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Obama May Be Walking Into an Impeachment Trap ^ | 8/30/12 | Kevin Zeese

Posted on 08/31/2013 12:38:55 AM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins

Obama May Be Walking Into an Impeachment Trap

Posted on Aug 30, 2013

Beth Rankin (CC BY 2.0)

By Kevin Zeese, PopularResistance

This article originated with

The irony of the Obama presidency may hinge on whether he attacks Syria. He began his presidency prematurely winning the Nobel Peace Prize and could end it being impeached for starting an illegal war without congressional or UN approval – violating both domestic and international law.

Yesterday 163 Members of Congress sent letters to President Obama telling him that under the US Constitution he is required to get congressional approval before beginning a military attack. The letter drafted by Rep. Scott Rigel (R-VA) had 140 signatures, 119 Republicans and 21 Dems. Rep. Barbara Lee also circulated a letter that had 53 signers, that calls on the president to seek congressional approval.

The Rigel letter warned Obama that engaging in military action “would violate the Separation of Powers Clause that is clearly delineated in the Constitution.” They also note that the justification for war in Libya also violated the Constitution. The Lee letter warns that “we all swore to uphold and defend” the Constitution; and that we should not engage in an “unwise war – especially without adhering to our own Constitutional requirements.” In their concluding paragraph they warn “Before weighing the use of military force, Congress must fully debate and consider the facts and every alternative . . .”

President Obama knows the limits of his powers. In fact, if there is an impeachment proceeding his own words will be quoted. When he was running for president, Obama told the Boston Globe: “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

Vice President Biden, in a 2007 campaign event in Iowa, went further, not only stating clearly that the president does not have unilateral power to conduct military attacks but threatening impeachment of President Bush if he did so.

The Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States was explicit calling on President Obama to seek congressional approval before going to war, noted that under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the US Constitution, it is the Congress that determines whether the United States goes to war. They also highlight the potential of impeachment writing: “If President Obama launches an attack without prior explicit authorization by Congress, he will have committed an offense worthy of impeachment.” [Disclosure, I serve as Attorney General in the alternative cabinet.]

If impeachment proceedings are held all of the doubts about the war will come out. People in the military have protected themselves by telling President Obama that they have serious doubts about a military attack. The have warned Obama about potential blowback, misusing the military to send a message with no clear strategy, drawing the US into a vexing war when they are already burdened by a complicated withdrawal from Afghanistan. Some have used words like “potentially devastating consequences” Reportedly, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, has warned in great detail about the risks and pitfalls of U.S. military intervention in Syria, warning “deeper involvement is hard to avoid.”

If the war goes wrong, and wars almost always go wrong, President Obama will see the memorandums of various members of the military who warned him. And, they will be called to testify and tell the world that President Obama was warned but went ahead anyway – without congressional approval in violation of the Constitution.

What could go wrong? Syria has the ability to defend itself and attack US military vessels. Iran and Russia have already indicated they will be drawn into the conflict. Threats of retaliation are already being made and troop movements are occurring. Russia is moving two additional naval ships, a missile cruiser and a large anti-submarine vessel, into the Mediterranean to strengthen its presence in case of a US attack. Russia and Saudi Arabia have exchanged threats over Syria. Russia threatening an attack on Saudi Arabia if the US attacks Syria with President Putin ordering a “massive military strike” against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria. Saudi Arabia is threatening Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia at the Olympics.

Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have threatened to retaliate against Israel and other US allies in the Middle East in the event of a US attack on Syria. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, told the Tasnim news website, that an attack on Syria “means the immediate destruction of Israel.”

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To: itsahoot
Sad thing is most Democrats are more Conservative that liberal, but they vote for the Commies anyway.

Exactly. I see this as a weakness that is wanting to be exploited. The visuals from the Dem convention with the sounds of the delegates actually booing is quite compelling. Moreover, when Americans are surveyed, close 90%(IIRC) believe in God. And as you noted, as Rush has been saying for decades, most Americans lead their lives conservatively. This adds up to a winning platform if only the stupid party stops being stupid.

101 posted on 08/31/2013 11:51:11 AM PDT by VRW Conspirator (Producing Talk Show Prep since 1998.)
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To: pierrem15

It is a start here. Also with a majority in the House it could be brought before the Senate at least. People must try to do what is right, whether or not they will ultimately succeed here.

102 posted on 08/31/2013 12:23:18 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Popman

Alternative universe must be created. Look at the alternative universe we are in. Government wants to aid Al Qaeda. NSA spying on citizens. IRS targeting patriots. Benghazi, arms going to terrorists. No action over the U.S. ambassador Stevens getting killed. Grounds for impeachment all over. People have to try to do what is right.

103 posted on 08/31/2013 12:27:11 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: pierrem15

Politically significant now that Congress has to vote on and discuss Syria, and go on the record.

104 posted on 08/31/2013 12:28:32 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Vinnie

Impeachment against Clinton didn’t succeed but the attempt had value in my opinion.

105 posted on 08/31/2013 12:31:57 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Graybeard58

Israel apparently doesn’t get an exemption from Syria and Iran if the U.S. attacks Syria.

106 posted on 08/31/2013 12:34:45 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: goodwithagun

Obama and people in Congress who want to support the terrorists need to be blamed.

107 posted on 08/31/2013 12:39:15 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Freedom of Speech Wins

“Impeachment against Clinton didn’t succeed”

Actually, it did; Clinton was impeached. He wasn’t removed from office, and that’s a big problem.

108 posted on 08/31/2013 12:39:41 PM PDT by MayflowerMadam ("A hyphenated American is not an American at all." Teddy Roosevelt)
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To: jaydee770

U.S. is trying to take the eviler side here.

109 posted on 08/31/2013 12:42:40 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: soozla

Double impeachment would make the Speaker of the House the President, right?

110 posted on 08/31/2013 12:45:14 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: tumblindice

Good point about the date here of the Act.

111 posted on 08/31/2013 12:47:02 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: MayflowerMadam

Right, didn’t succeed in removing him from office was what I meant.

112 posted on 08/31/2013 12:50:00 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Freedom of Speech Wins
Alternative universe must be created.

You might want to re-consider what that actually means as a conservative...Stalin created the concept of "Social Realism" in the 1930's...where the collective utopia he envisioned didn't exist but pretended it did by word and deed...

Look at the alternative universe we are in.

I would make the case it is reality we are in...this reality didn't happened over night or even in a was planned out almost a hundred years in the making...

The socialist / progressives / marxist that have been the fifth column in this country on all levels finally find the man in Obama who could make most of their dreams come true...since he is the teflon candidate with built in protection being he pretends to be him on are a racist... just about the ugliest pejorative one can be nobody but the safest Congressman says a word..

I would contend that pursuing impeachment is a red herring and patriots should concentrate on the Congress...

Imagine how different this country would be today if Obama did nor have Harry Reid to protect him from being held accountable for his malfeasance...

113 posted on 08/31/2013 12:50:32 PM PDT by Popman (PTRD (Post Traumatic Racism Disorder)....coming to a court room soon....)
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To: Popman

Your concentration point here is good.

114 posted on 08/31/2013 12:53:28 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Popman
What I meant by alternative universe was for instance people in Congress not bowing to pressure from those that call them a racist, and standing up for what is right.
115 posted on 08/31/2013 12:59:58 PM PDT by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Freedom of Speech Wins

Yep, so we’ve got some pretty grim choices all the way around, if you ask me...LOL

116 posted on 08/31/2013 3:12:51 PM PDT by soozla
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To: Freedom of Speech Wins
He'll get approval-- in the meantime, this sideshow is taking attention away from shamnesty, Obama's executive order gun control and a host of other issues.

The only lasting political damage will be if the MSM allows Obama to appear as the dithering idiot he is.

117 posted on 08/31/2013 8:05:27 PM PDT by pierrem15 (Claudius: "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.")
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