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The Red and the Black - Seeking black votes could be the GOPís secret weapon.
National Review Online ^ | March 25, 2013 | Deroy Murdock

Posted on 03/25/2013 8:46:49 PM PDT by neverdem

South Carolina senator Tim Scott speaks at CPAC, March 14, 2013.

‘What have the Democrats done for you lately?”

Republicans should start asking black Americans that question — early and often. Doing so could become the GOP’s secret weapon.

As Republicans regroup after presidential and Senate campaigns that they should have won easily last November, they should seek votes among the 41 million black Americans whom Democrats take for granted, and Republicans lately have written off. Here’s why engaging black voters could revitalize the GOP.

Republicans need not win the black vote, or even a third of it. Securing 15 percent of the black electorate severely erodes the stalwart-Democrat base. If 20 to 25 percent of blacks vote GOP, it’s curtains for Democrats.

If Republicans seek black votes, they will win some. As the Republican National Committee’s recent autopsy of the 2012 election noted: “We are never going to win over voters who are not asked for their support.” The study lamented that black voters routinely back Democrats “without hearing anyone in their community making a case to the contrary.”

Campaigning among black voters would help Republicans stop resembling “stuffy, old white men,” as an RNC focus group described them. Listening to and speaking with black Americans refutes the notion that Republicans are just country-club Caucasians.

If Republicans largely campaign among white voters, Democrats will caricature them as racists who dislike or even hate blacks. That lie collapses when white GOP candidates shake black hands and kiss black babies. Doing so reassures nervous white voters that Republicans are not bigots, and it’s OK to support them.

Like Al Capone with a knife but no machine gun, Democrats would be badly disarmed without the race card. Denied the GOP = KKK meme, Democrats would have to double down on their phony “War on Women” and stoke class hatred even harder.

Bored by cautious, vanilla GOP nominees, Republicans and right-leaning independents likely would become electrified, knock on doors, populate phone banks, and cast ballots for Republicans who deploy this strategy. Mitt Romney contracted terminal shrunken-base syndrome. Had Romney visited black neighborhoods in Miami, Richmond, Cleveland, and Denver, unenthused conservatives would have become inspired and, at least, voted. That might have been Mitt’s margin of victory.

Such overtures to black voters surely would parallel appeals to other minorities. But even in a vacuum, such black-outreach efforts likely would increase support for Republicans among voters of Asian and Hispanic descent.

The Republican message should combine opportunity-related themes with historical facts about Democrats’ largely shameful record towards blacks (from stymieing Reconstruction to launching the Ku Klux Klan and filibustering federal anti-lynching legislation and the 1964 Civil Rights Act). Democrats’ treatment of blacks remains pitiful — e.g., celebrating the leadership of the late Senator Robert Byrd (D., W.Va.), a former Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, until his 2010 death in office. There also is Obama’s defunding of the Washington, D.C., school-voucher program.

Republicans should cite these additional steps backward — by comparing these material conditions on January 20, 2009, the date of Obama’s first inauguration, with those on his second, last January 21: The rise of black unemployment (from 12.1 percent to 14.0 percent), an increase in poverty among blacks aged 18 to 64 (from 34.9 percent to 38.6 percent), and a fall in black median income (from $22,901 to $21,206).

Besides addressing the NAACP, Mitt Romney did little to win black votes. Nonetheless, against Obama, he won 6 percent of black voters, 50 percent more than Arizona Republican senator John McCain’s 4 percent in 2008.

What if Romney had fought for black votes? He barely lost several swing states. With mildly stronger black support and a modestly tighter embrace among decreasingly “nervous” whites and energized GOP-base voters, Romney could have delivered an Electoral College squeaker.

Based on ballot results and exit polls, here’s how Romney could have added  at least 64 electoral votes to his actual 206 and advanced to the Oval Office.

• Obama won Florida’s 29 electoral votes by 74,309 votes. To win the Sunshine State, Romney needed to swing just over half of that total, or 37,155 votes. Boosting Romney’s black support from 4 percent to 5 percent would have won him 11,106 votes. Lifting his white support from 61 percent to 61.5 percent would have won Romney 28,308 votes. These additional votes would have totaled 39,404 — enough to win Florida.

• Obama won Virginia’s 13 electoral votes by 149,298 votes. To take the Old Dominion, Romney needed to shift just over half of that amount, or 74,650 votes. Raising Romney’s black support from 6 percent to 9 percent would have yielded him 23,124 votes. Hiking his white support from 61 percent to 63 percent would have given Romney 53,962 votes. These additional votes would have totaled 77,086 — enough to win Virginia.

• Obama won Ohio’s 18 electoral votes by 166,277 votes. To grab the Buckeye State, Romney needed to switch just over half of that margin, or 83,139 votes. Boosting Romney’s black support from 3 percent to 5 percent would have added 16,742 votes. Expanding his white showing from 57 percent to 58.6 percent would have given Romney 70,540 votes. These new votes would have totaled 87,282 — enough to win Ohio.

• Obama won Colorado’s nine electoral votes by 137,858 votes. To score the Centennial State, Romney needed to convert just over half of that sum, or 68,930 votes. Increasing Romney’s black support from 6 percent to 9 percent would have delivered 2,313 votes. Augmenting his white showing from 54 percent to 57.5 percent would have won Romney 70,147 votes. These added votes would have totaled 72,460 — enough to win Colorado.

These 69 additional electoral votes would have totaled 275 and spelled President Romney.

This scenario assumes that a Romney outreach to black voters would have allowed him to edge past Obama. Of course, such an effort also could have transformed Romney’s persona so much that he could have beaten Obama handily and sent him back to Chicago with his tail between his legs.

Rather than duck and cover when Democrats lie about Republicans’ so-called racism, the GOP should stand and fight. Top Republicans terminated slavery, wrote the Brown v. Board of Education decision, broke the Democrats’ filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, signed the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday into law, extended the 1965 Voting Rights Act to 2031, and appointed both of America’s two black secretaries of state.

What a racist party!

Black voters deserve to hear the Republican vision of growth, opportunity, prosperity, and personal responsibility rather than the Democrat formula of profligacy, indebtedness, and redistribution (unforgivably, also advanced by GOP socialist G. W. Bush).

A muscular, year-round appeal to black voters would benefit the GOP and black Americans alike.

— Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor, a nationally syndicated columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service, and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Culture/Society; Editorial; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: blackrepublicans; blackvote; outreach
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To: Viennacon

Um, how about we start with the truth; that homosexual behavior is harmful to both the person who engages in it, but also to those children growing up without a parent that is needed.

How about we not forget the truth that homosexuals are lost human beings ~NOT~ more, and not less guilty than the rest of us. How about the fact that Christ can free from sin, rather than demonizing people.

How about the fact that despite this truth it is reasonable to support gays having equality before the law in CONTRACT Law, but a RADICAL proposition to support the redefinition of Marriage!


41 posted on 03/26/2013 11:12:42 AM PDT by JSDude1
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To: Kenny Bunk

“ of growth, opportunity, prosperity, and personal responsibility...”

This has to be a joke.

42 posted on 03/26/2013 11:23:09 AM PDT by Terry Mross (This country will fail to exist in my lifetime. And I'm gettin' up there in age.)
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To: chris37

“We have serious, serious problems in this country.”

That’s for certain! Talking about how the GOP can attract minorities now is probably as important as asking who grew the hemp as the noose is placed on your neck.

43 posted on 03/26/2013 11:40:07 AM PDT by RipSawyer (I was born on Earth, what planet is this?)
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To: neverdem
Re: “What have the Democrats done for you lately?”

Yeah, that's exactly how the GOP needs to approach a Hard Left ethnic group.

Because emphasizing Conservative principles like self-reliance and stoicism in the face of adversity might make them dislike us.

That is so delusional.

As to the original question about what Democrats have done lately.....

Well, for starters, 21% of government employees are Black, but only 13% of the population is Black.

44 posted on 03/26/2013 11:50:59 AM PDT by zeestephen
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To: neverdem
Any concessions the GOPe makes to try to attract Dem voters, will cause many times that number of conservative voters to stay home.

Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

45 posted on 03/26/2013 11:52:58 AM PDT by PapaBear3625 (You don't notice it's a police state until the police come for you.)
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To: neverdem

The secret would be to put Dr Carson on a ticket with Cruz or Paul.

Carson is an inspiration for black people, well, white folks too.

We need young voters and we need to inspire black people to see their lives can be a success.

Running a woman up against the Hillary would be a mistake.

46 posted on 03/26/2013 11:57:23 AM PDT by dforest (I have now entered the Twilight Zone.)
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To: white trash redneck


I think you’ll be very disappointed with Asian voters, too.

Pew Research did a study on Asian voting patterns last year.

Only Filipinos vote close to 50-50 for the GOP.

Vietnamese are 60-40 Democrat.

Chinese, Japanese, and Asian Muslims are even worse.

Indians, who are the best educated ethnic group in America, vote more than 80% for Democrats!

47 posted on 03/26/2013 12:03:02 PM PDT by zeestephen
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To: zeestephen

I was aware of those statistics. I wonder whether Asian voting patterns can be changed (screw the Muslims), or whether instead they will reflexively vote DemocRAT against their material interest like so many Jews do.

48 posted on 03/26/2013 12:07:18 PM PDT by white trash redneck (Just one of B. Hussein Obama's "typical white people")
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To: white trash redneck

I’ve come to the conclusion that Conservatives should aggressively court white Democrats.

Over the last 20 years, the Conservative share of white voters has grown from 55% to 62%.

Since we are the largest voting bloc, that is a significant number.

In spite of all the Conventional Wisdom about Republicans “losing” the Youth Vote, Romney got a majority of 18-29 year old white voters, including a 1% majority among young white women.

I say...go where the most likely converts are!

49 posted on 03/26/2013 12:32:45 PM PDT by zeestephen
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To: neverdem

I think hatred if the GOP is so ingrained within the Black community that it’ll take at least two generations to get to 20% of the vote. I have two friends who are Black Conservatives ... They dare not speak their ideological or partisan leanings to family and Black friends lest the be labled Oreo and Uncle Tom.

Outreach to Blacks (and moreso Hispanics) as a means of defusing the racism charge with white, Asian and Hispanic voters has definite potential.

50 posted on 03/26/2013 12:49:20 PM PDT by tanknetter
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To: zeestephen

I think you are right.

51 posted on 03/26/2013 12:52:39 PM PDT by white trash redneck (Just one of B. Hussein Obama's "typical white people")
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To: neverdem
I have been saying for ten years here that republicans are stupid to concede the black vote for the very reasons this author cites. You don't need to win a majority. 16% gave Ohio to Bush in 2004.
52 posted on 03/26/2013 2:01:13 PM PDT by hinckley buzzard
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To: JSDude1

I’m not sure why that was aimed at me. I’m just stating the reality in the minority community, is that they do not support the homosexual agenda.

Equality in contract law is ALREADY guaranteed. Contracts signed by homosexuals are not somehow invalidated by that fact. They just cannot have a marriage contract, because that’s a contract before God, and is not extended beyond one man and one woman.

53 posted on 03/26/2013 3:40:47 PM PDT by Viennacon
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To: 9YearLurker


I’m not ready to say “Tea Party not GOP” but I’m not averse to saying it.

Make up your mind Republicans.

Time’s a wasting.

54 posted on 03/27/2013 3:17:20 PM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network
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To: Cringing Negativism Network; Fantasywriter
The Right (whateva that is) is at a psychological disadvantage.

In order to be a "nice" person, a "good person," the Democrats can convince us that one must, MUST I say, immediately vote for any Black person. One must, MUST I say, be in favor of Gay Marriage. One must, MUST I say, shy away from any controversy. One simply cannot be angry. Politics can be so nasty and confusing, that 5 million perfectly "nice" Republicans stayed home rather than become involved with them in 2012!

Although of course this idiot-syndrome affects men, it is particularly pronounced among white female voters, aka "The Soccer Moms," who are the major target of the RINOs as directed by Karl Rove.

You see, well-meaning "good" women (and "nice" men, too) will vote out of "sympathy." As in: "That poor Black fellow, his people have been held down so long! He deserves this. Poor Ted, imagine the horror, trapped in that sinking car with that hussy! Of course, the government must "help" the poor and the elderly ... single moms ... AIDS people!"

Go now. Be "nice."

55 posted on 03/28/2013 6:48:08 AM PDT by Kenny Bunk (The Obama Molecule: Teflon binds with Melanin = No Criminal Charges Stick)
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To: varmintman

Thanks for the link. Where was that guy last year?

56 posted on 03/29/2013 2:27:17 PM PDT by neverdem ( Xin loi min oi)
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To: neverdem

Doing th esame kinds of thing he’s doing now. The guy’s name is Mike Carroll, he’s got several dozen videos on youtube.

57 posted on 03/29/2013 2:45:39 PM PDT by varmintman
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To: JustSayNoToNannies

Well yes, that means that that group doesn’t actually have a clue!

58 posted on 03/31/2013 9:03:12 AM PDT by Deagle (quo)
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To: JustSayNoToNannies

There are good and bad attributes of all Parties. Still trying to figure out where I could fit. Today, not any, that means no vote for anyone. Too bad others don’t do the same (especially on the Democrat side). Gave up on the Republicans though even as their past statements were good. Today, it is a matter of influencing the younger crowd and is NOT part of my platform. They like others place their finger into the wind more than I can tolerate. Either you have specific beliefs on your side or you are flexible and as a result immoral and have no beliefs that hold you to any actual actions.

Example: Why not just keep giving your constituents what they want even you have to borrow the money. After all it gets you elected so if that is the end benefit, why not! After all, is purchasing votes immoral? Does it effect the overall state of the Union? Does anyone elected even care?

59 posted on 03/31/2013 9:13:58 AM PDT by Deagle (quo)
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