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Shame On You, Terry McAuliffe
Townhall,com ^ | April 9, 2013 | Ken Blackwell

Posted on 04/09/2013 4:25:07 PM PDT by Kaslin

Career influence peddler and political mercenary Terry McAuliffe is at it again; and this time he’s pushed the bare-knuckled, gutter politics he’s known for to a new low.

Last month saw the 4th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals overturn an anti-sodomy statute in Virginia law that can be used to prosecute sexual predators who prey on our children, with a ruling handed down by a three-judge panel as opposed to the full bench. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli subsequently appealed the decision, sparking a headwind of media chatter, driven by far-left websites like Mother Jones.

Mr. McAuliffe, who is opposing Attorney General Cuccinelli in this November’s election to replace Governor Bob McDonnell in Virginia, threw his two cents in with rank political exploitation and circus sensationalism.

“This is just another example of Ken Cuccinelli ignoring the economy and instead focusing on his divisive ideological agenda,” a McAuliffe campaign spokesperson said.

It sounds like a good talking point, but unfortunately for McAuliffe and his fellow Democrats, that statement couldn’t be farther from reality.

Unlike McAuliffe, whose most recent occupation before becoming a full-time candidate can best be described as ‘green energy’ flim-flam man – a financial expert dubbed his venture’s funding scheme a “fraud” – Ken Cuccinelli has a day job, one that involves prosecuting criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

It was an effort to do just that that fueled Cuccinelli’s appeal of the court’s ruling. As the court moved to overturn the statute, the Attorney General was in the midst of prosecuting the case of William Scott MacDonald, a 47-year old man who had solicited a 17-year old girl to perform sex acts. Only the anti-sodomy statute allows sexual predators like MacDonald to be charged with a felony – if the statue were overturned, sex with a minor over the age of 15 could only be handled as a misdemeanor under current Virginia law.

So, should the Attorney General’s appeal prove successful, it means sex offenders who prey on teenagers can be tried as felons rather than receive a slap on the wrist.

“This case is not about sexual orientation, but using current law to protect a 17 year-old girl from a 47 year-old sexual predator,” stated Caroline Gibson, a spokesperson for his office. “The attorney general is committed to protecting Virginia’s children from predators who attempt to exploit them and rob them of their childhood.”

In agreement with Cuccinelli is Circuit Court Judge Albert Diaz, an Obama appointee, who was the dissenting vote in the case. Diaz, agreeing with a lower court’s ruling, argued that the invalidation of anti-sodomy statutes applied only to adults.

An attorney general doesn’t make the laws. It’s his job to enforce them to their fullest extent, which means taking any and all steps to ensure that heinous acts like the sexual exploitation of a minor aren’t swept under the rug as misdemeanors. The protection of our children is something we should all be able to agree on.

Taking bold action when it comes to defending children from predators is a hallmark of Cuccinelli’s career. As a Virginia state senator, he sponsored the Human Anti-Trafficking Act, which made human trafficking a Class 5 felony.

His time as Virginia’s chief law enforcement official has been marked by 400,000 seizures of child pornography images and 94 convictions of child porn offenders.

Furthermore, he’s received national acclaim from anti-human trafficking group The Polaris Project for his success in improving the state’s ability to crack down on sex offenders.

When the facts about Ken Cuccinelli’s record are examined, it’s obvious that this appeal has nothing to do with a “divisive ideological agenda” and everything to do with keeping Virginia’s children safe.

It’s utterly shameful that Terry McAuliffe would resort to putting innocent victims of sexual exploitation at risk in order to score a few cheap political points with his liberal base.

The people of Virginia should expect nothing less than an immediate retraction and apology from someone asking to be their chief executive. McAuliffe’s failure to do so, coupled with his unwillingness to answer questions about whether he would keep the statute in place to try predators like MacDonald as felons is a clear indication of which candidate in Virginia’s gubernatorial contest is more concerned with the next election than the next generation.

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1 posted on 04/09/2013 4:25:07 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

First, this is proof that liberals have won the gay marriage issue.

The next part of the agenda is lowering the age of consent laws so homosexuals can have sex with children as young as 12.

Since homosexuals are a huge funding source for Democrats, they will support this....first, by decreasing the penalties, then by eliminating the penalties.

Lastly, McAuliffe’s run is part of the liberal agenda to win AG of a majority of states.

Remember, the AG certifies election results and prosecutes any malfeasance. A liberal AG will never question election fraud (unless a Republican wins).

2 posted on 04/09/2013 4:35:50 PM PDT by Erik Latranyi (When religions have to beg the gov't for a waiver, we are already under socialism.)
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To: Kaslin

McAuliffe also has another problem brewing;

MCLEAN, Va. — A federal program that awards U.S. citizenship to foreigners in exchange for business investments is under increasing scrutiny as the assets of a Chicago company were frozen by the Securities and Exchange Commission
A Watchdog investigation found that Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and a brother of Hillary Clinton used a similar EB-5 operation to raise cash from foreigners in order to launch a new automobile manufacturing company. A financial adviser calls the McAuliffe operation a fraud.

While McAuliffe and Anthony Rodham dodged questions about their business, SEC officials last month shut down a Chicago financier on charges of defrauding more than 250 foreign investors.

The federal agents said Anshoo Sethi created A Chicago Convention Center (ACCC) and Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago, and fraudulently sold more than $145 million in securities and collected $11 million in administrative fees from investors, primarily from China.

According to the SEC, Sethi and his companies duped investors into believing that by purchasing interests in ACCC, they would be financing construction of the World’s First Zero Carbon Emission Platinum LEED certified hotel and conference center near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Investors were misled by Sethi’s regional center to believe their investments were purchasing U.S. citizenship through the EB-5 immigrant investor program, the SEC said.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service has approved 226 regional centers to serve as conduits for EB-5 investments. USCIS says that since the program’s inception in 1990, the centers have attracted $6.8 billion in foreign funds to create 49,000 U.S. jobs.

But as reported this week, EB-5 investments don’t necessarily produce employment or success.

Officials in Mississippi say up to $20 million reputedly raised through the Rodham-led Gulf Coast Funds Management have yet to be delivered to GreenTech Automotive, an electric-car company founded by McAuliffe.

Rodham, one of Hillary Clinton’s brothers, is president and CEO of Gulf Coast. A group of political associates of Bill Clinton, including his former IRS commissioner, serve on its board of directors.

McAuliffe is a former chairman of theDemocratic National Committee and was a chief fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid.

A second regional center — Virginia Center for Foreign Investment and Job Creation — lists Rodham as its registered agent. Both EB-5 centers, and GreenTech, share the same address in McAuliffe’s adopted hometown of McLean, Va.

No officials at Gulf Coast, VCFIJC or GreenTech responded to Watchdog’s multiple requests for interviews over the past two weeks.

GreenTech, which in 2010 announced plans to build an assembly plant in Tunica County, Miss., has not specified how many vehicles it has actually built or sold. The firm has issued just one press release this year, announcing a European distributor to handle a projected volume of 12,000 cars.

A Watchdog reporter on Tuesday went to the Tysons Boulevard address listed by GreenTech and Rodham’s two regional centers as their headquarters. The doors were locked, the nameplate was stripped off, and the office was dark and empty. A phone call elicited another address at a nearby, less-prestigious building.

Tucked anonymously into a hallway corner like a broom closet, the new office is much smaller. The interior walls are adorned with a couple of pictures of McAuliffe’s “MyCar” and display the names: “GreenTech Automotive” and “Gulf Coast Funds Management.”

The office was occupied by a lone receptionist who curtly and repeatedly declared that “no one” was available to be interviewed.

“This is a private company. I know nothing,” said the woman who declined to give her name.Because the companies are private, the Virginia Department of Taxation said their financial records are exempt from Freedom of Information Act disclosure.

But the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration said neither regional center had yet paid its business license fees for 2013. GCFM was delinquent on its 2012 license, as well.

County tax director Kevin Greenlief said his staff was looking into the situation.Michael Gibson, managing partner with U.S. Advisors, which administers EB-5 investment ventures across the country, said GreenTech’s funding program smacks of “fraud.”

More broadly, Eric Ruark, director of research at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, told Watchdog: “The main problem with the EB-5 program is the almost total lack of oversight by USCIS.”

“The regional centers, which are set up to ‘facilitate’ the investment of EB-5 monies in domestic companies, are largely unregulated and there is little transparency about where the money has gone or how many jobs have been created.“ (See report here.)

Like GreenTech’s EB-5 hook-up, the Chicago scheme was all show, and very little go.The SEC alleged that Sethi, 29, and his companies falsely boasted that all necessary building permits had been acquired and that several major hotel chains had signed on.Investigators found that Sethi and his associates had spent more than 90 percent of the administrative fees collected from investors, despite promises to return the money if visa applications were denied.

More than $2.5 million of the funds were directed to Sethi’s personal bank account in Hong Kong, the SEC said.According to USCIS, only four EB-5 regional centers have been shut down by the feds in the 23-year history of the program.

Amid rising criticism, USCIS denied more regional center applications in the past year. Some credit agency director Alejandro Mayorkas with tightening accountability over EB-5 and its regional fund collectors.

A government report shows that in fiscal 2012, USCIS approved 35 regional-center applications while rejecting 63. That reversed historic patterns. In 2011, 123 were approved and 58 were denied.

Yet critics have questioned EB-5’s job-creation claims, which are calculated through a complex formula that includes “indirect” employment. David North of the enforcement-oriented Center for Immigration Studies says the formula was “invented” to meet the statutory requirement of creating 10 new jobs per $500,000 investment.

GreenTech, in its agreement with Mississippi, pledged to hire 350 full-time workers by the end of 2014. Neither the company, nor the two regional centers, have said how many employees are currently at the car company.

In 2005, the Government Accountability Office reported it could not determine how many jobs immigrant investors had established “because of the way USCIS credits the number of jobs created by an investor’s business.”

“If there are non-EB-5 investors involved or the investment is part of a greater overall business expansion, USCIS credits the single EB-5 investor with the total of all jobs created even though many of the jobs are not the result of his portion of the investment,” the GAO report stated.

“In one such example, USCIS credited a single immigrant investor with creating 1,143 jobs based on a $1.5 million investment.”

Four years later, USCIS’ own ombudsman noted that long-standing concerns over “abuse, misrepresentation and fraud” led to prosecutions of “immigration fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy” against the principals and officers of one EB-5 investment business.

FAIR’s Ruark says that’s just the tip of a growing iceberg.“The reaction by USCIS has been to more heavily promote the program, while ignoring the obvious fraud and abuse,” he told Watchdog this week.

USCIS does not provide a center-by-center breakdown of jobs created, or the financial status of the 226 centers listed on its website. A disclaimer states that a regional center’s appearance on the roster “does not guarantee compliance with U.S. securities laws, or minimize or eliminate risk to the investor.”

Rodham’s Gulf Coast Funds Management, licensed by USCIS to serve “targeted zones” in Louisiana and Mississippi, boasts of covering “the largest geographical area for a regional center in the United States.” Its website touts McAuliffe’s GreenTech vehicle.

However, Gulf Coast, along with Rodham’s Virginia Center for Foreign Investment and Job Creation, is headquartered in Northern Virginia.

VCFIJC, which was licensed last November, claims $100,000 in annual revenues, but the center has no website.

Immigration Daily, a newsletter that tracks EB-5 and other entry programs, reported last month that USCIS may be “getting ready to issue Notices of Intent to Revoke to some regional centers within the coming few months.”

“Such NOIRs will likely be not just for inactivity, but will possibly include issues connected to securities compliance,” the newsletter stated.

USCIS press secretary Christopher Bentley said the agency would not comment on “speculation.” But he provided data showing that EB-5 immigrants who fail to meet financial thresholds are dropped from the program.

Since the EB-5 program began, 4,895 immigrant investors received citizenship while 1,271 did not.And what happened to those 1,271?

“It is our expectation that they will leave (the country),” Bentley said, deferring further questions to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division.

ICE did not respond to Watchdog’s inquiries.

Ruark said, “Foreigners can and do invest in the United States without the expectation of gaining permanent residency. In fact, the EB-5 has such a poor record of return on investment that it is probably the least best option for someone who is an informed foreign investor.

“The high incidence of fraud and failed projects makes it likely that many foreign nationals have been bilked through participation in the EB-5 program. This is something our own government recognizes, yet fails to correct.“


3 posted on 04/09/2013 4:41:37 PM PDT by CharlesMartelsGhost
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To: Kaslin
McAuliffe is nothing but a low life, I pray AG Cuccinelli will absolutely stomp him in the Governors race.
4 posted on 04/09/2013 4:41:39 PM PDT by jazusamo ("Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent." -- Adam Smith)
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To: Erik Latranyi

Absolutely correct. The last thing the homosexuals and the Democrats want are laws that protect children from adults. Most homosexuals had their first encounter when they were less than 16 and their “partner” was more than likely an adult. This imprinting has far more to do with the cause of homosexuality than the genetic nonsense being promoted by the vile Left.

5 posted on 04/09/2013 4:43:18 PM PDT by allendale
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To: allendale
Most homosexuals had their first encounter when they were less than 16 and their “partner” was more than likely an adult.


And that's exactly why I call them:

Disease-ridden, boy-raping whackjobs.

6 posted on 04/09/2013 4:48:38 PM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Hey RATS! Control your murdering freaks.)
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To: allendale
Absolutely correct. The last thing the homosexuals and the Democrats want are laws that protect children from adults. Most homosexuals had their first encounter when they were less than 16 and their “partner” was more than likely an adult. This imprinting has far more to do with the cause of homosexuality than the genetic nonsense being promoted by the vile Left.

Remember, your children belong to the community, not to the parents!!!!!

7 posted on 04/09/2013 4:51:09 PM PDT by Erik Latranyi (When religions have to beg the gov't for a waiver, we are already under socialism.)
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To: allendale; Erik Latranyi; Mrs. Don-o; NYer
The last thing homos and the Dems want are laws that protect children from predatory adults. Most homosexuals had their first encounter when they were less than 16; the “partner” was more than likely an adult.

Exactly---some experts say homosexuality is indicative of juvenile bahavior---that the homo is stuck in adolescence, obsessed with private parts.

State-funded Planned Parenthood sex education is nothing more than conditioning---to brainwash kids into submitting---easy prey for predators.


GAZILLIONS OF CHINESE STUDENTS ARE DILIGENTLY STUDYING pre-calculus mathematics, nuclear physics, calculus-based quantum mechanics, trigonometry, linear and abstract algebra, analytical geometry, and so on.

Courtesy of PP in our schools K-12, American students are learning how to lap-dance, how to put condoms on bananas, where to get an abortion, and are being conditioned to be fodder for pedophiles...... reported on The Future of Sex Education (FoSE) report, written by organized sex education advocates, “to create a strategic plan for sexuality education policy and implementation.”

Also involved are the American School Health Association, the National Education Association Health Information Network – the non-profit arm of the nation’s largest teacher’s union, the NEA – the American Association for Health Education and the Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education.

An advisory committee includes Planned Parenthood and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

The authors argue that "too little school time" is devoted to instruction in HIV, pregnancy and STD prevention – a median total of 3.1 hours in elementary school, according to the CDC.

The report includes a glossary that defines gender expression, gender identity, gender roles, and transgenderism.......intended for school use.

The groups are pushing for federal legislation......and MORE tax funding.


SEX-ED GONE BERSERK-- Sexually explicit emails sent from the Sidwell School account, exposed that-—Sidwell’s sex-ed teacher-— apparently entertained Sidwell students in his room after a Sidwell contest-—and had a sex-charged talk-—8th graders told him Sidwell P.E. teachers were hitting on them for sex.

Sex educator Huntington’s ex-wife, a child and adolescent psychologist, warned that his steamy affair was harming their daughters. Huntington then blabbed his ex-wife’s concerns in an e-mail to his paramour: “Is sex with her— and are her blowjobs-— really worth that much risk you are taking?” “I told her yes,” Huntington emailed his inamorata. During the course of the affair, the sex educator sent a number of sexually explicit e-mails to his paramour from his Sidwell account———sometimes in the middle of the Sidwell schoolday. His x-rated e-mails graphically recounted sex encounters, including oral sex and anal sex, role-playing, and “manic rubbing and touching when [Huntington was] under the influence.”

Huntington’s sex-crazed emails expressed his desire “to be busy with [her] body,” and when she called about that email but didn’t reach him, he explained via email: “Your call enabled me to kick out some 8th grade girls from my room. They were talking about male P.E. teachers that try to hit on them.”

At the time of that e-mail—-—and for much of the duration of the sreamy affair during the 2009-2010 school year——Huntington taught sex education to Sidwell sixth graders, during which time First Daughter Malia Obama was in the sixth grade. Typically, the Sidwell sex ed class is mandatory for all sixth graders, according to former students.

The emails are now part of a blockbuster lawsuit---journo Bob Woodward has been called to trestify and emails he and his wife sent WRT a Sidwell bullying incident involving their daughter have been subpoeaned.

8 posted on 04/10/2013 4:19:42 AM PDT by Liz
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