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Snowden says he will seek asylum in Russia
Washington Post ^ | July 12, 2013 | Will Englund

Posted on 07/12/2013 9:51:26 AM PDT by Seizethecarp

Fugitive document-leaker Edward Snowden announced Friday that he is submitting a request for political asylum in Russia, where he has been stranded at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport since June 23.

Eventually, the 30-year-old former contractor for the National Security Agency said in a meeting with human rights activists and lawyers, he still hopes to be granted asylum in Latin America.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Seizethecarp

You can know a man by what angers him.

I guess I’m a hopeless romantic hoping he will avenge us for the atrocities the admin has committed against us,
not just the PRISM stuff.

41 posted on 07/12/2013 3:33:56 PM PDT by txhurl ('The DOG ate my homework. That homework, too. ALL my homework. OK?' - POSHITUS)
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To: Seizethecarp; mickie; flaglady47; pax_et_bonum; Maine Mariner
I think Snowden has already been assured at least temporary asylum by Putey. Otherwise, he would have not put out this statement as it reads.

Obama should have immediately granted immunity to Snowden even before he landed in Hong Kong....and got his a$$ home along with his cache of secret information.

But he wanted to play the dramatic role of a manly black James Bond, dealing with a dangerous "spy".....and saving the country from Snowfinger.

Now the cold war will start cooling up again here and there with sniping, tensions, carping and mutual accusations between the U.S. and Russia....the conclusion of this affair being another brilliant and outstanding solution to a problem by the Obama/Kerry/Clinton-lite/Brennan cabal of international geniuses.


42 posted on 07/12/2013 3:34:18 PM PDT by MinuteGal (')
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To: LSUfan
Finally, he is the first US person with a security clearance to publicly state that Stuxnet was a joint US/Israeli operation. What possible “patriotic” motivation could he have had for that revelation???

His views fit with those of libertarians like Ron and Rand Paul very consistently. They hate when big government takes away the civil liberties of U.S. citizens but they also hate when big government intervenes inside foreign countries. Let's not forget Rand Paul has ranted against the use of drones not just on American soil but also against al-Awlaki in Yemen. The traditional conservative usually agrees with half of what the libertarians think in this case and others. At least what Snowden has released is specifically consistent with his ideological beliefs, and not the random document dump that Wikileaks and Bradley Manning did which exposed both random trivial matters and the identities of agents which put them at risk.

I think his hand was forced as far as putting his name and face out there, especially once reporters started overhearing government sources say they wanted the leaker to be "disappeared." If his name wasn't out, he could be taken out in the middle of the night and no one would ever know what happened.

As for Putin, at least he is extremely patriotic and fighting hard for his country's interests on the international stage. If only we had a president who cared about our country that much.

43 posted on 07/12/2013 3:54:09 PM PDT by JediJones (Gridlock means taking credit for stuff that automatically happens while you do nothing)
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To: FreeReign
Post nasal drip = cocaine usage?

Post nasal drip, frequent swallows, and a runny nose are common symptoms of someone that snorted cocaine. Being confident, talkative, skinny, having a strip club dancer for an ex-girlfriend, doing stupid things with their life, and wanting to move to a cocaine producing country are other small clues. One clue isn't enough but there's a pattern here.

44 posted on 07/12/2013 5:13:55 PM PDT by Reeses
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To: catbertz
Snowden is likely an Obama operator.

"I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under." "I don't want to live in a world where there's no privacy, and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity." And he then asks for asylum in Venezuela (now Russia). Only Zimbabwe, Cuba, and North Korea are less free, according to Heritage. Obama loves Venezuela. Communists. "I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions, and that the return of this information to the public marks my end." "There’s no saving me." "The only thing I fear is the harmful effects on my family, who I won't be able to help any more. That's what keeps me up at night." "I do not expect to see home again." His actions (not including the actual "whistleblowing")and movements can hardly be considered heroic or selfless. Fears for his family? What family? He has no family of his own. His father was a coast guard officer who lives in Pennsylvania, his mother a federal court clerk in Maryland.

I think this whole thing is an operation to transfer through a noble patsy whatever secrets are valuable to the Communists, and long term, to accomplish this (contrary to Snowden's expressed fear): "The great fear (replace fear with desire) that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change. [People] won't be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things... And in the months ahead, the years ahead, it's only going to get worse. [The NSA will] say that... because of the crisis, the dangers that we face in the world, some new and unpredicted threat, we need more authority, we need more power, and there will be nothing the people can do at that point to oppose it. And it will be turnkey tyranny."

Soften the resistance to universal surveillance. Get it out there; let everyone have the thought, continuously, that they are being recorded at all times.

Snowden asks the question for Obama, Putin, Maduro, Chavez, Stalin, et. al., Will you have tyranny?

Then see what happens. My bet is nothing at all, just as nothing at all has happened in any of these other scandals. They do these things with impunity. And so they will have their answer.

Then tyranny can begin in earnest.

45 posted on 07/12/2013 5:35:21 PM PDT by ecomcon
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To: Rebel_Ace

“Putin got what he wanted...”

And Obama got exposed as an anti-Constitutionalist. If Snowden ran for President he’d get my vote. We need more like him that are willing to sacrifice personally, and less like those greedsters that are in bed with corruption and crony lobbyists, and willing to sacrifice our rights.

46 posted on 07/12/2013 5:37:00 PM PDT by apoliticalone
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To: ecomcon

Interesting theory. Some guy accessess Bananrama’s social security information and takes a bullet to the head in an unsolved murder on the streets of DC, but this guy gets more media exposure than Clinton getting orally satisfied in the White House.


47 posted on 07/12/2013 6:23:43 PM PDT by Gabrial (The nightmare will continue as long as the nightmare is in the Whitehouse)
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To: Seizethecarp

“I have to wonder whether foreign agent moles in the subcontracted security vetting corporation and/or the contract firm that hired him may have made sure he got placed where he could do the most damage.”

He revealed the damage the NSA has done to the Constitution. I suppose “foreign agent moles” may have wanted that to happen.

In any case, I’m thankful the abuse of the Constitution was revealed.

48 posted on 07/12/2013 6:45:55 PM PDT by aMorePerfectUnion ( “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” - Tacitus)
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To: Seizethecarp

God be with him...

49 posted on 07/12/2013 8:00:55 PM PDT by Morgana (Always a bit of truth in dark humor.)
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To: ryan71

Bump. Russia would be my first choice.

50 posted on 07/12/2013 8:10:56 PM PDT by GVnana
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To: Reeses

Two words. Anna Chapman.

51 posted on 07/12/2013 8:11:40 PM PDT by PhiloBedo (You gotta roll with the punches and get with what's real.)
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To: PhiloBedo


52 posted on 07/12/2013 8:37:31 PM PDT by txhurl ('The DOG ate my homework. That homework, too. ALL my homework. OK?' - POSHITUS)
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To: Rebel_Ace
Putin got what he wanted...

Once a KGB, always a KGB.

53 posted on 07/12/2013 9:15:29 PM PDT by BAW ( reading this.)
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To: aMorePerfectUnion

So where is this 29 year old’s balls? If you are 29, you should have balls of steel, not going to some foreign country.

He should be in the US, spending his time MEMORIZING THE US CODE, so he can rattle it off in court and in front of Congress, RUINNING CERTAIN PERSONS CAREERS.

54 posted on 07/12/2013 11:12:10 PM PDT by japaneseghost
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To: what's up
Has your neighbor, you or anyone you know been harassed by snooping?

What right does the Government have to do the snooping with no probable cause in the first place? That's a clear 4th Amendment violation.

If you must know, each time I have to go to the airport, yes, I am harassed by snooping. There is no reason to treat each and every person as a common criminal.

Do you like being treated as a common criminal?

55 posted on 07/13/2013 2:02:28 AM PDT by superloser
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To: Reeses
Post nasal drip, frequent swallows, and a runny nose are common symptoms of someone that snorted cocaine.

They are also common symptoms of allergic rhinitis. If you don't know what that is, look it up and maybe you won't be as ignorant as you are now.

56 posted on 07/13/2013 7:31:23 AM PDT by justlurking (tagline removed, as demanded by Admin Moderator)
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Freepers, your Contributions make every difference!
Please keep ‘em coming! Thank you all very much!

57 posted on 07/13/2013 9:53:31 AM PDT by RedMDer (When immigrants cannot or will not assimilate, its really just an invasion. Throw them out!)
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