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It's Painful... Rubio Says We Must Legalize Illegals So They Can Pay for Border Security ^ | 6-14-2013 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 06/14/2013 12:55:13 PM PDT by servo1969


RUSH: Folks, I can't tell you, I don't even want to have to say this.  This is painful.  Did you hear what Senator Rubio said?  We need to bring the illegals here so that they will pay for the border security that we need.  I know.  I can't tell you, this is painful for me.

I'm paraphrasing because I don't have the exact quote, but the immigrants that we legalize, we have to have 'em because they are going to pay for border security, to pay for the fence.  I guess what is meant by that is that we need the new taxpayers.  Now immigrants are more fertile. They create more businesses than native born Americans over the last 20 years. They love their families. We don't.  He didn't say that, but why point out that they love their families?  They're more intact families, younger population.  I'm trying not to be reactionary.  That's why I'm not saying anything.


RUSH: The Rubio quote:  "We need to register them as soon as possible, not just to keep the problem from getting worse, but we’re going to require them to pay a fine, and that’s the money that we are going to use to pay for the border security.  If we don’t get that fine money from the people that have violated our immigration laws, then the American taxpayer is going to have to pay for border security."


RUSH: I'll tell you why it pains me, why it is really, really painful, this stuff.  Because I really like Senator Rubio.  I remember Senator Rubio campaigning against Crist.  I know who Rubio is.  I wish he would get out of this whole immigration fight and not tarnish himself because there is a lot of potential in Marco Rubio.  This immigration thing is gonna taint him.  I just hope it doesn't.
JOHNNY DONOVAN:  And now, from sunny south Florida, it's Open Line Friday!

RUSH:  Look what happens when you get in bed with these people on the left.  I don't want to call it moving over to the dark side, but look what happens when you cross the line and go over there. 


RUSH:  Immigration story here from Reuters, folks.  It has an interesting development in the House that really is news.  First off, the headline:  "Senate Rejects Republican Effort to Gut Immigration Bill -- A landmark immigration bill survived a major challenge in the Senate on Thursday when its bipartisan 'Gang of Eight' sponsors beat back an amendment that would have delayed a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal residents."

This was the Grassley amendment that was beaten back.  The Grassley amendment would have prohibited a first step toward granting of legal status until the Department of Homeland Security has maintained effective control of the US-Mexico border for a period of six months.  That was the amendment, which is what we had all been assured had to happen or there wouldn't be any Republican support for the Gang of Eight bill.  Then that changed, that we have to do the legalization first and then do the border, for two reasons.  We have to do the legalization to get 'em out of the shadows.  We have to do the legalization to find out who they are.  And then we have to levy fines so that the fine money we collect will pay for the border security. 


But this story also has a development in the House that could be big news and disturbing news.  The House immigration legislation includes, quote, from the story, "provisions giving state and local police departments powers to apprehend undocumented people."  Now, remember what Michele Bachmann said.  Michele Bachmann said that the House bill is gonna look really good.  It's gonna look like it is really, really good. It's gonna get a lot, lotta support, and it's gonna pass the House, but the stuff in it that everybody likes is gonna be taken out in conference.  That's the conspiratorial theory that has evolved about what's gonna happen in the House. 

The immigration legislation in the House, again, includes provisions that give state and local police the power to apprehend undocumented people.  Now, the Democrats in the House are calling that a step backward that would lead to racial profiling.  John Conyers, the senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said, "It's alarming that this bill would turn millions of undocumented immigrants into criminals overnight. It's not only terrible politics but its inhumane policy."

So what we know, which we already did, but what we've had confirmed, therefore, Democrats do not want to ever detain illegal aliens, even after this latest round of amnesty.  Now, that ought to open people's eyes.  That ought to tell everybody everything they need to know about this whole idea of immigration reform.  It really is just a plan to open the borders.  The House bill grants amnesty. Well, no. The House bill moves it forward, but the House bill has a provision that local cops and state cops can apprehend undocumented people.  And the Democrats say no.  Now, it's still going to be illegal to cross the border after amnesty, folks.  This is the key. 

Even if the Senate bill were to pass and be signed by Obama, crossing the border illegally is still going to be illegal.  Amnesty will not mean that anybody in the world is also free to come.  Amnesty will, theoretically, only apply to the 11 million or whatever number are here.  But anybody after amnesty signed into law who crosses the border illegally is still an illegal immigrant.  And the House bill would therefore permit local and state authorities to apprehend those people.  Democrats say, nope, no way, Jose, we're not agreeing to that.  Meaning, as far as the Democrats are concerned, at no time is anybody to be treated as an illegal, which should tell everybody what the Democrats' real objective here is.  And amnesty is just one step of the objective. 


The objective is a constant, never-ending, inflow of low-skilled, uneducated people that will make up a permanent Democrat Party underclass.  That's when the Democrats shine. That's when the Democrats think they are at their best, when they're speaking up for the downtrodden.  When the Democrats are speaking up for the little guy, when the Democrats are speaking up for the poor, when the Democrats are speaking up for the hungry and the thirsty, when the Democrats are defending and speaking up for the people who have not won life's lottery, that's when they think they are their best. That's when they know they get their votes. That's when they know that they win the battle of who happens to have the most compassion, Democrats or Republicans. 

The Democrats need poor people.  The Democrats need a never ending inflow of poor people.  And they need those people to stay poor as long as they can.  They need poor people depending on Democrats.  They need poor people in the welfare state rolls.  They need poor people looking at government as Santa Claus.  And just because we grant amnesty does not mean, as far as they're concerned, that that shuts off immigration.  No.  We're just gonna deal with these 11 million and we're gonna start all over again.  We're gonna have millions more in another 20 years, have to do it all over again.  That's what their agenda is and this pretty much shines the light on that. 

Democrats need poor people so badly they have to import them.  The Democrats must keep people in the dark about the source of prosperity.  The Democrats must make sure that people do not learn where real prosperity comes from.  As far as the Democrats are concerned, you need a never-ending flow of poor people who think that government is the source of prosperity, that government is the source of life.  And as people in America grow and perhaps, maybe in time, fall out of that arrangement, the Democrats need replacements.  The Democrats need poor people so badly, they have to import them. 

The Democrat mission is not to raise people up out of poverty.  The Democrat mission is to make sure there is a constant number, growing number of poor people.  That's when the Democrats shine, folks, is when they're defending them, when they're speaking up for them, when they're making the case for the poor.  That allows them to blame Republicans for practically everything, accuse Republicans of being heartless and cold and cruel and extreme and all the rest.  You need victims.  Victims of the Republicans, victims of conservatism, ergo you need a never-ending inflow of poor people.  And, as an added bonus, the less educated they are, the better. 


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To: Buckeye McFrog
I half expect that he will go Scorched Earth when the day of his retirement is at hand.

And watch the Republic get destroyed in the process?

At least Levin has a pair and has already, called out Boenher and McConnell. I don't know if he has called out Rubio, but suspect he is next.

And he calls McCain and Linsey Gramnasty Same Sex Senators, which has got to goat them to no end....

61 posted on 06/14/2013 2:14:19 PM PDT by taildragger (( Tighten the 5 point harness and brace for Impact Freepers, ya know it's coming..... ))
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To: servo1969
 photo crossing_zps5afc0941.png
62 posted on 06/14/2013 2:15:10 PM PDT by baddog 219
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To: Lancey Howard; Norm Lenhart

Maybe Rush read this morning’s FR threads...

63 posted on 06/14/2013 2:16:05 PM PDT by Gene Eric (Don't be a statist!)
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To: baddog 219
 photo WHORE3_zps6bd48e4d.jpg
64 posted on 06/14/2013 2:16:27 PM PDT by baddog 219
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To: Windy City Conservative
Rush should say: “Marco Rubio, I hope he fails”.

Ha! I bet that statement, given how famous Rush has made it, would headline on Drudge and be devastating to Rubio, and hopefully to the gang of 8 and the whole immigration issue. Hate to complain about Rush but I think he and Levin and Hannity could have taken the gang of 8 out of commission a long time ago if they could have brought themselves to being tougher on Rubio.

65 posted on 06/14/2013 2:20:08 PM PDT by Reddon
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To: Democrat_media

Sen. Rubio ranks as one of the most supid senators. And he is disgusting and dishonest.

66 posted on 06/14/2013 2:20:34 PM PDT by apocalypto
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To: servo1969

Has Rush unglued his lips from Rubio’s backside yet?

67 posted on 06/14/2013 2:23:42 PM PDT by Arm_Bears (Refuse; Resist; Rebel; Revolt!)
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To: lormand; Frantzie

That would be have been Frantzie. He/she criticized Rubio constantly back then for being a RINO and soft on immigration.

68 posted on 06/14/2013 2:26:40 PM PDT by Theoria
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To: servo1969
"This immigration thing is gonna taint him (Rubio)"

Too late, Rush, the taint on this former saint ain't "coming", it's already all over him like paint.


69 posted on 06/14/2013 2:27:15 PM PDT by MinuteGal
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To: servo1969

Rush seems to be holding fire, perhaps thinking that Rubio will come to his senses on this. Unfortunately, not going to happen. Rush needs to go full assault now.

70 posted on 06/14/2013 2:31:38 PM PDT by Rokurota
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To: Theoria

I have been listening to Rush very attentively over the last month. No one has slammed the “amnesty bill” as he calls it more than he has. But I was stunned today over his defeatist attitude, when some man called him about suggesting to people that the government has captured their sextexting. He ranted that nothing scandalous could ever harm Obama, when it most assuredly already has. He should have eviscerated Rubio instead. Rubio hasn’t been suckered, he’s just treacherous. It is time for Rush to suspend his anti-activist stance, call up these Republicans on air, read the Sessions letter with listed amendments to the bill (which are mindboggling) and have these fools justify their support of the amnesty bill.

71 posted on 06/14/2013 2:44:37 PM PDT by odawg
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To: servo1969; All

Find it strange when the excuse is being given that while the government knows whats going on in 300 million citizens lives but because the illegals are not citizens the US doesn’t know who they are or where they’re comming from, so we must make them citizens..

In that May 3rd speech Obama gave before the Mexican Anthropological Museum in which he blamed America for the violence in Mexico I believe he went even futhur. There’s a inference but never referenced by name to the Gasden purchase and border settlements US made with Mexico where Obama hinted he seems to side with the Mexican claims. Would those in attendence share that view is a question that should be asked, because I believe they would,.he does.

The Mexicans have been getting most favorable treatment above the rest of our neighbors both north and south. They’re permitted to cross our borders and enter illegally and are allowed access to rights of citizenship (with the exception of voting which if the democrat party regains control over the House will happen) other nationals entering this country don’t get.

Also by allowing Mexicans to do this any quota ration for immigration from other south and central American countrys are taken up by Mexicans while that country is laying claim to a large chunk of our sovereign territory.

We are already seeing the result of this in certain areas claimed by the Mexicans. Their national flag (standard) gets displayed over ours. Where there is a controlling number of Mexican nationals (illegals). It’s displayed over certain institutions particularly schools accompanied by riots and disturbances. Blacks are threatend by Mexicans in certain sections of citys in those areas. We’re courting trouble by not placing a value on our sovereignty and our citizenship.

Worse yet if a US citizen goes into Mexico never mind illegaly but legally. They’ll get 2nd class treatment. Land ownership in title is prohibited period. And there are a slew of regulations they must comply with. Which doesn’t apply to a citizen of Mexico.

By not insisting on reciprocity particularly on those who have entered this country illegally we’re offering no incentive for assimilation and we’re not easing the burden for our fellow citizens who for what ever reason decided to live in Mexico.

72 posted on 06/14/2013 2:44:53 PM PDT by mosesdapoet (Serious contribution pause.Please continue onto meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: odawg

It’s not in his nature to do something like that. He is part of the ‘club’.

73 posted on 06/14/2013 2:46:12 PM PDT by Theoria
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To: Reddon

Exactly. Rush and Levin should have told him, “don’t even go there” from the start. Unfortunately, the tune Rubio sang back then is different than the tune he sings now. Way different.

74 posted on 06/14/2013 2:53:39 PM PDT by Windy City Conservative
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To: servo1969

The stupid, it burns.

75 posted on 06/14/2013 2:59:35 PM PDT by OldNewYork (Biden '13. Impeach now.)
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To: lormand

Blackhorse tried to warn the voters of Florida. I can’t remember who he supported, but he was a solid conservative. Kudos to you, BLACKHORSE!

76 posted on 06/14/2013 3:03:00 PM PDT by stilloftyhenight
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To: Covenantor

Sent an email to Rubio today advising that he has lost my has the Republican Party in general. I can only hope that the local Tea Party chapters in Florida (and nationwide) can find and support some true conservatives.

77 posted on 06/14/2013 3:19:49 PM PDT by Boomer One
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To: Finatic

I thought he was Hannity’s boy. Hannity used to practically have an orgasm every time Rubio came on his show.

78 posted on 06/14/2013 3:27:17 PM PDT by leapfrog0202 ("the American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery" Sarah Palin)
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To: Aquamarine
Not too bright.

Precisely. Rubio is very well-spoken. That is what generally passes for intelligence these days. But this adventure with the so-called Gang of 8 shows his lack of intelligence.

How he could have possibly thought he could get this past his conservative base? And why would he have even tried?

79 posted on 06/14/2013 3:58:26 PM PDT by BfloGuy (Don't try to explain yourself to liberals; you're not the jackass-whisperer.)
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To: lonevoice

That’s a good take on what happened. Rush could dsetroy Rubio - - or any other Republican - - witha single sentence. If some of those assclowns keep it up, he may just start picking a few off.

80 posted on 06/14/2013 4:01:32 PM PDT by Lancey Howard
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