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To: esoxmagnum

The Bible says nothing of the kind. You might want to do a little more reading of Scripture before making such a claim! Animals are the innocent ones. They pre-dated man in the Garden, and contrary to what mankind wants to believe, they were not created for him. They were created for God - as we are. There are numerous Scriptures in the Bible which point to the immortality of both: ALL of creation “groans” for the regeneration of the world in the end times when all will be set right (Romans 8:9). Additionally, God made a covenant with both man and animals (See Genesis and Hosea). There is no evidence that the Lord intended animals to be temporary and mankind to be the only eternal creature. The idea that only the redeemed can be in Heaven precludes the presence of the angels and God Himself! Ludicrous. Again, Scripture doesn’t claim that — except in the case of man. If God has not changed His mind about people being eternal, what makes you think he has done so about animals (who, by the way, are present in Revelation and clearly in God’s presence in the world to come.) If you don’t want to believe God’s Word, at least stop using it to claim things that it does not say! Animals are capable of great emotion, as science has proven. Your post is nonsense.

107 posted on 11/15/2013 7:42:55 PM PST by JLLH
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Firstly, I don’t often respond to dead threads as they usually lead to flame wars.

Secondly, I don’t often engage in religious discussions. Everyone has their own view.

But in this case, let me be clear, from the standpoint of a Catholic and what our doctrine has taught me and most likely every other Catholic from 1st communion, to confirmation, to learning about Last Rites.

To go to heaven, one must be baptized. Catholics do not baptize animals (unless their last name is Kennedy).

Secondly, one must accept Jesus Christ as the son of God, savior of men, and he who died on the cross for our sins. I am pretty sure animals do not have that cognitive ability.

Thirdly, one must be at peace with God, meaning you have confessed all of your sins to an ordained priest. It most assuredly should be done in a confessional booth, but there are exceptions. Those sins that you have avoided telling between confessions can be troublesome, especially when they are hidden or they continue to go on (extra marital affairs would be one of these). Until last rights, you must Atone for those sins, as prescribed by a priest. You don’t just go in and say “yeah, I stole some cookies”, you will be given an atonement, and you are not forgiven until that atonement is completed.

This can be waived during last rights, which is basically a silent confession if the person has already passed on, or if they are catatonic or unable to speak for themselves. The dying need only to hold a cross or rosary, or nod when asked questions during the ceremony, or indicate to the administer of Last Rights that they are at peace, regret all of their sins, and are ready to enter into the Realm of the Lord.

I am not sure of what organized religion you belong, and we could argue all day about the Catholic Church being wrong or right on this or that. Not my point. My point is my belief, based on the teaching of my church.

Neither one of us will dissuade the other from their beliefs. Belief is a powerful thing, and we would most likely become not-too friendly with each other if we were to engage in such a discussion.

Your belief is yours, mine is mine.

When I was a young boy, as most young boys, I had a favorite dog which my buddy. My best friend. Slept in my bed, the whole nine yards. But, she was older.

She had to be put down when I was almost a teenager, and I asked one of our priests if she will go to heaven. The answer was most assuredly NO.

It caused more grief, because I thought to myself, “why would I want to go to heaven when I die, if my dog won’t be there?” “If Heaven is a perfect place, then it wouldn’t be perfect without my dog (Piggy was her name), so... how does this work?” I further asked a Nun about my confusion and was told flat out “Pets and animals do not go to Heaven”. I was heartbroken for sure.

So, there’s my answer. I’m not happy about what I’ve been told as a youngster, but I’m Catholic, and unlike some Catholics I don’t get to pick and choose from my religion Ala-carte. It is what it is.

Best Regards,

Being that we are both on these boards, suggests that are both on the same side. I have no need to fight those that fight alongside of me.

108 posted on 11/16/2013 8:25:06 AM PST by esoxmagnum ( Some hide in bunkers when there is trouble, others run towards the trouble.)
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