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Durbin: Immigration bill addresses flaws exploited by Marathon suspect
The Hill ^

Posted on 05/05/2013 7:17:00 AM PDT by Sub-Driver

Durbin: Immigration bill addresses flaws exploited by Marathon suspect By Justin Sink - 05/05/13 09:41 AM ET

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Sunday that the comprehensive immigration bill he negotiated with a bipartisan group of seven other senators directly addresses some of the security flaws that may have been exploited by a foreign student accused of helping bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dispose of evidence.

"It's hard to believe 12 years after 9/11 we're having this conversation, but you put your finger on it. There's not enough coordination between these different agencies so that we know someone should not have been readmitted to the United States," Durbin told CNN. "But our bill addresses that directly."

The Department of Homeland Security announced over the weekend that border security agents must now check that foreign students entering the country have a valid visa. Azamat Tazhayakov, who was arrested last week and accused of removing a backpack containing fireworks from Tsarnaev's apartment, did not have valid documentation when he returned to the U.S. in January, but was waved through by border agents who did not have access to the database from Homeland Security.

Other lawmakers have questioned the border security system after it was revealed that a trip to Russia by Dzhokhar's brother, Tamerlan, went undetected because of a spelling mistake.

Durbin said Sunday that the immigration reform bill "starts to do things that should have been done long ago."

Under the bill, Durbin says, the federal government would be able to track all immigrants and "know not only when they arrive, but when they leave."

The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin debate on the bill this week, but some lawmakers have already expressed concern about the legislation's long-term prospects. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has said that the bill would not pass the House without strengthening the border security triggers necessary for a pathway to citizenship, while Democrats have complained the bill does not include a provision for same-sex couples.

Durbin said he believed "of course" there were elements that could be improved, but also seemed to caution Republicans from trying to move the bill too far to the right.

"I have friends of mine, incidentally, who look at it from the viewpoint of Democrats and from the left and say there are things we'd like to see in it too," Durbin said. "But we've got to basically stick to the standard of what we've established, what we've agreed to."

Coincidentally, Durbin is co-sponsoring the amendment that would give American citizens the opportunity to sponsor a same-sex partner, but Republicans have warned such a provision could torpedo the bill. On Sunday, Durbin defended the amendment as "consistent with the position we should have marriage equality."

"If we can find a way through this to protect the basic right of an individual and still pass immigration reform, that's what I want to achieve," Durbin said.

He also said that Gang of Eight negotiators, who had agreed to oppose as a group amendments that had the potential to kill the overall immigration bill, "did not have a specific agreement among the eight of us about this particular issue."

But the Illinois lawmaker also said there was the potential that the entire debate over the inclusion of LGBT benefits in the bill might soon become moot.

"The Supreme Court has taken up [the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act]. That decision on DOMA may preclude this whole conversation. They may help us reach the right place in this whole conversation," Durbin said.

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Why not fix it now?
1 posted on 05/05/2013 7:17:00 AM PDT by Sub-Driver
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To: Sub-Driver

What happened to the demand that immigrants support themselves and not be supported by taxpayers???
Who decided that wasn’t important anymore

2 posted on 05/05/2013 7:25:15 AM PDT by RummyChick
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To: Sub-Driver

I see one big flaw in our immigration policy.

A big fat Dyke named Napolitano.

3 posted on 05/05/2013 7:36:04 AM PDT by Venturer
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To: Sub-Driver



(1) When is the treatment of American citizens in Mexico and their rights vs US treatment of Mexicans going to be an issue when we discuss amnesty ? And two other questions US legislators should ask

Here are three questions:that has yet to appear on any US legislator’s questionaire from either chamber


Issue One

!...Should Mexican citizens when in the US be given the same rights American citizens are given while in Mexico? .......BTW If an American citizen enters Mexico illegaly they are heavily fined and sometimes jailed then unceremoniously sent back

2.. The Mexican government through public statements and educational system lays claims to major portions or all to some of our southwestern states as part of the Mexican nation . Are we asking for trouble by granting their illegals an expressed path to our citizenship laying the groundwork for “squatters rights” at some future date ?

3... If it is deemed necessary to supplement the US labor force by allowing itinerant labor should the individual states make the determiniation as to the number should the offer being needed ? And should that offer not be restricted simply to Mexican nationals but to other central and south American countries as well ?

Issue 2

What makes it necessary for US to subjugate our sovereignty because of available cheap labor ? While the Godless Demo-Coms socialists encourage population control and abortion . Then complain the US is not reproducing enough citizens to replace its aging retiring workforce. But rely on (as the Romans did) on foreigners (barbarians) .to keep their welfare ponzie schemes supplied with tax money and keep the system working.....

On the Mexican problem

Ever hear of reciprocal aggrements ? These are arranged to protect the rights of American citizens working or living in other countries.

Why is it when it comes to citizens of other countries we are required to offer them the same privledges as we do to US citizens? But when it comes to US citizens who get in trouble or attempt to do business in other countries they do not get the same treatment their citizens get.

Americans can’t own coast land in Mexico. And get no title to it elsewhere. If they run out of cash they’ll get unceremoniously sent back or put in jail untill some relative comes up with the “fresh”. That’s just for starters as for granting them voting privledges yea let’s give Mexican citizens that right when American citizens vote in their elections .

4 posted on 05/05/2013 7:37:49 AM PDT by mosesdapoet (Serious contribution pause.Please continue onto meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: All
SEEMS TO ME WE'VE HEARD THIS SONG BEFORE The Rubio/Schumer atrocity is more like "Violent Lifestyles of the Boston Bombers and Friends."

America welcomed the bomber cabal with open arms---we enabled them w/ student visas (handed out like popcorn). One of the coverup-crew was even let back into the US w/ an expired student visa. We educated them, housed them, fed and clothed them---the feds/state/city showered them w/ freebies----all financed by taxpayers.

The thanks we got was dead, limbless, maimed and wounded Americans. Bostonians had no inkling WRT the bomber's hatred for them and our way of life.

THE ETHNIC SOLIDARITY CABAL AS ALREADY OUTLINED ITS INTENTIONS they intend to kill Americans and incite bloody, violent uprisings against Americans.

BLOOD-CURDLING "LA RAZA STUDIES"--- ACTUALLY TAUGHT IN ARIZONA SCHOOLS FOR TEN YEARS : These shocking quotes are taken directly from A LA Raza textbook "Occupied America" (pg. 167): “Supporters would execute all white males over age 16,” (also known as the Plan of San Diego). LA Raza school textbook chapter from “Occupied America,” by Rodolfo Acuña, includes a speech given by university professor Jose Angel Gutierrez: “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and if worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him,” (pg. 323).

La Raza books also talk about the need for the govt of Mexico to re-take seven states in SW United States. so that the Southwest USA would become a Chicano nation.

YOU ARE PAYING FOR THIS In 2005 alone, $7.9 million in taxpayer funding was given to "La Raza charter schools" via the US Dept of Education grants. These charter schools stress Latino culture, the Spanish language, the re-conquest of the American Southwest, the establishment of the mythical Atzlan on US soil, and even Aztec math.

La Raza is using taxpayer funds to organize the murdering of Americans; the federally-funded La Raza organization operates 100 charter schools across America.

ARIZONA SCHOOL BOARD NUT CASE--- Adelita Grijalva is the woman on the Arizona school board pimping La Raza ethnic solidarity indoctrination programs in Tuscon schools. Adelita is all up in arms about Raza Studies getting tossed via the AZ state legislature's action...she is the daughter of Raul Grijalva (D-AZ-7) who was just narrowly re-elected to our US Congress.

Cong Raul Grijalva (and friend) is one of Mexico’s most productive and loyal representatives in our Congress....aiding--abetting and funding La Raza studies.


LAWS ARE MEANINGLESS TO ETHNIC SOLIDARITY HATERS The Rubio/Schumer atrocity finances the coming violence----and gives them a pass for any activity illegaly engaged in now or before.....and Congressional blessing for future illegal acts.

Doesn't matter what "ethnic solidarity poison" the lobbyists spoon-feed vote-crazed pols----the poisoners have a secret deal w/ Obomba. As long as O keeps the money rolling in, they will round up the ethnic solidarity votes to keep him and the Dems in power.

5 posted on 05/05/2013 7:56:50 AM PDT by Liz (To learn who rules over you, determine who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire)
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To: Sub-Driver

Why is it that everything I hear coming out of the mouths of Federal officials has me humming “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”?

6 posted on 05/05/2013 8:03:03 AM PDT by Psycho_Bunny (Thought Puzzle: Describe Islam without using the phrase "mental disorder" more than four times.)
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To: Sub-Driver

If you’re not going to seal the border AND deport the illegal alien/ Islamic terrorist.... you have no change in the system

Penis Durbin is a liar

7 posted on 05/05/2013 8:06:39 AM PDT by SeminoleCounty (GOP - Greenlighting Obama's Programs)
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To: All
IMMIGRATION REFORM IS THE GATEWAY TO TERRORISM---ETHNIC SOLIDARITY POISON IS BEING FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS "Reform" finances and gives unlimited power to individuals with primitive survival instincts honed in corrupt Third World hellholed where everything is for sale. The survivalist instincts of illegals DO NOT correspond to freedom and democracy----bedrock America principles we consider sacrosanct. To these individual---its all about "what's in it for me, and who do I payoff to get it."


Clearly, some (or all) of the reform provisions were written by salivating Third Worlders--and their Fifth Columns on US soil----greedily contemplating exchanging massive foreign aid checks for latino votes.

IMPOVERISHED THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES W/ PRESSURE GROUPS INSIDE THE US (here illegally): Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico (stateside), Salvador, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.


THE AYE VOTES FOR AMNESTY WILL NOT COME CHEAP--- WHAT KIND OF FOREIGN FINANCIAL DEALS will vote-crazed US politicians get in exchange for yes votes on amnesty? And who are their co-conspirators?

LET'S LOOK AT THE TAX-EXEMPTS (1) The National Association of Latino Electoral and Appointed Officials, (2) La Raza, (3) Voto Latino, (4) The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, (5) state Hispanic Federations,(6) latino PAC's, etc ,etc, etc (all pushing free-for-all amnesty). These people need to come clean WRT quid pro quo sub deals made with foreign governments.

We need to see their financial records-- copies of (1) checks, (2) wire transfers, (3) bank account statements, (4) invoices, (5) bills, (6) delivery tickets, (7) correspondence including e-mail, employment contracts, loan agreements, (8) any other books or records.

Scrutinize n/p bank accounts for suspicious activites: (A) large deposits, (B) funds transferred from one account into another, (C) request for withdrawals, (D) offsore activity. Also lists of monies n/p paid to (a) brokers, sub-brokers, (b) family members, (c) mortgage brokers, (d) financial managers, and, (e) real estate agents, brokers, and developers, and the like.

REFERENCE Taxpayers could then sue banks holding tax-exempt monies that cover-up tax fraud. Under the Bank Secrecy Act passed by Congress, banks are required to establish, implement and maintain programs designed to detect and report suspicious activity indicative of money laundering, tax evasion, govt fraud and other financial crimes.

“The Bank Secrecy Act was enacted to protect the tax-paying public from harm by identifying and detecting criminal enterprises, including those engaged in govt fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering," explains the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit.

8 posted on 05/05/2013 8:09:10 AM PDT by Liz (To learn who rules over you, determine who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire)
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To: Sub-Driver

No illegal immigrant should ever have the right and open path to USA citizenship or be allowed to vote in any USA election. Giving them permanent work permits, and legal drivers licenses, yes, with severe restrictions. They, (illegals must pay all taxes and cannot receive any public assistance benefits). Any proposed law that even hints at citizenship., i will oppose as hard as I can!!! These people are criminals. period!!! I have no problem with honoring the USA citizenship to children born to these illegals in the USA. They are in-fact, bonafide American citizens by birth here in the USA.

9 posted on 05/05/2013 8:43:27 AM PDT by JLAGRAYFOX ( My only objective is to defeat and destroy Obama & his Democrat Party, politically!!!)
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To: Sub-Driver

“Why not fix it now?”

So they’ve known how to fix it, yet don’t - until they get their AMNESTY. In another life, I’d call that treason.

It’s time the Open Borders crowd showed some good faith and started plugging these loopholes for once, rather than holding them hostage to their Amnesty dream.

10 posted on 05/05/2013 8:54:04 AM PDT by BobL (Look up "CSCOPE" if you want to see something really scary)
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To: Sub-Driver

Even as a teenager in college, I looked around at the foreign students (Iranians at my college back in the 70s) and understood this was a one directional. It’s a brain drain that doesn’t help the US. I didn’t see one who wanted to be here and in fact hated being here. The professors were told to pass them at the expense of the rest of us. There went the bell curve. They were taking desks that could have gone to American students who were denied admittance. It is nothing but pandering to our enemies.

I won’t even address ICE et al not doing their jobs.

11 posted on 05/05/2013 9:47:01 AM PDT by bgill (The problem one is watching the Watch List!)
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To: All
A smirking Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill) said " immigration reform" directly addresses security flaws continually exploited by foreigners ...

Durbin stupidly referred to a Kazakhstan student let into the US without a visa who is now accused of helping his Chechnyan bombing pal----suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev---- by disposing of crucual evidence to help Tsarnaev stay out of trouble.

"There's not enough coordination between US agencies WRT foreigners being in the United States," Durbin told CNN. "....the reform bill addresses that," smirked dimwit Durbin.


MEMO TO DURBIN---Clearly, these foreigners are on a Kill Americans Jihad. "Reform" would force Americans to finance these explosive activities. Congress is forcing "ethnic solidarity poison" down our throats and expects us to say, "Mmmm, mmmm good."

This claptrap from vote-crazed Dems has to end....they'll say and do anything to stay in power. "Reform" is their ticket to Dem paradise.

12 posted on 05/05/2013 3:11:35 PM PDT by Liz (To learn who rules over you, determine who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire)
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