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To: fireman15
I am not prepared to make any judgments about the woman's character just because she went out drinking, invited a black man she just met home to have sex with her and then fell off her 17th floor balcony after repeated warnings from her new friend.

Are you being sarcastic or are you being serious? I hope you are being sarcastic. If not you might want to reconsider your tag line.

First off, I don’t know where you are getting that her date was a black man. I’ve not seen his race reported in any article nor could I find any pictures of him. His name is Stephen Close and while that name doesn’t preclude him from being black, it doesn’t sound at least “stereotypically” like a black name. He is reported to be in real estate and while he does not live in the same building as Rosoff, he does live nearby. I found what I think is his profile on Linkedin but there is no picture and I don’t have a Linkedin account to view his full profile. But I seriously don’t think that even if Close is a black man, that this says anything negative about her “character” especially if he was like her, an educated professional. I would point out that Clarence Thomas and Dr. Thomas Sowell are married to white women. FWIW, I’ve never dated a black man - I’m not particularly attracted to black men, but as a single white woman, if I met an intelligent, educated, successful, politically conservative and morally upstanding black man with whom I shared common interests, that I would rule him out merely because of his race.

I read one article that she met him “on-line”, inferring perhaps that they met through an on-line dating site, but being that they were both professionals, they could have met through Linkedin or as he did live in her neighborhood, she could have met him at any of places prior to that evening. They were on a “first date” but that doesn’t necessarily imply that they had never met prior to that night.

Next, you say she was out “drinking” but all the articles state that they had gone out to dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant – Maya. After their dinner, she invited Close back to see her apartment and have a nightcap and had a smoke on her balcony (oh the horrors – adults having an adult beverage and even more horrible – smoking a cigarette – I bet they also had salty Mexican food that night - has Mayor Bloomberg been informed yet?) And being that Close is in real estate, inviting him to see her apartment may not be as you imply, a purely sexual encounter. And the NYPD have stated that so far they do not believe that alcohol was a factor. I am guessing that the toxicology report will either confirm or refute that.

She fell to her death at approximately 12:30 AM and while that sounds very late to be out on a date on a weeknight, remember that this happened in Manhattan and she was an advertizing executive for a startup agency and he was a real estate professional. It is not at all unusual for folks like that to work until 8 or 9 PM or even later (heck I’ve been known to be at my office that late). And restaurants in NYC are open very late as most are very busy with long wait times so I don’t find it at all strange that one might not come home from a simple dinner date at around midnight. And so what if they had a drink or two during dinner?

I am sure that it was the apartment management's fault and the drinking alcohol and smoking who knows what had no effect on her judgment or balance and had nothing to do with her demise. Many drunk women who have just had sex with a stranger sit on weathered and partially rotted wooden railings 17 floors up while they smoke. If one checks I am sure that the same type of tragedy has played out many times even among Amish women.

Again, you are implying that she was at fault because she was drunk (facts not in evidence) and that this and smoking who knows what because yes of course they must have been smoking one of those “funny” cigarettes especially if she was out on a date with a black man because all black men are dope fiends (again, facts, his race and drug use, not in evidence) and that they had just had sex with a stranger (once again, facts not in evidence).

If you look at the pictures of the balcony railing, they don’t appear to be wooden to me. They appear to be a metal of some type, looks to me to be a hollow aluminum railing and it is being reported this morning that they were not up to code and that the building management had not had them inspected, had delayed the scheduled inspection so if that is the case, they are in part responsible.

Yes, her date was concerned about her sitting (or leaning) on the railing just before it gave way. Although she told him she’d done it many times before, was that bad judgment on her part? Yes. Does that mean she was some drunken floozy who invites strange men or strange black men back to her apartment to have sex with her? No.

(The Amish) I live and work in Amish country – central PA. Read up about Rumspringa sometime and I’m not talking about those “Breaking Amish” shows. While most Amish are morally upstanding and for most Amish youth, Rumspringa is pretty tame, there are some who experiment with alcohol, drugs and pre-marital sex. FWIW, you should know that many of the Amish here in Lancaster County grow tobacco as both a cash crop and for their personal use and many do smoke tobacco (pipes but not cigarettes, cigarettes being considered too “worldly”) and some distill and drink alcohol in moderation. Every once and a while I hear about an Amish youth being pulled over for DWI while driving a buggy.

133 posted on 08/03/2013 6:37:02 AM PDT by MD Expat in PA
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To: MD Expat in PA
I am very sorry that I forgot to use the /sarcastic tag at the end of my rant. The AP story had minimal details yet the author of the other piece criticizing it drew a bunch of conclusions that were not implicit from what was written. One thing that I have learned is that every news story that I have ever been involved in has been inaccurate... often wildly inaccurate. So again I am sorry. I wasn't trying to be critical of the victim. Who knows if any of what was reported has been accurate. Certainly, it is not fair to make any judgments of her character based on the reporting of this tragedy.
138 posted on 08/03/2013 8:39:52 AM PDT by fireman15 (Check your facts before making ignorant statements.)
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