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Trump Declines to Disavow David Duke and the KKK -- But Only on Sunday
Rush ^ | February 27, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 02/29/2016 1:31:06 PM PST by Kaslin


RUSH: Everybody is stunned over Trump. Nobody understands how Trump is still breathing. Nobody understands how Trump's still pulling this off. You wouldn't believe the theories that I've received from people sending me notes telling me what they think is really going on. And I guess the latest brouhaha with Trump is, he was on CNN with Jake Tapper yesterday, and he tried to act like he didn't know who David Duke was, and he would not denounce David Duke nor would he denounce the Ku Klux Klan. Yet he had done so on previous occasions. He used to be in the Reform Party.

Now, the Reform Party was the offshoot of Ross Perot's 1992 presidential effort, although Perot wasn't part of it. Buchanan became the titular head, and Trump's out there insulting Buchanan. He said he left the Reform Party because Buchanan's a neo-Nazi had David Duke and the KKK in it. He said that's not the company he wanted to keep. So he was on record as having denounced Duke and having denounced the Klan and wanting nothing to do with 'em.

And so the Jacob Tapper CNN Sunday show comes and Trump hems and haws and, what's going on? I just have to tell you, anybody else, that would have done 'em in, no matter what they had said before. No matter how many times they had denounced Duke or the Klan, if you go on CNN Sunday, can you imagine, forget that it's Trump and make it Romney. Romney's on Jake Tapper's show yesterday and he says, "I understand that David Duke's endorsed you, Governor Romney, and he's a Klan member and so forth", and imagine Romney hemming and hawing and saying, "Well, I really don't know who that is." Romney'd be gone.

I mean, that would be it. On top of all the other stuff they had about Romney, you know, not caring when the wife of a male employee of his passed away or didn't care enough about the dog, put it on the roof of the station wagon, family vacation or whatever. But Trump survives it, and then they go to the previous episodes where he has denounced Duke and the KKK and they're scratching their heads, "Why wouldn't he do it on Jake Tapper's show?"

Everybody's busting their head trying to figure out why wouldn't he denounce. Oh, no, no. Had a bad earpiece, wasn't sure what he was being asked, because when the Jake Tapper -- this is key -- when the Jake Tapper show ended, then Trump went out there started denouncing. He denounced on Twitter. He denounced everywhere else. By the way, you know Trump doesn't use e-mail. He has never used e-mail. And people are curious, why don't you use e-mail? You tweet all the time. You post on Facebook, Instagram. Why not e-mail?

And Trump said it's a different ball of wax. He said half the people I know have been indicted 'cause of what they wrote in e-mails. They put down stuff in these e-mails, they sent it back and forth, law enforcement gets hold of it, and that's it, that's his answer for not e-mailing. It's not that he doesn't like it technologically, it's not that he doesn't know how. He just says that he's had friends that have been indicted for what they've trafficked in content-wise in e-mails.

But there has to be a reason that Trump, on the actual show with Jake Tapper, hems and haws and acts like he doesn't know who Duke is and the Klan and (imitating Trump) Well, I need to investigate. I never heard of the group. You need to send me a list." And Jake says okay, I'll send you the list, but I'm just talking about David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan. "Well, you know, there's a lot of different people in these groups, and I gotta research it."

Trump denies knowing who David Duke is, won't disavow support of him or white supremacists

Let me throw a theory out there to you. The Sunday shows have, amazingly still, their own separate and distinct stature. What is said on a Sunday show is treated differently and may be different in terms of its weight than what is said in a little sound bite that's part of the nightly news, for example, or part of a guest appearance on a cable news show during the evening. A Sunday show, that's stature, by reputation.

A Sunday show is serious, no fooling around. It's like "for the record," what you say on the Sunday show. And it could well be that Trump thinks of it that way and just didn't want the quote, did not want any sound bite from the Sunday show one way or the other because maybe Trump's nervous. Maybe he's nervous after that debate. Maybe he's worried. The polls don't indicate it. Maybe he's worried that Cruz and Rubio are gaining on him, and he doesn't want to tick off anybody that might vote for him.

Hey, my speculation's as good as anybody else's, because I can think of no reason that he would purposely dodge, when he's not dodged it before. I think about it being on a Sunday show, and that having more weight, more stature, something about it being these Sunday shows are TV shows of record, as opposed to your average cable news show, which happens every day or every night.

Now, there's a CNN poll out that shows Trump at 49%, and everybody is heralding and shouting about this poll and concluding, "That's it, I mean, for God sake, it's over." Do you know what the sample size of this poll is? Three hundred and six registered Republicans and a hundred some odd people that lean Republican. You got a sample of fewer than 500, I think. I didn't see where the margin of error is, but that's an awfully small sample here, compared to other polls.


RUSH: Yeah, the margin of error on that CNN poll's 5%. Five percent in the CNN poll that shows Trump at 49. You got these establishment Republican types, and they're out there saying, "Don't worry, Trump's got a ceiling. He's never gonna get above 35%. That's why he's destined to lose everything. He's never gonna get above 30. Look at his negatives, disapprovals are sky-high, the rest of the country hates Trump." That's never made sense to me.

Could somebody explain to me how the guy with the biggest negatives is winning everything? And if it's true, then there's still an explanation for it, which I think I could come up with if I dug deeply enough into it.


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To: over3Owithabrain

Exactly. The masks are surely coming off.

41 posted on 02/29/2016 2:15:49 PM PST by hotsteppa
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To: 21twelve

If you click through to the tweet there is a video of Trump disavowing Duke at the presser where Christie endorsed him.

42 posted on 02/29/2016 2:17:54 PM PST by dynoman (Objectivity is the essence of intelligence. - Marilyn vos Savant)
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To: Kaslin

Rush fouled a bunt attempt with 2 strikes.

43 posted on 02/29/2016 2:22:08 PM PST by PGalt
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To: DaveA37
Well hey, Manson is still alive. Maybe the republican oligarchy can offer him something for a Trump endorsement?

Perhaps an extra pack of cigarettes at the prison commissary.

44 posted on 02/29/2016 2:24:28 PM PST by Bogie (Just a coincidence?)
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To: dynoman

Funny thing is that goes out to 6.5 million people (granted, that’s international) and if you include the retweets it’s probably much much more. The news media’s megaphone isn’t quite as loud

45 posted on 02/29/2016 2:25:10 PM PST by wiseprince
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To: Kaslin

46 posted on 02/29/2016 2:39:09 PM PST by DoughtyOne (Facing Trump nomination inevitability, folks are now openly trying to help Hillary destroy him.)
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To: Kaslin

47 posted on 02/29/2016 2:43:24 PM PST by r_barton (GO TRUMP!!!)
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To: Kaslin

From CNN article on KKK:
The Southern Poverty Law Center gives a lower estimate of around 3,000.

How many racist are in LaRaza or the NAACP or Nation of Islam?

48 posted on 02/29/2016 2:48:22 PM PST by SaraJohnson
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To: Jim Robinson

I love it. The reporter asks him to disavow ALL white supremacist groups and Trump says, “not until I’ve looked into them.” He told him to show him the groups, then he’d make up his mind.

Why would he do that?

Because here are some of the ‘racist’ groups - in the minds of the lefitst media:

- The GOP
- The Tea Party
- Oath Keepers
- Veterans groups
- anyone who does not support amnesty or illegal immigration
- anyone who doesn’t support BLM
- anyone who doesn’t support welfare

And on and on.

49 posted on 02/29/2016 2:56:45 PM PST by Marie (TRUMP TRUTH
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To: Marie

Good point.

50 posted on 02/29/2016 2:58:05 PM PST by Jane Austen (Marco Rubio, the White Obama)
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51 posted on 02/29/2016 3:04:38 PM PST by RaceBannon (Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for)
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To: Kaslin

Isn’t Limbaugh interested in why Trump keeps getting asked this question on the eve of Super Tuesday?

52 posted on 02/29/2016 3:13:51 PM PST by mac_truck (aide toi et dieu t'aiderai)
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To: Kaslin

I’m voting for Cruz on Tuesday because I think he’d be a better President than Trump. But it’s a close call.

In the generals, I will HAPPILY vote for either because they both give the McConnell/GOPe/Uniparty wing fits.

All you people on either side who keep tossing spit and feces, PLEASE STOP.

53 posted on 02/29/2016 3:46:58 PM PST by piytar (
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To: piytar

He is definitely better than Trump, there is no doubt about it. The Cruz Haters however don’t get it, and never will

54 posted on 02/29/2016 4:17:27 PM PST by Kaslin (He needed theThe l ignorant to reelect him. He got them and now we have to pay the consequences)
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To: All

Donald Trump Endorsed By The Ku Klux Klan? Nope.
Here’s the new voice of reason. Move aside Rush

55 posted on 02/29/2016 4:19:12 PM PST by 4rcane
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To: Kaslin

Yet another BRILLIANT MOVE by Trump - stole the news cycle for the ENTIRE WEEKEND - and needless to say, no damage done to Trump.

56 posted on 02/29/2016 4:28:41 PM PST by BobL (Who cares? He's going to build a wall and stop this invasion.)
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To: mac_truck
I'm getting sick of Rush Limbaugh.

First, David Duke didn't endorse Trump.

Second, Trump disavowed any endorsement by David Duke days prior to the Tapper interview.

Thirdly, Tapper butchered the question asking groups and Trumps responding through a poor connection groups? give me a list .

So simply a complete manufactured controversy by the media and sadly pounced on by those opposed to Trump. I suppose Rush is now officially part of the Drive-by media. So sad.

57 posted on 02/29/2016 4:47:25 PM PST by topfile
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To: Kaslin

David Duke never endorsed Trump.

Nevertheless, that does not stop Limbaugh from pushing the Rat Establishment lie.

58 posted on 02/29/2016 4:49:18 PM PST by Enlightened1
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To: heights

Don't talk about yourself so bad. You may live longer.

Jesus Christ: You can't impeach Him and He ain't gonna resign.

59 posted on 02/29/2016 4:51:52 PM PST by rdb3 (You know, I've never seen a hearse with U-Hall trailer attached to it. . .)
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To: rdb3

How you? It would have cost Trump nothing to say sure... I can’t stand David Duke and the KKK.

60 posted on 02/29/2016 5:13:50 PM PST by cyborg (FReeper marriage...nine years of tea partying almost ten.)
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