cant think of anyone else Obama would nominate who would be better.

I could be persuaded to support a better candidate if I had a name.

Does anybody have a name of someone better that stands a chance in hell of Obama nominating?

10 posted on 02/06/2013 9:43:25 PM PST by montanajoe
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To: Olog-hai
Nothing fishy at all.

The die is cast, even if Hagel is a Jew hating blithering Idiot.

The delayed Vote is just smoke and mirrors.

BTW, I remember when the “Paralyzed Veterans of America” supported Kerry / Edwards in 2004. Haven't given them a dime since then.

11 posted on 02/06/2013 10:02:10 PM PST by Kickass Conservative (I only Fear a Government that doesn't Fear me.)
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To: montanajoe

Anybody who can’t flip votes for the dems would be better.

My cat would be better.

12 posted on 02/07/2013 6:18:55 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

Another ABO argument... your cat was not a grunt and combat veteran. I know the GOP thinks being against anything Obama is for a good strategy but it did not work out so well in the last electioin...if conservatives are to win they must be prepared to come up with viable alternatives and stop following the failed strategy of the Republicans...

13 posted on 02/07/2013 7:29:52 AM PST by montanajoe
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To: montanajoe

OK. Tom Osborn. Paul Vallely. Marcus Luttrell.

There are a lot of people who could do the job, with advisors who are trustworthy. But Obama is not going to nominate any of those people. His criteria for which leaders get the axe is whether they are willing to order fire against Americans, because that is the next war Obama will have.

IOW, the only “viable alternatives” are people who will be puppets to the communist-Islamist alliance which put Obama in power. There is a very real question of whether foreign money (the communist and Islamist alliance headed by George Soros) was paid to Hagel to flip votes for Obama in critical precincts, in order to keep Obama in power - and whether the SecDef position was the payout for Hagel having his voting machine and tabulation company steal the election for Obama. Some other background at

And interesting input at

At this point the best we can do is totally stall Obama’s appointments, although that probably won’t make any difference if the #2 guy is his puppet already, since #2 would be in charge if there’s no #1 who’s been confirmed. The military is being purged of its patriots, in leadership positions and among the battle-tested heroes.

14 posted on 02/07/2013 7:51:40 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: montanajoe

Here’s an article about Ohio:

Florida’s largest counties used

Here is a list of states where ES&S machines/tabulation software were used (found at ):

“The ES&S iVotronic is a DRE machine with a touch screen interface and VVPAT capability. In the 2012 elections, the iVotronic was used statewide in SC and in some districts in 17 states and DC (AR, CO, FL, IN, KS, KY, MO, MS, NC, NJ, OH, PA, TN, TX, VA, WV, and WI).”

I haven’t read the whole thing, but there is a report of an investigation that threatened to decertify ES&S machines because they don’t protect integrity of the system:

Here are some complaints regarding ES&S in the 2008 election:

15 posted on 02/07/2013 8:26:39 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion
“But Obama is not going to nominate any of those people”

My point exactly... Obama wont nominate anyone better than HAgel and if his confirmation is rejected he he very likely to nominate someone far worse.

As far as complaining about the election results its over..its like the losing team complaining about the refs in a football aint gonna change the outcome.

Hagel is the best Obama will do in my opinion... he's not the smartest guy out there but having any grunt in that position is far better than any viable alternative likely to be appointed.

16 posted on 02/07/2013 1:00:49 PM PST by montanajoe
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To: montanajoe

How about nobody, and just set a standard that if they want anybody as SecDef they have to nominate somebody decent?

Or even better yet, how about we require the President himself to be, like.... a natural born US citizen, with no allegiance to other countries and a lot less likely to be interested in destroying America?

17 posted on 02/07/2013 4:33:39 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: montanajoe

Also, a reason to oppose Hagel for sure, if he doesn’t level with the public about potential foreign influence-buying, is to get rid of this quid pro quo stuff. As long as the politicians can buy “favors” (like treason, fraud, etc), they’ll keep doing it.

If it looks like something stinks, hold up the process until a full investigation is complete and the person has been cleared of wrong-doing. Anything less than that means DC will continue to remain a sewer that stinks up the whole country.

18 posted on 02/07/2013 4:37:02 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: Olog-hai

If being a Buck Sgt qualifies you to be Sec Def what does being a Command Sergeant Major qualify you for?

19 posted on 02/07/2013 4:39:37 PM PST by csmusaret (I will give Obama credit for one thing- he is living proof that familiarity breeds contempt.)
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To: butterdezillion
Hagel ic not the guy to change the way Washington does business IMHO.

Suppose Hagel is rejected, Obama is free to nominate someone far worse, and the new nominee (a transgendered, 60’s SDS member and war protester) will sail right through because O can say “look those Republicans will oppose anybody I nominate..they hate me so much they wont even vote for a Republican I nominate.” The GOP will fold and the far worse candidate gets the job.

Actually I would not be surprised if this was not O’s plan all along...

20 posted on 02/07/2013 7:10:01 PM PST by montanajoe
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To: montanajoe

If the R’s had the stones to do anything to oppose Obama they would win in a landslide. Think William Wallace in “Braveheart” - as opposed to the clan leaders who just wanted to appear to make a stand so they could negotiate more land and titles for themselves. They would win in a landslide if the true Americans believed they would actually fight for us.

That is, if we had honest elections.

But that’s where people like Hagel enter in. If we keep the quid pro quo, where the election is up for the highest bidder, R’s will NEVER win; our elections will always be for sale to the communists and Islamists, because they’ve got the money. The R’s and all true Americans just need to suck it up and realize that.

21 posted on 02/07/2013 7:29:51 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion
I agree with your sentiments entirely.

Hagel is the best we will get out of this President.

I and dont think you see a better person that Obana will nominate.

Opposing Obama and gertting an even worse Defense Secretary is not an option in my view. The troops deserve the best they can get and given this president it is Hagel....

22 posted on 02/07/2013 8:41:43 PM PST by montanajoe
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To: montanajoe

Or we could give them nobody, unless and until they choose somebody who hasn’t been bought out by foreign interests.

Either we mean business in protecting our troops, or we don’t.

But I think it was revealed a long time ago that we don’t give a rip for our troops, when we let a decorated military surgeon go to jail and lose his livelihood because the military would not verify whether the combat orders he received were lawful. We now know they weren’t, because only Joe Biden can “act as President” according to the 20th Amendment, given that Obama has no legally-established birth facts (according to the HI state registrar). We don’t even know how old Obama is; there’s no legally-valid record which tells us that.

Lt. Col Lakin cared whether his combat orders were lawful. Nobody else within the military or the civilian hierarchy cared one bit whether our officers are being forced to violate their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

At this point I think the whole establishment has sold our military down the river. I suppose a person could say the military guys have already been screwed so many times, what’s one more time.... but I am disgusted with the whole thing. They deserve MUCH, MUCH better than this. And the only way it’s ever going to get better is if somebody stands up and says “Never again!”

23 posted on 02/08/2013 12:29:41 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion
Again I agree with you (with the exception of Larkin)

I know that our fine troops will carry on and carry this nation on their backs as they always have in spite of the politicians in Washington.

Its simply not possible to give them nobody for four years. We are dealing with imcompentent self interested politicians who's only interest is reelection..the country can be dammed..

I trust that a grunt and combat veteran will do the right thing for our troops far more than anybody Obama will nominate to replace him.....

I've noticed Obama always puts his best (as far as Conservatives may view it in retrospect) option out first then he plays politics with the GOP to get something/someone far more favorable to the left the second or third time around.

Obama is the POTUS for four more years. He won we (referring to Conservatives) lost.

Where were the folks opposing Kerry, no where to be found.. 97-3 give me a break...

The opposition to Hagel is simply the GOPe telling Conservatives how they want them to feel. They have decided this the the insiders political game of the month to sound like they are the big guys on campus and they are taking Conservatives on a ride yet again..

Cut through the political crap and see the reality far as Obama is concerned Hagel is dispensable. His choice is someone who would never stand a chance of being confirmed the first go round. Hagel is there to plow the way for the real nominee.

You want to put a a real obstacle in O’s way then stop opposing Hagel. He's the best Conservatives can expect..

24 posted on 02/08/2013 3:23:10 PM PST by montanajoe
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To: montanajoe

If Hagel took foreign money to keep a foreign enemy combatant in our White House, there is no way in heck that I would EVER vote to approve him.

If Benedict Arnold is the best that Obama can come up with, then I’d take him on in his game of “chicken” and do even more - I’d sue to have Joe Biden named as the person who can “act as President”, since Obama has “failed to qualify”. There’s no way he can qualify without a legally-established birth date, birth place, or parents. Obama is not qualified to “act as President” according to the 20th Amendment, and that means he can’t nominate ANYBODY for SecDef - or anything else.

25 posted on 02/08/2013 4:53:47 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion
Your point of view is not shared by the majority....

My point of view is not shared by the majority either

The way forward, I think, is to fill the cracks is the majority view with “ideas.” The GOP who claim to speak for Conservatives have replaced Ideas with politics.

Your issue is not with Hagel its with the GOP, again I refer you to the 97-3 vote for Kerry..

In a perfect world Hagel would not be my choice. In the inperfect world we live in he is the best choice...

26 posted on 02/08/2013 10:08:44 PM PST by montanajoe
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To: montanajoe

IOW, we may as well give up on Congress. I get it.

I never said that anybody would have the balls to do what is needed. This country will be lost, and its death will be on the hands of the R Congress-critters.

What they needed to do was recognize that we have a foreign enemy combatant occupying our White House who is filling the entire government with lawless puppets who will give him cover while he works with his own communist-Islamist masters to destroy the US and Israel and implement worldwide sharia. That’s the “Muslim agenda” that Obama told the Egyptian ambassador in January of 2010 that he would do once he got Obamacare passed in the US. Unlike the promises he made to his dim-witted supporters in the US, he has KEPT that promise because he knows who got him into office - and it wasn’t his dimwitted supporters in the US. It was the world communist-Islamist alliance - the same people who chimed in right after the Sept 2008 run on the bank and said that “since capitalism has failed”, the world should try communism (Chavez and CAstro) or Islamic finance (Ahmadinejad and Zawahiri). Now Zawahiri’s brother has been released from Egyptian prison by the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi, who Obama helped install (by calling for Mubarak’s ousting) and are now arming - in time for Zawahiri’s brother to lead protests on 9-11 that led to the US flag being taken down from the US’s embassy in Egypt.

But hey, that’s big picture kind of stuff and Congress is too stupid to manage even the little stuff, much less see the big picture.

Maybe giving up on America is the best course of action after all. Maybe I need to cling to my guns and my Bible, prepare for the worst, and just forget about banging my head on the brick wall we call America.

27 posted on 02/09/2013 6:42:16 AM PST by butterdezillion
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